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Franklin Square, New York


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Jean M.

10 September 2019

Hampton Jitney links to another car service on their website.  I rode the Jitney to the airport connection, but I was unable to contact the car service they had contracted my ride with, and was stranded with no way to JFK.  I called Jitney, the person was not surprised, and she recommended I call Ollie's.  She gave me the number to Ollie's and I did just that.  The telephone contact at Ollie's was friendly and reassuring.  She described the car that would be coming and that I would get a call from the driver. A few minutes later, I received a call from Rocco stating that he was on the way.  Rocco arrived within five minutes and I was able to make my flight.  Rocco was friendly and a good, safe driver.  The car was clean and well maintained.  The fair was reasonable.  Whenever I come to town, I will be using Ollie's.  Highly recommend. More...


Robert C.

15 August 2019

We had a great experience with Ollie's.  The rides were on time and drivers helpful  But where Ollie's really excelled was customer service. The assistance we got when Dad left his iPhone and glasses in one of the cars was exceptional.  Eileen in the main office was especially helpful, but so were the dispatchers and drivers who tracked down the items and got them back to us.  Everyone involved couldn't have been more concerned and helpful.  Thanks!  Would definitely use Ollie's again. More...


John H O.

11 June 2019

Have used Ollies for a number of years. always pleased with thedrivers and service.John H Ostendorf, Sr


Eric Mulvin

29 December 2018

I was visiting from out of town and had to get from Franklin Square to Roosevelt Island, pretty much Upper East Side. I was lucky enough to get what is probably their best driver and I ended up getting a ride I'll never forget! Bob picked me up and since it was a bit of a long ride, we had plenty of time to talk. He was very professional and was a great driver and when it came time for my stop, he got out and gave me a hug! Just a kind human being out there trying to make the world a little better of a place. Hopefully you'll get the pleasure of riding with Bob, but if their other drivers are half as good as Bob, you'll be in great hands. More...


Jess A.

8 December 2018

Had a great experience with Ray W! Arranged transportation ahead of time - he was prompt, patient, and very very kind. Car was very clean and in mint condition. Would highly recommend


Jim Marshall

29 November 2018

Aka "Transportation" service is very good, dispatchers don't string me along as to availability of taxi


Tom Farley

31 August 2018

Great service, great cars. Drivers are very friendly. Would recommend


Lauren C.

9 July 2018

Thank you for your prompt and excellent treatment of my concerns. I will definitely use your company again, for the service from management and because it is a local business


Hannah Marie

28 May 2018

Was surprisingly there on time and was very nice the whole ride back. Drove the speed limit. Very nice on the phone. $60 from LAG to Hempstead so not bad. Okay cars. Showed me some good food spots on the way back! More...


Steve H.

11 May 2018

We had airport transportation booked for 5/10/18 for our return from jfk to home. We were called by the driver Jamil L  (Car 76 driver 464) as we waited in the airport to get our bags.  First time we ever had anyone call us from Ollie's and we have used them for years.  Normally we would call them and would wait and for them to arrive.  Jamil was kind and polite over the phone.Jamil pulled up outside and made sure we knew it was him. He told us to relax and get in the car and he'd take care of our bags for us. This was a first for us, normally we help put the bags in the car or the driver isn't even cordial or considerate. The car was very clean, smelled nice, and soft music was playing which was nice to relax to after flying for five hours. He was very polite and personable as well as engaging in conversation which also is not the norm. This was refreshing.  I heard Ollie's has new management so I'm hoping this is the trend of professionalism that they are seeking in their drivers and there would be more drivers like Jamil in the future. Hats off to Ollie's for finally getting a good driver who is of good caliber and professional, and thank you to Jamil for our pleasant experience.  I hope to use him for all my future travel plans. He may be what keeps me at Ollie's. More...


Deborah K.

30 March 2018

We have used them several times for trips to the airport. The driver was on time with the correct size vehicle for the number of people going. Very dependable!


Annette Guarrasi

9 January 2018

From JFK on Fri., 1/5/18, the day after the blizzard, Jay was waiting for me as I followed Ollie's instructions to call when I was pulling into the gate, on the plane. I spoke w/ both John and then Antoinette at Ollie's when I made the reservation and confirmed the reservation, respectively. Jay had to drive around the airport as I was still waiting on baggage and they don't let drivers sit at Arrivals so I ended up waiting 20 mins. but know that JFK is a hell-hole AND it was snowy/slushy. Jay didn't put my suitcase in the trunk and I didn't blame him b/c he was in the middle of bottleneck traffic so I walked to him and figured he needed to navigate but at my destination, he didn't get out again and that did give me pause. I lugged out my...luggage (now I see why it's called that! Lol.) but tipped him anyway b/c he was very pleasant and kind. We had a great convo. & I had a very positive experience w/ Ollie's. Plus, the price was way cheaper than Uber was quoting so I felt relieved. More...


Bat Man

20 October 2017

this place is the best. Cars on time. Reasonable charge. Absolutely great manners. I will always call Ollies taxi if i need to get somewhere including the airport. Never had better service in my life. More...


Barry M.

24 May 2017

Ollie's met all my needs: prompt response when I called to reserve; on-time arrival; reasonable price; comfortable ride; pleasant driver.


