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Dawn R.

16 August 2019

We have dined at Nick's on many  occasions and ordered take out as well. You will not be disappointed!! Everything is so good from the spaghetti, the lasagna, and the pizza! Great desserts as well! We are always stuffed, but the tiramisu is to good to pass up!! Great service and atmosphere to boot! Enjoy as it's all delicious! More...


Mark R.

6 August 2019

Good food and great service. They make their own ranch dressing that is pretty good when mixed with the house dressing. We had John's Lasagna and Chicken Florentine with added artichokes.


Jeremy Mitchell

21 July 2019

First time my family and I have been there. The service was great! The environment was nice. I liked the music. The waitresses and waiters were great! I would definitely recommend Nicks! I’ll be visiting again! More...


Sheila S.

5 June 2019

I just had their lasagna and it was SO good!!! Our waitress was great, service was fast and friendly. Clean restaurant and clean bathrooms! Will definitely be back!!!


Liz McGahey ODell

24 May 2019

Love this place! The food is yummy and the people are awesome!


Douglas G.

15 May 2019

Best Italian food in the area.Best pizza! Best Service! Nick and his whole team are the BEST!!Plus it's BYOB! We are living the dream


Amy L.

14 May 2019

Stopped by for dinner one day after picking tulips. Great place to eat Italian food! Looks sketchy on the outside, nothing fancy, but the interior is great. They start you off with some soft and delicious rolls that looked like cinnamon rolls. Then I ordered a chicken piccata with ranch salad. Which was enjoyable. The chicken piccata had a lemon-y flavor to it. The waitress asked me if I wanted capers on my dish and I didn't know what they were so she gave me the option to leave them out. I googled and they're the little green pea looking things derived from a plant bud (never knew but now I know). Our waitress was friendly and accommodated all of us. Overall, I'd come back in the future when I'm in the area and maybe order a pizza- one of their pizza size is hugeeeee! More...


Lanny Taylor

17 April 2019

Great place lots of fun. The owner is a good guy


Emily G.

20 March 2019

So this little diddy located up North in Pilot Point is worth 1,000 Dominos and Pizza Hut's. Seriously. So they have a lunch special which is pretty expansive, and very reasonable. I'd say cheap, but I don't want to imply they skimp. They don't. The dinner rolls are homemade and to die for. Like seriously. I want them served at my funeral. With extra garlic butter. The entrees are fabulous and I always want to try more but I. Just. Can't. Get. Past. The. Pizza. Their pizza is so damn good, so addictive. I'm so glad I live close. I like the cheese pizza, hubby likes the double pepperoni and when it's just me (or I don't give a hoot about feeding him) I'll order the supreme. And the prices are crazy reasonable. They are one of the few places that carry Limoncello. And it's also going to be served at my funeral. (I'm not dying. Promise)You know a place is good when you go there and it's packed every time. And you see the Police and Fire Departments eating there. Great staff. Tell Millie I said hi!!~k More...


Claudia Crow

12 March 2019

We were traveling through the area and found you on maps. Great service, great prices, and delicious food. The portions were large, the pasta was cooked perfectly, the chicken was tender and juicy. So glad we stopped!


Asheka J.

4 February 2019

We went to Nick's for dinner one night and were not disappointed! We left full as a tick. All of the food was filled with flavor. Everything that we ordered cake out correctly and quickly. The service staff worked quickly to take our orders , drinks, and refreshed everything in a timely manner. The serving staff explained the menu items to us and made suggestions based on us explaining things that we usually eat. I had the Chicken Florentine which was so filling that I couldn't eat it all in one sitting. The chicken was tender and the cream made the dish POP! I literally could've just eaten the cream alone as it was indeed the Bomb! My husband and daughter had the shrimp scampi. The shrimp were a good size. The buttery sauce had a zest to it that went perfect with the shrimp. The portion size was large. Both of them had to take theirs home too. Now..the leftovers is a completely different story! Yes..we fought about them. Smh ‍ we Ww tried the whole sharing thing so that we could all have another taste lol. The pizza. Yes, we ordered that too. . I guess we were being greedy. We ordered the meat lovers. We only ate one slice at the restaurant because..of course..we were full. The pizza was amazing. I'm not a big crust eater and I really don't know what they do with that crust but I couldn't leave it on my plate. Haha. PIZZA is one of my favorite foods so I'm a big critic. Their pizza was definitely in my Top 3! We Took the rest home ...the rest of it was gone by the time we woke up the next day. My son's said that they couldn't resist it. It was just too good. Also, don't worry about the costs. Their food is totally affordable! So definitely stop in to Nick's you won't be disappointed. And you definitely won't be disappointed if you get a chance to meet Nick himself. He's very polite,Professional, yet down to earth. He was sure to come check in with us to see how we were doing. I saw him do this with quite a few of the tables. So eat up! More...


