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NB3 Productions-Mobile DJ Service

Memphis, Tennessee, Shelby

NB3 Productions-Mobile DJ Service logo

NB3 Productions-Mobile DJ Service

Memphis, Tennessee, Shelby



Welcome to the "Total Party Experience".

We are the industry leaders in the Mid-South area. DJs for all occasions. We play all genres of music.

Our client's vision is always first. We sign a binding contract for every event. The client chooses "the style of music".


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22 October 2012

Awesome music, awesome service!

29 May 2011

Neil Rocks! Great Memphis Music Man - Bass Play'n Apple Freak!

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We allow the client to choose the genres (style of music) or furnish a playlist.....

Mixing and scratching (continuous music); non-stop music

Let us be your starting point, to planning your BWE (best wedding ever). Our experience staff understands, and knows your wedding needs. Everyone claims to be Number #1. We truly are. Let us ease your minds, on your biggest day. Free consultation, to capture your vision. Wireless microphone included for toast, special words, etc. Get it right, the first time.

Remember the times? We do. Whether it's barbecued or catered. Allow us to create the right atmosphere. Clean Music, so everyone can enjoy themselves; and boy, do we have the hits. From nine months to ninety, they'll all be having a good time.

Invite your closes friends and family, for a top notch affair. Get a great value for your dollar. Don't just settle for cheap. We deliver the total party experience. Crystal clear sound. Hear every instrument. Professional Light Show, plus an active DJ. It's an unforgettable party.

Reward your employees, with a company function, they'll be talking about for months. Christmas Parties, Picnics, etc. We are a must. Tell us what you want. Let's "Make it Happen".

We'll have the whole place rocking. Feel the beat with our extraordinary sound system & professional light show. Makes this a can't miss event. Clean Music to calm; Parents, Teachers, and chaperone's.

Are you really ready to party? Get ready to blast off. The style of music you and your guest love; plus three special requested songs for the birthday person. We think this day is special, and so do you. Good minds think alike. Make us your first call.

NB3 Productions is an elite DJ service. When you hire the professionals at NB3 Productions it means you really care about the outcome of your event. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. We offer experience you can trust. We do it right, the first time.
1.Professional Sound Equipment
3.A Company Van
4.Our Own DJ Table & Chairs
5.Free Professional Light Show
6.Profanity Free Music
7.We Provide All Necessary Cables & Cords
8.Active DJs
9.Always On Time

No more "low budget" DJs or DJ Companies. When you pay for quality, you receive quality. Anybody can do cheap for cheap, but no one can do quality cheap. You're not just hiring a DJ. You're hiring entertainment. Impress your closes friends and family. If you decide to pay for entertainment, go that little extra, for good entertainment. NB3 Productions provides great service, dependability, and affordability.

Turn to the professionals at NB3 Productions (901) 679-3848 or email nb3productions@yahoo.com

Be one our facebook fans. http://www.facebook.com/NB3-PRODUCTIONS

NB3 Productions was founded by Curtis Wells (DJ NB3) in 2004. He has since continued to entertain the masses after years of being a top DJ in Georgia, West Germany, and yes, Tennessee. Known as "The Franchise" NB3, DJ NB3 has vowed to only give the best to the best, meaning you. He wants every event done right. You should want your event done right too. He demands perfection from himself as well as his staff. He believes in having a customer for life. "If they use us once, they'll use us for a lifetime".

Curtis has hired some of the industry best DJs. DJs for all occasions and DJs for any genre of music. He has ensured all the DJs at NB3 PRODUCTIONS-MOBILE DJ SERVICE are active DJs. He wants them on the microphone, into the party, into the event, and in the mix. He believes quality and service, is a main stay, in any business.

If you only sell by price, that's what you're selling - the price. If you select your entertainment by price alone, that's what you're gonna get - the price you want, nothing more. Think about it. If you're choosing entertainment or a DJ, by who's the cheapest, you're not concerned with what type of sound equipment, they'll be using. You're not concerned with the kind of light show you're getting. You're not concerned about them having an impressive look. You're only concerned about price. So when you get the price you're looking for, don't complain. You got what you were looking for; price! Remember, quality does not have to be expensive. It's all about, getting a value for your dollar. Call us today. Get that value. (901) 679-3848 or email: nb3productions@yahoo.com

To impress their closes friends and family, with quality entertainment, at an affordable price....