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Shampaigne Graves has over nine years of experience as an instructor, coach and behavior technician. She brings her experience to her role as a success coach to students, teens, and young adults.

She understands what it feels like to see everyone around you “get it” while floundering and working two to three menial jobs just to pay bills.



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My joy as a coach comes from watching the metamorphosis of discouraged and misdirected individuals blossom into confident trailblazers. By utilizing my personal narrative of becoming a millennial coach and entrepreneur; my clients are inspired to overcome their own perceived limitations to forge the path they want to travel in life.
With the knowledge that confidentiality is vital within our coaching relationship, my clients are invited to a safe space in which the ideas, visions and thoughts of their “personal nirvana” can flourish. Throughout the course of every program, clients will be expected to follow through and be accountable in order to see the actualization of their goals. With equal collaboration, I work with clients to ground their dreams and create an action plan that realizes their visions.
By encouraging my clients to embrace the uncomfortable process of growth, I help them gain self assurance in unsure times. I make sure that I am always available to communicate with my clients during the course of their new journeys. The security of a committed partner in a challenging process is priceless.

I knew that in order for me to realize the vision for my life I couldn't have ceilings on my potential. Which meant that I had to do the hard work of transitioning out of working for someone else full time to myself full time.

I inspire my clients to change their narrative, by being a consistent support in the process of transition; I motivate clients to embrace being outside their comfort zone.


Gain the foundation of self-esteem, healthy wellbeing, and a well-rounded life. Generate smart streams of income from your current hobbies, learn how to save on any budget and gain the success tools you need to be financially literate. Work with Shampaigne and her extensive network of recruiters, HR personnel and working professionals to land a position in the industry of your dreams. Make a bold investment for the future and enroll a young adult success coaching program.