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Maria P.

31 July 2019

I randomly found New Beginnings as I was looking for a tattoo removal place closer to home. I must say I was nervous to try this place just because I had no "rapport" with it, but I instantly fell in love! Jason is the very best! Personality wise he is very personable and business wise, he is very flexible and has some of the best rates for tattoo removal.  I definitely recommend this place! More...


Lara Gan

30 June 2019

Great service


Sarah Treacy

21 May 2019

Fantastic experience. Jason is knowledgeable and super accommodating. Highly reccomend!


John Georges

4 May 2019

Jason has a great office that is comfortable and very clean. That is very important for me. First when I arrived naturally I was nervous but he explained everything to me. The procedure was quick simple and felt like a sunburn. He gave great after care instructions. It's a been only a few treatments and his amazing laser has pretty much removed my mistakes I impulsively put on my body when I was younger. Give New Beginnings a call or email I know you won't be disappointed. Check out his before and afyers Jason is the best! Johny Georges More...


Irina Krasnoperova

4 April 2019

Currently four sessions in to getting a huge tattoo removed. Couldn’t be happier with service and results! Jason is professional, extremely personable, and highly skilled. I feel comfortable coming here knowing he has a medical background. Great all around! More...


Dirt Ground

4 March 2019

Jason is the real deal, he demonstrates how the process works on his own skin so that you can see the effectiveness of the treatments. If you have a "NO REGRATS" tattoo on your neck that you wish never happened, New Beginnings will take care of it for you. More...


Matt Bernson

4 December 2018

Jason the owner/operator took care of me and my experience was very good. He has a cooling machine to help with the pain. The rates are pretty reasonable and he is friendly. I have some tattoos on my fingers I want gone and i saw results after the first visit. It will take multiple sessions but worth it. i will be going back there anytime I want tattoo removal (or lightening).I recommend going here. More...


sarah t.

15 September 2018

22 years ago I thought a tiny toe tattoo would be so cute.   Today, not so much.    Jason at New Beginnings has been awesome.    I am mid removal and already it is so much more faint.   The process has been pretty painless.  Appointments are easy to get and Jason is so personable.  I highly reccomend! More...


Rachelle DeSantis

11 August 2018

Very happy with new beginnings! Great work & affordable


Melissa Dowe Talluto

11 August 2018

Great service and technician!! Awesome place!!


Debi Cahill Haynes

11 August 2018

Jason's a great guy. Super clean office, very professional, flexible hours, and he made as painless and possible!!!! Thanks Jason


Will Brewster

11 August 2018

New Beginnings Laser Tattoo Removal provides comfortable hospitality and welcoming care, along side their exquisite knowledge of treatments, makes New Beginnings the best there is!


Olivia Winsor

11 August 2018

Jason is a great business owner with a great service. Affordable prices and I already see results after only two treatments! The place is in a convenient area and it's very nice. He has very flexible appointment times and dates for any schedule. You won't be disappointed with choosing his services. More...


Nathan McEleney

11 August 2018

Way more than fair prices, and a top-of-the-line laser!
What more can you ask for?
Jason is a GREAT GUY, too!
Would recommend to anyone with an unwanted tattoo, or someone looking to lighten up their tattoo to make the cover-up more manageable.


George Scobie

4 August 2018

Quick, comfortable, and management cares


Tyler Ruelas

17 March 2018

Compared to my first tattoo removal place New Beginnings tops it by comfortability, technique, and professionalism. Very friendly and laid back vibe, just like going to a tattoo shop. Also you will get to ,meet a former UFC fighter and Marine! No biggie. Awesome technology, equipment, sanitation, prices, and a comfortable seat! I've gotten no blistering and Jason (the owner) communicates to you well as to finding out where your tolerance of pain is at. Definitely a pleasant experience and I recommend this business to all first timers and someone who is looking for more tattoos removed. More...


Olivia Winsor

11 March 2018

The owner is a great business man with lots of knowledge and skill with a great service. Affordable prices and I already see results after only two treatments! The place is in a convenient area and it's very nice and well kept. He has very flexible appointment times and dates for any schedule. I am very happy with my results. More...



11 March 2018

Easy going great experience! I made an online request for a tattoo removal with New Beginnings Laser Tattoo Removal. I received a prompt response back from the owner/technician Jason. I work crazy hours and he was able to work around my sceduale and get me in there at a time that was good for me. When I got to my appointment Jason explained the process very thoroughly and answered all my questions. He was very professional, knowledgeable and the facility was very clean with state of the art equipment. I wasnt planning on having anything done during the first appointment. I was just going in for a consult and to find out the process and get an estimate. After sitting down and talking with Jason I felt very comfortable. His prices were extremely favorable and I decided to undergo my first treatment. The treatment was virtually painless and literally only took 10 min to complete. The results after just one treatment were more than I expected! I can't wait to get in there for my second treatment! If anyone is looking to have any unwanted ink removed I highly reccomend going to see Jason at New Beginnings Laser Tattoo Removal!

Rob Wadland
Saugus, Ma


Natalie Kok

3 March 2018

Great experience. Technician is knowledgeable, has flexible hours, and is open weekends. Clean and comfortable treatment area. For anyone nervous about getting their tattoo removed pain is comparable to getting a tattoo, great communication from technician throughout session, overall comfortable experience. Great communication throughout scheduling process, love that you can text, and prompt response times. More...


Laurine Yandoli

19 February 2018

I am currently going to "New Begining Tattoo Removal " to remove a tattoo I no longer like. My first visit was great I felt very comfortable. Jason explained everything, he is very professional with a lot of experience in the medical field. I would also like to Thank Jason for his service for this country. I could go on and on but I think it's best to reach out to him and talk to him and go check out his place you won't be disappointed . They are located right across from the Volvo dealer in Lakeside Park. More...

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