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Moyer's Mobile Detailing

Vancouver, WA

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Moyer's Mobile Detailing

Vancouver, WA


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Dennis Moxley

24 March 2019

They did a fantastic job on our boat. The oxidation is gone, brought new life to the upholstery and the carpets are like new. They have the right tools, cleaners and motivation to get the job done. Give them a try, you will not be disappointed. More...


Karen Fritzke

9 March 2019

Did great job


Megan Mulsoff

6 January 2019

Austin is professional and thorough. My car had become a dumping site for my work as I began a demo project on my new home. The dirt had gotten beyond my ability to keep at bay and so I sent the rig to Moyer’s Mobile Detailing. I only requested an interior cleaning (it’s winter time in the NW) and the seats, floor and dash came back impeccably clean. I love that it smells clean and not chemical. I had gone the extra mile to clean out all of my belongings, but of course missed a handful of items stashed under a back seat. Austin wrapped them up and returned them to their rightful place after cleaning was finished. It was nice to have a trustworthy technician care for my belongings.
Minor spots were overlooked (glove compartment and a small center console), but Austin was more than willing to clean them for me once I let him know. It was trivial, and after he had dropped my car off at my door and I saw the job he had done, it seemed silly to swing back to for those tiny remedies.
Overall excellent customer service and I would recommend him to anyone.


Ben Simcox

26 October 2018

Austin was as thorough in his auto detail skills as he is professional in his business dealings. Absolutely would work with him in the future and happy to recommend him.


Amanda Bo-Banda ! Nguyen

27 April 2018

If you want someone that knows his stuff about cars, then Austin at Moyer's Mobile Detail is your guy! He really pays attention to the small fine details and uses all quality supplies to help your car increase the lifespan of your vehicles paint job and make it look just as new as it did in the show room at the dealership! With Austin, you can always expect every inch of your vehicle, interior and exterior, to be spotless, waxed, buffed, protected, etc. And the best part about this business is with it being mobile, you can leave it in the parking lot of your work or home in your driveway or wherever, and find it sparkly clean and spotless when you return to it. Austin always goes above and beyond... I highly recommend Austin at Moyers Mobile Detail to anyone looking to get high quality service for their cars/vehicles! My rugs and seats in my car had years of stains and he got practically every stain out, looking almost brand new! I was very pleased, no to mention impressed. I didn't think you could remove stains Like that More...

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