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Shabina Rayan

15 August 2019

I have been going to Mode of Fitness for a year now -- and I have to say it is one of the best gyms I have been a member of. I am not a huge fan of workout classes and when it comes down to it, I look for three main things out of a gym: 1). Cleanliness 2). Abundance of equipment and machines 3). Space for stretching and self exercises 4). Friendly and available staff Mode of Fitness covers all 4 and goes above and beyond in doing so. I never have to wait for a machine, the gym carries a lot of equipment for warmups and stretching, there is always space to do ab workouts and stretching, and the area is always kept in great shape!! More...


Austin Lemke

26 July 2019

Arthur and Danny run an outstanding gym! Right when you walk in the door your greeted like a neighbor and friend. Both are incredibly conscientious about where you are in your fitness journey and they're more than willing to go the extra mile to help you if you have any additional questions post 1-1 sessions. For me, quality gyms are also clean gyms and Mode of Fitness has certainly become much cleaner under their watch. Great job you two! More...


Avni Nandu

24 July 2019

Great space and never too crowded! Trainer Danny is amazing and so supportive. I’ve been going to him for personal training for a few months and already see major results. Would highly recommend!!


Khail K

23 July 2019

Mode is one of the best gyms I have had access to. I attend at peak morning hours and it's never been crowded to the point of delaying my workout. The equipment has always been clean. I signed up for personal training with Danny beyond the first two complementary sessions. So far it has been excellent, Danny has a wealth of knowledge that has greatly aided me and drastically improved my form.Would recommend. More...


Chessa DeCain

30 June 2019

Love this place. Good variety of equipment kept in great shape, very clean, even the other members are kind and considerate. I almost never have to hunt down unracked weights, which is so unbelievably nice. The staff are so friendly and awesome, and you can tell they've worked hard to create a positive environment in their gym. You'll do well with either Arthur or Danny as your trainer, they both know their stuff and really care about their clients. Great place to work out at no matter what level you're at. More...


Benjamin Lynn

20 May 2019

Mode fitness is a sweet little gym. While it's small, it's never too crowded and the staff is friendly and helpful. If you want a great training session, ask for Arthur. He really works you hard while keeping the work out fun. More...


sarah stacpoole

13 May 2019

Small gym but has everything you need. Nice equipment, super friendly staff, clean, and very nice fans. I’ve loved this place. Really decent prices and a nice sanctuary. New manager with the ponytail and ripped arms is SO NICE and friendly!! I forget his name. He’s really made such a positive impact and the gym even feels like a friendlier place with awesome vibes because of him (and thank you for finally cleaning and turning on the awesome big fans!). The people who go here are also super nice and down to earth and really respectful of wiping down machines and acknowledging others. Sad to move to a new location- I really love this place! More...


Helen Silva

26 February 2019

It felt great and I was sore in the best way. Staff were very welcoming and the instructor took the time to answer my questions after class.


Bonnie Buchanan

8 July 2018

Awesome place! Terrific attention to detail and a fantastic staff


Nick Barnett

27 May 2018

Great place to workout, especially if you live in Capitol Hill. Almost never crowded so you're not stuck waiting for a piece of equipment. Cheaper than most gyms, although you pay for that in terms of the variety and quantity of equipment. Nevertheless, most casual and experienced bodybuilders will be able to find everything that they need. More...


tracy marcella

27 May 2018

Great local gym! I’ve been coming to Mode for a few years now as it’s very conveniently located for me on cap hill. It’s bright, clean, and modern, and while it is small, it is surprisingly not overly crowded, especially after 8pm. I come both for cardio and weight training and find it has everything I need in a very efficient space. More...


Helen Nam

27 May 2018

It’s a cute neighborhood gym with motivational quotes written on the wall. Clean and friendly staff makes it a welcoming place. Has all the things I need and gives members a key code to access the gym outside normal business hours. More...


September Banks

27 May 2018

I love the convenience of this gym. Super close to my house, staff is always friendly and helpful. Even at its most crowded, there's never too long of a wait for each piece of equipment, and if you go early morning or after 8pm, it's almost empty. Definitely worth the money.


Alicia G

27 May 2018

I've been coming here for almost a year now and I have to say, this is a great gym. If you're looking for a standard gym membership, probably not the place for you, however, if you're looking for a low key environment where you can basically free style, I highly recommend this gym. The equipment available is great, and there's enough space for free weight lifting, as well as doing your own routine. I haven't had the chance to do a session with the trainers, but from what I've seen while I'm there, they are very knowledgeable, super friendly and encouraging, and always positive. More...


Magdalena Sky

27 May 2018

Mode is great! It’s small but has all the necessary equipment for a great workout. And it has a punching bag!!! Peak hour gets a bit busy but aside from that it’s pretty relaxed. Staff are friendly and helpful. Sometimes the music is a little lyrical but headphones are your best friend anyway ;) Prices are good and Personal training prices are affordable. For a small local gym it certainly delivers! More...


Garrett Bell

9 January 2018

Great gym! Great people! Everything you would need in a neighborhood gym.


Felicia FirstLady Wray

26 January 2014

My trainer is Toby.


Michael Gallaher

8 March 2013

Garrett really knows his stuff. I've always been in pretty good shape, but he was very thorough with critique of my form and how to achieve my goals. No pressure or guilt trips either. I would highly recommend if looking for a personal trainer for any stage of health. More...

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