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Lynn Mitchem

28 December 2018



Jim Erickson

29 October 2018

You wrote a review for Movement Revolution’s Neuro Intensive Training Center26 minutes ago5.0 star rating10/4/2018I had heard that exercise was as good as medicine when treating the symptoms of Parkinson's, so I signed up for a month (all payment plans that I have seen are 30 days or 10 sessions - no long term commitments). One month was all it took to get me hooked. I feel great after each session and kept renewing, month after month.There are about a dozen people - men, and women - in our group, and on an average day eight or nine show up. The main theme of the sessions is boxing, but don't be fooled by the name. We do a lot of stretching, flexibility, balance exercises and cardio besides punching the bags. No slugging it out with another person. We work with basketballs, medicine balls, ropes, dumbbells, step-up benches among other things.I have been a client of MR for 14 months. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 10 years ago, and I found Movement Revolution through a newspaper article.During that time Daisy has been our group's session leader. She is an accomplished trainer with years of experience - and it shows. For each session she plans a fresh workout - never boring, always challenging. Her hard nosed approach may be due in part her family life growing up. She describes the way her older brother taught her to swim by just taking her to the deep water and throwing her in. She has the kind of toughness that you see when athletic girls acquire when they have all brothers - no sisters. Toughness with compassion - always there to help those people who might be struggling.The Deerfield gym has modern equipment and plenty of parking. It uses only a fraction of the space; there are 4 full basketball courts that share the facility. I rate this wonderful place 5 stars. More...


rick mazursky

27 May 2018

I really enjoy my group sessions with Eric Johnson and his very capable team. They are all skilled in providing the best training in a safe, caring, enthusiastic way . These worthwhile sessions are held in a well equipped facility which helps in providing great variation in our workouts. I highly recommend this training opportunity. More...


Susan Frenzel

27 May 2018

At Movement Revolution I box three times a week. Because of this I enjoy wonderful well-being, improved coordination and balance. Rock Steady Boxing and the Neuro Fight Club are my salvation from the fatigue, stiffness and depression that accompany Parkinson's Disease. While there is no cure (yet), boxing has reversed many of my symptoms. Movement Revolution also provides a comforting sense of community and friends while I am fighting back against PD with my inspiring fellow boxers. The staff--Eric, Laura, Daisy and Olivia--are all top notch. More...


Rick Davis

27 May 2018

Proof is in the pudding as the saying goes ... I was diagnosed with Parkinson's three years ago. My neurologist, who I see every four months, uses the Uniform Parkinson's Rating Scale to assess the progression of the disease ... The lower one's score the better. Before I started Rock Steady Boxing with Eric and his crew, my doctor gave me a score of 36. After just four months of participating in Rock Steady Boxing, my doctor rated me 28 ... eight points better. He attributes my progress directly to my exercise. If you have Parkinson's disease, I would highly recommend Eric Johnson and his Rock Steady Boxing program! More...

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