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Savannah Sarmento

27 January 2019

Moo tattoo was amazing! Super reasonably priced, clean shop, and the artist went above and beyond to make my bouquet super detailed! Favorite tattoo yet! Thank you!


Anna R.

28 November 2018

Got my first two tattoos done here, and they’re still looking great! Would definitely come back for more.


Alexis Lehr

27 May 2018

I was genuinely surprised to see such bad reviews....I stopped in today (10/20/17) for a quick walk-in and everyone was super nice. The tattoo was drawn up and done in less than 45 minutes. Super clean and professional. I think it's a great place to go for a quick tattoo if you're in the area. More...


Jake McHenry

27 May 2018

I always wanted a tattoo but wasn't sure how to go about getting my idea made into one. Went in and talked to Zack. He's a wonderful artist that drew up my tattoo and next thing I knew I had one! Great job!


jenna spiegel

27 May 2018

Love my tattoo! Everyone at the shop was nice and their stories are hilarious! Got a watercolor tattoo from Noah and he was helpful through the whole process and got me in within the time I was in Philadelphia on vacation. Can't wait for my next tat


Lauren Hapeman

27 May 2018

i liked this place! went in during a David Bowie tattoo event and love the design. Bash is really great and the other artists were also nice. Someone at the shop has a great taste in music. Overall, a positive experience. More...


Jonathan Michael Boultinghouse

27 May 2018

Went there about a year ago to get two of my tattoos fixed/finished. I forget who I had do them but man he did an amazing job they look great and the guys there were good respectful people. Had everything done for me in less than 2 hours. Thanks guys. More...


Ian McLean

27 May 2018

Decided to book an appointment for the eagles tattoo promo they were having. Walked into a clean studio where both guys were very friendly. My tattoo artist Noah was courteous and patient and did an excellent job. A promotion might have brought me there but I’ll be going back in the future for sure. Don’t listen to the BS fake reviews. More...


Dan B.

17 April 2018

This all started with a well-placed Facebook ad. I'd been toying with the idea of getting another tattoo, when I saw a post for their Friday the 13th special. I emailed with a design I had in mind and got an answer immediately. All I had to do was book an appointment, so I did.I got to the shop at 7:45 before my 8:00 appointment. Considering it was the last day of their special, there were still some people waiting. Around 8:30 my artist double checks what I wanted, come to find out the design I emailed didn't get to him. No problem, I'm sure they were super busy all weekend.My artist was a guy named Bash. Once he cleaned up from his last client, he started drawing my design stencil and made sure I got some food while he was drawing since it would take a while. I came back from pizza and we started.My only thing close to a complaint is that I emailed saying  I wanted my tattoo on the inside of my right calf, but was told the promotion was for outsides of legs or arms. Not really a problem, I just wish I had been told this earlier. So I asked for above my right ankle.Bash brought everything I wanted to a clear reality and made the process extremely easy and (mentally) pain free. His artwork is stunning and he was a cool guy to talk to. Another artist was in the shop at that time too, who was really pleasant as well. I wasn't rushed, I was treated well, and they made everything work almost exactly as I'd hoped.If I decide to get another tattoo, I'll gladly go back to Moo. More...


Julia D.

25 February 2018

This is my second time being tattooed at this shop. It is super clean and the people tattooing are incredibly nice. Noah, the owner, tattooed my husband and Bash tattooed me. They were both really nice and accommodating especially because we just walked in right as they were opening. Thank you so much for the great tattoo! I will be back. More...


Laura M.

14 October 2017

Had a great experience for their Friday the 13th special yesterday. I was happy to reserve a spot ahead of time rather than wait in a long line. The staff was extremely busy but still courteous. Zach did a great job on my tattoo and was extremely personable. I would recommend the shop and Zach to anyone looking for a quality tattoo. More...


Kristen M.

21 August 2017

Great place, great people, great tattoo. I am very happy with it and the promotional price was too good to pass up. Would definitely recommend this place to others.


Kai Y.

