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OC Web Kings Inc. is a highly experienced web, mobile app, and SEO development studio located in Orange County, CA.

We do high-end mobile app, web app, and website design and development. We use the latest technologies such as Ionic 3.0, AngularJS 4.0, NodeJS, Neo4J, Laravel, Trello, and Toggl to ensure our projects are completed on-time and at the highest level of quality.

We also specialize in legitimate SEO development which includes: getting websites to the top of Google, carefully monitoring progress to ensure results, and utilizing the latest effective practices/techniques.

Our team consists of designers/illustrators, artists, professional photographers, and of course the best and most dedicated programmers in all of Southern California. This allows to produce unmatched results and on-time delivery every time.

OC Web Kings Reviews

OC Web Kings Reviews

Review of OC Web Kings by Kwala Music
5 16/04/2018 Kwala Music

Great experience working with the team. We worked a lot directly with Scott and he was a pleasure to deal with. He is very talented! We would recommend them to anyone.

Review of OC Web Kings by Ian McLean
5 15/03/2018 Ian McLean

I created a great app with Kevin. It still runs to this day after being nearly two years since it was originally coded. The app has traction, everything you could want for a startup.

I was given funding offers - it all came down to my own personal motivation to start and build a company. I think there are a lot of founders out there that have a "if you build it they will come" type mentality, but the real sweat comes into building traction and validating your app. When founders don't get their initial traction they blame the developers, when in reality, if they made something simple that people liked it becomes a moot point.

Working with a development house can be like a drug, week after week you get hooked on seeing new features until you've pulled all possible resources to make something possible. Feature bloat happens and the constant need to see new features. Kevin understands this, and absolutely does his best to talk you into a scaled down MVP.

Review of OC Web Kings by Alfonso DLT
1 13/02/2018 Alfonso DLT

My team and I worked on a project with Kevin and his company. He will lie to you and make excuses of why he is running late... Like I'm sorry I lost a few guys, we don't know how to actually deliver what we promised on your contract, give me more time, I'll give you a discount for running so late(yes, charged us on top of the project we contracted when it was his fault for him poorly managing his time).

After pay him thousands of dollars he still gave us nothing.

If that's not stealing I don't know what is!

Review of OC Web Kings by Jonathan De La Torre
1 12/02/2018 Jonathan De La Torre

This one really breaks my Heart. I take pride in my honest reviews and any one can call or message me if they want to know the truth about this firm. I have nothing to hide on here on Google as you can see I have a ton on positive reviews and none are 1 stars but this one truly comes from the bottom of my heart.

Kevin wrote me a contract and agreement for his services. He failed to deliver the project by a month and a half.... and sadly he still is missing many of the core features and functionality of what we contracted on. I'm now out on thousands of dollars and have nothing. He wasn't professional enough to give me what he build with my money so far.

Where Kevin to advantage of my team and I is by always promising and saying its almost done never delivering. I was kind to give him more time and he took advantage of that many times. Then I started to realize that he started to charge me more and more as he was begging for more time. This turned out to be a case of bait and switch where he promises to deliver and when it gets close to deliver he has excuses and ask for more money, then more money, and more money. Then guess what... He still doesn't give you what you are paying for or contracted and agreed. Kevin will act like He's at 95 percent with your project and then will say you have pay me or else He's stopping. He leverages the fact that he has power over the code you paid him for and knows you'll want to do what ever it takes to get even if is like my case where he double the what was on the original contract. I will count this as a HUGE loss and lesson.

If you are going to use a firm like Kevin's or OC Web Kings I highly recommend you go elsewhere(there are plenty of other great firms in the area to trust) as he is a truly dishonesty businessman who takes advantage of your dreams and business.

Review of OC Web Kings by dave trotter
5 17/11/2016 dave trotter

This group exceeded expectations re state-of-the-art knowledge, efficiency and step-by-step costs. They've greatly assisted with a strong foundation for an important project. I highly recommend Kevin and his strong team for very intelligent and reliable technology architecture. The communication, timeliness and skill level was superb. I plan to continue to utilize their solid services.

Review of OC Web Kings by Omar Nazel
5 25/10/2016 Omar Nazel

I recommend OC WEB KINGS for all of your application needs. They very are knowledgeable and detailed oriented.

So far I've been working with OC WEB KINGS for almost two years and I cant say enough good things about the experience.

