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Art Enthusiast

15 August 2019

Simply based off of the sincere response of the Director of Operations, they can and will definitely get my business. Mistakes do happen and it's refreshing to see such a response that simply says - we recognize and acknowledge the mistake and here is how we're correcting it. Hopefully, the delivery team got an opportunity to go through a thorough training, not in just delivery but in customer service. Either way, this was one of the most sincere responses. I'm placing my order today! More...


Nikki L.

1 August 2019

I picked an arrangement & asked if its possible to change the colors of the flowers. Their customer care team was so helpful, and the arrangement was absolutely stunning. I was thrilled when my friend sent me a picture of it. I'd strongly recommend using them for any of your floral delivery needs. More...


Alphonso Stukes

24 July 2019

Thank you so much for the Thank you bouquet! The person was so surprised and awed by the beauty of the flowers. I greatly appreciate you making the experience for them so AWESOME!!! They'd never received anything like that in the 20+ odd years they have been in service to the public. I really do appreciate the gift you have for making flower arrangements speak volumes.Many Thanks! More...


Samantha Jimenez

30 June 2019

The customer service is incredible. She worked with me to get just what I needed for my wedding and helped figure out a way with her provider to keep the price within my budget. The service went beyond what I expected from a florist, and I'm grateful. Super easy to work with and gorgeous flowers. More...


matthew Magee

21 May 2019

OMG, what great customer service. I really don't like getting flowers because they end up in the trash a few days later. I ordered a bouquet for mother's day and they were delivered on time even thought it was pouring rain. They looked great. The next day the hydrangea looked like they melted. I called on Monday and they were sooo accommodating. I even said I'd come pick up the new bouquet they agreed to give me because of the poor condition of the flowers the next day. On Thursday a new bouquet arrived and they are just as great. One day later, they look awesome. Flowers are a tough business to be in; I know it's hit and miss when buying flowers, even from Costco (which is were I usually go to). I'll do business w/ OB again More...


Jonathan P.

11 May 2019

They delivered as the fulfillment agent for 1800Flowers, 1800Flowers has the absolute worst service ever. They delivered part of my order but forgot an order of flowers, balloons and chocolates. They sent an email letting me know the entire order was delivered. After trying all night to get someone to help me I am starting to give up. They got my money but never made good on the order. I have talked to a person on the phone who said they would make sure it arrives by 8:00. It's now 10:30 and it's not here. I was told in chat that it was delivered then they ended the chat. I've sent emails and no response. So my mom never got her gift for Mother's Day. I will never use this service again, they are terrible.UPDATE: So OpenBloom reached out and are making this right. They have been extremely attentive and caring about the mistake.  Last night after dealing 1800Flowers terrible customer support and getting nothing resolved  I asked for a refund. 1800Flowers said they wouldn't be able to redeliver till 2 days past Mother's Day after they made the mistake. They did't care and kept me spinning on this till 3AM. OpenBloom emailed this morning and offered to redeliver today with an upgrade even after the refund.  I was skeptical but somewhat relieved. What I appreciate was that they wanted to make it right. They acted like they cared. It wasn't a far off call center with tons of workers on phones working issues they don't care about, don't understand and don't care about the 100th customer complaining that hey screwed up. OpenBlooms support cared, this is what makes a business better than a company like 1800Flowers. OpenBloom is a great company. I will use them directly next year and for my other flower needs throughout the year. More...


Bill P.

30 April 2019

What a spectacular local business!  Ordered "New Baby" arrangement and some balloons less than two hours ago and they were delivered and look magnificent!  Truly appreciate the local business vibe we are experiencing here in our new community!  Highly recommend OpenBlooms!  ~docskip More...


C M M.

16 February 2019

Beautiful fresh Valentine's flowers -- and very personal service!!!  I received a voicemail message to let me know that the arrangement had been left -- per my instructions -- on our front porch.  My husband loved them.  He keeps telling me what a gorgeous arrangement it is.  Almost as important, our very discriminating Bengal kitty loved them, too!!! More...


Julia G.

27 January 2019

Everyone makes mistakes.  OpenBlooms made an error on my order and the owner called me to make it right.  I was very impressed by that.


Marti Santos

30 September 2018

I typically don't much care for flower deliveries - but my delivery from OpenBlooms a week ago merits accolades! I have NEVER EVER had such beautiful, fresh, perky flowers delivered to me in my long life! This arrangement was noteworthy! The simple bouquet of yellow roses, white daisys (?), pink carnations, yellow baby roses, and the various types greenery that came with them all had not one brown spot! Not one brown edge along a green leaf! The feathery green stuff almost glistened it was so fresh! AND the arrangement did not fade for over a week! Every time I'd walk past I felt the love that had sent my bouquet and I'd marvel at how absolutely lovely those flowers were! Life is short - we bloom and then we die - but if we could only be as fresh and last like this arrangement! More...


Matthew Warschaw

30 September 2018

It has been a pleasure working with Linda and her team at Open Blooms. Their response to my needs has been very quick. I greatly appreciated the mock up of a centerpiece idea based upon the event information I provided. They nailed it. My client thought it represented their tastes and style perfectly. I can't wait to use Open Blooms again for other events in future. Thanks for being a great partner in business. I would highly recommend reaching out to Linda and Open Blooms if you are looking to add color to corporate events, meetings or other parties. Matthew WarschawChef/Owner Pure Perfection Catering More...