16 May 2017

I've had two tattoos done at this location by Noah. The first was a quote on my left inner bicep and the other is a date above the crease in my right arm - the "elbow pit", if you will. Both times, Noah was super professional and seemed very focused on his work. We didn't talk much during either session, but I don't mind that. I say that because the artist who did my first tattoo (he's at a completely different shop unaffiliated with Moo Tattoo) kept chatting with his coworker, but grew annoyed if I contributed anything to conversation or asked a question. Later, I realized the artist had actually MISSED some shading in my tattoo and left empty spaces that weren't supposed to be. So, I actually prefer someone who may not speak as much - in this case, Noah didn't miss out on any details and it definitely showed in my tattoos. It also didn't take forever to complete them since he was so focused on his work. Truly appreciate that - considering these will be on my body forever. More...


Heather D.

19 February 2017

Busy shop located on South Street so expect a fair amount of walk in business or folks coming in to ask questions about tattoos. Moo is a what I would describe as a very traditional tattoo studio.  There is zero tolerance for ignorance and stupidity.  For the over-cuddled millenial types, this may seem "unprofessional" or "mean"  What Moo offers are solid artists who are true professionals who all adhere to a code of ethics which means customers can expect to get very good work in a clean and professional environment.  My artist is no longer at Moo but another artist who's done work on me now works here.  I will be back and I will have more work done here.  These guys will tell you up front if what you want isn't going to work well.  It may not be what you want to hear but any artist who is a true professional will be honest about those "pins" that make it seem like tiny tattoos are all the rage.  Folks.  This is a solid shop.  Good isn't cheap and cheap isn't good.  That said, Moo is a reasonable shop.  I highly recommend coming here, whether your tattoo is going to be smaller or you plan to have more involved work done. More...


Bill M.

29 January 2017

For Review 1300 I'm going to give it up to the place that made my first tattoo a reality!For close to 2 decades my first tattoo has been something the I had completely over thought with complicated design after random art and pop culture ideas that I have a limited scope of connection with currently. It finally got the point were I hd just decided to go with something simple that played toward my favorite holiday (youtu.be/UlaFe66MrTI). So when I saw that Moo Tattoo had their special tattoo deal for Halloween, I knew it was the time to go and have my first taste of the ink. Especially since it gave me the chance to get a tattoo from someone I knew I wanted to work with.For a few years Noah has been a good drinking buddy at Tattooed Mom, and I've shared many good conversations about art, south philly, and cats. And I've especially marveled over things like the watercolor tattoos that he's done. So between that and the praise that people like Jenna C. gave for Moo handling people getting their first tattoo, I knew it was the spot to go to.With there being a holiday flash special all weekend the shop was crowded beyond belief. But Noah and his crew managed to accommodate above and beyond, and even took some design requests within reason of what fit the size requirements. With it being all hollows eve there were plenty of ghosts, skulls, witches, and other spooky designs that were relevant to my interests. But I opted to go with a black cat in respect to Tippy Moo Cat (RIP! - facebook.com/TippyMooCat), and Noah's sabretooth kitty, Mort. After a successful first tattoo Noah provided me with some spot on cleaning and care suggestions, and even made sure to send a follow up on it.With a first tattoo marked on the books, it goes without saying that I have acquired the itch for more. and with awesome service and spot on artists, Moo is definitely going to be a spot that I go to for at least a couple more! More...


Pola K.

14 November 2015

Just got a tattoo and the experience was way better than I expected. I was just visiting Philly for 2 days and the crew was always in touch and interest in help me. Mark dos my tattoo and he got right away what I wanted. I showed him my idea and let him do his magic and he did something wonderful. Definitely coming back. More...


Dena L.

24 September 2015

Johnny is the best.  He is incredibly talented and as a bonus, he is one of the coolest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.  I will be back.


Kym B.

