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One Taekwondo Academy - West Linn

West Linn


One Taekwondo Academy - West Linn

West Linn


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Amber Monje-Lane

24 June 2018

Master Naranjin is so amazing with thr kiddos. My son has his issues but he has only acted out once and master and him had a talk. He actually looks forward to being able to go multiple times a week when at first he wasn't sure he would like it. Cost is great too More...


Pat Ryan

26 August 2017

So happy to see my grand babies practicing Taekwondo!!!


Stefan Melin

18 July 2017

Amazing instructors and shows passion for what they do.


Kristi Lucas

8 June 2016

Master Frenel is the most sincere and driven individual who teaches the children about not only the physical element of the sport, but also the positive ways a life and academic performance. I would 100% recommend OTA to everyone of any age!!! My daughter has worked through several levels and has enjoyed every class, testing and tournament! More...


Pui S.

10 December 2015

I went to Sushiville near by, but they opened at 11:30 a.m (I was a few minutes early). I walked around the building to see if ColdStone was still there, NOPE, it's a new business. I checked it out, WOW, they are offering Two Classes & Free Uniform for $20.  The new owner is pretty nice, he seems to know what he was talking about. My first lesson is on Monday, I will write an update review next week .  I asked him to post for a picture, he was a bit hesitant at first but complied and posed for me. lol More...


Desiree Ann Heppner

25 September 2015

I recommend Taekwondo Acdademy because Master Frenel truly loves what he does and cares about every child he works with...Thank you Master Frenel you are honestly the best... More...


Keith Nguyen

15 June 2014

Best Taekwondo School in the USA!


Chan Saechao

6 August 2013

One of the best family martial art in oregon