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Marcus M.

4 September 2019

great place, super friendly and competent staff. Fresh product and beautiful arrangements. Family owned small business that needs our community support. Gentlemen, but flowers all year long and maybe she will let you off the hook on that dreadful Valentine's day.... More...


Pamela R.

8 August 2019

I LOVE this flower stand. We just used Nina's flowers for our daughter's wedding based on a recommendation by a friend of hers and we couldn't be more thrilled. Monica is a wonderful helpful hardworking woman who went out of her way to understand exactly what we wanted and make everything perfect for us at a great price. I will recommend to everyone i know!! I wish there were more stars to give them. It is so rare to find people who really care about the work they do and strive for excellence all with a smile on their face. More...


Camilla C.

5 June 2019

The best! Their new location is super cute and nice. Still great variety and unbeatable prices. Their pre-made bouquets in the walk in cooler are always a great option and there are always different types to pick from. I've gotten flowers for different occasions and different styles here and never been disappointed. More...


Ali L.

20 May 2019

I was looking for a florist that delivered and came across Nina's flowers. The Yelp reviews speak for themselves so I called in an order and sure enough they were amazing! Dulce helped me with my order over the phone. She asked a few questions and just like that she knew what I wanted. Definitely reasonably priced and worth every penny. My friends absolutely loved the arrangement. It was definitely unique and beautiful.  From start to finish I was impressed. Use their services and I guarantee you'll feel the same. More...


Keara G.

24 October 2018

My all time flower shop ever!!! HUGE variety and they always have seasonal options. Huge walk in cooler. Pre-arranged bouquets and they are also happy to make a unique bouquet with you. They are EXTREMELY nice. They did a phenomenal job doing the flowers for my Grammys funeral earlier this year and always remember me and ask about my family. Her favorite flower was pink jasmine which floral markets can't get so I brought some from my home and they even incorporated it into the bouquet!!!They genuinely care, which means a lot. The prices are extremely reasonable and unbeatable. Flowers are very fresh and superior quality. I am a flower enthusiast and have been to many florists but this place takes the cake every time. Exceptional flowers, service, prices and a convenient location- I'm a very happy customer!!! Can't recommend highly enough. More...


April S.

17 September 2018

Monica and Eddie are wonderful people who provide quality flowers and service. The bouquets and centerpieces for my wedding were absolutely gorgeous! I received compliments all night! The flowers were delivered to the venue on time and were fresh and beautiful. Eddie also decorated our cake with fresh flowers. The price is right and you will get amazing flowers!! We can't thank them enough!!! More...


Nalena K.

16 September 2018

We worked with Monica on our wedding florals. The flowers turned out gorgeous and we had so many compliments on our wedding day.  Monica has a great eye for detail and wonderful talent. She took her time working with us on samples for the centerpieces and my hair flowers. My only critique would be on the communication and organization beforehand. I understand this a small business. But they need to have a more organized system for itemizing and invoicing so there is no confusion or stress, especially with weddings. More...


Charlotte S.

13 March 2018

Loved my flowers for the wedding! They gave me exactly what I asked for and more!! They were a joy to work with and I got so many compliments on our beautiful bouquets!They have a great selection and will order mostly anything you want. They are also very honest about what is in season and if it is a flower that will last! Very great prices too More...



9 March 2018

I ordered a small bouquet for my mom's birthday on Wednesday, just a bunch of pretty pink daisies. I talked to the owner of Nina's and we agreed to have me pick it up after my class ended. VERY long story short, there was a mix up and I was not able to get my flowers that evening. I called Nina's in the morning and the owner was very apologetic, offering to deliver to my mom's house (30 minutes away!) and even upgrading my bouquet with roses and baby's breath, all for free. Although I was not happy with the original mix up, I know it was a chance thing. I can tell that the owners really take pride in their business. I am very satisfied with the service and the flowers I received from Nina's. I would gladly do business with Nina's again and I would recommend anyone in North County to come and support this family owned business. More...


Vianka M.

24 February 2018

The best flowers...God's gift from nature.  Flowers bring love and happiness.  Excellent customer service.   Superb quality of roses.


Ali D.

14 February 2018

Thank you so much for the custom flowers and delivery to my wife's office today! I Definitely will be coming back here for flowers. Everyone at Nina's flower shop is super nice and attentive. Thanks Again More...


Sawyer T.

5 December 2017

This small little flowers San has a great size walk in cooler with a lot to offer. The woman running the stand is extremely nice and knowledgeable she's willing to make the bouquets for you or you can do it at home


Jessica C.

2 November 2017

I got my bridal and bridesmaid bouquets from Nina's and they were stunning. The most gorgeous bouquets ever! Their prices are extremely reasonable. I get flowers here for other occasions as well; it's my favorite flower shop. More...


Kl S.

27 April 2017

Same day delivery and stellar pricing, loved what Dulce came up with for my mothers 69th birthday...


Karl D.

11 April 2017

What a great little off-the-road place.  Very pleasant staff and a nice selection of $10 bouquets for a quick stop. This isn't the fanciest place, but if you want good flowers at a reasonable price, Nina's is worth the drive.


Intell M.

18 February 2017

Monica is the best. She arranged my flower crown as well as my bouquet. She's amazing and so passionate in everything she does. Thank you so much for making my wedding extra special. More...


Lisa B.

