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I am committed to making training a fun experience for you and your dog using positive, force free methods.
The benefit of positive reinforcement training is a strengthened relationship between you and your dog.
This is based on leadership and trust.


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Heidi V. Neal

Fenway and I took a rally class with Annette a few years ago. It was the first training experience I had ever had. She was fabulous and patient and Fenway and I learned a lot while having a fabulous time! I have watched Annette in puppy classes as well, and she is impressive! More...


Alleson Bixler

Annette has helped me work with both of my dogs: a rescued, unsocialized big-man-in-a-little suit dachshund and an Australian shepherd with a heavy dose of happy-go-
lucky joie de vivre. She skillfully guided me with training these two extremes, and both dogs are happily zooming through life happy to have had her hand in their education. Her love of dogs is apparent from the first minute she meets you and your dog. My next dog will know Annette, and I would highly recommend her for any task related to the canine world! More...


Paula Titon

Annette gets a 5 star rating from me and Joey and Dakiand Buster. Especially from Joey! She is patient and fun and really thinks about the needs of each dog and handler combo. Most of all,she relates well with each dog she meets. Can't wait to bring my new puppy, Kazakhi, to the next puppy FUNdamentals class series in May!! More...

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