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Heather D.

31 March 2019

Nadira is a great teacher!  I recommend her classes.  She gets you dancing and having fun.  There is a lot to learn with bellydance and finding a great teacher will really make the difference.


Wendi W.

4 January 2015

I've been a student for many years.  Nadira has taken me from taking a class at a gym to performing to live music - all with patience and support.  She teaches you each move, layering one on top of the next, helping you amplify what you are doing well, and find your voice as a dancer.  She teaches to all learning styles, body types and dancing abilities.  You will have fun and become a better dancer.As a performer, she combines everything flawlessly and interestingly.  She is completely engaged with the audience.  Each person feels like they are part of the performance.Make the time to take a class and see her perform.  It's well worth it! More...


Roxy S.

18 April 2014

Nadira is a beautiful and talented performer and choreographer. Nadira is also a great dance instructor and coach.  Belly dance is unique to everyone as we are all different in shapes and sizes as well as where we are coming from. Nadira showed me how to frame and exploring dance postures that compliment my unique body style. She shared many creative ways to own the stage. Nadira is an excellent coach for competition as well as helped guiding you to find yourself in dance. More...