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Fuller Park, California



Fuller Park, California


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Laura G.

5 October 2019

OC Financial services is the place to go for taxes. Irene is caring and informative, she is very knowledgeable on the subject of taxes with many, many years of experience. My husband and I have chosen Irene as our tax preparer and are extremely happy with her services. All of our questions were answered. I recommend OC Financial Services and Particularly Irene to help you too. Thank you for your great services guys! More...


Xuxa O.

13 September 2019

A great place to do business with.  They're very professional and communicate your personal situation so you understand.  I'd recommend to everyone who may be looking for a place to do their taxes.


Jeff S.

27 February 2019

Had a great experience with Irene. Timely, efficient and most importantly,  she kept her word by delivering my return on time.


Elizabeth A.

28 December 2017

My business partner and I went to her office to discuss about the tax business information. Irene was really welcoming and provided excellent customer service. She spent time to get to know us. And because she knew that we were new business owners, she personally called the IRS for us  to get our questions answered. Afterwards, she not only explained additional tax information in a easy way for us to understand but she also spent some time to answer other questions regarding our business. She was very honest, straight forward and trustworthy. I would highly recommend her to anyone:) More...


Stephanie B.

7 July 2017

Irene is honestly great!! She really helped me understand the tax implications of the different business structures I was considering, and her no-nonsense approach not only saved me a lot of money but a lot of time and hassle as well.  A lot of places out there will just take your money and agree to do whatever complex stuff you think you want to do so they can charge an arm and a leg for the paperwork, but Irene seems more interested in making and keeping long-term business relationships. Highly recommend and look forward to hopefully working with her again soon. More...


J R.

12 May 2017

I found Irene's service via thumbtack.comI had a great experience and highly trust her and her team. I'll def be coming back next year :)


Cathie F.

25 April 2017

Irene, It  was such a pleasure and stress relief to know that we were in  good hands with great , honest , hard working people helping us understand our  taxes.  The office staff was so welcoming  and offer delicious  coffee.  We will definitely  be back next year and years to come. Jessica and Brain you  are the best , thank you both for all your hard work helping us out with our taxes at the last minute  .We will definitely recommend  OC Financial Services-Jessica and Brian Great JOB!!!!! More...


Armando H.

29 March 2017

I definitely recommend this place to do your taxes  especially Irene she's like a lawyer when she does your taxes she knows her stuff she took really good care of me she helped me sort out all my tax issues this year  and the previous I'm happy customer


Laura W.

16 March 2017

Irene is simply the best. After my debacle with H and R Block last year (never use them if you're an independent contractor and don't want to pay an exorbitant fee for mediocre service), I knew that I needed to find a real accountant to do my taxes from now on. Irene made the procedure painless. She was so patient, punctual, professional, and personable, and I will never try another tax service after using her services. I've never felt so taken care of during tax season. Thank you, Irene! More...


Brian A.

20 February 2017

It is both a pleasure and an honor to highly recommend this location for tax preparation services!My wife and I arrived very early for our appointment. While waiting for Irene, her staff went out of their way to welcome us and offer us beverages. The office is very cozy, and the staff made sure to keep everything clean and organized which made a great first impression on us. Irene later arrived (right on time) and immediately started assisting us with our income tax preparation. I cannot emphasize enough how professional, knowledgeable, patient, and kind Irene is in how she handles business. She goes out of her way to foster a welcoming and friendly environment. I appreciate the respectful demeanor she utilized with us (as well as her staff) for the entire time we had the privilege to work with her during our appointment.In my over thirteen years of filing my taxes, this was by FAR the most pleasant experience! No, I did not get a large tax refund (I actually ended up owing). The reason for this glowing recommendation is that Irene walked us through the whole process and took the time to explain key details. I was pleasantly surprised how she took the time to make sure we were clear with all the details and were always welcomed to ask questions (which we did numerous times). I learned a whole lot in the time we were there with Irene! I am grateful for everything since I have a better idea of how to better handle my financial affairs for next year.In closing, I will never go anywhere else for tax preparation as long as OC Financial Services is in my area. I plan on bringing in my family members so they have the opportunity to receive such professional and courteous service as my wife and I. This place is truly a blessing and a hidden gem! More...


Fabiola H.

21 March 2014

Thank you Irene for awesome service! Always taking your time in making sure I have all my paperwork before doing my taxes. You are my lifesaver!


Sidra G.

1 December 2013

Thank you Irene and the awesome team at OC Financial Services! I was a little behind on my taxes and they immediately put me at ease and let me know everything would be alright. AND IT WAS! I refer anybody who asks to you. Blessings... More...


Monica G.

29 January 2010

I love Irene.  Last year she took a very disorganized book of receipts and organized them.  Using her knowledge (and patience) to help get our taxes together.  I tried it on my own and had us owing.  She was able to get us organized and get us a refund.  GOD BLESS HER!  This year we are way more organized and I am able to just drop off my paperwork and she will call me to review. LOVE IT! More...

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