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My Fitness Zone believes that there is more to a healthy lifestyle than just intense workouts. We believe that in order for anyone to live a healthy lifestyle...one must learn how to start!

Our clientele consists of a combination of individuals with different goals and walks of life.


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Juan Padilla

23 July 2018

Muy buen ambiente y muy amable personal con atencion a la gente.¡¡¡¡¡ Buen servicio !!!!!


Elmer Morales

23 July 2018

All business and commitment. For those who want great results.


Jon Gorton

23 July 2018

Throw up every time... Not because of how awesome and intense AND successful the cardio workouts are; but because I just get so excited to better myself! #Lol #Bradpitt #nomnomnom #imtherealcookiemonster #ghostbusters More...


Chibi Fuji

23 July 2018

Masters of their trade and demand perfection! I refer my patients and athletes to no one else


Bill Peters

23 July 2018

Israel is the best ! Clean facility , not crowded= no waiting for equipment,everyone is encouraging .


George Maldonado

23 July 2018

Great staff that cares and will keep you honest. You will get RESULTS......


Loren VT

23 July 2018

You can not find better supporters of your goals than this team here...


Elena Ceja

23 July 2018

I would never picture myself coming here but once I started coming, I LOVE IT! The staff are amazing. The receptionist, Jeanette always welcomes everyone with a smile and a HELLO. Kyle who is my WELLNESS director is AWESOME. Thank you Dr. Wild and staff for making me feel like family. More...


Denise Borbon

23 July 2018

Great place! Wonderful staff. Definitely the blessing I need to get me through my physical therapy rehab


Rachel Laino Mendoza

23 July 2018

I've never enjoyed working out this much! Awesome staff and super fun workout buddies. Clean, open facility that never feels crowded.


Michelle Lea

23 July 2018

Wish I lived in Cali! Great owners and staff. Thank you for letting me pop in and kicking my butt! You guys rock!


Evangelina Aviles

23 July 2018

Awesome class great staff as well met Judith very helpful and resourceful � thumbs up to it all I will recommend


Julie Velasco

23 July 2018

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."
This place is incredible. Amazing support, great people.


Ozzy T.

24 July 2015

I figured I'd give my favorite people some love! May be far fetched but My Fitness Zone has truly been a life changer. I came in here about 5 months ago wanting to get in better shape and have gained so much more! Israel and Judith truly have a passion for what they do! They bring on incredible trainers like AJ who will push you to your limits but somehow allow you to believe that you still have more in you! They have changed my physical strength as well as my mental strength. I am so much more confident in myself and I know that with more work and effort I will reach all my fitness goals! I will recommend this place to friends, family, and complete strangers...IT'S THAT GOOD!!! Check them out, you won't be disappointed! More...


Mark S.

7 April 2015

I've been in and out of different gyms for many years and I have to say that this is easily one of the most complete experiences I have ever had.  Israel and Judith give you a "one-two punch" of knowledge that covers both training and nutrition.  They set up a comprehensive meal plan and put me to work.  Both of them who give you plenty of motivation and encouragement during each session.  This gym is more like a family, they take the time to get to know you and they truly care about your progress. I don't think I could ever go back to another gym because this one is just that good! More...


Jennifer M.

12 March 2015

LOVE Judith!  I won't lie, i forget the names of everyone else because she was my #1 person who helped me out. Don't get me wrong, everyone was helpful, friendly, and fun to talk to, but it just wouldn't be the same unless you heard Judith scream your name the second you walk in.  Really made you feel welcomed, and excited to be there. It is a small, rather modest gym that shares space with a therapy area, and a swimming lessons spot for kids, but you were able to relax and get working out easily. Pros: Friendly staff, great equipment, clean, and organized. Cons: I live in LA, so i would only work out after work (I work in Chino Hills), and sometimes I would be so brain dead that I wish i could just go after resting my eyes a bit. Still, I pushed through whenever I could, and went. But hey! There's a reason i chose them over a place closer to where i live!Anyway, I like them, and I think you will, too. More...


Amanda S.

19 February 2015

I should have reviewed this place much sooner!  My Fitness Zone has been a complete lifesaver for me.  Between lots of LA traffic and way too many hours at work, I was struggling to find any motivation to stay healthy and active.  The trainers here are a blast, and so are the people in my regular group.  It's honestly like going to the gym with your friends.I love that the group workouts are never more than 3 or 4 people, because we all get tons of encouragement and help from the trainers.  Workouts are never boring, and the time flies!  (OK, maybe time doesn't fly when you're planking, but other than that...)  Specific details: 1) They have a great variety of weight machines, free weights, and cardio equipment.  You'll never be stuck waiting for someone on a cell phone to get off the machine you want!  2) I did a lot of shopping around before I committed, and their price is in line with other small group training programs.  3) They accommodate small groups as well as personal training, which helps if you want a trainer but you're on a budget.  4) The trainers really are the best and know how to tailor a workout specific to goals. I'm definitely lucky I found Judith, Israel, Kyle, and Michael! More...


