Old Vinings Inn

Old Vinings Inn

Old Vinings Inn locationVinings, Georgia

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Old Vinings Inn Reviews

Old Vinings Inn Reviews

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Archer Shelton
5 21/06/2018 Archer Shelton

The atmosphere and food were fantastic, just what you would expect from a restaurant that's been successful and enjoyed by many for more than 40 years. The service was professional and elegant, friendly and sincere.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by James Abdy
4 19/06/2018 James Abdy

I liked the older building. The food was pretty good, but the dish I had (pork chop) was not exceptional. The bar tender was accommodating.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Niki Wagstaff
5 18/06/2018 Niki Wagstaff

Oh my goodness, the FOOD at this place! So, first of all, it is a lot more laid back than it would seem, but I probably wouldn't recommend going here in shorts and flip flops. But once you sit down, the service is magnificent, very warm and friendly, and the food is simply phenomenal. The fried green tomatoes are to die for. The red fish was so good, a couple at another table told us about it when we sat down, and they were not kidding. The sauce on their mac and cheese is so delicate and perfect, and I am pretty sure the secret ingredient in their whipped potatoes is magic. Absolutely go here if you get the chance.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Jo Rae Jetton
1 11/06/2018 Jo Rae Jetton

I lived in Atlanta many years ago and when the opportunity to go shopping with a friend presented itself I was thrilled. My friend made a reservation for dinner here, because I had fond memories of the Old Vinings Inn, and we wished to celebrate my birthday. We elected to sit upstairs in the bar to enjoy the live entertainment and were assured full service would be provided. The bar had a few patrons sitting at the bar and a few tables outside. The bartender/server took his time showing up and spent the majority of his time telling the story of his mother's life in Alaska and promoting her book (which he had in hand and offered for sale). We were able to get a glass of wine and order an appetizer, (and it was delicious), but unfortinately we were ignored our entire stay. I tracked down a server from downstairs who told me he couldn't help us. Our drinks were not replenished, nor were we given the opportunity to order an entree or dessert. Don't waste your time here, and if you must go, I'd avoid the bar. It was a huge disappointment.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Russ Still
5 06/06/2018 Russ Still

I've had the opportunity to have 2 private meetings in the Bear Room, staff Christmas lunch and other meals at the Old Vinings Inn. At each visit I have experience impeccable, service delicious food and a great atmosphere. The team has been very accommodating regarding special requests.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Ben Martz
5 02/05/2018 Ben Martz

Awesome valet guy's! I felt very comfortable leaving my lexus with them! Very nice guys! The food was awesome! I will go back!

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Van Salter
5 19/04/2018 Van Salter

Excellent food. Nice atmosphere. Excellent service. Get the bacon brownie for desert! You won't be disappointed!

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Brian Ozment
5 05/04/2018 Brian Ozment

Love this place. Very homely atmosphere with great food. I would avoid the buffet during holidays, just get regular breakfast.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Joshua Davis
5 04/04/2018 Joshua Davis

Always amazing food with a owner who really cares that his patrons have an enjoyable evening. We celebrate most of our special occasions here. The only 2 tips: Avoid evenings when the have the band playing upstairs if you're looking for a quiet atmosphere. We always check the attic schedule and are sure to book reservations outside show times. Second, the parking here is a pain--parking attendants charge $2 to walk your car a few feet away and get grumpy about tips.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Brenda McCord-Compton
5 13/03/2018 Brenda McCord-Compton

We had a special dinner for our heavenly Mother's birthday. The food was awesome. Special menu price selections available for dinner. Personalized menus for added touch.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Arlene Griese
5 04/03/2018 Arlene Griese

My Boo’s band was hired to play a gig there and I fell in love with this place. I can only speak for the bar but I did walk through the restaurant. The restaurant is perfect for a romantic night out. If the food in the bar is any indication of the food in the restaurant then it is beyond fantastic. The Chef sliders were short-rib, they were delicious and so was the crab cake, fried pork biscuit and fried green tomatoes. The French fries aren’t crispy but that’s the only complaint I can find. The atmosphere of the bar is vintage eclectic. The crowd is all over the place from 30 something to over 70 and all very fun. Of course the music was the best part of the night.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Jacqueline Annise
5 19/02/2018 Jacqueline Annise

My husband took me for dinner Saturday night for my birthday— we both have never been. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Old Vinings Inn. The customer service that they have does not exist anywhere else— they are amazing. The good is also fantastic!!!! I will definitely it’ll be back. Thank you!!