Kristin Ashmore

30 September 2018

Today I received flowers from open blooms that my best friend of almost 15 years sent me, and they were out of this WORLD beautiful!!!! He was expecting just a normal "fall set of flowers" instead I was surprised with BREATH taking Orange roses and the prettiest lavendar roses EVER!!!! Also the delivery guy was SUPER FRIENDLY and was excited to deliver them to me AMAZING surprise and AMAZING flowers!!! More...


Nora Fitzpatrick Stephens

28 May 2018

I cannot say enough good things about Open Blooms. They were recommended to our school by a new colleague, so we set up an account with them. Several people we sent flowers to have said they were the most gorgeous arrangement they ever received and that they lasted a really long time. The staff is attentive and the designs are creative. They don't look like your standard florist's designs. To top it all off, their prices are better. They deliver to Maryland even though they are based in Chantilly and they can do same day if you order in the morning. More...



28 May 2018

I have probably just received the most beautiful arrangements of flowers. Such a beautiful variety wide open and the vase is a keeper. Very impressed


Moaaz Khan

28 May 2018

they are the best people around the area. very friendly!!! They understand the customer for their needs and help them as much as possible. you guys truly rock!


Phyllis Parker

28 May 2018

I have ordered flowers from Open Blooms several times. Their flowers are beautiful and their customer service is excellent. Highly recommended!


Joseph T.

7 May 2018

Ordered a 'custom' arrangement via telephone for Valentines Day delivery 2018.  All I knew was the type of flowers I wanted, and had no real photo to go by. The customer service telephone rep was very helpful and nice. She provided great service, recommendations, to include follow up email confirmation of my order, as well as notification once it was delivered (before 8am on V-day, awesome!).  My wife commented the arrangement was "Phenomenal"! I will Definitely be a repeat customer.  Thank you ! More...


Wanda K.

26 January 2018

For years I've always been in search for a great florist. I have used FTD and Proflowers and I am always disappointed. What I choose online is nothing to what I ordered. Well, look no further-I found OPEN BLOOMS. They are an amazing florist who is local and their prices and arrangement are phenomenal. I've been using them for a year now, and I send me mom monthly arrangements.I think in the past year, maybe 1 or 2 were not great, and they immediately sent a new one.Their customer service is great and their products are fantastic.So......if anyone is looking for a local florist please take a look at Open Blooms More...


Cathy G.

27 December 2017

Received a beautiful holiday flower arrangement from a dear friend of mine. Flowers were delivered in a beautiful vase. Very festive and tasteful. Openblooms did a wonderful job.


Kelly L.

22 December 2017

I ordered Xmas arrangement to my sister via teleflora and picked Open Blooms as the local florists based on yelp review. The arrangement is pretty close to online photo although it seems to be smaller and less than what showed on photo (ordered delux or largest arrangement). They delivered right on time as promise. My sister loves the flower arrangement... so, yes I will order flowers from Open Blooms again! More...


Nora S.

10 December 2017

I cannot say enough good things about Open Blooms. They were recommended to our school by a new colleague, so we set up an account with them. Several people we sent flowers to have said they were the most gorgeous arrangement they ever received and that they lasted a really long time. The staff is attentive and the designs are creative. They don't look like your standard florist's designs. To top it all off, their prices are better. They deliver to Maryland even though they are based in Chantilly and they can do same day if you order in the morning. More...


Inderbir B.

1 September 2017

Open Blooms is amazing. They really care about the small details. Beyond great flowers, they are the nicest people!


Tracy M.

19 July 2017

I wanted to send something special to my daughter who lives out of state and I took a chance with Open Blooms because they're a "local florist" for where I needed them to be delivered. I spoke with Caitlyn and she walked me through my options based on my price range giving me specific details and made me feel confident in her ability to make it special. I placed my request (the same day I wanted my arrangement to be delivered) and not only did it show up early in the day, but the arrangement was beautiful. This place gets my highest recommendation because they totally met my expectations and then some!! Great service!! Beautiful fresh flowers!! Thank you Caitlyn!! You made my daughter happy :-) More...


Steve S.

1 July 2017

(Written by Steve S' wife, Melissa): I needed a quick, semi-customized bouquet for my mother for Canada Day and called Open Blooms. They were courteous and extremely helpful.  Moreover, they had an attention to detail that I rarely encounter these days.  As I expected, my mother l-o-v-e-d the flowers!  They were even better than I had anticipated.  I will be using Open Blooms again for my floral needs! More...


M P.

25 June 2017

New Customer Service Manager has contacted me to offer apology for item.  Appreciate the effort.   Just hoping I get the refund now.


David G.

25 March 2017

Many thanks to Amber for her good humor and attention as I explained how I hoped the flowers would look. My lifelong best friend needed a bit of joy yesterday and your flower delivery gave her just that. I love the lemon leaves and stems that fill the bottom of the bowl, an underwater garden.We will definitely call again from Florida and order flowers for the dear friends and family we left behind when we moved from Virginia.Many thanks. More...