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Susan Fujimoto

3 August 2019

Thank you, thank you Robert and Staff! I hired Nimbus Marketing to update my website and help me increase my business and SEO. They did an amazing job! They're always there for me when I have questions and they're all very easy to work with! Special shout out to Jaycee, Barrett and Joshua! More...


Jennifer Titus

18 April 2019

We have been working with Robert and his team at Nimbus Marketing for about over a year now and have been quite pleased with the increase in visibility and SEO of our website. Nimbus has taken my business to the next level! They also redesigned our website for maximum optimization as well as ease of use for mobile customers. I highly recommend their team!! More...


Rich Portillo

18 April 2019

Sales have gone through the roof since I hired them. Super impressed with the customer service too.


Steven Hankins

18 March 2019

Nimbus really has the pulse on SEO! They will take your business to the next level as far as getting your name out there! In the end you will get more customers!


Gates Los Angeles

18 February 2019

Working with Nimbus Marketing has been an amazing experience. Robert and his team have helped take the marketing of our business to another level. From SEO to video production, Nimbus Marketing definitely knows what they are doing. We have already seen the results of their work on our business and we expect even more results in the months to come. If you want leads for your business, this is the team to contact. More...


Melissa Ellis

18 December 2018

Robert and his team at Nimbus worked their magic to help improve our business presence online and educate us on the mysteries of technology that was beyond our scope of knowledge. And they did so in a way that made it very simple and fun. They have real passion and dedication for what they do and are simply the best! Thanks guys! More...


Ruth kiun

18 October 2018

Max is the best. I cannot say enough good things about him. My 26 year-old nephew had graduated from college and wanted to find a good job. Max worked with him to determine the jobs that would fit his interests and skills, assisted him with developing his resume and job applications, and helped him prepare for job interviews. My nephew is now is working at a bank doing a job that he loves. Thank you max. More...


Anne Averill

23 July 2018

Robert, I appreciate your use of color and design, Great Graphics!!!


Bryan Angstman

23 July 2018

Since I started using Tech Studio Seo my rankings have taken off with first-page website google rankings in Los Angeles and Nationwide. I am always looking for new ways of marketing and like to do it myself but SEO implementation is so specialized that you need a company that really knows what they are doing. For me, getting people to my website is a must and it was not happening until I started working with Tech Studio. These guys are the best I think the best SEO company for any small business. More...


John Marias

18 July 2018

Robert and his team are talented, efficient and they pay attention to my needs, not theirs. They are helping to build my business and increase my sales. This company would not exist without them. More...


Cathe Caraway-Howard

18 July 2018

Nimbus Marketing has been doing my SEO and internet marketing for three years now. The traffic to my website and conversion to clients is really high! I'm so busy I've had to hire more staff and there is no end in sight. It just keeps increasing. I'm in an incredibly competitive market online so the fact that my ratings have increased so much is really impressive. Robert and Matt are super smart and on the cutting edge. They have a great team. They are easy to work with and the price is a real value! More...


Harold Weiner

18 July 2018

Nimbus Marketing has done an amazing job for my business spreading my company all over the internet which in return I am getting phone calls every week leading up to new business! If you have a website hiring Nimbus is the only way to go, otherwise potential clients will not know your website exists. More...


Tom Eisenberg

18 July 2018

Robert and His team have done wonders for my business. They really know what they are doing!


WHAT?NO! Vagazine

18 July 2018

These guys were incredible! I worked with Matt and Robert from Nimbus and they really helped me understand what was necessary to keep my business moving forward. They did the necessary research first and then got my ad campaign going, all the while keeping me updated with creative ideas on how to be better and more successful. We will definitely being using them again in the future! Thank you Nimbus! More...


Grant Gimpel

18 July 2018

WOW! This team is super smart and knows exactly what to do to build an online world for your company. They can handle your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts for you while you sit back and worry about your own business. It was really cool to have a team behind and on my side handling the online side of my company. Highly recommend! More...


Seth Misterka

18 July 2018

Nimbus has been a tremendous help in navigating the worlds of SEO and marketing. Robert and his team are very insightful, easy to work with and most importantly, they get results.


Dynasty Electrik

18 July 2018

Nimbus is an incredible company! They have a great team and they get results.


Richard Portillo

27 April 2018

I have worked with quite a few SCEO companies in the past and have always had the feeling like I am just porring my money into something with no results the results. The results were not in immediately but when they did come it’s been the best wave of business I’ve had in one year More...


Jen Stripe

11 April 2018

The Nimbus team is the absolute best! Their customer service is stellar, and they are reliable and efficient. I appreciate the clear, consistent communication from the whole team. Highly recommend!!



20 March 2018

Very knowledgeable team of professionals. They understand how to get to the root of what we need and discuss thoroughly rather than run on strictly formulaic practices


Blaire P

18 July 2017

The team at Nimbus Marketing is excellent. They helped our company grow by 50% in one year. Their customer service is amazing. They always answer the phone and their staff is knowledgeable, kind and reliable. I cannot recommend Nimbus enough! More...


Sarah B.

