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Redwood City, CA, San Mateo



We specialize in local household moving, commercial and office moves, packing, load or unload only assistance, in-house moves, storage, unpacking, and crating. We also sell moving and packing supplies at a competitive price.​​

Whether you are moving in the San Francisco Bay Area to an apartment, a home, an entire mansion or an small or large office, we can help you with all your labor, moving and delivery needs, from residential to commercial.


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Scott Moore

14 September 2019

They were so nice and efficient! A little bit of a language barrier, but nothing we couldn't figure out. Super professional Will definitely use them again!! Thank you so much!


Melissa F.

22 March 2019

Great moving team. Worked well together and communicated well. I was impressed with the care of the moving and they even helped unpack big things. Helped put together our bed and arranged furniture the way we wanted. More...


Robert Bagley

28 February 2019

They were our movers packing us up to leave south Florida and relocate to Denver. They were all very polite and worked QUICK! They knew procedures for packing everything! They answered all my silly questions and was very nice. They worked quickly and efficiently and was very polite. Ricardo was great, you could tell this wasn’t his first rodeo. He was everywhere he needed to be, moved quickly, and was very patient with all of our concerns! They went the extra mile to figure out how to get our huge couch downstairs which was not an easy task. They didn’t even complain when my wife accidentally got them the “lite Gatorade” :) overall, a great packing experience with very few bumps. More...


Jacob Robertson

28 February 2019

I've moved many times and have used a lot of different movers. I really enjoyed working with ML Movers. They were recommended by our real estate agents and did a terrific job. This move was complicated! We are Boomers and downsizing from a house to a condo. We shipped three moving pods to different kids. The guys moved a ton of boxes and some furniture into the condo. And we kept some things in the house to stage it for sale, and those things had to be moved around. (Just thinking about it makes my head spin.) I think I bought all the neon stickies in town. The guys pack, and prepare, furniture for the move, and we were moving things of value, like an upright piano. So far so good! Highly recommended:) More...


Jyoti U.

10 January 2019

Miguel is very easy to communicate with and schedule with.Movers showed up right in time, were super professional and accommodating. Worked nonstop and didn't even take a break (which they are owed actually). Did their very best and respected our request for no shoes in nursery of our new place, even though they had to move in a bookshelf there.Only small hiccup was that they didn't automatically refund the cc deposit, but this was immediately resolved after a phone call to Miguel. Have used them 2x over the years and would do so again. Same with several friends of mine. More...


C R.

3 January 2019

I was moving from the Bay Area to Nevada and ML Movers was one of the few highly rated movers on yelp that did out of state moves. I contacted them online, they responded promptly and were very clear about their rates and terms. The day before the move, they confirmed it and 3 movers arrived promptly at the designed time on moving day. They were fast, disassembling furniture and loading the moving truck with my prepacked boxes. They even kindly helped load some of the furniture I was giving away to a friend onto his truck. They finished loading in 2 hours. It was a 4-hour drive by car with little traffic but of course their moving truck took a little longer (5 1/2 hour drive for them, charge was for double drive time). Only took an hour to unload at my new place. They were polite, cheerful and friendly the whole time and careful with my stuff. Everything arrived intact. I've already recommended them to others who have move plans and would use them again if I was still in the Bay Area. More...


Christopher A.

29 October 2018

ML Movers did a great job in helping my wife and I move. Everything was done professionally and quickly. We had no issues whatsoever with our move.  The cash discount and no extra charge per floor (we have 3) was a plus.  Also their price includes moving boxes. Would definitely recommend. More...


Christopher W.

1 October 2018

From the moment I requested a quote for our job, Miguel and his crew provided nothing but first-class service - I'd absolutely recommend them to any/everyone with an upcoming Bay Area move!As I mentioned, Miguel not only responded promptly when I reached out for a quote but he also offered some of the best rates around. Once the contract was signed, he provided a window during which Michael and his team would arrive and they were right on-time, calling to confirm everything beforehand.Once they arrived, Michael and team quickly got to work on the apartment; at each step of the way, the guys from ML Movers were thorough, thoughtful, and careful to ensure our belongings and our homes were being treated with the utmost care. Due to some issues with tricky furniture that needed to be disassembled in order to get out the door (not ML's fault whatsoever), after nearly eight hours of work, Michael and team eventually finished packing up our SF apartment - they still had a drive to Marin and a tough involving a steep driveway and lots of steps ahead of them. At Michael's suggestion, we decided to store the furniture in the truck overnight and complete the move in the morning.As I'd come to expect, Michael showed up on-time the next morning with the same crew and immediately got to work. Unable to back their truck up a steep driveway, the team from ML had to lug each and every box and piece of furniture up a large slope, then up a flight of stairs, before navigating a tricky turn in the door. While this was something I even found daunting, Michael and his team dove right in. The unpacking went exactly as the packing had - methodical, thoughtful, and respectful of our furniture and new home. Within four hours, everything was in the new house, reassembled, and exactly where we wanted it to be. After cleaning up some stray pieces of tape and bubble wrap, Michael walked me through some paperwork, collected the money owed, and set off with his crew.Simply put, I cannot recommend this team more. More...