Marie S.

17 May 2017

I literally called them as my plane was landing because I forgot to reserve a cab. I asked for one in 20 minutes, and the cab showed up on time exactly where he said he would be, and the quote was accurate. Driver was super nice! I would use again. More...


Donna B.

13 March 2017

Very nice gentleman named ray w made the high fair not sting as much. Very comfortable and luxurious ride


Judy C.

21 February 2017

Eileen from Ollies is the bomb, she took a lemon situation and turned it to the best kind of lemon aide! I would recommend Ollies because of their complete follow through and great customer relations! Hats off to Eileen and thanks!


Debbie G.

20 January 2017

I was giving OLLIE'S one more chance after being picked up several times in awful, smelly cars. I am glad I did, because I was picked up by Jamil L. who came up my steps to grab my suitcases, had the passenger side seat moved as front as possible so that I had plenty of leg room, kept his car truly smoke free and played soft jazz to provide further comfort. Two thumbs up for Jamil L. I will be asking for him for my future rides with OLLIE'S. More...


Malcolm B.

19 January 2017

Jamil picked us up from Laguardia today and his service was so excellent that I feel prompted to write this review. I had actually called to cancel our pickup because I was having difficulty communicating with the dispatcher, but Jamil called me personally and assured me that he would be there to pick me up shortly (he was there in minutes). Jamil helped us with our luggage on both ends of the trip, and was remarkably outgoing and courteous during the drive. I recommend that anyone traveling with Ollie's request Jamil, and I also recommend that Ollie's take appropriate measures to retain him as an employee - as his talent and kindness are truly an asset. I look forward to my next ride with Jamil. More...


Korena G.

12 December 2016

Ok. Thank you so much for your service. Special thanks to Eileen and Chris who made my service outstanding..I realized after speaking with Chris and Eileen that some employees can make their business look bad whenever they give bad service and of course as customers I took out my frustration on the company.. Again these two people had to apologize to me for someone else who didn't take their job seriously the way they do. I will use ollies service bc I have always used them to get to work. On Friday 12/9 and Saturday 12/10 my drivers pick me up on time and I had no problems getting to work. I truly rely on ollies cab services to get me to work. Thank u again. I'm really grateful for your service. See u Saturday. More...


Lisa R.

14 October 2016

I used them on September 29th to take me to LaGuardia airport. I told them my flight information and that I wanted to be picked up at 6am. I asked if this was enough time to get there since the ongoing construction issues. They said it was plenty of time. I was ready about 1/2 early and they were 10 minutes early which was great. The cab was very clean, the young driver was very nice. Booking a reservation with them was easy. I ended up getting to the airport at 6:40 am. which was 3 hours early but I wanted to make sure I got there and did not miss my flight. The day I was leaving to come home I called them again to pick me up at the airport. They told me to call when I got my bags and they'd be there in 20 minutes. The cab driver was a very nice older man. In fact we talked to each other the whole ride home. I will be using you guys again. More...


Pat D.

11 June 2016

Because of a family emergency, I've had to use Ollie's Taxi about six times in the last few weeks both locally in Franklin Square and to JFK and back. Every single time they have been on-time, polite and helpful. I wish people would be as quick to give reviews for consistently good service as they are for one-time poor service...everyone has an off - day once in a while. More...


Tanya H.

10 June 2016

I've used Ollie's twice to get to the airport. No complaints. They showed up early both times, were friendly, and got me there quickly and safely.


Cat B.

22 January 2016

Ray was our driver and he was a delight. Clean car, fast service, friendly guy. Best rate we found from garden city to LGA.


Jennifer E.

27 June 2015

Excellent car service. Ray is outstanding. Clean car safe ride, always prompt and one time to destination.


Puja B.

2 May 2015

mostly reliable!


Matt K.

3 November 2014

After reading all the other reviews I was hesitant to use them but decided to give them a shot to go to JFK airport. The driver was right on time, very polite and professional. The ride was smooth and overall a great experience. Would recommend. More...


Martha A.

11 September 2013

We have used Ollie's for years and NEVER had a problem!!!!!!Very prompt ,clean cars, drivers are excellent......Why does everyone like to complain sometimes people should take thetime to also write a excellent review.  TRY YOU WILL BE TREATED WELL!!!!


Edward N.

10 May 2012

The is my second review on Ollie's.  I use them regularly to travel TO the airport.  What you have to be careful about is traveling FROM the airport.  Again their customer service is pleasant.  Their rates are very good.  The drivers relatively consistent.  They are always early to pick you up when you are going TO someplace from your home.  The problem I have is when the pick you up at the airport.  Even though you have a scheduled pickup and call them the minute you land from the plane, you can still wait 15 - 20 minutes or more outside at the pickup area.  If you don't have a scheduled pickup and call them when you are in baggage claim, they will tell you a car will be there in 15 minutes.....it always takes 30 minutes....always.  So, my routine is to take Ollie's TO the airport.  Then I take Yellow Cab FROM the airport.  Even if there is a line at the taxi stand, the line moves pretty fast. More...


Natalie K.

1 April 2010

They operate 24 hours a day which is very convenient when you need to get to the airport at 4 in the morning. Very reliable service.

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