16 March 2015

Stopped by Moo on Friday the 13th for their special they provide on that day. $13 flash tattoos, you can't beat that deal!There was a small crowd exactly at 2:00 when they opened, we were able to pick out our tattoos, fill out our forms and get on the list!Johnny and Noah had their hands full with customers and a ringing phone. They handled everyone professionally and with a sense of humor. My wife and daughter were tattooed by Johnny and I choose Noah because well, I like his work and he is awesome. They both worked quickly and our tattoos were great. The shop is clean and styled with cows everywhere.  It's really cool. Will I be returning?  You bet!  I won't let anyone else tattoo me. More...


Sharon S.

5 January 2015

I was a walk-in with my friend, we came in to get a matching tattoo for our friend who had passed away. We only had an idea of what we wanted to get but hadn't had a sketch. Johnny was able to take our idea and put it on paper within a few minutes. It came out great and we were both very pleased with the result so we decided to go ahead and get the tattoos done. Both turned out incredible and I was so, so happy to have gotten it done so I'd be able to remember my friend forever. Although we had only gotten black ink and an outline, collectively it took only about an hour to get everything done. Very speedy, efficient, and well-done. I took off one star because our artist, Johnny, didn't seem happy with us being there. It had been my first tattoo so I was extremely nervous and unfamiliar with the entire process. I actually liked him and thought he was a cool person, it's just I felt very unwanted and I would have liked some reassurance considering I had been so anxious. Overall, although it felt a bit off-putting, what matters is Johnny did an absolutely incredible job making our idea into a reality. So if you're looking for a place to get the job done, I recommend this place. I cannot stop looking at my tattoo! Thank you! More...


Amber L.

13 December 2014

I have been getting my half leg done now for about a month and a half (all including healing time and the 3 sessions I've had) with Johnny. He is AWESOME! I like his style and how accommodating he is to schedules. If there are any issues he is able to assist with them and work toward a solution. My tattoo is beautiful and every time I go in the shop to get more work done to it I end up falling deeper and deeper in love. I gave him my idea and he ran with it to produce a drawing that surpassed my expectations greatly. I highly recommend Johnny, his ideas are crazy and the amount of quality work he gets done at a time is impeccable. I plan on having him create the rest of my tattoos and place more beautiful pieces of artwork on me. Amazing guys (both Johnny and Noah), super nice once shop, and you'll probably hear the best stories during the time that you're being serviced. Highly recommend them if you want quality and reasonable pricing. More...


Rick B.

29 October 2014

I will preface this review by saying that I recently moved to a new apartment that is dangerously close to Moo Tattoo. And as anyone with a tattoo knows, they are incredibly addicting. That being said, I would still go there regardless of where I live. I've gone there several times, twice most recently to have work done by Johnny, and have been more than happy with the result. Moo isn't the kind of place to walk in with a design, they slap it on you, and you're done. I mean, I'm sure they do have such customers, but my experiences have been more in depth to make sure I get the right tattoo. Johnny and Noah are both great artists and are passionate about their work. My 2 most recent tattoos were both hand drawn by Johnny. I came in with an idea of what I wanted, and Johnny personally worked with me and gave me several different layouts and ideas of how they would look the best. And it's tough to beat the price for a hands on experience (pun intended), and an awesome tattoo, especially in a very touristy location like South St. As far as the negative reviews, I'm not sure what people expect when they go to a tattoo place. IMO, a tattoo shop is the last place to bring your "customer is always right" attitude. Johnny and Noah take their work seriously, and there are plenty of laws to ensure they do so. Several times I've been in Moo when a (possibly drunk) person walks in and asks for a ridiculous tattoo. Multiply that by however many decades they've been there.And hello. It's Philadelphia. More...


Giovanna S.

17 October 2014

It was 5 years ago, but I wanted to make sure I posted my great experience with this place!  I had an idea, drew it out, Shawn (who moved out of state and no longer there) re-drew it with artist precision, he made a couple of versions for me to choose, which was awesome and then we finalized plans to begin tattooing!  I ended up having more added to it a year or 2 later.  Everyone there was professional and awesome, and I highly recommend this place!  I stop by when I'm on South St. to say hi!  I love my tattoo so much, and I show it off as much as possible! More...


