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Hava Kelman

28 March 2019

Lev is the best physical therapist I know. He actually was able to fix my lower back problem, an issue I had for more than 10 years. He is a true professional - extremely knowledgable, curios, caring and above all a super nice guy. I can’t say enough about him, he really made a big impact on my life. Thank you Lev More...


Michael Wu

28 December 2018

Lev seems to have an uncanny superpower to see inside moving anatomical structures. After many years of chronic left heel where simply walking around the block was painful, I've thrown away my orthotics since Lev got me to the point of climbing the rocks in Central Park and then walking down to Chinatown.


Daniela F

29 September 2018

I’ve been to a physical therapy practice, it treated two patients at once and did not supervise you while doing the exercises. Needless to say, I won’t be going there again. I booked an appontment with Dr. Mike, who is GREAT! He takes his time, ensures you are doing the exercises properly, and works on effective exercises for your specific injuries. I highly recommend him, he’s one creative PT. More...


Dan K.

22 August 2018

After months of chronic back issues the pain became too great for me to exercise or play golf which is a personal hobby and important for my business practice.  I was referred to Dr. Lella by a friend of mine who gave him glowing reviews and within 10 min of my first meeting I knew why.  He accurately diagnosed me and started to show me basic stretches and exercises.  As time went on I learned more and more.  Within a month I was back on the golf course pain free.  I cannot thank Dr. Lella enough for the time he spent with me.  He is an extraordinary listener, kind, patient, and caring.  Dr. Lella not only helped cure my back issues but taught me how to prevent the issue from returning (a rare thing in his field). If you are looking for a physical therapist you have found the right place.  Thank you Dr. Lella. More...



27 May 2018

I recommend Lev with all my heart. I had an extreme pain in my neck due to C5 herniated disc, after trying many Physical therapists who only made me feel worse, I was extremely lucky to find Lev. I was sure I’ll never be able to cure my problem. But Lev figured out the right treatment for me and he literally saved my life. Now I’m pain free and I am back to normal. He is the best physical therapist I ever seen, incredibly knowledgeable and I highly recommend him. More...


Jenny Trang

27 May 2018

Lev (and Movement Minded Physiotherapy) is AMAZING!! I came with an old shoulder injury (mostly a partially torn rotator cuff) which I've irritated over and over again doing different physical activities. Having done regular PT in the past, nothing really made it better for the long term. Pairing Lev's unique PT skills with some growth factor therapy and prolotherapy, I'm now on my way back to be stronger than ever! Lev is such a patient problem solver and really wanted to get to the root of the issue. He peeled back the layers and looked at how everything was connected in my body because as we know, it's never just an isolated issue and every body is different. We did "weird" (as Lev calls them) exercises I've never done before and I'm so happy we did! Forget the same old rotator cuff exercises every other PT has me doing. I felt SO much better and I'm back to do doing everything I love! MIRACLE. I recommend Lev and MMP highly. I will continue to go back for tune ups/future needs and send referrals his way :) THANK YOU, LEV!!! More...


Jenny T.

2 May 2018

Lev (and Movement Minded Physiotherapy) is AMAZING!! I came with an old shoulder injury (mostly a partially torn rotator cuff) which I've irritated over and over again doing different physical activities. Having done regular PT in the past, nothing really made it better for the long term. Pairing Lev's unique PT skills with some growth factor therapy and prolotherapy, I'm now on my way back to be stronger than ever! Lev is such a patient problem solver and really wanted to get to the root of the issue. He peeled back the layers and looked at how everything was connected in my body because as we know, it's never just an isolated issue and every body is different. We did "weird" (as Lev calls them) exercises I've never done before and I'm so happy we did! Forget the same old rotator cuff exercises every other PT has us doing. I felt SO much better and I'm back to do doing everything I love! MIRACLE. I recommend Lev and MMP highly. I will continue to go back for tune ups/future needs and send referrals his way :) THANK YOU, LEV!!! More...


Juan Ignacio S.