As with any working relationship there will be some unforeseen obstacles that present themselves. That's the nature of the technology business!

But Kevin, Vishal, Ian, and the rest of the team at OC WEB KINGS work hard to bridge the gap between technical jargon, the app you've always envisioned, and technologies capabilities.

OC WEB KINGS will go above and beyond the responsibilities of a normal application company.

If the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. OC WEB KINGS will knock on your neighbors doors; find out what fertilizer is being used; and implement that regime on your lawn until you see your desired result.

OC WEB KINGS are the go to guys for applications.

I can't make it any simpler than that!

Review of OC Web Kings by Lauren Gindi
5 13/10/2016 Lauren Gindi

I am the owner of Adoption Network Law Center, and we specialize in helping adoptive parents and birth parents through the domestic newborn adoption process. OC Web Kings turned our website from archaic to a state-of-the-art masterpiece. We are confident they have built us the BEST site in the entire adoption community. They truly listen to your vision while applying their expertise in web development and design. I consider the team at OC Web Kings as artists in the most modern sense. They are always up to face any challenge, very communicative and patient, and are a complete pleasure to work with. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to build or improve on a website who aims to be at the top of his/her industry.

Review of OC Web Kings by Christy Miele
5 05/10/2016 Christy Miele

I switched over my website to a much more efficient delivery system for my online training. More importantly, my website and the service provide by OC Web kings is much improved with regards to customer service. And of course, my site looks so much better, too. Kevin and his team are willing and able to go to great lengths. They did what they said they were going to do and they constantly respond in a timely manner to my needs and questions. Best is that, even after having satisfied our contract, OC Web Kings is still genuinely behind my success and supportive in countless ways. I'm glad to have finally made a change for the better with OC Web Kings and thankful for what they do, day in and day out.

Review of OC Web Kings by Tommy Papa
5 07/09/2016 Tommy Papa

The "KINGS" in OC! They definitely will dedicate 110% of their efforts to making the customer happy. Meeting expectations is critical for me and for the development of my app and they continue to meet or exceed the requirements - which are ever evolving - and deliver. They have been innovative and lucky for me I need a team that thinks outside the box. I am glad I chose OC WK to develop my app...besides, I wanted a local team that I can meet with face to face and kick butt if needed...not needed so far!

OC Web Kings

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4590 MacArthur Blvd #500, Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA

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OC Web Kings Q&A

OC Web Kings Q&A

What makes a great website?

It's all about seeing the website from the customer's point of view. When a customer comes to your website they need to see the following:
1. Quality.
2. Clarity.
3. A Solution to Their Problem.
4. The Ability to Contact You.
You have to have the appropriate sections, flow, and call-to-action to communicate your product or service to the client.

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

1. What is your product or service?
2. How do you differentiate from your competitors?
3. What can we give away for free in exchange for a lead?
4. What might be a good call-to-action?
5. What are the benefits of your service?
6. What problem do your clients have?
7. How do you solve your clients' problems?

Describe your creative process.

1. Start with wireframes created in sketch.
2. Review wireframes with client to get feedback.
3. Create high-fidelity mockups in Adobe Photoshop.
4. Review high-fidelity mockups with client to get feedback.
5. Add the mockups to an Invision prototype.
6. Review the prototype with client and customers.

What information do you need from a client before you can start work?

1. What kind of project is it (website, web app, mobile app, or SEO)?
2. What is the goal of the project?
3. What is the budget for the project?
4. When does the project need to be done by?

What do you love most about your job?

Seeing the final product launch and people use and love it.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I wanted to offer my talents to the most people possible. I was making cool projects on my own and people started asking me to do projects for them as well. I love doing projects and helping out other people so it was a great fit. We kept doing projects and more and more people kept asking me to do them. Eventually I had to hire people and get an office.

Why should our clients choose you?

1. We are super knowledgeable and passionate about what we do.
2. We have a ton of experience and an amazing portfolio.
3. We deliver high quality results on time and on budget.

Services provided by OC Web Kings

OC Web Kings Services


At OC Web Kings it is not just about building you a website, we want you to feel proud sharing our work with everyone you know! Our entire team is local in our Newport Beach office where you can personally sit down with us to make sure you get exactly what you want. Our super talented designers and developers also have the common sense to understand what you want without the headaches of functionality being lost in translation. We put a great deal of time into making something that will bring that “wow” factor to your customers. We have clean professional design and are always keeping up with the latest techniques so you can feel confident that your site puts industry standards to shame.