Gregory Hedges

27 January 2019

Great appetizers. We had stuffed mushrooms with crab, shrimp scampi and pasta at a reasonable price


Heather Franks Johnson

23 January 2019

Amazing restaurant!!!! Food is always outstanding!!!


Pam Schon Bjork

9 January 2019

Great food and great service!! Absolutely love this place!


Sam Haggard

6 January 2019

We love the tortellini, the Mediterranean salad and all the pizzas are fantastic!!!


David Mendelson

5 January 2019

Great food, great staff, highly recommend!! BYOB.


E H.

22 December 2018

Love Nick's, service is great, but the food is better. Pizza is awesome, Aristocrat Sauce is so simple but perfect. I can not think of anything on the menu that I wouldn't order.


Ash Burchwell

28 November 2018

Love This Place, Food is Excellent and so is the service.


Kelli King Niles

20 November 2018

Food is great as well as service


Chrissy Dawn

3 November 2018

Great customer service! The food was delicious!


Leanna Weverka David

31 October 2018

Great food! Great service!!


Debbie Pursur David

31 October 2018

Great, yummy food and salads !!!


Ryan Walters

31 October 2018

This is a wonderful place to eat


Tawny Hurst

31 October 2018

Love this place... Amazing FOOD and SERVICE, and super supportive of local communities and schools.


Lori Cordell

31 October 2018

Nicks is great food! We love the atmosphere as well. We have eaten there for many years!


Charles Zikowsky

20 October 2018

Great food and service...


Jim Bright

6 October 2018

Great food, atmosphere and wait staff. I've known Nick and his family for over twenty years and their attention to providing truly great Italian food has always been their focus and my experience dining with them.


Linds Gary

9 September 2018

Food was great, prices were very reasonable, and we had a quick and friendly server! We will be back!


Chris A.

6 September 2018

First of all, let me start off with saying we eat here all the time!  Not only because it is probably one of few options in Pilot Point, but because it s so damn good!  I certainly will drive wherever I need to get good food, but with Nick's there is absolutely no need to drive further than down the street when you're looking for great Italian food!  Chicken Francese is amazing, Ribeye is better than most steakhouses, and a new addition to the menu, Fiocchi, is by far one of my ATFs!  They were voted best pizza and Denton County and for good reason!  And to top it all off, the staff is top notch!  If you run into Millie, Draven, or Nick himself tell them Pineapple sent you!  They MIGHT kick you out, but that's my fault, not yours!Seriously, hit this place up!  You won't be disappointed!!! More...


Micah R.

1 September 2018

Delicious! We love the Chicken Parmesan. The beef ravioli with the red/white sauce mix is delicious!!!


Dolores M.

30 August 2018

Fresh ingredients & perfect crust. This place is byob. I had their pizza, stuffed mushrooms, & dessert. I liked it all, not to empressed w/their tiramisu but their cannoli was the best I've had. Can't wait to try the rest of the menu. More...


Jim B.

18 August 2018

I love this place. Don't even use the menus. just describe what you like and they will deliver Awsemnes to you.


Sylvia Fuentes

8 August 2018

Excellent fresh salads and great staff . Nicks a hoot he makes everyone feel welcomed and special . Best bread in town !


Jeannie McElhaney Dillon

7 August 2018

I absolutely love Nicks. The wait staff is great and the food is over the top good. It’s like they ship the Hudson River water here. No one has NY pizza better then Nicks!! More...


Alan G.

7 August 2018

So glad to have such a great Italian Restaurant only 15 miles from home. Great food and great staff as well


Rita Meditz

3 August 2018

Always look forward to trip up to Pilot Point for our favorite pizza! Never disappoints me!


Kerry Tams

11 June 2018

Food was excellent, service was excellent.


Debbie Erb

27 May 2018

Food was delicious, service outstanding. Classic country music playing in an Italian restaurant was odd, but we would definitely recommend this place!


Gail M.

26 May 2018

This is one of our favorite places to eat.  The John's Lasagna with aristocratic sauce is my all time favorite and my boy friend loves the Chicken Francese but last night we decided to have a calzone and the veal marsalla. We were not disappointed! Everything was so good. I recommend spumoni for dessert it's heaven on earth!  The servers are so friendly and make you feel at home. We always have a great time along with enjoying the fantastic food! More...


