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Natasha Denona International

Greenwood Heights, Kings County


Natasha Denona International

Greenwood Heights, Kings County


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Rosa María Alacid Castellón

4 September 2019

la calidad de sus sombras es indescriptible!! tienen una pigmentación brutal!


April Boyce

8 July 2019

I have never been obsessed with a makeup brand like this before. The eyeshadow palettes are one of a kind and so creamy and smooth. I use no primer and the shadows last all day with absolutely no creasing. I am in love with her glow system, it is absolutely amazing! It makes your skin look wet, not like other systems that look like you just packed a bunch of glitter on your face, just a natural, glowing flush of color that melts seamlessly into your skin. This brand is absolutely worth the steep price tag. More...


Saraya Lyn Gibson

2 July 2019

My Natasha Denona Palettes are my daily palettes. They're soooo versatile and so creamy yet perfectly blendable. Thos will always be my number one favorite high end makeup brand.✨♥️


Sharon Allcroft

23 June 2019

I had an issue with a shadow n as there were none in stock they refunded my money in full I couldn't be more happy with how you handled it win win I say because I brought many more so thanku.


Liza Velasquez

13 June 2019

Just got my Sunrise palette and I’m totally in love


Laura Arellano

20 April 2019

Sii!! Son de excelente calidad!! Espero un día lleguen a México!!


Rebecca Ritchie

11 April 2019

Obsessed. Every single thing I buy has become a new favorite product. So far, it has been eyeshadows, blush & highlight... and the formulas are magical. I was secretly hoping that they wouldn’t be worth the money, so that I would just have to be ok with less expensive makeup. But, now, Natasha has spoiled me and I NEED all of her products for my clients and for myself :) Worth it. More...


Sarmora Chin

30 March 2019

Love her #Sunset and #Gold palettes!


Karleigh Marsh

14 March 2019

Her powerful pigments and beautiful work x


Ashley Nicole Devorick

5 March 2019

I had the pleasure of meeting Natasha Denona and her team last week in NYC and attend her master class, in the front row. Not only did I get to meet Natasha, take pictures, and be in her class, but she signed my sunset and cranberry palettes as well. This was truly the best experience of my life. I love her even more than I did before because she is truly one of the kindest, smart, innovative, and caring people I ever met. I will continue buying her products until the end of time, learning from her, and supporting her makeup line and everything she does. She’s truly a joy to this world. And so is her team! More...


Estelle Jourdan

18 February 2019

Thanks for you high super quality, your products are just wonderful ! Very pigmented, eyeshadows are so easy work with and to blend, any fall out... My favorite brand, prices are really justified More...


Saroasha Engineer

13 February 2019

Awesome eye shadow palettes!!


Sofia Ismagilova

31 January 2019

это профессионал, это мастер, это уровень, при этом она не ловит дешёвый хайп и не делает из своей популярности культ


Nastya Pluschai

31 January 2019

I love everything, what are you doing ❤️ It is a fantastic ❤️


Sydney Renee Smith

29 January 2019

My absolute favorite artist and brand. The products are consistently some of the best formula out there and Natasha’s artistry unmatched. She is one of my biggest inspirations as a MUA and her products are worth every penny. ❤️ More...


Angie Sotelo

21 January 2019

Why not they look pretty hip with the make up


Gail Frederick

16 January 2019

What I recommend about Natasha Denona International? The page has a wealth of information! You’ll find everything you need to know about Natasha Denona Products! The tutorials are educational and beautifully done.. The Info on product launches are sure to keep you updated on her newest creations! I feel Her Products are Absolutely Beautiful & Luxurious! The Vibrancy of her color choice in each palette is like having a rainbow at your fingertips! The quality & texture of her products are unique to the industry. And I eagerly await purchasing more of her products in the future. More...


Michanna Murphy

15 January 2019

Love her super high quality products! They are worth every penny!


Joann Ramos

15 January 2019

the products are amazing


Camille Ots

15 January 2019

The best products, I'm falling in love with this high quality! my collection started with the gold palette, followed by the lilla and the safary and it's only the beginning! I recommend closing eyes! An incredible products! thank you natasha denona ❤️❤️❤️ More...


Ashley Velasquez

15 January 2019

Natasha Denona is my all time very makeup brand !!! I love all eyeshadows and everything else . Highly pigmented and absolutely stunning colors!!! #natashadenonagoldpallet


Brittany Sincere

9 January 2019

Literally the best and most sought after makeup company in the world. The pigmentation is high and so is the quality! I’m so impressed and love not only the shadows, but the foundation, blushes, and lip product as well.


Heidi Hartman

8 January 2019

I absolutely recommend Natasha Denona!! I got my daughter & my best friend using Natasha Denona products! They are seriously ahead of the makeup game!!


Karen M. Afanador

29 October 2018

✨Las mejores sombras que he visto en mi vida ✨


Lena Bly

7 July 2018

One of the best eyeshadows out there. The best formula. Good job Natasha!


Christin Rodriguz

6 April 2018

Ordered the tropic palette from Natasha Denona website directly and someone must have stole it off my porch. I was devastated !i emailed them and they were prompt on assisting me in trying to track my order when we couldn’t find it they went out of their way to send me a new one !!! � I couldn’t be happier with the product itself flawless creamy eyeshadows , such perfection. I’m just as pleased with their customer service ! I’ve heard people try to argue other wise , I can assure you this brand is made of kindness- thank you for all your help and assistance again More...


Courtney Taylor

12 March 2018

I absolutely love and adore every single Natasha Denona palette that I own. I can’t even say I prefer one over the other as they are all special. Lila seems to be my most used however, but I’m sure that will change once I play with Tropic. Undeniable pigmentation and quality!!! I’m a fan forever! More...


Natali Ovadya

26 February 2018

Best products out there!!


Shorlians Hidex Arzu

17 December 2017

Me gusta los productos que ofrece me encanta es bueno para todo color de piel


Kacee Slater

7 December 2017

I own the Lila Palette and I absolutely love it! I ordered it from Sephora and had no issues. These are the best eyeshadows I have ever used. You get a lot of product for the price. 15 eyeshadows for $129 is roughly $9 per eyeshadow. More...


Sandra Benavente Alba

25 November 2017

I going to invest in one of her pallets been hearing a lot of good reviews on this brand.


Jessie Flener

29 August 2017

Absolutely love these shadows. They blend well and are truly pigmented. The gliiers are gorgeous as well. Lo 've the packaging. Only thing I dislike is price


Mileva Gligic Savich

8 July 2017

Best Best Best shadows on the PLANET! You cannot go wrong with this brand!