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My season chicken and ribs



My season chicken and ribs



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Cheryl D Wms

26 September 2019

Best rib tips ever!!! Tender and juicy give it a try!


Lynette M.

20 September 2019

This was probably one of the best bbq dinners we've had in a long time.   Alvin, Owner Operator, was not only hospitable but genuinely just a great person!   We had the ribs & baked beans and Alvin gave us a sample of the chicken... Oh my goodness it was absolutely wonderful!!! I wish there were ten stars because Alvin and his crew deserve so much more!  Thank you for the excellent dining experience! More...


Dannielle B.

21 July 2019

Their ribs are really good. I haven't found any good ribs places on the Northside. During certain times of the year they have smokes salmon and it always great. Their key lime cake is addictive and that's the reason why I stopped by on this particular trip. More...


Law Johnson

10 June 2019

There’s no food establishment in Florida who has better smoked BBQ & bakes beans!!!! Simply the best!!! PERIODT!


Nichole Corbin

4 June 2019

So I had this place for the first time today and when I say this is definitely the BEST Bbq I have had in so long.. I highly recommend. OMG those baked beans. What’s the secret More...


Erika Spencer

1 March 2019

Simply delicious tender meat with homemade sides. I'm hooked


Connie Brown

26 December 2018

Mr. Brooks and his staff are always focused on delicious food and service. We have ordered his chicken, mac-n-cheese, and other menu items for parties and family gatherings. Food is always wonderful.


Lindsey Brooke Reed

24 June 2018

So good! Best bbq in town. Hands down!!!


Ryan L.

24 April 2018

Best BBQ in Jacksonville!  The food here is unbelievable!  Seriously, everything is so good.  We had the ribs, chicken and pulled pork sandwich and all of it was delicious.  Oh yea, don't forget the homemade sides.  If you are looking for fall off the bone ribs and chicken, this is your place. More...


Nancy Moore Schlager

23 March 2018

I had the ribs and the mac & cheese. The ribs melted in your mouth like butter. The Mac and cheese made from scratch was delicious and super cheesy! I will def be back.


Michele A Owens

24 November 2017

SHOUT OUT to Mr. Alvin, my Turkey was Delicious my family enjoyed it! I'll see you again soon... Thank you!


Kaylynn Williams

15 November 2017

Very friendly and great food! Beans could use less cinnamon but the meat & sauce was to die for �


Sv S.

17 October 2017

ON THE CORNER NEAR LEM TURNER ROAD AND DUNNS AVE FOOD TRUCK AND MOBILE UNIT. This is a must try for all barbecue aficionados. Some of the best in Jacksonville period. The ribs are fall off the bone tender all of the time NOT JUST SOMETIMES LIKE MOST.  The Chicken is always cooked right. The owner cooks slow with wood and ha this down to a science. The baked beans are outstanding. The also have mac and cheese, get there early this sells out every day they are open. They also SMOKE TURKEYS ANY TIME FOR ONLY $30. The sauce is really good and they have to types sweet and spicy. They added rib tips recently and can't make them fast enough. THIS ONE IS A KEEPER AND A TWO THUMBS UP FOR JACKSONVILLE. More...


Karla Blackmon

2 October 2017

This is the best barbecue on the new Northside. The meat is always tender and season good. I love those bake beans. The customer service is AWESOME. They know what I want before I place my order. � More...


Cici Carter

18 August 2017

The food is absolutely delicious -- barbecue ribs where the meat falls off the bone, and EXCELLENT sauce. LOVE the food here!


Marcelia S. Trent

12 August 2017

Mr Brooks can grill!! Ribs are delish...Nice people!


Althea Howard Thomas

29 July 2017

The best Ribs and baked beans ever! Mr. Brooks makes sure you have your fill of food for the price you pay. I only wish he would deliver to me in Daytona Beach is that too much to ask..���


Shiron Brookins

2 July 2017

Hands down the Absolute BEST bbq!!!! I will be back before returning home to Alabama...


Dale S.

24 June 2017

Excellent Rib Tips dinner and Pull Pork Sandwich. Enjoyed the Coleslaw and Baked Beans. Friendly and courteous folks. Will stop there again next time we're passing through. You can't go wrong


Brandi Hill

16 June 2017

Beyond amazing! my neighbor just brought some home and I am sooo amazed!!! You are sooo good at what you do !! I am recommending you to all my clients planning events ❤️ local is better!


Valerie Mincey Washington

7 June 2017

Everything was so delicious. Delivered hot and fresh. OMG it was great.


Micah Hunter Sr.

31 May 2017

Great authentic bbq. You definitely will not be disappointed!!


Faith W.

29 April 2017

This food truck is DELICIOUS!!! I ordered the whole chicken dinner with 2 sides, and the rib dinner with 2 sides...sweet sauce on both.The ribs were tender, smoked, and SEASONED!! It was sooooo good!! The sauce over it was tasty as well...perfect blend!  The meat wasn't "slipping & falling off the bone" (which i don't care for), but they were not stuck to the bone or stringy...No fighting to get the meat off at all...it was PERFECT.The chicken (I ate the leg), was seasoned and tender as well...It had the same sauce over it...I would definitely get it again!Now, the sides I got...the baked beans...toooo good! They were thick (not soupy...yuck), sweet (not too sweet), with a light cinnamon taste...I loved them.Now the potato salad, I'm EXTREMELY picky when it comes to potato salad...These were not bad at all, but not my fave ( i didn't dry heave, lol)...a potato salad lover would definitely enjoy these...In all fairness, I have yet to try a potato salad from ANYwhere (other than my friends house) that "wowed" me...This is one of the better ones...I believe this truck would do EXTREMELY well at a food truck rally...So far, this is my fave barbecue food truck!!! More...