Keith Monson

22 May 2018

My family and I absolutely love Nick's. The food is always very good and the rolls are amazing. I live that Nick comes around and talks to everyone and remembers you when you come back in. We will continue to tell everyone we know about Nick's. More...


Michele J. Dudley

12 April 2018

Great food in a friendly atmosphere! Highly recommend for families.


Paige N.

4 April 2018

We came here following an afternoon spent at Texas Tulips. My spinach calzone was rather tasty. I was stoked that the restaurant uses fresh spinach instead of canned (yuck!). For Italian food, Nick's is affordable and benefitted our poor college student wallets. I do not frequent the area, but did enjoy this "hole in the wall" location. Yum! More...


Janina Gauthier

1 April 2018

Great food, great service - our whole family loves Nick’s!!!


Sarah Key

1 April 2018

The staff is super friendly. Quick service and the food is amazing! We love Nick's!


Natalie Beight Hair DC

20 March 2018

We love Nick's! Excellent food! Outstanding service! My favorite it the house dressing! Yummy! Staff is very friendly and always on top of things!


Danny Burdge

20 March 2018

Love this place great service,excellent food,Nick and his crew have been feeding me for the last few years,love this place,and Millie is the best!


Michele Morris

16 March 2018

The food was yummy. Service was quick and the Marine I spoke with was awesome! Love supporting US Veterans.


Anita Trevino

10 March 2018

Best Food in Pilot Point, pasta, pizza etc.. Y'all ROCK!!?


Lauri H.

27 February 2018

We had the $6.99 lunch special. Spaghetti and meatballs, and lasagna, with salad and a drink. Great price, and the food was delicious. It also came with garlic rolls. At that price, we decided to splurge and even order dessert. lol! We had tiramisu, and the lemoncello cake. They were delicious too. Two great meals, 2 desserts, plus tip, only $30. We were happy. We are on hwy 380 in Cross Roads, and it is well worth the drive up to Pilot Point. More...


Jennifer Evans

22 February 2018

We loves Nicks food! Amazing quality and taste as well as really good lunch specials! We love the whole family!


Nina S.

6 January 2018

We come here quite often. They have a delicious cheesesteak sandwich and I love the tortellini alvarinni and the fettuccine Alfredo is wonderful. Everyone is friendly and happy to serve you. I highly recommend this place. More...


Jesse Del Rio

28 December 2017

Great place, great service and delicious food! I would recommend you try it if your in the area.


Gina Lisa Meserole

2 December 2017

First time here. Service was great. The food was delicious. Definitely will be back!


Christine Dragisich

24 November 2017

Nick's is such a fun place! This was one of the first places I ate at with my family when I moved here. They went back two more times before flying home. Great people, great laughs and great service! These are the places that make small towns so wonderful. More...


Jillene Overby

24 November 2017

Great food, excellent service and employees are awesome!


Bill Lewis

24 November 2017

Nick’s Italian is one of the best things about Pilot Point, TX. Great people, great food, and we almost always see some of our favorite horse people there.


Colleen Wallace Cameron

26 October 2017

Wait staff huddled. Food was hot and tasty and the BYOB was the icing on the pasta.


Arthur Blackwell III

12 October 2017

Staff was very friendly. Food was amazing, my only issue was the portion of protein to pasta. I would prefer more protein personally.


JC Sartors

7 October 2017

Best Italian food you will ever eat for we have eaten there many times throughout the years. The service is always excellent!!


Jorma Sparks

2 October 2017

The service and food at Nick's is always top notch. I've been to several "big city" restaraunts that don't come close. We are lucky to have Nick and his family in Pilot Point!


Bobby Pullen

28 September 2017

Great Italian food, great prices and great folks! Highly recommended!


Judith Owens

24 September 2017

Always enjoy trying new dishes, food is great. Love the staff, especially Millie-she rocks!!


Lydia Gooding

20 September 2017

The food is amazing! The atmosphere is superb! My husband and I would both recommend this restaurant to anyone!!!


Emilee Cooper

9 September 2017

The food is delicious! A bit understaffed, but their staff is working their tails off! Definitely will be back! Prices and portions and flavors are wayyyy better than Olive Garden! Thanks for a first great visit!


Jerry Harper

1 September 2017

Not only is the food and service great Nick is in the back of a Chandler Cabinet box van collecting clothes not perisable food and pet food for Harvey relief for Houston. Great guy


Brenda Mahoney

30 August 2017

We have never been disappointed. The ingredients are top notch and the recipes are authentic NY-style Italian. Misty and Nick are generous to the entire community from Tioga to Aubrey. Many of their family members work at the restaurant and they are a delightful, gracious bunch of people! Each time we have the pleasure of dining at Nick's is a special occasion! More...