Web Apps

Who wants a web app these days? Everything is going mobile right?? Well… not exactly, and anyone working in any sort of professional industry knows that computers and web applications are still incredibly prominent in today’s modern workforce. At least in our business, we certainly won’t be doing graphic design and coding for your app on mobile devices anytime soon. What happens when the mobile market is fully saturated across the globe yet desktop computers are not? These are questions that bring up valid arguments for why web apps in this world are still very relevant. Whether you just need a landing page and a few internal tools to manage your mobile app or you are looking to build out an entire content management system with administrators, moderators and basic users, we are up for the challenge and we’ll help you strategize to make things happen.

Mobile Apps

Everyone on our team has the design chops and know-how to crush code. We can build anything. Whether it be an uber for trips to the moon, the latest augmented reality craze or your cool app to speed date with swipe-through video chat, we will build it. We also aren’t just going to blindly build your app without giving our suggestions and recommendations for how to create a more intuitive user experience, wordsmithing your content into modern layman terms and just overall providing you with a down-to-earth perspective for ways to approach different use cases. We would honestly rather build you a simple app that would cost less to develop than build something expensive that is not very unique trying to overcompensate with too many features. We are here to help your decisions by finding the most compelling aspects of your app so that you can obtain early market validation and iterate quickly based on user feedback.


If you have ever heard the expression “putting the cart before the horse”, in essence coming to us with an idea before it is validated through market research is essentially this. The last thing we want do is to build something great that nobody is using! Who your target audience is, what is the size of your market, how will you execute the marketing plan for your app are all questions you should be asking yourself right now! There are certain strategies you can do before we start development such as creating a signup landing page and marketing on Facebook to collect leads. You could release several landing pages to see which has the highest customer acquisition rate. There is also the fine-tuning of micro ad campaigns on your social media platforms to make sure you are really honed in on who your target audience is. This type of multivariate testing with landing pages and ad campaigns is an excellent strategy to improve the sales funnel. With SEO, there are lots of places that claim they are great at it. The reality is that it does take some outside-the-box thinking, building legitimate content within web pages and doing things right. We follow best practices and will drive organic traffic the way google wants it to be done.


Quotit Go

Instantly generate health insurance quotes and subsidy estimates for free, no account or login is needed. QuotitGO puts the power of Genuine Quotit technology in the palm of your hand through utilizing their API.


All-in-One body wash, shampoo & conditioner, and shave gel in small, thin, single-use squares and sheets. Easy and fun to use, each Washawaze dissolves completely into lather in use, eliminating mess, waste and the need for containers of soap dispensers.


Bellaziba is a company that provides a cruelty-free & non-toxic beauty box that proudly supports animal rights and environmental non-profits, complimentary of your subscription. Their values revolve around helping others and the eco-sustainability of our beautiful planet.


Guardian Strategic Wealth Designs arms you with the necessary intelligence to make knowledgeable and thoughtful decisions regarding your personal and financial wealth. With them, you will have an immersive educational experience. While they are skilled professional advisors, being innovative and relevant is what matters. Regardless of how unique or complex your situation is, they utilize the most sophisticated and advanced planning techniques available.


AskBrien is a social platform for entrepreneurs and business owners. It allows users to ask business questions in a Stack Overflow/Quora type fashion. They have staff of expert contributors (lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, techs, etc.) ready to answer the questions for free.


Dinowax is an eCommerce platform that allows customers to shop for and purchase their products online. The website includes all the standard eCommerce functionality like product listings/options, shopping cart, checkout, payment processing, and shipping.


Tuggboat allows users to create custom email addresses at the click of a button. It removes all the technical challenges of purchasing your own domain and setting up your own email server.


Statpedia is the most simple chart creation tool on the market. It's also the first crowd-sourced repository for the world's statistics.

Adoption Network

The Adoption Network website was a massive project containing hundreds of content pages, lead capture, and professional sales and marketing.

Yoga Minded

Yoga Minded offers an incredible package that includes a proprietary, custom made, online video-course system.


Formulators is a business website that features their multitude of chemical adhesive and suppressant products for commercial flooring.

Mark D. Kirshbaum

MDK is the personal website for Marc D. Kirshbaum.

Mark-It Smart

Mark-it Smart is one of the largest and most successful marketing firms in Newport Beach, CA.

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