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I am a Pennsylvania based graphic designer specializing in logo design & website design. With over 18 years in the industry I strive to complete the highest quality work for each and every one of my clients. The process is the core of my design.


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Tina Re Browning

23 July 2018

Alison designed my logo, and I absolutely love it! It was so easy to work with her, she is very patient and highly collaborative, and brings great energy to the project. I'm looking forward to working with her on future projects! More...


Kaylon Copus Pike

23 July 2018

Extremely easy to work with. Awesome customer service and she really cared about making our logo exactly like we wanted. No matter how many emails I bombarded her with. More...


David Peppers Jr.

23 July 2018

Alison you are simply amazing! The time and effort you put in to capture our mission is amazing. We are greatly appreciative for your awesome work and time going back and forth to come up with the final product!!!!!!! We love it!


Sandra Waidell

5 September 2017

Needed a project done in a hurry and it was not only completed on time, but I was offered
three different "finished product" options. Affordable, professional and courteous service. Great job!


Jennifer Fredrich

5 September 2017

Alison is a wonderful artist and is very flexible working with you on your vision. One unique aspect she provides is a higher knowledge of digital technology which was incredibly helpful getting my business up and running. She's experienced and savvy and you'll definitely benefit from utilizing her services. More...

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Questions like existing brand colors, specific imagery you might have in mind, etc for logo design. For websites it's how many pages, what features are you looking for, etc.

I can design and print business cards, flyers, brochures, vinyl banners, magazine ads, mailers. Everything from standard sizes to die cut specialty items.


I take the time to get to know your company, brand, market consumers and competition. This means communicating with you, asking questions and suggesting game changing ideas.


Before any project begins, an estimate and an agreement stating work terms has to be approved. For graphic design clients, once approved and 50% of the deposit has been paid, the project begins*.


After preliminary research, client information and a creative process, I will create concepts. These start as rough sketch drafts are re then turned into graphic designs.


Once approved, finals payment is due. Files will be provided via email in a zip file. Please note, client is responsible for proofing all concepts prior to approval for spelling and to verify all information is correct.

*For website design, once the contract is signed, payment terms are as follows: 30% deposit upon contract acceptance, 30% on approval of Photoshop document of final design, 30% on approval of HTML/CSS files of final website, 10% balance due when site goes live.

To begin we need the logo/web design questionnaire, contract and deposit. Then we're all set to get started!

I've been interested in art and design my entire life. I can't imagine doing anything else! Being able to take a client's thoughts and ideas and turn them into a finished product is an amazing feeling.

After years in the corporate world working for companies like Pearson, Insight, and U-Haul, I knew being a freelance designer was where my heart is at. With a strong background in UX/UI Design and a home grown graphic designer for the last 18+ years I knew supporting my clients directly was the best decision. I allow my clients to focus on what's important in their business by taking care of their design needs.

The process is the core of my design. My ultimate goal is to provide the client with a memorable experience and a successful project.



Designs starting from $195

Websites starting at $1,500