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Omega-R, Inc. logo

Omega-R, Inc.

Koreatown, New York, USA

Omega-R, Inc. logo

Omega-R, Inc.

Koreatown, New York, USA


Omega-R Inc. is an international TOP Mobile Development Studio with offices on two continents, Russia and USA (NYC). We design and develop innovative digital solutions with a focus on mobile app solutions, UX design and responsive web. Omega-R works with clients all over the world to create custom-made mobile solutions for their business needs.



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Things I pay most attention to:

Compliancy to Android Material design and Apple Design Guidelines
Following guidelines and best practices
Using architectural solutions aimed at flexibility and loose coupling of app components
Thorough covering the code with unit-tests
Creativity and non-standard solutions
Reducing the bottlenecks in the app performance to minimum
Clean and shining code with clear comments

More things I am proud of:
Fluent English
Proven track confirmed by US clients’ references

In 2011, 6 years ago I was a developer with a good experience, and worked as a project manager for another IT company. At that moment I had a vision for a new type of company, that would do modern innovative projects. And even though my employer at the time had been giving me a really great experience and projects to work on. I am a creative person, and back then was craving more innovation and challenges in my career.

I was the only employee in the company when we started and I looked for a niche that would also be suitable for this type of culture and my skills. In 2011 it was the mobile app industry for iphones. I remember, I bought a used iphone 4 from my friend and that was the first iphone that I started developing apps with. I worked 24/7 and did everything from development to customer service myself, then I found my first part-time assistant, who was a university student at the time. We were working together at coffee shops and cafes then gradually started expanding the team of like-minded people.

I’ve been living by 2 principles:
First - To always compete on the international scale and aim for the leadership on the world market.
Second - to always be on top of the latest technology in the industry. Be as up to date on the knowledge as possible. These two principles always moved me forward in my work and allowed to have that challenging and creative atmosphere for Omega-R developers that I love myself.

There are no secrets. Every development company does similar things.
Champions just put 10% more effort than their competitors. We always do a bit more, and push ourselves to go an extra mile for our clients - do more analytics, research more related fields, have a very detailed and thought-through design. It’s a lot like in sports: exercise more and work hard. It’s our default mode in the company when we work on a project - to always think how we can improve the original idea in every aspect. I believe it’s the key to success.

Russian developers are traditionally considered one of the best in the world, and they regularly win IT olympic games in development. On the other hand the US companies are truly the best in management. My dad studied management in NYC in the 90s and I got that base knowledge from him. What we do at Omega-R is we combine the US standards of management and Russian famous school of development.



Languages: Objective-C, Swift Core Frameworks: Cocoa Touch AVFoundation CoreImage Quartz Core CoreData CoreMotion CoreLocation MapKit SpriteKit CloudKit GameCenter Accelerate (vDSP) CoreAudio CoreMIDI

Languages: Java, C++ Frameworks and libraries: Android SDK Android NDK SQLite STL Libraries: common: Dagger2, Butterknife, Glide, Icepick, EventBus, android support libraries networking & services: OkHttp, Retrofit2, RxJava, FacebookSDK, Crashlytics, Mixpanel, Google Play services, etc. databases: ORMLite, greenDAO, SQLCipher, Cupboard testing: JUnit, Robolectric, Mockito

Languages: Javascript, Typescript, HTML, CSS, SQL Frameworks and technologies: Node.js Express.js Sails.js Restify Elasticsearch Angular.js 1/2 JQuery Bootstrap REST API React/Redux Databases: MySQL MongoDB MariaDB Apache Cassandra

Languages: C#, JavaScript, Objective-C (native plug-ins for iOS), Java (native plug-ins for Android) Services and technologies: Unity ADS Unity Analytics Unity Everyplay Unity Cloud Build Unity Performance Reporting Unity Multiplayer PBR (physically based rendering) IBS (image-based lighting) SpeedTree AR / VR: Oculus SDK Cardboard SDK Dive Vuforia Wikitude AR Kit ARCore

2D Games Engines/technologies: Cocos2d-x, Unity3D, OpenGL 3D Games Engines/technologies: Unity3D, CryEngine SDK, Unreal Engine SDK, DirectX, OpenGL