Debra Foster

29 August 2017

One of my favorite places to eat! Everything I've had there has been so good, I have a hard time choosing something whenever we go. My granddaughter LOVES the "noodles" (Shrimp Alfredo). The staff at Nick's is always friendly and helpful. This is just a great place to eat! More...


Dena Miller

29 August 2017

The BEST Italian food in NorthTexas!!! Nick also has a philanthropic heart of gold, donating food to annual Polo on the Lawn charity event and now coming to the aid of Hurricane Harvey victims, gotta love Nick AND his awesome food!!


Adam Markel

28 August 2017

Fantastic pizza for a great price. Nicks special was great. The free rolls with garlic butter was awesome too.


Nathan Harrison

6 August 2017

This place was truly great. The food was excellent and so was the service. I only wish it wasn't 3.5 hours away.


Drew Deskaj

5 August 2017

Great place for excellent food and atmosphere. The dough mixer is new ,-)


Angie Montemayor

31 July 2017

Awesome service. Great Atmosphere. Food was delicious best meal i had my entire vacation time. Will definitely be back Nick great personality. Wish you were local in my city.


Andrea Mathis

14 July 2017

Very good food, excellent service, clean. I would recommend to all.


Van Maples

12 July 2017

It was great! Nick is a great person and American please go by you will not be sorry.


Michael T Cockrell

30 June 2017

The food & the sevice was excellent, as always. Thanks.


Sal Solis

9 June 2017

I have been to Nick's twice with my family and it is FANTASTIC! The staff is very friendly and helpful. The food is so good and the portions are great. We look forward to our next visit.


Michelle O'Neal Foster

7 June 2017

Great atmosphere, great tasting food, generous lunch portions at a great price!


Vinnie I.

5 June 2017

I have only gotten the chicken parmigiana sandwich, but it's pretty solid. Great marinara sauce lots of cheese, and the chicken is just right. Service is stellar. Friendly and attentive staff. A real pleasure coming here. More...


Dianne Theel

15 May 2017

This place has wait-staff that really hustle to take care of you. They are all friendly and so good at what they do. And the food----it is a little slice of Italy right in Pilot Point. Don't ever change things, Nick!! This always is a pleasant experience..... More...


Birzabith Contreras

6 May 2017

This is the most amazing pizza I have ever had!!!! Made from scratch awesome pizza spaghetti everything we had hear was so good!! And the service amazing will be back soon!!! More...


Brittany Megan Ingle

2 May 2017

Went there for the first time last night and loved it! Will be going back every chance we get!


Reagan M.

19 April 2017

Consistently great food and service. Owner and family are awesome! Personal favorites are the pear and cheese fiocchi and alfredo pizza. Best food around!


Frank Kay

12 April 2017

Best place to eat in Pilot Point! The staff, the food, the atmosphere...all are excellent!


Jodie Vance

3 April 2017

Best around hard to beat Love the help. They really appreciate their chstomers


Bernice Chelestina Griffin

2 April 2017

Always awesome..millie .and .nancy do their best to get every ine taken care if...���


Katy Carter

28 March 2017

We love Nick's! Our favorite Friday night spot!


Tammy Newton

24 March 2017

I absolutely love Nick's Italian restaurant they have amazing food!!!!


Rocio Bacos

13 March 2017

The pizza and the bread here are the best you will find in all of DFW!! not to mention the great service.


Debra Crawford

11 March 2017

First time there. My husband and I were very impressed. Quick service and very very friendly staff. Prices were extremely reasonable. And of course you are saying, what about the food? I had spaghetti with meat sauce and my husband had a small pizza. We both ordered from the senior menu. We give both choices a nine out of ten. We prefer a thicker crust, but that's just our preference. We will be going again. More...


David George

2 March 2017

Great place. Coming from New England I know what good Italian is supposed taste like and this is as good as it gets.


Steven Conn

1 March 2017

Food and service are great. $6.99 lunch special is unbelievable considering the quality, portion size and salad and drink included! Definitely my new favorite Italian place. Oh and the garlic rolls are pretty much addictive. More...


David Hill

26 February 2017

They have the best posta and pizza you will ever ever ​eat and the service is great


AnnMarie Nelson

26 February 2017

We absolutely love Nicks! Good food and good people. It's also BYOB, beer and wine, bring the family and enjoy a great meal. We are a Marine family, so we appreciate the military love! Semper Fi. The Nelsons -Pilot Point More...


