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Cole Truax

2 July 2018

If you have a loved one that needs help please call these guys. They saved my counsins life and staged an intervention right on long island. Now hes in treatment and apparently doing well. This is after literally nothing else worked...my whole family is truly grateuful. Thank you so much for everything! More...


Sonia Blumberg

2 July 2018

Wow! i am so grateful to Ben and the whole team at long island intervention. We were hopeless about a loved one but they found a way to quickly and safely get her into a treatment facility. We are forever grateful for your efforts and appreciate all that youve done! Hopefully she finishes the program and stays clean. Pray for us! More...


Alex Fabella

5 March 2018

I called the business with hopes of getting some form of help for a close friend of mine whos life has been torn apart by addiction. Chris was extremely helpful in guiding me through options, and ultimately getting my friend the help that got him sober to this very day. I’m appreciative! More...


Bill Gili

4 March 2018

We looked all over for assistance with a family member's alcohol and prescription pill addiction. Chris was great in providing support and guidance finding us a great facility to get the care needed. We owe our future happiness to Chris and his efforts - I would highly recommend using them to help in your road to recovery. More...


Veronica Collard

2 March 2018

These interventionists change lives in an amazing way. I have come to personally know Chris and have been able to see firsthand just how invested he becomes in these suffering addicts' lives. Chris has a special way of interacting with our loved ones and offering them a new way of life. I myself am in recovery, and I admire the work these gentlemen do. If your loved one is struggling with addiction, I highly suggest contacting Chris and his team. More...


Bozenna Konopka

1 March 2018

This facility helped my daughter when we were at our wits end. So many rehabs and so much money down the drain, I was losing hope that we wouldn't find her the program that would turn her life around. The helpful staff at LI intervention quickly placed my daughter in a program that she loved. She's back with me for a few months now and going strong. She's never been clean this long and so committed to her recovery. I am overwhelmed with joy.
Forever grateful,


Daniel Delemo

1 March 2018

I had a loved one seeking help and we had tried everything. I found this number and worked with Chris. He guided us through the process and found my family member a great facility and he’s now a productive member of society. Talk about a night and day difference. Couldn’t have done it without the help of Chris and his team at LI interventions. If you or a loved one is seeking help, don’t hesitate to call. They’re the best and most honest in the business. I can say this having dealt with numerous other places that felt like they were trying to sell me a used car. These guys really care! More...

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