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Nancy Kerr

28 January 2019

I started seeing Kinga Gudor 3 years ago at her office in Norfolk. I was very happy with her therapy. When I moved, I reached out to her to continue the therapy and she agreed. I appreciate the effort she puts into our sessions. Even when we are unable to met she has reached out to see how I am doing. More...


Cristian Velasquez

29 December 2018

Since I've been seeing Dr.Gudor she's always been able to give me a solution or more so see a new perspective on a situation. She gives me outside references to look at after my appointment to make sure I can remember and apply everything she has told me. She has given my girlfriend and I a new way to talk about things. I highly recommend her for relationship counseling and individual therapy. She's helped me see the silver lining in a lot in my life and she's helped me accept things that aren't great at all. Thank you so much Dr. Gudor. More...


Jeanne Hopkins

28 May 2018

I have been seeing Dr. Gudor for years and now she does our marriage counseling. Dr. Gudor is very kind and a great listener. She really takes the time to get to know you as a person; not just as a patient. Dr. Gudor provides great insight to our marriage and gives us practical tips that we see working each week. In addition to all of that, I strongly support and admire women in business. More...


Staci Sisson

28 May 2017

Kinga is an amazing therapist. She has been an integral part of my healing and an amazing help to my marriage. I would recommend her to anyone.


Osiris M.

28 May 2017

Dr. Gudor is very experienced and has a very calming demeanor. She offers realistic guidance that is effective and easy to follow. She's helped me tremendously in a very short period of time. I'd recommend anyone to schedule a session with her. More...


Myrra Isgrigg

28 May 2017

Kinda is the best therapist I have ever been to. She is calming, easy to talk with, has great insights and is well educated in her field. If I have to move, And can't do online work with her, I will be heartbroken. More...


bruce guthrie

28 May 2017

dr gudor is the best therapist i've seen over years of therapy. she is most understanding and is genuinely interested in my welfare. before our second meeting, she look up the term "metanoia". i mentioned the term to several other mental health professionals and none cared to check the definition, much less care to understand it's relevance to my situation. from that moment, knew dr gudor was someone special. over the past 6 months of weekly visits, she's offered concrete advice and recommended numerous outside resources to help with my understanding of the topics. i highly recommend dr gudor to guide and help you with whatever situation you face.. More...


Elizabeth Monroe

28 May 2017

My relationship with my husband has never been stronger. Kinga has helped us learn to feel more comfortable talking to each other about our fears and frustrations as well as the good things. She makes both of us feel safe enough to talk about all the things we've both been too scared to bring up on our own. By addressing these things, we both feel that we can depend on each other again. We laugh and play like we haven't in years! I didn't ask my husband to go to marriage counselling. I just asked if he would go with me to see my counselor because I felt like it was more about our relationship than our marriage. We were committed to each other but not all that happy. I noticed a difference in us after the first session and I highly recommend her! You will both get chances to speak and feel like you are heard! She has made such a possitive impact for us and she can for you, too...just don't take our appointment time :) More...


Matt B

22 November 2016

Many of my experiences with therapists have been bland and not very productive. Kinga has helped me in so many ways. I've never left an appointment feeling like I wasted time and money. Every visit has been beneficial. She has really helped me find the power from within myself to overcome obstacles that have held me back from functioning at my potential. I recommend see her on a regular basis instead of just random visits. I trust her. More...

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