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Christian Campbell
4 15/02/2018 Christian Campbell

Place was great. Excellent food. Service was a little lacking but it was new years eve and they were very busy so I give them credit for how well they executed given the circumstances.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Taylor Morris
5 15/02/2018 Taylor Morris

My wife and I go here every Valentine's Day. This year was our 6th in a row. You just can't be the delicious food and the classy ambiance. One of our favorite spots!

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Maryj Harris
5 21/01/2018 Maryj Harris

The food was delicious!!!!! The service was amazing!!! Just a good vibe! N a bar n live music upstairs!!!

Review of Old Vinings Inn by J Hendricks
2 11/12/2017 J Hendricks

We had a large group that the management, servers and kitchen staff could not accommodate. The dining area was small. Seating was tight and crowded. Diners in our group hand to repeatedly ask for water and tea. Tea glasses were not apart of the place setting which resulted in long service wait times. I had to walk through the kitchen/ prep/ beverage area to go to the restroom. Hand soap dispenser in one of the men restrooms was damaged. Trout fish was part of the entree but I had to settled for buttermilk fried chicken, because the cook could not keep up or enough fish was not prepped and prepared for our size group. I will never visit this restaurant again. Food and service was not a good value for the money. This place is probably OK for small parties and couples.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Michael & Stephany Lapina
4 06/11/2017 Michael & Stephany Lapina

Good food. Cool older building. Staff was nice. We were part of a large party. The room seemed a bit small and loud but we did have a lot of folks.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Travis Shapira
5 22/10/2017 Travis Shapira

Had a great experience at the Old Vinings Inn for my anniversary. They offered amazing customer service and had great food as well.

Definitely check them out if you’re in the area or not. They’ll make sure to give you an amazing experience. Very friendly service from
Casey our waitress. Would definitely come back again!!

Thank you again Old Vinings Inn!!

Review of Old Vinings Inn by rogers alley
5 16/10/2017 rogers alley

A fantastic meal. Some of the best fried chicken I've had in a long time. Brussel sprouts were excellent, as were the green beans. Rolls with honey butter were delicious. Excellent service. If I lived in that area of Atlanta, I'd eat there regularly.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Tiffany Pressler
5 Tiffany Pressler

Great atmosphere- very inviting warmth to the place with very good friendly service. Wonderful food- the shrimp and grits is a must try! Our drinks and food were delivered to us quickly. Nice date night spot. We will def. come back here very soon!

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Shirma C. Prescott-Clark
5 Shirma C. Prescott-Clark

Mother's Day brunch was excellent! They were very accommodating as well. I told them my nine daughter had a shellfish allergy and asked if the Salmon was cooked with the other seafood. The chef grilled salmon separate from the buffet items and brought it out to her. I appreciate them going above and beyond to make my Mother's Day meal special.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Scott Ellis
5 Scott Ellis

Lee and the staff here provided us with a perfectly flawless wedding rehearsal dinner in the attic bar.

The ambiance of the venue was only surpassed by the excellent food that was presented by a well trained friendly and accommodating group of servers.

We live on Saint Simons Island and went into this event on trust of other referrals and a single taste testing. We would happily do it all again!

Thank you all for a wonderful evening


Review of Old Vinings Inn by Susan Tellman Pierce
4 Susan Tellman Pierce

The food was very good but we were never asked how we would like the steak cooked so some people were not as happy with that. Also, although we were a large party, we were disappointed when the plates were taken away after the appetizers and bread was put on the table, but we had no plates or knives for the bread before the salad came out.

Other than that, there were no complaints -- atmosphere was lovely and everyone, for the most part, were very happy!!!

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Paris Shabazz
5 Paris Shabazz

We had the best experience 2 times within one week. Our first two visits of many more. Second visit I got engaged and they made everything perfect 💍💍💍. Thanks again!!