Christine Daniels

2 February 2017

The HEART of New York in a small Texas town! Excellent Atmosphere, Excellent Service and by far the ABSOLUTE BEST PIZZA I've eaten in years!!!


Davis N.

31 January 2017

Always a pleasure to eat here. The food is consistently good and wait staff is friendly. Great pizza. BYOB. Has an outdoor area. Hard to pick a favorite dish.


Sandy McWhorter

29 December 2016

We absolutely love going to Nick's!! The food and staff are excellent!! There's not a better Italian restaurant anywhere!!


Shelby Bell

15 December 2016

Love Nick's! Especially the lunch prices! Nick and the waitresses always remember us too.


Crystal Anderson

15 December 2016

These folks are the best! Great food and service.


Dewayne Swinford

10 December 2016

Today was our first time there. Great food and service. Nick give your crew a hand for a job well done. We will definitely be back! They do have some gluten free options for those who need it More...


Rebekah Webb

4 December 2016

We just moved to pilot point from Sanger and we came in tonight and it was absolutely incredible service from the get go. The owner was there, taking orders, checking on every single person who walked through the door. Running back and forth. And very sweet, funny and personable! We asked how much it would cost to get some extra calamari and he just gave it to us cuz he could tell that maybe there just wasn't enough on the plate. The FOOD WAS DELICIOUS! And so flavorful! Will most defiantly be coming back ALOT! More...


SarahandPreston Moore

3 December 2016

Best pizza they made it thin but not crispy and their pink sauce is to die for!!! This is the only restaurant that I love everything on the menu, and the owners. Great group and great food!!!


Kyon Barnes

2 December 2016

Nicks is the best around. Nick is the nicest dude you will ever meet and the food is outstanding and well priced! (And they play good music in the restaurant)


Robert Muniz

17 November 2016

Best food and service in Texas. All of the staff is friendly, courteous, helpful and attentive. The is flavorful without going overboard. My favorite spot by far.


Scott Fullerton

9 November 2016

We drive up from Providence Village to eat here! It's our favorite Italian restaurant in Texas!


Angela Foreman Stewart

30 October 2016

Great food and awesome service! Will return for another meal with family.


L M.

30 October 2016

Very good food!   Good service, friendly atmosphere.   Decent prices.   I've had the lasagna, chicken Florentino and spaghetti on previous trips.   All good.


Cindy B.

25 October 2016

The New York Chicken  salad is wonderful!! Sautéed spinach, chicken, fresh mushrooms and cheese with garlic and balsamic glaze! Every time in town....have to stop at Nicks!!! Great spot! More...


Ryan Colburn

17 October 2016

I have worked for, managed, or visited nearly 30 different Italian restaurants in my 45 years, and Nick's is by far one of the best! The service is warm and friendly, the prices very reasonable, and the food is incredible. I eat there with my family at least once a week and was there three times last week. Absolutely love this place. Go there. Eat there. You're welcome. More...


Christian Theel

8 October 2016

The food and service is outstanding. Nick , the owner, makes you feel really welcome.


Galarneaux Aundrea

1 October 2016

Love the food & service. Never have had a bad experience.


Carrie Perez

17 September 2016

Took my mom for lunch, food was great lunch specials you could not beat the price. Friendly service also. Will defiantly be back.


Merisha Calhoun Rich

31 August 2016

Great food and excellent service!! My family will be back soon!


Rodney Cagle

28 August 2016

Can't say enough good things about Nick's to express my enjoyment of this restaurant. Definitely a must for everyone who's hungry.


Laurie S.

11 August 2016

Oh my goodness. The only complaint I have about Nick's is that it's too far from my home.  This place makes the absolute best Alfredo sauce I have ever tasted....and trust me, I'm old and fat so I know!!!  Also they have beef ravioli that seems to be almost extinct in this part of Texas.  Good food, good service and good prices. More...


Kenneth Prachar

4 August 2016

Cant beat their lunch special. Lasagna salad and bread $6.99. Better than any fast-food prices.


Rose L.