Hector G.

2 November 2014

I got the results I wanted.  The trainers are very knowledgable and professional. The gym is clean and the equipment is in new condition. You will have to do the work, but they will be there every step of the way to see you succeed. More...


Lorraine B.

18 March 2014

I'm being serious when I say this place has ruined all other gyms for me.The trainers are very personable and supportive, but not afraid to push you to your limits.  My husband and I had our 15-year old son start training with Judith a few years ago because she so impressed us with her knowledge and experience. Judith is not the kind of trainer who just counts reps while you exercise; she explains why you are doing a particular movement and really works with you to get the best from each exercise.  Our son is now 18 and actively competes in Martial Arts.  The trainers at My Fitness Zone are helping him reach his fitness goals while keeping him from the harm that comes from bad form and bad advice that is prevalent at so many gyms.  In October, I also started training with Judith.  I had only planned to tour the facility, but was so impressed by its cleanliness and space, I signed-up immediately.  It has now been almost 6 months, and I still love working out there.  There is every kind of equipment you could want and NO WAITING.  Best of all, there is usually a trainer on the floor, so you can always ask for help doing a difficult movement.  This is why I say this place has ruined all other gyms for me, and I'm so glad they did. :)I HIGHLY recommend this business, and would gladly share my little piece of fitness heaven. Hope to see you there. :) More...


Susan W.

12 October 2013

Had another great experience with Judith and Israel. Finally, actually went thru a full back workout with Judith and she is super strict and hard. I am a figure competitor so I'm no stranger to a tough workout but she really worked me out. It was a great experience cause even though I was struggling with some exercises she was just as supportive of me and encouraging as I had seen her be with her other clients. This was one of my top hardest and favorite workouts of all time. If you want a great workout and a great atmosphere in a training gym you need to come here. Thanks guys. More...


Bob Gordon

24 April 2011

This has been such a great experience for me. Sam is truly an amazing trainer and coach. He truly knows how to help you set and achieve goals. The toughest part for me losing weight is the mental side and Sam knows how to help. I have lost more weight than I ever thought possible at Fit Concepts. More...



14 April 2011

Fitness Concepts is a Chino Hills boot camp equipped with amazing state-of-the-art facilities geared toward your health and fitness goals. Guided by a Chino Hills personal trainer, you'll get fit to be fabulous in no time! bit.ly/9OMmDO More...



4 April 2011

The workouts are fun and never boring. Sam and his staff of trainers are so professional and create a positive enviroment for all of us to workout in. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is interested in working with a trainer.Me and my wife are so happy with the results that we are seeing from Fitness Concepts. More...



30 December 2010

Me and my wife are so happy with the results that we are seeing from Fitness Concepts. The workouts are fun and never boring. Sam and his staff of trainers are so professional and create a positive enviroment for all of us to workout in. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is interested in working with a trainer. More...



1 December 2010

My friend Jennifer has lost a lot of weight and I am so proud of her! She looks amazing and ever time I ask her she just smiles and says “Sam”. I thought it was like jenny Craig or something. Then she introduced me to her secret. Sam is the owner at this great gym in chino Fitness Concepts. I got a chance to go in and meeting the team. They are really fun and seem so focused on getting results. I was told about the 100% money back guarantee and I was blown away. I have never heard of a gym offer a guarantee. The facility was really clean and the trainers where not only beautiful in shape people, but really good people with great attitudes and motos on life and nutrition. The free nutrition info i got from just talking to them for a while was mind changing. Jen is down 45 lbs and she looks healthy. I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say keep up the good work! Anyone should check out Sam and his team. If i lived in that area i would sign up right away! Next time I am down I am going to see if I can join her for a training. More...



5 November 2008

I can't thank Sam and his entire staff enough. They have truly helped transform my body. I have lost 22lb in 43 days. I can't believe it myself. I am getting so much compliments at work and everywhere that I go. The entire staff is super friendly and the atmosphere is very positive. More...

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Our clients achieve their Health & Fitness goals through continuous accountability, regular measurements (every 2-4 weeks), nutritional counseling and support through our Health & Fitness Professionals and fellow members who are going through the process.

The secret to getting the body of your dreams is...(drum roll please)...CONSISTENCY! That is referred to in every aspect; workout regimen, nutrition, and accountability.

What we love best about what we do is being able to inspire and educate others to live a healthier lifestyle. The most fulfilling part of what we do is celebrating those milestones that get reached during their transformation: the weight loss, the inches lost, the muscle gain, the change in confidence, the transformation it took for that person to fall in love with the person they see in the mirror.

What inspired me to start my own business is the desire to help as many people as possible without any limitations or restraints.

Bark should choose us if you are looking for passionate people who are committed to you and your goals. They should choose us if they are looking for a place where they feel exclusive and where they feel they are a part of a family.