11 October 2016

Nina's Flowers in Encinitas is my new florist for life.  Monica took my order with sweet efficiency.  Her suggestions helped me to decide what to put in the large floral arrangement, and it was absolutely beautiful. Perfect. Last minute! I needed the flowers for a friend that had been injured, and she had them ready right away. The price was extremely reasonable considering the large arrangement including a dozen white roses, white lilies, and of course just the right accessories or fillers to complete an exquisite bouquet! Nina's flowers was the first florist who willingly agreed to have the Boquet ready right away. Several other florists gave me next day or two day delivery times. If you want excellent service and high-quality Flowers, call Nina's flowers at 760-942-4648. More...


John Z.

5 April 2016

I've been visiting Encinitas from the East Coast and, thanks to yelp, "discovered" Nina's Flowers. I've purchased 4 bouquets of cut flowers from Nina's over the past month and have been impressed with their quality, freshness and value. The staff was incredibly friendly, creative and helpful, especially in creating a magnificent Easter bouquet. All of the cut flowers lasted a week without needing flower preservative. If you're looking for high quality and great value, Nina's Flowers is the place! More...


Callie M.

19 June 2015

I have recently discovered Nina's Flowers and I wish that I had discovered this shop sooner. They are able to make center pieces for any occasion and they do so at a reasonable price. They made my graduation lei, but they made one that had beautiful orange and yellow colors (not like the typical purple and white leis.) The shop also was able to make tropical arrangements for my backyard graduation party. Yesterday I went in needing a short notice arrangement and the shop was able to do it right away. The business is family owned and care about what they make for you. I highly recommend this flower shop. More...


Jordan B.

16 May 2015

Beautiful flowers and best price in town! Very friendly  staff. Locally grown flowers and all fresh! Great selection.


Joel K.

2 November 2014

I've been a resident of Encinitas, known as the Flower Capital, for over 25 years. Our town always has some of the most beautiful blooms that can be found. Nina's is such a wonderful shop on the south end of town and a great place to find those wonderful flowers. Her creativity and arranging are excellent.I like to get flowers at least once a month for my GF. She is always thrilled with what I bring home from Nina's. Oh, and her pricing is remarkable. Way less than FTD or the big shops. More...


Ivan K.

5 September 2014

Beautiful flowers & nice prep work. We have been taking flowers from Nina for the last 4 years, and we were never disappointed. Beautiful flowers from a nice lady! You can't go wrong here. More...


Eliska B.

4 July 2014

I wasn't even planning to have any flowers for my low-key low-budget wedding in June, but my mother was adamant that I have a bouquet. After getting totally blown off by the floral staff at the Solana Beach Vons, we went off to Nina's Flowers to beg for last-minute help. Nina was so gracious, let us take our time in the walk-in fridge deciding on the size and colors for the bouquet and boutonniere, and promised to have everything ready the next day. And indeed, the next day when my parents went to pick it up, everything was ready to go. My small bouquet (I specifically requested not to get a huge bridal bouquet) and the boutonniere were only $38, looked gorgeous on the day of, and continued to look new and fresh for days after the wedding. Thank you Nina's! More...


Richard T.

29 October 2013

I HATE to clean, really I do! Never have been a domestic kinda guy and never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, will be.So, what's a dude to do when he's spending all day surfing, his beloved is at work, and he's got house-guests coming over? Shah, here's my little secret...On the way back from the beach I stop off at Nina's and fill every room with freshly cut flowers! People walk in and it's the first thing they notice, not the dust on the furniture or the dirt on the floor...Easy as pie!!! What's more is  that I can pick up a totally nice basket arrangement, have them wrap it super nicely, and for under $20 I can hand it to my better half who I promised to pick up an hour earlier  (gotta catch that last epic wave in) or my dear friend who's birthday I forgot  6 months ago and say, "Here blessed, I had them make this SO special, just for YOU!!!"Nina's had saved my slacker ass many a time. I truly dig this business and their owners! This place used to be Morans and the new owners have had it back up and running fantastically for a few years now. What's different than before? Well they  have a new walk-in refrigerated room where they store their best arrangements and flowers. Their plants and centerpieces have a more creative touch with lots of innovation and the whole place seems more sophisticated and refined, yet still super, duper affordable. I rarely spend more than $20-$30 here for a trunk load of blooms!The husband and wife who run Nina's are totally nice, helpful, cheerful,  and  willing to do special orders. It's actually fun to stop here every week or so to see what new things they have come up with. I've bought some amazing mini-orchids from them which are now on their 8+ blooms! They really know their plants and flowers and it's always a good idea to check in with them to see what's fresh and special when you come to this small but amazingly brilliant roadside business. Dream on FTD, I spend most of my money here because it also cleans my house, well, sort of. My friends and family are now all probably saying, "My gosh, that Richard, he always has the house smelling and looking so nice with flowers but he's a little bit of a slob otherwise. Did you see all those cobwebs on the mantle?!"Owned. More...


Jenn C.

28 August 2013

I ordered my wedding flowers in bulk from Nina's Flowers (same location as the former Moran Flowers). I ordered some 350 roses and 80 Gerber daisies, a boutonniere, and some filler greenery for maybe $360 or so. They were a fantastic price, and Eddie was very responsive to any questions I had. I put down a small deposit for buckets, which was returned after I brought the buckets back. They cut all the stems to the length you desire. I picked them up 2 days before the wedding, and the yellow roses were as bright, fresh, and lush as I expected, and the Gerber Daisies were also beautiful. My cousin made some beautiful centerpieces and my bridal bouquet with the roses and I would not change a thing about how this all worked out. More...