3 August 2016

Being a yankee transplant to the south, i know italian food. This food is legit. I would've posted a picture, but i was too busy eating to pay attention to yelp. We started w free,rolls and garlic butter, a fantastic prelude to the rest of the meal!!We split the Italian sampler,substituted spag instead of tortellini, and added an extra meatball. The Italian marinara sauce is divine! I have no complaints!  It also came w chicken parm and alfredo/linguini. Split the antipasta plate, w olives, ham, pepperoni, salami, mozz cheese, toms, and spinach. Love!! The tomato vinaigrette was not my fav. I was fine w just a simple evoo and vinegar.Finished it w a slice of lemoncello cake. Lemon and mascarpone... yes, lord!!Not to mention our server millie was incredibly friendly and helpful in deciding order. Definitely a keeper for the restaurant!This place is byob, and has a small eating area for parties and groups.Dont pass this place by!! More...


Jan Alexander

25 July 2016

Really good food and service! It's good to know I don't have to drive to Frisco to get great Italian food. My new favorite Italian restaurant.


Cyndy Harris

24 July 2016

The food and service were stellar. We will be back for sure.


Katy M.

16 July 2016

Good home style Italian. Delicious crust and bread. Unique pizzas. BYOB is allowed as no alcohol served. The owner was attentive to all the customers and a bright presence. That is something you just don't see so much anymore. You could really see his passion. More...


Jodie Linton-Prickett

11 May 2016

Can't stop thinking of the New York Salad! So yummy. Nick and his crew are amazing!


Gaylen G.

4 April 2016

So delicious!! The atmosphere and service are fantastic. The staff makes you feel like family and the food is amazing. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a great Italian restaurant!


Jenn Beland-gordon

25 March 2016

I can't stop bragging on this place! It's amazing! And coming from Boston/Rhode Island area we know Italian food! I must say as a server myself your niece ( I forgot her name) by far is the best waitress I probably have ever had! Keep it up!


Clay L.

14 March 2016

Best Italian food I've had. Nick and his family are the best people you will ever meet. He uses his restaurant to help the surrounding communities. His food is amazing. Everything is made from scratch and it's so good. His homemade bread is to die for. My favorite dish is the chicken Murphy. It had a marinara and Alfredo mixture with mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, and jalapeños or pepperoncini. More...


Chris I.

23 February 2016

Such an inviting atmosphere. I felt like family, even on my first visit. The food is very well done and the place is always hoppin'. Fantastic little neighborhood jewel! More...


Lauren Thumann

15 February 2016

Love their Spag Boll & relaxed atmosphere! :) :) :)


Blair W.

23 January 2016

Fantastic Italian, great service, excellent prices. Must try aristocrat sauce, but their marinara is out of the world as well.


Denise Russell Owens

23 December 2015

Millie was a delight and so efficient. The food was amazing I will be going back..


janie s.

5 December 2015

We went to Nick's for the first time since moving down here.  We were really sorry we hadn't gone 6 months ago.  It was very good.  The wife had the Chicken Cacciatore.  She thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was not your average marinara sauce, lots of flavor going on in there.  There was a big portion with more than enough for lunch the next day.  I had the Fettuccini Alfredo with shrimp.  It was some of the best Alfredo I have had next to my wife's.  She thought it was better than her Alfredo and she has never said that anywhere before.  Pasta was well prepared in both.  We shared the Limoncello for desert and it was also excellent.  Service was excellent! Billy was our waiter and he answered all our questions.  Our food came out very fast and kept our drinks full.  We will definitely be back. More...


Janie Ramey-Higgins Schneider

4 December 2015

Went for an early dinner. Great food and service. Try their lemon cake. Delicious!


Nancy Pizzamiglio

19 November 2015

Eat here regularly and live the food!!! Great Italian and great pizza!!!


Jerry H.

10 November 2015

My kids and I love the Calamari. Everything we have eaten there has been great. Nick has a great staff always ready to please. We have been there at least 50 times More...


Penny Stoudt Everett

8 November 2015

We eat here about twice a month if not more. Best food, best service, hands down!


Dean Spence

27 October 2015

The food and service is wonderful !!!!! Family atmosphere ....


Antoine Guirguis

25 October 2015

Awesome place to eat in .very clean ,great food, outstanding service


Tina Lantrip Cundiff

24 October 2015

They have the best pizza, spaghetti and meatballs and homade bread!!!


Terry Feldman Conaway

24 October 2015

Very good Italian food! The shrimp scampi is amazing! Portions are generous and the service is good. Nick's has become a regular for us!


Kristy S.

18 October 2015

Love the pizza and the service! BYOB which is always a great option!Try to visit this place every time I'm in town. You can't go wrong here!


Susie Shauf

10 October 2015

I love Nick's-- the casual, homey atmosphere, the aroma, the service/ people AND the wonderful food!! Pasta Murphy is my favorite with the delicious rolls and olive oil and garlic!!! Yess!


