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alena beecher

9 January 2019

Their Solution works!!! I was experiencing House Centeripides and Waterbugs almost daily. I called other companies other but could not easily make a appt. This company actually has someone that picks up the phone. I was able to make a next day appt. It’s been 2 months and I have not seen a alive Waterbug or House Centeripide since!!! Technician was prompt and professional. I will definitely use this Company ongoing!! More...


Colby Webster

6 August 2017

Great punctuality,customer service,effective


Annslee Vess

11 May 2017

My experience with Nature's Own was great! Profession, efficient, kind and organic. John explained what he was using and how it would treat our space. We were very pleased.


LaMeeka Edwards

10 March 2016

As a shop owner it was very important that no harsh chemicals are used in my kitchens and studio, to have an exterminating company to use all natural clean products gives me peace of mind. They are always on time, and takes time out to explain what's going on, you can't go wrong using this company. More...