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Muir Design

Brooklyn, New York, KINGS

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Muir Design logo

Muir Design

Brooklyn, New York, KINGS

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Muir Design is a New York graphic design studio that helps brands increase awareness and sales by aligning strategy, design and technology.

Owner Robbi Muir is a highly skilled Creative Director and Graphic Designer with more than 20 years of experience working with brands and agencies across multiple markets and industries.


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Faith Kinslow

20 August 2019

I have hired Robbi Muir for many projects including website development (design and implementation), logo design, and any time I have needed design expertise. Without hesitation. she is my first choice when I require an art director/graphics designer.

Robbi has a wonderful eye for design, is extremely conscientious and responsible, does more than she is asked to do, and delivers her work more quickly than I ever expect. She more than exceeds all my expectations. In fact, she is always my first choice when I need to hire an art director/graphic designer. She is always cooperative, willing and happy to make revisions. She also understands technology very well.

I have worked with Robbi as she created the design of entire websites, the logos, as well as the building of websites. Few graphic designers can do all that — and do it all well.

As an experienced copywriter who has worked closely with others who have the same title as Robbi, she stands out because, aside from her consummate skills, she is an absolute pleasure to work with.


Liz Schick

23 July 2018

Robbi does great work. So creative in creating marketing materials that work.


Robert Rock

23 July 2018

Robbi, it's been a while, but I enjoyed meeting with you and hope to work together soon. Great work!


Paula Barr

3 April 2018

Robbi Muir partners with you on ever aspect of your project - from the initial concept to completion. From vision to launch and publishing. Her mastery of design and digital applications is evident in her Branding and Design.
I recommend Muir Design for all your projects!!

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I like to engage the client early on in the process.
Ask a lot of questions to drill down to exactly what they are expecting from the designer.
I would start with preliminary sketches to map out my ideas—sometimes these are quickly assembled by hand or in the computer,
depending on the type of project. The client & I review the preliminary design and take a direction to phase two.
A 2nd review and further refinement is made. Usually two reviews are sufficient in order to arrive at a final design solution.

Describe the scope of the project—how many pages, is the written content available,
do you have images of photos that you want to use,
does the designer need to resource imagery, how will the final product be used?

It doesn't seem like work as I love design in all of its aspects.

I love the independence of being my own boss. I do not have to account to anyone's schedule except the client's schedule to have a project completed.
I can owrk from my home studio—there is no commute required.

I pay attention. I am easy to work with and I have an extensive insight into the nuances of graphic design.
I am reliable and always do a great job.



Logo design, brand style books, brand guidelines

Design of capability brochures, trifolds, bifolds and pamphlets.

Concept, design and build out of portfolio websites for professional service companies.

Original design for logos for professional service companies, solo entrepreneurs and business owners.

Unique and compelling design applied to the Powerpoint presentation that will make people pay attention.