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NatureLink,LLC(Ben Marchman) logo

NatureLink,LLC(Ben Marchman)

Sharpsburg, Coweta County

NatureLink,LLC(Ben Marchman) logo

NatureLink,LLC(Ben Marchman)

Sharpsburg, Coweta County


At NatureLink,LLC we are all about helping people find their true authentic self and live up to that purpose. We do this through Transformational Life Coaching.

A session will begin with meeting you where you are at to discover the root cause of your present circumstance.



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To work outside every day with wonderful people! I have had clients from all walks of life and I truly enjoy helping people while experiencing healing myself through the wonderful natural world.

I have a background in Eco-Therapy, Ecology, and teaching so I wanted to start a business that combined all of these aspects.

Clients who go through this work with me benefit from the following:
– Building connections to their community
and their inner self.

– Creating the foundations
of positive soul-work.

– Establishing clarity.

– Creating structure in their life.

– Making life changes.

– Navigating transitions

– Improving their overall health
(mentally & physically).

– Developing impactful career
and leadership skills.


A Transformational Life Coach is a credentialed professional that empowers people and groups by strengthening a commitment to their vision. From these commitments come actions that produce powerful results. I use a unique dimension to coaching in that I look inherently to nature for direction, inspiration and solutions by guiding you in a collaborative way. This allows for a deeper state of connection to your issues and clarity, so that you can move forward with confidence, while making decisions that are soul directed.

Click here to learn more:https://www.mynaturelink.org/vision-quests – Have you ever felt a bit lost or out of alignment in your career, relationship, and inner-self? – Are you lacking a sense of belonging and community? – Are you having difficulty with life changes? If you answered ‘yes’ to the above, you’re most likely wandering around without purpose & meaning and are therefore in need of a Vision Quest.

Our programs are Nature-based and we strive to deeply connect people back to themselves, Nature, & others in order to build community.