1 April 2018

Helped me a lot with 2 different injuries, one recent, the other from a surgery on the arm.With his help I regained quite a lot of range of motion on the arm and I believe it will keep getting better with the exercises he gave me.Very thorough, highly recommended.


Desiree A.

27 February 2018

Michael is the best physical therapist I've ever been fortunate enough to work with.  In July of 2017, I dislocated my right elbow and it was by far the most traumatic injury I've ever experienced.  After weeks in a cast I started PT at NYU Langone Health Center thinking that I would receive the best treatment available.  Unfortunately I found the staff had little time (25 minutes at most after heat and ice) to spend on my serious injury.  A friend recommended Movement Minded because they actually dedicate a full 90 minutes of their undivided attention to your injury.  I walked into Michael's office not being able to move my arm, emotional, and somewhat hopeless.  A few months later, I walked out having regained FULL range of motion -- a degree of recovery even my Orthopedic doctor said was unlikely.  I truly believe that I could not have made such a miraculous recovery without Michael's expertise, support and patience throughout months of therapy.  I'd recommend Michael to any family member or friend and if you have any doubts just give him a call to chat about it.  Seriously you won't regret picking Movement Minded!! More...


S G.

16 February 2018

Over the last four years Lev has helped my mom, my husband, and I with longstanding pain. I would trust him to work on my toddler (though I hope to not find myself in that situation).At 29, I first saw Lev back in 2014 with debilitating back pain from a horseback riding injury, duck feet, and long hours of sitting at work. At the time I first saw him I was in pain in spite of being on a very strong dose of Naproxen. I was off medication after just 4 sessions with Lev and have been off medication since. 1.5 years later, the pain came back when I was living in Philadelphia and became pregnant. When I saw no improvement after going through multiple sessions of therapy in Philadelphia, I came to New York to see Lev (yes, only to see him!). Within a few sessions, my pain was gone and I went through my pregnancy and one year post partum without pain (even while regularly wearing my daughter in a baby carrier!). Fast forward four years to 2018, I am now strong enough to run around with my 2 year old and enjoy a very active lifestyle. Over the last two years, Lev has helped me re fix a ton of things that fell apart again when I had a c-section. I am now regularly running and doing activities that other doctors once told me were out of my league. I am living the life I want to as I am confident that Lev will fix me if I break again.Re my mom and husband:- My husband injured his knee from playing squash. Before seeing Lev he had been going for physical therapy once a week for over 3 months. Within a few sessions, he was able to play again without pain and now needs to see Lev only once in a while. - My mom injured her shoulder from carrying my daughter right after she was born. Lev was able to bring her pain down significantly after just 2 sessions. Since she lives in India, he coached her on exercises she could do herself to remain pain free (which thankfully she has). It won't be an over statement if I tell you that saying 'You need to see Lev' is a almost *reflex* action for me every time someone complains about pain. I cannot recommend Lev highly enough!! More...


Scott C.

28 December 2016

These guys are the experts! I've been to other physical therapists and osteopathic doctors for my sports related injuries in the past. None came close to the relief I've received here.    My jaw started hurting out of the blue, and got worse until I was having trouble eating. I had a hard time figuring out what type of specialist to see about the problem. As the dentist, ENT, and primary care doctor were all closed, I resorted to urgent care. After an unproductive visit (where they just prescribed me pain meds and guaranteed it would resolve on it's on), I went to see Lev. He put in the time and found the culprit muscles that were spasming. He loosened them up and gave me exercises to do at home. I left the office feeling immediate relief and was able to open my mouth again!   Don't waste your time going anywhere else for what's ailing your body. These guys will find the root cause of your troubles and help you understand your body. More...


Sameer M.

29 October 2016

Lev is the best - he helped me recover from extreme tightness in my lower back and hamstrings that had been bothering me for several months after a back surgery.I like that this is not a regular PT, but PT with a focus on motion and how to get muscles to move with the right form. I think that has been instrumental in getting me back on track.Highly recommended! More...


Brian A.