Rocco Bianconi

1 October 2015

~Fantastico!~ 5 out of 5 stars.


Marvin Robinson

24 September 2015

very good veggie calzone!!!!! I will be back very soon.....


Froz G.

21 September 2015

This place is amazing great service awesome hospitality and great food love their tortalini alvarini


Jenny U.

11 September 2015

We were passing through Pilot Point one day around lunch time and saw that Nick's looked pretty busy. So after checking Yelp reviews, we stopped in. It WAS busy, especially for a weekday! They offer really affordable weekday lunch specials and my family of five ate for under $35. Our meals included the spaghetti, lasagna & tortelloni. Everything was good. And the rolls they serve are delicious! They kind of look like an Italian cinnamon roll, except there's no cinnamon and it's savory. The rolls are yeasty and yummy and the server asked us if we'd like more during our meal. And speaking of servers, she was incredibly friendly. When we paid, she asked if we were new in town (not surprising as the owner was walking around talking to everyone and seemed to know all the people there) and we let her know we live 45 minutes away. She said hopefully we'll see you again. Yes you will sweet lady! More...


L W.

7 September 2015

Out-of-town visitor and was taken here by locals who call Nick's their "go-to" Italian restaurant.  Service was friendly and attentive- they treat you like family that they like, not the dreaded Aunt Mildred.  The shrimp scampi I ordered was good, shrimp were tender and flavorful- over-sauced in the old school way- and that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'd opted for more of the vegetable medley in place of the pasta side,...all that sauce would have made more sense with pasta. It's byob and I'd brought a bottle from California that went great with all that we ordered. We were so tired the following night, that we came back and did take-out - pizzas, salad, and the stuffed mushrooms in that hopelessly addictive aristocrat sauce! More...


Edward Miller

2 September 2015

I Have Always Enjoyed The Food and The Atmosphere And The People are Very Friendly


Matt Brown

16 August 2015

Love this place! Food is awesome and service is second to none!


Doug R.

20 July 2015

I honestly wasn't expecting more than an average, run of the mill "Roma" blah food experience. But Nick's has surpassed that and provided some yummy food.Don't get me wrong, it isn't gourmet, but it is tasty. I've been here a few times now and haven't been disappointed yet. The Chicken Parm is crispy and juicy, the red sauce is always good. The alfredo has been on/off though. The first time we ate here it was fantastic and the second time we had it, it was rather bland.Overall, it's a good place and we'll make it out go to Italian for the area (not to mention it's the only place!). More...


Chad Kannon

14 July 2015

We ate at Nick's for the first time. We loved the food and service.


Jerrica Anderson McAnally

23 April 2015

My favorite restaurant! Great food and service. It's like family.


Travis Marsh

27 March 2015

Why go anywhere but Nick's for some great food? I always leave impressed, full, and ready for the next time! The staff is always courteous and the service is always top notch. I've never had a bad experience and highly doubt I ever will. More...


Dakota C.

4 February 2015

Live 1 minute away! Nick, the owner is a genuine guy and wait staff is awesome! Food is amazing!! A local business worth supporting!


Jamie Thompson

15 November 2014

Great food always made to feel welcome and comfortable


Lynn W.

5 November 2014

I was in the area from Tioga and my cousin mentioned Cannoli from here but sadly when we arrived they were closed. Never fear, next day on my way to McDonald's for my morning coffee I stopped and picked up 3 Cannoli to go. They were shared with my cousin and her husband and they were absolutely delicious. It was about $11 for three of them. More...


Fon L.

29 October 2014

Misty's Manicotti is ridiculously good! The Piccata was a bit salty. Everything else was divine and you can bring your own wine!! Friendly servers and remarkable food coupled with the wine if your choice. What's not to love? More...


Larry P.

23 October 2014

Out riding & stopped here for a late lunch. Everything about the pizza was great. The price wasn't bad either. You can eat cheap at a Domino's, but the taste wouldn't even compare to Nick's. Got to meet Nick who was going from table to table making sure his guests were happy. There was a large party there for a birthday & it was obvious they enjoyed the service & the food. We can't wait to go back for some more pizza next time we ride this way! Be sure to stop here if you get a chance, you won't regret it! More...


Beverly McBride

16 October 2014

I love this place! Everything I've tried has been amazing, from the pizza, chicken fettuccine, chicken cacciatore to lasagna. The Limoncello cake is unbelievably delicious!! Staff if always friendly and professional. More...


Mike F.

