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Oakwood Legal Group, is California’s premier personal injury law firm. Our lawyers are armed with sophisticated legal training from some of the nation’s top law schools, including Harvard Law School and UCLA School of Law. We’ve set records in the State of California for our ingenious legal work and have recovered millions for our clients across California.


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Jason Martinez

11 May 2019

Hey everyone! My name is Jason M. and this is my review of Oakwood Legal Group (a.k.a. OLG). Let me start by saying thanks to Mike, Ray, and all the team at OLG for the hard work and the great TAKE HOME result they got me ($100,000+). Yup...that's a lot of zeros . The accident: In a nutshell, I was hit while riding my motorcycle on the freeway. I suffered a broken arm due to the accident and I had to have surgery. Choosing the OLG team: A few day after the accident I began talks with the insurance company. It didn't take long to see I needed an attorney. Most of the insurance company's questions were probes. So I researched the questions I wanted to ask, after I went in search of a lawyer to represent me. I had meetings with a total of six firms before settling on OLG. The reason you ask? Top to bottom everything about them was all pro: office, staff, conversation, etc. I hit them with every question you can imagine and I received an honest response (I know that even more now). It felt better than a good fit. It felt like the right choice and it was. The OLG experience beginning to end: First I was hesitant because I thought I could handle the insurance company alone...wrong! Mike followed up with me a couple days after our first meeting. He was direct but professional about driving home the point that the longer I wait to get an attorney the more damage I can cause to my case (true). SIDE BAR - If you're reading this Mike, you saved me from myself...thanks! Throughout the whole process my concerns were addressed, my questions were answered and my calls answered or returned asap. At one point I felt my doctor at the time wasn't being helpful. I brought that up in a meeting so the team at OLG sent me to a orthopedic surgeon. I even received Dodgers tickets to a few games. Over the course of the whole process I was treated like a friend who had his friends best interest at heart. In closing, I say this. If you're looking for top shelf representation who REALLY works hard on your case. If you're looking for people who will keep you in the loop and treat you with respect. Call Mike, Ray or pretty much anyone at Oakwood legal Group and just see what they have to offer. I did and I really am laughing all the way to the bank...Cha Ching! More...


Sharona Tehrani Rachmani

23 April 2019

Hiring OLG was the best decision I ever made! Treated me like family, educated me along the way on the process and made good on their promise of getting me paid after all bills and fees. Thank you.

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