8 September 2016

Working with the team for Tech Studio SEO Marketing has been a genuine education, in the best way possible! I've learned so much from them! As a freelance writer, I can't afford their long-term attention, but just getting me off the ground has been a big deal for me. I've seen what they can do for independent businesses and recommend them whenever I can. The great thing is that they stay on top of changes in what Google looks for in sites, so you'll never be left in the dust with Tech Studio SEO Marketing. Great folks! More...


Kris K.

24 June 2016

To put it simply: Tech Studio made Search Engine Optimization easy for us.  In three quick months, the TechStudio crew has greatly improved the website for my retail store, located in West Los Angeles.  I feel like this is the first chapter to a good book about how my business took off.Our story:I wondered for years why my website kept going lower in the search engine (Google) results each quarter.  Basically, it meant fewer new customers and less revenue each quarter as the store dropped in the rankings.  Of course, this lead me to researching my options intensely. I learned two things.  First, there are a lot of moving parts to moving up in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), like Google.  And secondly I learned that my business desperately needed help!! I interviewed people from India to Romania, and a couple local SEO groups. I chose TechStudio over everyone for the total value.  I was impressed with the intelligent sustainable approach they offered me.  TechStudio is truly the full package, they provide blog articles, keyword targets, suggestions to improve the website, content creation, detailed reports on hours billed, a quarterly game plan, and a lot more that I can't think of right now.  Their writers are native English speakers, which is extremely important for my customers!  Moreover, they are punctual, organized, and easy to communicate with.  They have answered all of my questions thoroughly.  At this point in the project, I feel like I've picked a great team to work with. More...


Thomas M.

22 June 2016

I have been working with Robert for years at my business. His IT company PC fixer has been coming to my shop to help set up computers and fix things and has never let me down. When Robert and Matt came in explaining that they now do SEO I was excited to give them a chance. A few months later I already see a small change in my websites google search rankings. I feel like Robert is actually here to help instead of one of those companies just trying to milk your company for a couple years with out accomplishing anything. Trust me, ive had that - many times. I am excited to see how my business grows with Robert and Tech Studio's help - Hopefully we see a huge change and I can come back and right another review with an update. More...


Carlos V.

21 June 2016

Top of line work done here. These lovely folks are just that. They not only helped me out ( at an awesome price by the way) but allowed me to keep true to my original vision for my project. Thanks to them I have gained more recognition and notoriety. They have really helped a lot. You can tell the really care about their work! Thanks again for all your help!! More...


M. G.

19 February 2016

Robert and his team are the guys!! I enlisted them after my good experience with their computer repairs to boost my band's page in search results and I have nothing but great stuff to say. Not only are the prices right but the transparency for their hours spent w reports, etc., is unparalleled and its comforting working with a team that you can trust wants to see results as much as you. Thanks Tech Studio SEO Marketing! Looking forward to a continued profitable relationship for everyone. More...


Cathe C.

19 February 2016

Robert and Matt and the rest of the SEO marketing folks at Tech Studio do a wonderful job. 1 year ago I had zero web presence.  I am in a highly competitive field online so the fact that Tech Studio has moved me up higher in Google searches is really an accomplishment!  They are great people and charge very reasonable rates. Most importantly, they know what they are doing.  I'm sticking with them for the forseeable future! More...


M. B.

24 April 2015

Robert has delivered stellar results for us. We have been working with him and his team for the past year, developing and implementing a strategy to boost our online presence. In that time he has radically improved the quality of our content, steadily improved our visibility, and driven more traffic to our site than we ever could have on our own. We are more visible and more engaged with our customers thanks to Tech Studio SEO, I would wholeheartedly recommend them to any local business looking to improve their presence on the web. More...


Myles N.

23 April 2015

I love working with Robert and his team. They are so tireless, responsive, and creative. Their work is very thorough and they are great at communication. As Robert says, "I don't know how anybody who doesn't do SEO for a living is supposed to figure this stuff out." Thank goodness we have Tech Studio SEO Marketing on our side. More...


Ale G.

2 April 2015

Robert and his team are very knowledgeable about SEO and everything that is internet related. We own a furniture store, have been using their services for many years now and could not be happier. They are really nice people who work hard to get you results. We highly recommend them! More...

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What I love most about my job is witnessing our customer's businesses grow as a result of our work. We helped the largest tire and auto repair shop in Los Angeles increase sales by $800,000 in one year!

I was inspired to start Nimbus Marketing after building two successful tech companies with SEO and online marketing. Our customers that found us on the first page of Google started asking me "how did you get your company on the first page". So I built Nimbus from the ground up, trained some very smart and reliable people, and started helping service businesses do that same thing.

People should choose us because we stand out in the world of marketing. We have a team of some of the most experienced and intelligent people around. We do not require any long-term contracts. Our customers choose to rehire us every 30-days. If you call, we answer. If you email us, we reply. If we say we will do something, we always do it.



Organic Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization for Google, Bing and Yahoo Local and Maps

Conversion Rate Optimization - tracking how many visitors become customers and improving that by optimizing websites and landing pages to the customer though process and eye mapping

Complete online marketing packages including SEO, PPC, Local SEO, Content Writing, Website Optimization, Link Building, Social Media and More

Website Upgrades, Optimizations for Search Engines, Optimizing For Customer/User Experience, Speed, Performance and More

Complete Creating of Landing Pages to Link to Paid Advertising Campaigns