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Barbara Wertkin

28 May 2016

Buffy has been a blessing for me and my family. She is truly a special person. We are very thankful


Jackie Packman

28 May 2016

I have been working with Buffy for over 10 years. Amazing...her approach grounds me completely - body, mind and spirit. And she provides effective tools that I can apply to heal and empower myself in real life situations.


Wendy Josephs

28 May 2016

I have been to therapists at other times in my life, and I wish I had found Buffy years earlier. Her understanding and ability to assist with the the inner workings of the mind, heart and spirit are unlike the capabilities of any other coach or therapist i have ever met. Her compassion and love for her clients are boundless. I feel so grateful to have met her, and continue to work with her. More...


Wes W

28 May 2016

Best place to go for compassionate, on-target help with personal or professional concerns. I always feel better after talking through difficult situations with insightful therapist Buffy Bernhardt. I have learned many useful tools for moving forward with greater fulfillment and happiness. Thank you, Buffy! More...


Elizabeth Cooke

28 May 2016

I have been working with Buffy Bernhardt for several years now. She is such an amazingly talented therapist. I was struggling with anxiety, depression, grief and low self-esteem. Through my work with her, I have found much more joy, lightness and a deeper respect for myself. She comes to her work with a profound love for who you are and has an ability to show you your wholeness and greatness. Through her, I have also deepened my connection to spirit, a beautiful gift!I would highly recommend her, and would be happy to speak directly with anyone considering working with her. More...


Ariana Breganti

28 May 2016

Buffy for me has been the safest place to go for support. She has helped me through the landscape of my life helping me understand myself, go deep into my fears and blocks always giving me tools to unlock, shed and develop love for myself and my life. She helps me to fully be present in my body, mind and spirit liberating me with perspectives and incite that set me free. Working with Buffy I work on my self, my life and spiritual path, I do the deep work and I also go to her to celebrate my achievements, the shifts and aaahhhhaaa's in my life. she is always there to witness and reflect back to me who I really am so I can see myself in light and love. So skillfully she incorporates methods of care and techniques to tackle the tougher issues so I can access joy in ways I didn't know were possible.Buffy is my go to person, she is also someone I refer all people in my life friends, family and clients because I know how safe and gifted she is and I know they will be held with love, integrity and continuous support. More...


Ian Bernhardt

28 May 2016

Buffy is a Fordham and Harvard University trained therapist. Her clinical skills are impeccable and she uses a humanistic and holistic approach in her session. She has a wide array of tools in her toolbox and she conducts each session with true compassion and love. More...


Christy Dibartolo

28 May 2016

I had a wonderful, life changing experience working with Buffy. She is very compassionate, insightful, and fair. She pushes for accountability which will ensure results!