16 October 2014

I'm always looking for great food off the beaten path, Nick's fits the bill. The first sign you're in a good Italian restaurant is the owner introduces himself to you. Next, you've got to be able to see the kitchen from your table. Nick's score high on both. The food is excellent, I had the veal parm and stuffed mushrooms. For dessert limoncello cake, perfect. No BS about it, if this place were opened in NYC 60 years ago, it would still be there today. Pilot Point, you have a hidden gem! More...


Jennifer B.

9 August 2014

I tell everyone about this place. It is the best food, hands down, north of 380. Employees are super friendly. The aristocrat sauce is perfection...absolute perfection I tell you! I know Pilot Point sounds like it would be worlds away, but here's the deal: It is a beautiful, scenic drive up 377 with very few stop lights, and courteous drivers. Watch the horses run, the farmers plow, and enjoy the drive. The food is seriously that good. More...


J. S.

1 July 2014

Yesterday I had a craving for Italian food. We had heard good things of Aviano in Aubrey, so first, we made the trek down there. But when we got there, they appeared to be closed. So I hopped back on Yelp and saw Nick's, so back up 377 we went. I am so glad. The food was delicious, the server who greeted us and served us was very nice. I wish I'd gotten her name, but she was taller and had curly hair. We loved their complimentary rolls. They were hot, fresh and light, and came with a compound butter with garlic and herbs.We also got Grandmas' Bread as an appetizer. It was tasty, nice tomato slices on top of soft garlic bread with cheese.My husband got spaghetti with meat sauce. The portion was sizable and he said it was good. He also ate all of it, which is the more important fact.I got John's Lasagna. I do not often swoon over food. I am not one of those food bloggers that talks about bites of food being the best thing ever.  However: This lasagna was delicious. Seriously one of the best I've ever had. The aristocrat sauce is a simple mixture of red sauce and Alfredo sauce, but it's delicious.  Get the lasagna. You won't be sad. More...


Scott B.

28 June 2014

After a day on the lake, this was a pleasant find. The garlic rolls before dinner were fantastic. The side salads were pretty big but I didn't care for the house vinaigrette much. I had the chicken Murphy and it was fantastic! The chicken was chargrilled and the sauce was rich and spicy. Seriously good. The family all enjoyed their dishes too. The food was very fresh and flavorful. More...


Genny B.

28 June 2014

Couldn't have been more pleased with this gem of a place. Food and service were really excellent. We had the waitress and the owner taking great care of us, came to chat with the whole table. My eggplant parm was obviously freshly made and delish. Kids lived their food too. Great family place. We'll be back. More...


Matt Hanna

14 June 2014

Great food and atmosphere. Service was fantastic and everybody at our table loved their order!



31 May 2014

The waitress obviously didn't care about the place.  She barely talked to us, barely delivered us water or food.  And said she didn't have change for a $5 for the guy checking out in front of us...  The lady who delivered our bread was wonderful and came by 3 times.  The rolls were amazing... so was the garlic butterThe food was pretty good.  Loved the Misty's Manicotti Pasta.  It was very peppery and spicy.... and very yummy.  The pizza we got was a meatball and peppercinis... the meatballs was sliced which was weird... and actually just tasted like beef.  This was tasty. Although not what we expected. I would recommend this place, just hope the waitress we had will not be in attendance next time. More...


HJ Velekei Temple

29 April 2014

THE BEST traditional Italian I have had in years! Consistently great service & food! Do yourself a favor & order anything with aristocrat sauce...yum!


Ann T.

31 December 2013

Fabulous Italian food...a great place to go to for a relaxing, enjoyable meal. We had two specialty pasta dishes...chicken piccata and Murphy pasta. Both were fantastic. The salads were also great. The rolls were unusual...hot, fresh, and buttery. Our server was helpful with the meno and atttentative to our needs. Nick's is a place with a nice atmosphere and has a welcoming feeling. We will go back here a lot now that we have found this place. I would definitely rank our meal as one of the best Italian meals I've ever had, More...


Ann T.

31 December 2013

Great little spot...wonderful service, nice Italian atmosphere, and superb food,  we had two specialty pasta dishes...unbelievably cooked.  This place has a huge menu.  Oh, yes, fantastic rolls...hot, fresh, and buttery.  Don't miss this place...you'll be back over and over! More...


Scott F.

26 July 2012

My wife and I have gone back a couple of times and we have ordered take-out (meals and pizza).  I am really impressed with both the quality of the food, the atmosphere, and the cleanliness of this restaurant.  It has been consistently good and the service has been excellent.  I highly recommend this restaurant. More...