30 September 2016

Background: I'm 26 and I've always loved running and playing sports. I played through my foot and back pain for 10+ years, but in my mid-twenties, I was seriously inhibited from doing the activities that I love. No running, no tennis, no sports. Right before I started seeing Lev, it actually hurt to walk more than 5-10 blocks. Over the years, I've tried every orthotic known to man and consulted many doctors and surgeons who could not provide a cure.Lev guided me to the cure. Yesterday, I ran 3.5 miles with no pain (which is actually a miracle) and that distance is increasing every week. Last month on vacation, I completed a 5-hour hike up a volcano in Guatemala. In short, I can again do the things I love.I could probably end the review here, but this review is about more than Lev helping me improve the quality of the rest of my life. Lev has something rare in the medical world: he is genuine. He truly wants you to feel better so you don't have to continue going into his office. He develops a true connection with your symptoms and is determined to find the cure. I couldn't speak more highly of Lev. If you're considering a PT, don't look any further. More...


Brooke M.

6 April 2016

When it comes to physical therapy, I promise you won't find better than Movement Minded! I have been to several other physical therapists and have never had great results or full recovery until I found Lev. I have seen him for about a year now for various issues: rotator cuff impingement, knee pain, tendonitis, ankle sprains, etc.--honestly whenever I'm in pain. Lev really takes the time to listen to you, and to look at your entire body in order to find the CAUSE for your pain and from there, work to correct whatever is going on. There is no: "ice it, rest it, and take some ibuprofen", which is what you typically hear from other practitioners. I have come in with nagging, constant pain and come out of only 1 session feeling brand new. Trust me, if you're experiencing pain, 1 hour with this Lev and his team will completely change your world. I am a personal trainer and a highly active person. Being at my best is crucial for me and there is no one I trust more! More...


Katya H.

16 November 2015

I can't count the times where a friend has complained about an injury and I respond with "You gotta go see Lev!" Movement Minded is awesome and I truly believe I would be less healthy, less active, and less comfortable in my body if it weren't for Lev and his practice.I've seen Lev for years, both as a strength and conditioning coach and as a physical therapist. Practicing breakdance, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be very rough on the body and Lev has kept me from being a total idiot and taught me to take care of myself. I've seen him for: back/hip pain from Jiu Jitsu, a wrist sprain, and chronic shin splints. Also, most recently, I've been working with Lev throughout my pregnancy to stay strong and safe. I'm currently 8 months pregnant and I still feel like an athlete thanks to Movement Minded PhysioTherapy! More...


Edward L

12 November 2015

Dr. Lev Borukhov and Dr. Mike Lella are excellent physical therapists who not only spend 1 hour privates to treat you, but they find the time outside of your appointed schedule to followup with you! They not only treat the symptoms, but they find solutions to what's causing you to come in in the first place. Highly recommended and quite honestly the best physical therapists in NYC imo! More...


Dorim L.

30 May 2015

Choosing to go here was the best decision I ever made.  After reading through yelp and zocdoc, I made an appointment and was assigned to Mike Lella.  We worked together for a little over a month where I met him twice a week to get rid of this chronic pain I had in my hip due to my foot tendonitis.  What started out as pain from the foot traveled to behind my knee, lower back and left hip.  I had to cut my therapy short since I left my job.  It's been 2 months since I last saw him and the pain on my hip has healed nicely.  Mike was so patient in taping up my legs and back with every new pain I've told him about while I saw him.  He was also like my therapist where I unloaded all my stresses while we worked together.  I'm extremely happy that my chronic pain has gone away and it was all due to Mike.  Definitely go if you're suffering from any physical pain. More...


John R.

