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Debra Family

29 October 2018

I attended a three hour workshop on a Saturday morning with Anthem Salgado...and I am not a morning person. Not only did I find it a worthy investment of my time for the practical advice but it provided an innovative approach to monetize everything in your life!


Lauren Bell

31 July 2018

I have been working w/Robert and his team as an execution and strategic resource for over 2 years. Aside from the final output of clean and professional video, his team understands the broader business implications. They are a source of expertise on the set for our clients, coaching the talent on how to look and speak their best. More...


Jane Taylor

1 July 2018

The team at MultiVision Digital was incredibly enthusiastic and easy to work with. The entire process from concept to final edit was a breeze and I couldn't be more relieved and happy with how our video turned out. We have been able to use their video content multiple times across all of our digital platforms, and have noticed a great jump in our membership sign ups since the videos went live. We are so glad we chose to make this investment as it has paid off in far greater ways than we could have even anticipated. Looking forward to capturing our business and community on film again in the near future, for further growth. Thank you, MultiVision! More...


S Kaur

1 July 2018

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with MultiVision Digital on our new product launch video. Robert has been extremely helpful.We would definitely recommend them and their services. More...


James Terminiello

27 May 2017

Consummate pros. Multivision quickly assesses what you want to accomplish and bursts with ideas on getting it done. They are top at coaxing the best "performance" out of their subjects.


Bradley Company

27 May 2016

Highly Recommend! Great group of people who make amazing content!


Jen Slaw

28 May 2015

Robert took the time to understand my business and hone in on the goals of my videos to determine how video content could be positioned to more effectively support lead generation, nurturing existing contacts & clients, and building a larger following. After only one consultation, he was able to offer simple, specific recommendations to improve the effectiveness of my existing videos, methods to track their reach, and ways to improve SEO. He is extremely generous, knowledgable and well-versed in what makes an integrated marketing strategy effective, and he offered insights that helped me begin to rethink the bigger picture of how video can convey my offerings in a dynamic and impactful way that results in action. More...


Neal J.

16 April 2015

Working with MultiVision on our new product video was a great experience. Robert and his team walked us through the different types of video we could create based on our specific goals; took the time to understand our market; and created a video that we are proud to use as our first point of contact with customers. Robert makes you feel like you and your project are his top priority and I look forward to working with them again. More...


Ron Fleming

28 May 2013

Robert really knows his stuff, and he does an excellent job of introducing business owners to why they would have to be brain-dead not to include video as some part of their overall marketing strategy. The case he lays out for video, in terms of it's recent growth, the number of consumers AND business decision makers who cite it as their preferred method of receiving information, and it's implications in SEO and spreading the message of your business, is strongly compelling. And the quality of his work is top notch. If you haven't already implemented a video marketing strategy for your business, then you owe it to your self to give Rovert and MultiVision digital a call. More...


Brian Grimmer

28 May 2013

MultiVision produced FitLinxx’s most recent promotion video. They did an excellent job for us, and were extremely easy to work with during the planning, filming and post-production phases of the project. From our first conversation they worked hard to become experts on our products, ensuring the video would tell the best story to help us attract new business. We are extremely happy with the final product and would highly recommend them to any business in need of a marketing or promotional video. –FitLinxx More...