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Anthony Abreu
5 Anthony Abreu

Great food!!! Great service!!!perfect meal that made a perfect birthday celebration

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Chip Jarrard
2 Chip Jarrard

Staff and atmosphere were great, think that's been made clear in other posts. Other than that the food is very overpriced and we had to wait too long to get it. In particular, the price for the seared scallops is ridiculous. For $28 you get four scallops, some apple slices, and a pile of orange-colored something in the middle. The other dish we ordered was shrimp and grits, and it was fine tho I wish they would remove the tails before serving. Also, it's worth mentioning there was another group that arrived after us, but got their food AND check before we got our food. I could understand if we ordered big hunks of meat well-done, but really it shouldn't take long to prep shrimp and grits, and four scallops with half a sliced apple.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Angela V. Averett
5 Angela V. Averett

Loved everything about OVI for my daughter’s special baby shower. Lee and his staff are amazing, the Brunch food surpassed by none! Five stars!

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Royal Yates Jr.
5 Royal Yates Jr.

Our waitress Trinity gave excellent customer service. She was attentive. courteous. respectful. I would recommend this place to others.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Tricia Williams
5 Tricia Williams

Character and Charm. Fantastic service and delicious food. We have always loved this place for family celebrations, and light lunch.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Mechelle Ferguson Thomas
5 Mechelle Ferguson Thomas

Great place. The food and atmosphere are great. I love the crispy brussel spouts.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Tia Smith
5 Tia Smith

There was a last minute cancellation on Mother's Day and we had no wait. The food was great and the staff was awesome. I'm a happy momma. �

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Christina Benfield Keller
5 Christina Benfield Keller

We had a wonderful Valentines Dinner last night. The Building itself and being told the History all of the way back to Sherman burning Atlanta! Very attentive staff and server Cecilia was a delight! The Lobster choice was excellent with the bisque, dumplings � and filet. Great choice for our Date �

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Cindy McKelvey Grantham
5 Cindy McKelvey Grantham

Celebrated our anniversary there...perfect choice. Super-attentive staff, delicious meal, lovely setting. The crab cakes are amazing!!

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Jeff Cain
5 Jeff Cain

Quaint setting, excellent food. We enjoyed a beautiful evening, shared the calamari appetizer, we each had the fish of the day which was amazing. Really great.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Deborah Levey
3 Deborah Levey

We tried to eat dinner upstairs so we could listen to the music. The service was spotty. They seemed to be short staffed on a busy Saturday night. The food wasn’t hot. The waiter messed up the check twice. Overall I like the atmosphere of the place but would not try to eat dinner upstairs again. We will try it again and eat in the dining room first.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Sean Wiggins
5 Sean Wiggins

It felt like I went back in time. The building was standing during the Civil War. Let me make this short and simple the food was incredible, the service was great. The waitress / server was world class awesome.....I can't wait to visit this place again.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Victoria Jean
1 Victoria Jean

Staff was seemed nice as they served me ice tea and a deviled egg, but I never got food ordered from our limited 3 choice menu. How long does it take to fry an egg or boil grits? We booked an event from 1-3 and by the time I left at 2:40, I still had not eaten beyond the one Deviled egg appetizer. Neither had the other 70 people in my group. Please don’t book a large party if you cannot handle it. I asked if I could get my entree to go, but told they would bring me a box whenever the entree was served so basically, sit down and shut up. I had to leave and go to Chick Fil A to eat something. We also had to bring in our own decorations, flowers for the table and dessert.

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Tracy Englund
5 Tracy Englund

Went for the first time yesterday for an event upstairs. Sure, the location was really cool with an old Savannah feel... But that food!! Some of the best food ive ever had (we tried multiple appetizers) and i cant wait to go back!! Smokey Sherman and corn fritters for the win!!

Review of Old Vinings Inn by Dawn Sebring
5 Dawn Sebring

We were told by the shuttle bus driver about this place and he was so right it was amazing. Service was excellent . I ordered the shrimp and grits and it came with a poached egg on top it was amazing. The calamari we got was wonderful different dipping sauce but it was wonderful. Husband got the pork chop he said it was amazing. Next time we are in Atlanta we will be eating there again .

Old Vinings Inn

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