27 August 2014

I have nothing bad to say about my experience at Movement Minded. This was a truly special medical experience. Lev, my trainer, was unreal from a technical and an emotional perspective. Not only was he adept at healing and understanding the body, excellent at giving home exercise tips, and up to date on the latest journals and medical research, but he truly cared. In a world of PTs who put you on passive therapy and wait for you to heal, Lev is the complete opposite. His bedside manner is top notch, he really talks you out through all your post-op anxiety, lays out a recovery plan, and keeps you updated on your progress and what you should be feeling through-out the process. I went to my doctor for my 6 week checkup and he described my state as a "miracle recovery", I'm sure part of that is due to good genes, my own work, and luck, but one thing that is true is that my recovery was no "miracle", it seemed like par for the course with Lev. He was assertive in his therapy and hard working without being overly optimistic; he kept pushing me as hard as I could without risking harm to my body. Because of Lev's 100% commitment to my health, I'm back to crushing it at life and feeling like some resemblance of my former self...after what was a pretty devastating and disheartening injury and surgery. Thanks to Lev and the whole team at Movement Minded, I was able to almost fully recover from a significant labral tear and SLAP Surgery in a little more than 2 months. It's hard to express the level of gratitude I have for his service. You won't see a better physical trainer or human being. He'll be getting free drinks for life from me. More...


Tony B.

10 June 2014

Lev is so extremely conscious about your wellness and very friendly and patient about your deep understanding of movement minded therapy.  Everyone asks how I'm on the best shape of my life (3x a week gym max. ((Does any busy ny'er really want to be there more?). LEV gave me the tools for extreme core strength to alleviate my back spasms.  I'm cured now and my body looks great.  Lev is a genius. More...


Buck W.

30 May 2014

I'm historically apprehensive about PTs. Mostly they've been a waste of time- hooking me to a machine and sending me on my way after 15 minutes, telling me to do really basic, unhelpful exercises, or just telling me to stop deadlifting / squatting altogether. Mostly I figured my body would heal itself with or without a PT.Lev gives you an hour of undivided attention. He helped me with a nagging hip problem that I've had for years that was preventing me from squatting as heavy as I needed. He's also helped me with a back sprain and misaligned 1st rib that's been pretty debilitating lately.It's awesome to get this level of service and expertise, and to actually get real results. Can't recommend it enough. More...


Thaddeus Collins

28 May 2014

I have had a few longstanding and niggling injuries that I neglected for a while. I never thought of seeing a physical therapist. Fight Physical Therapy made it clear that I would take an active role in my own recovery and they would help push me to that goal. Once I talked with Lev, I was immediately impressed that he had researched my injuries and developed a unique plan for my rehabilitation. He also understood my limitations but was firm with encouraging me so I did not doubt myself and could recover as fast (but as properly) as possible.Most of all, with a busy work schedule, Lev and Fight Physical Therapy were extremely flexible with scheduling appointments and I did not feel like I was being herded into a time that worked for him and not me. I would strongly recommend Fight Physical Therapy for your recovery needs. More...


Jason Wang

28 May 2014

If you need to get back on your feet, you MUST go to Fight Physical Therapy! I've gone here on two separate occasions: Once for my knee (torn meniscus), and once for my lower back/hip (seized hip flexor). Both times, after just a couple sessions, I've felt 100% and can get back to my life. pain free.Lev, the physical therapist, is the most knowledgeable and friendliest person you'll meet. He'll work with you and design exercise routines catered specifically to your needs. He'll work with you one-on-one during your sessions, show you how to properly exercise and strengthen those areas, and offer advice on how to prevent future injuries. More...


Maksim Tabachnik

28 May 2014

After years of my dealing with shoulder instability and impingement issues, Lev helped me eliminate pain and got me into a sustainable program of building strength within just a few months. I had been to many PT clinics before, but I never got this much personal attention and targeted advice and training for my specific athletic goals. Lev's emphasis on full-body functional exercises as opposed to isolated exercises made a huge difference in my speed of recovery. At first I was nervous about going out-of-network, but Lev was very easy to work with and took care of all of the billing-related work and interfacing with my insurance company. I cannot recommend Lev highly enough. More...


Lior Genzel

28 May 2014

After years of seeing quite a lot of physical therapists without getting real results I met Dr. Lev Borukhov at fight physical therapy and was amazed how quickly the longed for breakthrough was finally achieved!! One on one treatment, huge knowledge, uncompromising dedication, result driven and great passion. Easy to recommend to any one you care about!! More...