Castoria Clark

4 April 2017

The ribs are so delicious, they are worth every bite...and the baked beans and potato salad...yum yum to my tummy!!!!


Ja Nae

4 April 2017

That Rib Tip Sammich On point ya hear me!!!!!!!!!!


Katrina Cason Mervin

4 April 2017

Best ribs in Jax.! They're seasoned so well you don't need any sauce. But the sauce definitely kicks it up a notch!


Patricia Ann

6 February 2017

Those ribs were so good.........and that chicken......and that sauce......I'm going to have to walk to the food truck instead of driving...to get my exercise in before I get done...... More...


Tommy Prince

5 December 2016

Great food all the time. Mr Brooks makes sure all his customers are satisfied. ..


Rhondala Lewis

28 October 2016

I loved their BBQ Seasoned very well,moist & tender Yazzzzzzzz! I had it at a close friend of me & my husband's 'listening party for his new CD Mr. Pastor Mobigga Anthony Moore & his beautiful wife Loretha 'ma peep's� More...


Classie McConago

7 August 2016

OOOOOOOOHH!!!!! MY GOODNESS, EVERY THING WAS SOOOOOO GOOOD. MY FAMILY BOAST, THANK YOU SO MUCH. . THE BAKE BEANS WAS GOOD AND THEY WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT THE SAUCE. LOL. THEY LOOOVED THE HOT DOGS, wished We did more hot dogs instead of hamburgers. Thank you for help making my family reunion a success. They was not ready, they were so impressed with the size and amount of the meat. May God continue to Bless your business a nd family. And if we come back again I sure will be calling you. Thanks again. More...


Catherine Jackson

14 July 2016

My family celebrated last Thanksgiving at my house. There were 30 of us. My Seasin Chicken and Ribs prepared the smoked turkey for me. It was a great hit with the family. I wish I could have taken the credit. The turkey was juicy and very tender. Everyone agreed it was one of the best ever. My niece even said she would drive from Georgia to get a smoked Turkey for Christmas from My Season Chicken and Ribs. Guess what, they smoked me another one for Christmas. Looking forward to another turkey prepared by them this Thanksgiving! More...


LaDonna Mixon

12 July 2016

Thank you for making the catering for my Grandmothers Birthday Celebration a huge success! The professionalism, expertise, quality and excellent food made this experience unforgettable.


Ulysee James

9 July 2016

Great great food!!! Once you try it you will definitely be back for more.


Al Jackson

2 July 2016

Came from Baltimore to visit family. Stopped by to visit an old friend. Booyah!!! Had the ribtips and will stop again before I leave. The food was so delicious and service was the bomb. More...


Jessica D. Glover

1 July 2016

Best baked beans in the city! GREAT food and awesome owners.


Craig Harper

29 May 2016

Tried this place with my brother ended up getting a whole slab of ribs,this my new BBQ spot!


Shawn Carey

28 May 2016

Just got a rib and chicken dinner, Mr Brooks has it on lock.....DELICIOUS!!!!!


Alimacani Pta Board

13 May 2016

Alvin and his team setup at our school. Everyone is still talking about how amazing their BBQ is! We can't wait to have them back. Best BBQ, great people!


Reese Chandler Jr.

11 May 2016

I don't know what his secret is, concerning those ribs, but I think they have the best Ribs, in Jacksonville...!PERIOD!!


Kesha King

27 January 2016

I can never make it home with my food! And I live 3 minutes away. #truestory


Kenneth Jones

29 December 2015

God is great, my Bro and family is blessed, of that the food is great I love it. (Especially the smoked turkey legs).


Chris Wyatt

24 September 2015

I am so proud of my brother and his lovely bride stepping out on faith and believing that God Can! Excellent food and service best I ever had. Truly this is your Season...it will make you say Jerome. ..Who? More...


Patricia Seven-Karatz Robinson

27 June 2015

I have yet to my try my neighborhood, friends food but I will make every effort to get by there soon


Shirl Aldridge

28 March 2015

Its been a while mr alvin.I need some of that crack bbq.lol hope to see you soon


Chris Baker

18 March 2015

The very best! Simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!perfect!!!!


Taurian James

8 January 2015

Great food from Mr brooks


Autumn Flemming

5 September 2014

Great tasting bbq!! Fast and friendly service.


Coretta Pelsey Carter

20 August 2014

Best BBQ in town!! Their food is ALWAYS fresh and the staff is friendly!


Kevin Taylor

24 June 2014

Mr Brooks this food is always so good Friday used to be my favorite day of the way but now Tuesday is my favorite day of the week


Moses A Henry Jr

21 April 2014

Sauce is amazing.


Michelle Hunter

20 April 2014

Delicious BBQ. I had the combo sandwich with ribs and chicken. The meat was so tender...it was falling off the bones. Good food at reasonable prices. My Season Chicken and Ribs, make sure you check them out!! More...


Ken Gray

15 April 2014

I believe in ADB and the vision God has given him for this business. Therefore the food has to be good.


Logan Howard

26 March 2014

Great Food, Great Service!! Ribs very tender and very reasonable prices!!


Robert Anderson

26 March 2014

The seasoning and the flavor soooo good.Treat yourself.


Kisha Josey

26 March 2014

Love the bbq, service & location! Everything always fresh and the meat just falls off the bone! Resonable prices as well, beats going to bonos spending a fortune for a rib or chicken dinner!


Jenea Gillenwater

25 March 2014

Great food every time!!


Sarita Jones

24 March 2014

The best bbq I've ever had. Really proud of my brother for this level of excellence! I am so pleased that this is His Season!


Douglas Steel

15 March 2014

The best I ever had. !!!!


Charzetta Hoskins James

14 March 2014