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Mottern Institute for Mind-Body Wellness offers a variety of psychological services:

Psychotherapy using Choice Theory/Reality Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (including cognitive restructuring, diaphragmatic breathing, mindfulness meditation, and guided visualization)



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The aspect of my job I love most is helping people who are in pain, physical or psychological, heal and become fully functioning individuals.

Running my own business without the interference of insurance allows me to work with the client at the client's own pace. People come to therapy at different stages of readiness for change. Change is often a frightening process. People want to change but find it a challenging undertaking. Sometimes, it takes time to develop a therapeutic alliance and feel safe enough to venture into unknown behavioral territory. That being said, some issues are resolved with hypnosis in 1-3 sessions through teaching clients the self-hypnosis process.

Dr, Mottern is a practicing therapist with over 15 years of experience helping individuals with behavioral change. He also teaches graduate psychology courses, understanding not only techniques in the therapeutic process but also the theory that makes them work.