Kevin G.

26 May 2014

For the past 5 months I've been dealing with neck/upperback pain. I went to a couple chiropractors and one really difficult chiro/physical therapist. As cliche as it sounds, I was desperate. I'm leaving on Wednesday to spend 2 months in Turkey and was scared that I would have to deal with this pain while I was abroad. About two weeks ago I decided to switch Physical Therapists to Lev. Needless to say his diagnosis was completely different from my previous physical therapist. He identified that my problem wasn't my neck, but my shoulder blades. We worked on strengthening those muscles at same time as mobility exercises. In addition, he uses several methods to work out those irritated and painful spots. In the past, I thought Chiros were the way to go, but now I know physical therapy for me is so much more helpful for the long term. I'm so thankful for my colleagues recommendation. in 2 1/2 weeks Lev worked what seems like a miracle. I'm now ready for my trip to Turkey. Please give Lev a shot if you've been dealing with similar issues and chiros haven't done the trick. More...


Edward Y.

9 May 2014

I'm an incorrigible cynic and nihilist at heart. I have trouble believing in the beauty of life, art, music, or people. But I believe in Lev and Movement Minded PhysioTherapy.A lifetime of martial arts, gymnastics, competitive breakdancing, and professional roughhousing with my guy pals has left my body in shambles. I have a handful of nagging pains resulting from reckless self-diagnoses and mistreatments. I've come to take a lot of these aches and pains as a normal part of my life. On a bit of a whim (and the fact that my new company has great health insurance), I decided to pay Lev a visit. I was skeptical at first, but at the end of my first session Lev managed to relieve a great deal of my neck pain. After the second session where Lev treated my plantar fasciitis, I walked out of the room feeling like Dorothy after she lands in Oz. I've been living my whole life in black and white, and Lev has returned color where it once was missing.Lev is an incredible therapist who truly cares about his patients, and loves the puzzles held by the body and physical movement. You couldn't ask for a better PT professional to help you recover. Highly recommended! More...


Andrew L.

15 April 2014

Movement Minded PhysioTerapy is where you need to go for your rehabilitation needs.The office space at Movement Minded Physiotherapy is spotlessly clean, cozy and organized. For about 2-3 weeks ago, I've been experiencing back pain. The pain was so terrible...so debilitating that I had to take an immediate leave from work. Prior to meeting with Lev, I've received a few sessions from a chiropractor, an acupuncturist and a Physical Therapist. Although I would say the previous practitioners reduced the level of pain, none provided quite the relief that Lev did. Is Lev a magician? Absolutely not. Lev B, DPT, truly understand the anatomy & physiology of the human bodies and applies therapeutic techniques that work. The approach is direct and effective--Because Lev is knowledgeable and receptive to feedback he is able to tailor my session exactly to my specific needs and no time is wasted. I can finally press the resume button in life. More...


Dana D.

29 November 2013

Lev is the best. After years of problems, he taught me how to manage a chronic knee issue and got me running again. Since May, I've been racing and even did my first triathlon in Sept. I lost the 10-15lbs that injury allowed to creep on and I'm back to my fighting (running) weight. After 4 yrs of on and off PT at other places, I got the help I needed from Lev. Go see him! He knows what he's doing. More...


Zach D.

24 September 2013

Lev is an awesome PT. I broke my ulna in a Muay Thai match and required surgery. Lev managed to get me back up and running in no time. I can't recommend Fight PT enough!


joc h.

23 September 2013

Lev the PT there is awesome!  I've had a bad back for years, and finally decided to see a PT.  Lev took the time to find the problem areas. He is super knowledgeable and really cares about not only fixing the short term problem but we also discussed what i needed to do to take care of my back for the long term.  He sent me videos focusing on strengthening my core and back as well as showed me exercises that would also help my back. Ive been to a few PTs and Lev has by far been the best!! More...

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