Uyen N.

8 August 2014

Although a friend of my and I only got a small matching lotus, Johnny and Noah really made it worth the travel. They're both super sweethearts  and took great care of us! Definitely will come back for more. P.S. Remember to leave your beads necklaces and sand at home, as much as they love to clean after you, these guys need time to be at the Reading Terminal Market. More...


Miranda F.

19 February 2014

Went in the other day to get a piece I drew up and sent them over Facebook. They were able to get me in at a time that was good for me. When I went in the staff was friendly and they started me quickly. They greeted me as soon as I walked in and the shop was impeccably clean. They used the picture I sent them and had everything ready for me. My tattooer, Johnny, was great. He made the painful process fun. The tattoo turned out awesome. It was all linework and one of the reasons I chose Moo was because the pictures online of their linework are phenomenal. (Side note: their watercolor tattoos are beautiful and if I decide to get one later I will be choosing Moo for that). The tattoo was exactly how I drew it out and wanted it to look. A few days later the shop messaged me on Facebook and asked how its healing was going and thanked me for the business. Very friendly, small town business feel in a big city shop that gets tons of business. I will definitely be going back to them for any more work I want done while I'm in Philly! Thanks Moo! More...


Amy v.

29 January 2014

Noah was fantastic, he was very professional and friendly. My sister and I wanted matching tattoos in memory of our father, and I had a pen and ink drawing on a print that we wanted to use as a reference. I'm not from Philly so I called the shop and was told to email Noah the owner, who would be available the day we wanted to come in. I emailed him the picture and set the appointment, and when we showed up he had the drawing all finished and it was perfect. Both tattoos came out great, the picture was very detailed and somewhat large, but his drawing and tattoo didn't lose much detail at all when finished.   Price was also reasonable. He chatted with us the whole time which always makes the time go faster (and gets your mind off the pain).  I've had alot of tattoos and I would definitely recommend Noah and moo tattoo. As with all tattoos, it's best to know what you want and be ready to articulate it, and have reference pictures, but also be open to appropriate changes. Not everything that works on a page will work on skin. I believe my sister, who lives in Philly, is planning to get her next tattoo done by Noah and I hope I can get another one from him as well! More...


Tim W.

25 November 2013

Noah is great. My girlfriend and I were seated quickly as walk-ins. He was very friendly throughout the whole process, and executed out matching tattoos perfectly and professionally. Our short day trip to Philly was well rounded by our stop here. When we come back we'll be sure to stop in again. More...


Julia S.

4 October 2013

I will probably be a loyal customer for life here. Moo Tattoo always lets me use the yelp check-in coupon. I love a good bargain! Also the guys who work there are easy going, informative, professional and still fun to hang with while you're getting stabbed with a tiny needle. I just had two tattoos done at Moo. After I finally took the bandages off at home I fell in love! Johnny did superb on my "swirls of life" behind the arm. It's so crisp and the curves are perfect. If there's one thing I know he's good at its swirls!  I highly recommend this spot. I will definitely keep going back, especially if they keep letting me use the discount. Or just to see Johnny Cakes. More...


Rachel D.

23 August 2013

I had my tattoo done by Johnny and he was amazing. I wanted him to keep as close to the sketch I'd brought in as possible and he did even better than I thought was possible. He was great, and knowledgeable, and I couldn't be happier with my tattoo. More...


Jesus C.

