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30 March 2019

So much talent!


Tyler Hanson

30 July 2018

My experience with Grand Taiga has been nothing short of top notch. They've provided me with some great authentic material for my office and classroom. I can't speak highly enough of these guys! More...


Patrick Shoemaker

30 July 2018

Incredible customer service. Every time I’ve visited them they made sure I left with a smile on my face. Amazing photography but even more important amazing people.


Ana Pathos

30 July 2018

Grand Taiga has amazing content and extremely talented individuals. Their work is beautiful and they are very professional. I recommend Taiga to everyone for all your custom prints and graphic needs! More...


Carla Stetzer

30 July 2018

Efficient, creative, and out to please the client! Thanks for a great ad page!


katie amundson

30 July 2018

Grand Taiga has the most hard working, creative, energetic team I’ve ever met. They always creat top knotch products whether its tapesties or canvas pictures. I’ve always been a satisfied customer! More...


Zachary Terpstra

30 July 2018

This guy is the most adventurous dude I know. He doesn’t think twice to saying yes when asked to go somewhere. No place is too far and no challenge is too great. His hard working, adventurous attitude allows him to capture the most beautiful and scenic pictures. They almost make you feel as if you’re apart of the beauty. Love this guy! More...


Dylan Peiffer

30 July 2018

Grand Taiga is a media/content company like no other. Amazing photography that can brighten any room, a page that screams professional with an elegant touch of simplicity, and the most important part being the creative team that works all behind the scenes of what you see on Grand Taiga. If you need a friendly, reliable, and dedicated group of individuals to help you create n' strengthen your brand in a timely and experienced manner; look no further than Grand Taiga Media! More...


Dakota Schwartz

30 July 2018

I absolutely love the work that you do, it is truly inspiring and beautiful!! It makes me want to go on my own adventures and explore natures beauty. I look forward to your future adventures!! Keep up the hard work. More...


Logan Langerude

30 July 2018

The team at Grand Taiga is simply the best. Whether you're looking for professional photography or help marketing your brand, Nick and Sam are the guys to talk to.


Nathan Schoeder

30 July 2018

Grand Taiga has made some great custom prints for my friends and I. I was able to talk directly with company co-leader Nick Uthe who made sure that I got what I wanted. Would highly recommend.



30 July 2016

Had Boss Imagery come up with some really cool designs for me, and the posters are hanging around my room and everyone asks me where I got them, and I tell them from my buddy Nick at Boss Imagery. They think they are really cool and he did a great job on them. More...