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Natalie Moore | Holistic Psychotherapy

Pasadena, CA, Los Angeles

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Natalie Moore | Holistic Psychotherapy

Pasadena, CA, Los Angeles



Hi, I'm Natalie.

And my passion is helping people live more peaceful, meaningful lives. Through holistic therapy in Pasadena, my mission is to provide people with the support and tools they need to be the best version of themselves.

I believe that in order to be truly happy, one must attend to the health of mind, body and spirit.


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27 October 2019

Natalie has many qualities that make her an amazing therapist. She is warm, knowledgeable, creative, and passionate about her work. Natalie takes the time to continue furthering her education and skills, engages with her community and offers an amazing podcast called Infinite Well as a way to provide resources for increasing wellbeing. Natalie is especially passionate about working with millennials who are entrepreneurs, creatives and going through life changes. I would highly recommended Natalie! More...

9 July 2019

I have had the pleasure to work with Natalie Moore in a community mental health setting at Real Connections Institute. When Natalie speaks, her passion as a therapist can captivate almost anyone who has the opportunity to connect with her. Natalie’s dedication and lifestyle accurately represents her work as a therapist along with her holistic approach. Natalie is an ambitions clinician who is always seeking to learn more, grow as a professional, keep up with new research, and to think outside to box. She is mindful, present, and inclusive within her practice. I would highly recommend her services for creative millennials, adults who are experiencing anxiety or any major life transition. More...

26 May 2018

Natalie’s depth of knowledge and dedication to her work has been an inspiration to me throughout the entire time I’ve known her. I admire her holistic approach to healing and psychotherapy. Not only is she extremely informed in her field, she also is able to communicate and relate in a way that makes you feel at ease and understood. I'd recommend Natalie's services to anyone who is looking to deepen their understanding of themselves while in an welcoming environment. More...

22 May 2018

Natalie's passion for what she does is clear through the way she talks about psychotherapy and the effort she puts into every detail of her business. She is a delight to be around and very knowledgeable about the field. I would gladly recommend clients to her. More...

4 May 2018

I’m a huge fan of my colleague Natalie Moore and refer people to her practice regularly. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and expressive, and continuously nurtures her curiosity and drive to be her best self by expanding her knowledge base and growing both as an individual and as a clinician.

30 April 2018

"I’ve been a friend and colleague of Natalie’s for 2 years now and have been able to consult with her on many clinical situations. She and I share similar views about how children and families heal from difficult times in their lives. I would feel comfortable referring clients to her in her private practice." More...

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So much! First and foremost I love my clients. I get to watch people as they show up for themselves, commit to the tough work of personal development and ultimately see their amazing progress over time. There is no greater gift than to be an integral part of someone's deep healing.

Secondly, I love the variety in what I'm able to do as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist — from seeing individual clients, to seeing couples, to recording an empowerment podcast, to blogging, to public speaking...there's no limit to the ways in which I can be of service to my community.

Third is connecting with like-minded practitioners who share similar values on holistic health and working with them to ensure clients and patients receive optimal integrative care. I'm so fortunate to be practicing in a community with a robust network of interdisciplinary care providers.

I started the private practice out of a desire to work with clients in the way I feel is most healing — through somatic psychotherapy. I knew that the only way for me to work with my ideal client in the mind/body modality would be start my own practice.

I’ve been unofficially studying my own family psychology as far back as I can remember. I took my first psychology class in high school and haven't stopped studying human behavior and the human psyche ever since. That's 15 years to be exact!

I seek countless opportunities on the regular to grow as a human and as a therapist. That means I go to my own therapy and coaching, I maintain a consistent yoga and meditation practice and I ask for ongoing feedback from professional mentors to keep challenging my growing edges.

I have the education, training and professional experience to facilitate deep healing. My education was at a graduate school that prioritized training therapists from the inside out, teaching us how to BE a therapist, rather than teaching us how to DO therapy.


You want to be happy, optimistic and positive. But depression is keeping you from seeing the good. Holistic therapy can help you address the root causes of depression and bring more ease and joy into your life. You don't feel right. It may be hard for people to understand what's going on with you. Maybe your life looks fine on the outside, but for some reason you don't feel right on the inside. You feel fatigued, irritable and you've lost interest in the things that once brought you joy. No, there's nothing wrong with you. I promise! You might be dealing with depression, which is more common than you think. Many people are going through what you're going through and have found relief through working with a therapist. You're on the right track. Help is available. I specialize in helping young adults and adolescents find relief from their depression. I take a two-pronged approach to helping – providing clients with coping skills to implement immediately to find relief, while exploring and healing the roots of what's causing the depression. Take the next step. As tough as it may be to reach out for help, I'm sure you know it will be well worth it. You deserve to have your life back! Give me a call to see if I'm the right fit for helping you. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

You seek nothing more than to feel relaxed in your own body — but anxiety makes that seem impossible at times. A holistic approach to therapy can help you develop resources to reduce anxiety naturally. Anxiety sucks. It's, like, the worst feeling ever. And sometimes it can seem to take hold for no reason – causing you ruminations, worry, panic and intense fear. I bet it's starting to get in the way of your work, your relationships and definitely your inner peace. Let's change that. The good news is, anxiety is totally treatable. There are lots of things you can start implementing right away that will help you feel more calm and grounded. And in the mean time, you can start exploring what's causing the anxiety to begin with. How does peace, joy and freedom sound? It probably sounds awesome at this point. Therapy can help in many ways. I take a holistic approach to my work meaning that I enjoy helping clients become more aware of their mind-body connection, helping to nip anxiety in the bud. It's time to take action. I know that picking up the phone can be anxiety-provoking. But that's the first step to finally kicking your anxiety. If that's too much, then send me a note via email. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Have you recently made a big change and had trouble adjusting? Or maybe you're planning a shift and need the encouragement to follow through. Therapy for mind, body and spirit can help support your process. Whoa! There's a lot going on. Transitions are challenging – big moves, career changes, unexpected break-ups, new children, and all kind of other events can make big waves in a person's life. It can make you feel like you've lost your footing for a while. You deserve guidance. Whether you've had a big transition or are thinking about one, I imagine you could use some guidance at this time. Maybe you need grounding, mental clarity around a decision, or empowerment to stand up and ask for what you deserve. Therapy helps. Speaking to a therapist can help you make sense of what's shifting in your life and how to adapt to new circumstances. Therapy can also give you some perspective so you can make decisions that are true to your vision and values. Reach out. You're here for a reason and part of you knows that it's time to reach out for support. Hey, there's no shame in seeking help. It actually takes lots of courage. Why not give me a call? I'll be happy to answer your questions.