21 April 2013

Moo Tattoo is a clean, well-managed shop with knowledgeable and talented artists.Some reviewers are giving this shop 1-star because the owner, Noah, expects people to have some sort of idea about how the world works before coming into the shop.If you're the type of person who wants to know how much a tattoo costs before you decide on the design, size, or number of colors in the tattoo, you'll probably want to go to another shop.Are you the type of person who goes to Home Depot to pick out a color of house paint, and expect a high-five from every employee in the store when you settle on "ecru" rather than "eggshell"?  You'll probably want to go to another shop.Do you go expect people to know what you're thinking, despite the fact that you can't put a coherent sentence together without "like" or "knawmean" being every third word that comes out of your mouth?  Write your thoughts down, and read them out loud before coming into the shop.  Practice makes perfect.Are  you the type of person who gives small, independently-owned businesses one-star Yelp! reviews because you're used to getting your way and aren't accustomed to people looking at you like you're an idiot, when you are, in fact, an idiot?  Find another shop, and after you leave that other shop, throw yourself in front of a bus.Are you a rational, intelligent individual, who wants a nice tattoo done by talented artists in a clean shop that is within walking distance to several bars and restaurants in the heart of Philadelphia?  Then this is the shop for you. More...


Maria S.

6 February 2013

I went in to Moo tattoo to get my first tattoo and I was very happy happy with the exceptional service from Noah Webster, who did an excellent job on something I had only imagined, he made it come to life. I would recommend Moo Tattoo to anyone that is looking for a professional tattoo artist. Best tattoo artist in the tri state area. More...


Deb C.

18 January 2013

I had a great experience at Moo. I got my first tattoo here right after the holidays in December. The place is clean and the artists are very talented. The owner was helpful and answered my questions honestly. Listening to my interests, Noah was able to create a beautiful butterfly tattoo that is unique. The price was reasonable knowing the work and talent that went into creating it. Thanks again for a great evening and fantastic experience. More...


Mindy I.

22 October 2011

these five stars are not for moo itself but for shawn dubin, who is a god among men. unfortunately, he is no longer at moo, which means i have no reason to go there.if anyone can recommend an artist or shop that does work comparable to shawn's, i'd be much obliged.EDIT: the owner of this shop messaged me about my "libelous" review. because of the tone of his messages, i will never go back here, nor would i recommend it to a friend. BUT i will state that i have never seen the other artists' work and have no opinion on them. it could be beautiful or terrible, i honestly have no idea, so check it out for yourself. it wasn't my intention to comment on other people's work, only the very talented shawn dubin's, so my apologizes if my review insinuated that the other artists here are sub-par, because i very honestly do not know. More...


Meghan C.

26 August 2011

This was my first tattoo, and it looks amazing. Bobby was very nice and helpful - he definitely helped take it easy on me since I was very nervous.I would definitely recommend the shop.  It was very clean and welcoming. More...


Denise A.

9 August 2011

Pretty good job working with a little scribble that I made and then adjusted it to my liking. Noah isn't the most amicable of men, but the was polite and did a solid job. Probably overcharged me, but that's South Philly tattooing for ya! More...


Allie H.

13 May 2011

I've gotten three very simple black tattoos here over the past several years and have always had a pleasant and comfortable experience. The artists are incredibly helpful, polite and talented - plus the place is clean and comfortable enough to bring your mom there.The shop itself is a walk-up on South Street and in the same building as Warrior Piercing, which looks slightly intimidating from below. No worries - once you climb the narrow stairs and head into Moo, you're greeted with a clean, brightly-lit shop covered in kitschy cow art. Prices are reasonable and you should discuss beforehand. Each time I got tattooed I brought a drawing, discussed with the artist and he made suggestions and changes as needed. Don't be an idiot and show up with no planning, no phone call and no solid idea or reference material. It's a small place. There are usually just two artists there. Think ahead! You'll benefit from e-mailing or stopping by for a consultation to get some initial questions out of the way. More...


Jess R.

9 January 2011

I had a tattoo done by Shawn this week, and am VERY happy with his work. He took a very terrible sketch that i gave him, and created something amazing. He was patient and stayed in constant contact throughout the whole process. He made me feel comfortable, and for a while I forgot that there was a needle poking into my ribs. I couldn't be happier with his work, and will continue to go back to him. The establishment was clean and the prices were very reasonable. All around great experience. More...


Rebecca D.

