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The best WordPress website design company located in West Orange New Jersey. Get more local sales with our services.

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Christian A.

8 November 2017

NJ Mobile Fusion has helped me with my website and SEO. They are professional and met my expectations. Derrick was extra helpful, especially when I was unsure of website themes. I would definitely recommend NJ Mobile Fusion to any colleague. More...



2 May 2017

Mr.Miller was very professional end product was delivered on time and at budget.



30 April 2017

Having a business in New York City is extremely competitive to say the least. But Derrick and his team figured it out! Good to work with definitely will refer to my clients, and I do.


George G.

30 April 2017

I have worked​ with Derrick and NJ mobile Fusion for many years on several projects. Website design, SEO, marketing, email list, the projects go on and on. Very thorough and professional, I recommend all of my clients to Derrick and his team at NJ mobile Fusion. More...


Arby U.

30 April 2017

It was great to work with Derek and his team on our website. Websites are an ongoing process, as I learned during our website building process. I highly recommend Derrick and his work. More...

Thanks for the review. Looking forward to taking your company new places this year!


Mike Mcneil

30 April 2017

Derrick takes his time to really find out what you need your website to do for you and your business. Everything is tailored for your business and goals you are reaching for. Not fast, but very well done and professional. More...

Mike your team is great to work with. It's not how fast your run, its about finishing the race..


Don- E

8 June 2014

derricks the man!!! period!


Walter Douglas

29 May 2014

NJ Mobile Fusion provided outstanding customer service with superb technical expertise.


benjamin morse

29 May 2014

NJ Mobile Fusion helped me get over the hump with my online presence.


Christopher Russell

29 May 2014

I have worked with NJ Mobile Fusion for a few years now and have had extremely good service at all stages of my enquire.


Kim Cataldo

29 May 2014

Was great working with this company. They knew what I wanted, needed and more importantly, they delivered! Would highly recommend!



29 May 2014

I had a great experience with Derrick setting up my Business Facebook site. Since my technical knowledge is limited, he handled all of the upload of pictures and content as I had in mind.The site has received the correct type of traffic as envisioned and it has been easy for me to manage it and work with it.Derrick is still involved, helping me to post news and evaluating the data we gather. More...


Sandy Jenkins

29 May 2014

Good guys to work with. They did my website for my company S&J Concrete Cutting. Would recommend again. Thanks


Amir M.

29 May 2014

Working directly with Derrick Miller has helped me and my small business in so many ways. He's shown me ways to build real authentic reviews and taught me the value of maintaining a positive reputation online that will results in more leads and clients for my business.Working with Derrick Miller and NJ Mobile Fusion is a no-brainer, and I highly recommend his services! More...


Brian C Saviano

29 May 2014

Great working with these guys at NJ Mobile Fusion. I would definitely recommend and use their services again. Derrick answered all my questions and actually over delivered on his promises.


Ray Montgomery

29 May 2014

NJ Mobile Fusion built a web site for our company AFSCME, a large New Jersey Union. The web site is exactly what we asked for and Mr. Miller was professional and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend this company wholeheartedly.

Ray Montgomery


Franklin Madison

29 May 2014

consummate professionals, very knowledgeable about the industry and your marketing needs. Mr. Miller is amazing to work with.

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Good web design is not only about the look of your site but there are fundamental elements that make it convincing, useful and pleasing to users. Anyone who wants to understand how web design works must look beyond the visual appearance of their website.
There are no written rules for web design, and because most web designers are self-taught, website design has become very subjective. Designs you encounter are simply decisions made by designers, and they carry a measure of subjectivity. As one study suggests, it takes just seconds for people to judge a website before they decide to explore further or just click away.
What is the Purpose?
When designing a website, designers have to take into account the purpose of the entire site. Is it purely transactional? Informational? What is the owner’s goal? Designing a website without the purpose in mind can lead to a confusing structure. It can also fail to convey the message the brand wants to.
For example, creating a content site with the purpose of publishing informational content requires a good navigation system and functional site search. While e-commerce and transactional websites should add useful features like shopping carts and slide show capabilities.
High Quality Content with Credibility
The best websites today are those that provide users with high quality and useful content. These websites don’t necessarily have great looking homepages, but they have outstanding content that separates them from other websites. These sites have content that communicates the company’s brand position and goals effectively. They are trusted and recommended by users because of the valuable information they share.
Since the web is different from print, websites should adjust their writing to suit user’s browsing habits and preferences. Thus, the web is no place for overtly promotional writing or exaggerated style. There’s also an unwritten rule to keep paragraph shorts and include relevant images and keywords to make the content light and readable.

What does your business actually do?
What do you want your site to accomplish?
Do you have a website already?
What makes your company remarkable?
Who are your competitors?
What websites do you like and why?
Who exactly are your customers and what are their pains?
What features do you want your website to have?
How will you record your results?
Do you have a style guide or any existing collateral?

Helping my clients get more customers month after month..

Corporate downsizing, mortgage meltdown in various industries. Now an Entrepreneur.

I am a local small business owner in the northern NJ NYC area, assisting local business owners get more opportunities.