12 December 2010

I had a tattoo done at Moo last week by Shawn and I'm absolutely amazed at the work.  I had a crappy looking fairy on my chest that was a decent size.  I e-mailed Shawn several pictures of Chrysanthemums and asked if the fairy could be covered up with one or a few of these flowers.  Shawn made this crappy fairy completely invisible under one flower and some leaves - I couldn't find the fairy even before he added color!  He used shading to basically erase it under the flower, and then colored it in.  I can't believe what an awesome job he did - Shawn is a truly talented artist and I will be going to him for tattoo work from now on.  I would recommend Moo to anyone because the place is clean, the people are nice and their work is impressive. More...


Nicole M.

12 September 2010

I got my tattoo when I was on vacation, and luckily, I was able to get a walk-in appt on a Friday night no less. It didn't at all worry me that the place was empty because the staff was pretty awesome and the artist that I sat with (Shawn Dubin) came highly recommended by my brother & sister-in-law. The facility was immaculate & there were ready-to-view portfolios right as you walked in. I did have to pay extra because the tattoo was on my foot, but that didn't really sway my opinion negatively. The tattoo although small (as I requested) was virtually painless, and healed perfectly. If you're in Philly, hit these guys up on South street. Well worth it in every sense! More...


Sarah F.

14 May 2010

I got a tattoo on my foot a few years ago. It scabbed when it healed, but they touched it up for me free of charge. They are really expensive because of the location, but its a really clean shop, and all of the artists have portfolios to show you.


Julianna K.

15 February 2010

The only reason Moo did not get 5 stars is because it was borderline difficult to get an appointment, it took a few weeks to get in there to get the work done after the initial consultation. I do believe that these guys are true artists, not "trained chimps." Yes, they can tattoo something from a book very easily, but they can also create a tattoo from their own artistic talents. I went in to get an existing tattoo worked on, revamped and embellished, so I basically gave Shawn artistic license to create something that would compliment and save my shitty tattoo. He did not disappoint. He took into consideration the style of the image and produced an addition for it that I would have never thought of myself, while fixing the ugly that was already there. This was not my first tattoo, it was my seventh, so I'm saying all of this out of experience and knowledge. I recommend Moo Tattoo and will definitely be going there again. Hopefully soon, as I already have another in mind. More...


Ryan K.

9 February 2010

I'm not sure exactly why Seema found it necessary to give them such a scathing review, but I've never had anything but great experiences at Moo. I've been to a few tattoo shops in the city/area and out of state, and Moo ranks right up there in professionalism, talent, and customer service. I've had smaller half hour tattoos done there, as well as larger multiple-appointment pieces and each has been treated with the same importance and attention to detail as the next. I've personally only been tattooed by Shawn (shawndubin.com) but been there enough to witness John and others handle customers and tattoo appointments, and they're all great artists. Highly recommended, and I've brought in and referred people since I've started going there. More...


Nate R.

14 August 2009

Fantastic tattoo shop. Clean and bright with friendly artists. I came with a design in hand already but they had books of ideas on the counter for anyone that wants to walk in and check them out.John answered all my questions being a first timer and made sure I was good and comfortable during the entire process. I would have no hesitation going back again or recommending them to others. More...


Jenna C.

2 July 2008

Jeremiah at the Alley recommended Moo Tattoo to me.  He recommended them, when he's only been in for a consultation.  And I'm so gad he did. So I go in to ask some mindless, first time tattoo questions, and the man standing behind the counter is so nice, and deals with my mindless, first time tattoo questions like a pro. Then, he hands me some books to show the artists' work.  I did not have to get two pages into his book to know that he was the artist for me.  Shawn's work is so amazing.  He also did a great job on my tattoo.  He made sure to check on me, a lot (even though I think I took it like a champ), which I appreciated. He truly looked concerned as he repeated jabbed me with tiny, mechanized needles. I'm really surprised that this place doesn't have any presence on Yelp.   They've been there over a decade. And I certainly had a friendly experience.  Maybe their place on South Street has deterred many people from going here? I don't know. More...

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