Sergio B.

13 August 2018

These guys are amazing!!!I made a mistake in our reservation and schedule the move for exactly a week later than I should have. On the day of the move, we had everything packed and started taking boxes out to the curbside in anticipation of the movers coming in at 9:00AM. To my surprise, it was 9:15 and no-one had shown up, so I went to verify my original reservation and was shocked to find out of my mistake. I was in panic!!!I first called them (understanding nobody will be at the office on a saturday) and left a message to apologize for my mistake and to cancel the move (we REALLY needed to move that day, not a week later). I then rushed to a U-Haul to rent a truck and start the move by ourselves (my wife was not happy!). While I was in line to get a truck rented, Carlos calls me back and tells me not to worry, they would send 4 guys and a truck within the hour. I could not thank them enough!!The movers were incredible! super careful, and hard working. Kudos to ML Movers!! More...


Saini L.

23 July 2018

Wow. Just wow. These guys are amazing! Cleaned out our 2br 2ba apartment in an hour and a half and was done with the whole move in 5 hours! The fastest move I've ever had. They had 4 guys and a huge truck. Everything fit in the truck so they only made one trip the entire move. They were professional, courteous and polite- a real pleasure to work with. They even had a sense of humor when carrying boxes up three flights of stairs. Honestly the best moving experience and will recommend to our friends. More...


Jo G.

3 July 2018

These guys were great. Showed up a few minutes early and were ready to work. very quick and efficient and open to late requests. I asked them the morning of to stop by a second location to pick up a table and they had no problems. they also brought extra boxes/packing materials and didn't charge me any extra. The move took an hour more than I expected BUT I don't feel they wasted time or took advantage. Just be prepared for it to take time. my one-bedroom took 5 hours with an hour commute between locations. it was a little pricey but imo still worth it. They also worked hard to schedule my move which was very short notice and had to be on a weekend which I assume are their busy days.tldr: a little expensive but worth it as they were very prompt and easy to work with! More...


Catherine A.

20 June 2018

This is the 4th time we've used ML Movers - and I'm already looking to book our next one. Recently, they've been helping us move stuff into a storage pod while we renovate our house. They are always super polite, pay close attention to detail, work hard and the cost is reasonable. Could not recommend them more! We've had a number of friends use them at our suggestion and everyone is always very pleased. More...


Jeff A.

12 June 2018

Very professional team. Arrived early, work fast, can respond to specific requests easily. Slightly expensive, but they didn't charge extra for packing or trash disposal. They can also move heavy items like safes or tables. Took 8 hrs to move 3-bd 3-bth house. More...


Sam H.

8 April 2018

I hired ML movers a couple of weeks ago for my move.My experience started with the excellent customer service over the phone.They we flexible engaging professional and responsive. Once we scheduled the time they showed up on time sharp! They were extremely cautious of my items as well as the walls and entrances! The were attentive to all details showed me they are experts on what they do. I had an extremely heavy elliptical and they knew exactly what to do!In summary I highly recommend them and would and will use them again without hesitation!Best More...


E G.

7 April 2018

Excellent service, great experience. I scheduled a move for a start time of between 2-3:30 pm on a Friday. ML Movers showed up exactly at 2 pm and were ready to go. They were quick, professional, careful and friendly. I appreciated them wrapping my dresser and large picture to avoid damage and also wrapping my mattress to keep it clean. I highly recommend them. All this quality service for a very reasonable price! Be sure to book online and also pay in cash for discounted pricing. Thank you, ML! More...


Wheez B.

19 December 2017

I have used ML on three separate occasions ( One long distance move and two small local moves). I was very happy with the prompt and professional service. Stairs, small elevators and bed assembly were no problem. As others have mentioned, read the contract carefully, but you get what you pay for here.  Would definitely use them again. More...


Sherie T.

3 December 2017

ML Movers moved me this past weekend, not only did they arrive early they took very good care of my items and were fast and efficient.  They got everything done in my 2 hour timeframe I had scheduled!!Thanks Miguel, you have a great team and I will definitely use your services when I move again.  :) More...


Eileen O.

5 November 2017

ML movers did an excellent job with my recent move from a 2-bedroom apartment in Menlo  park into a nearby storage facility.  Premove  communications and an online booking process with reservation deposit made the whole process easy, and Miguel was accessible by phone to answer a few specific questions I had live beforehand. Level of professionalism during the move, and speed and thoroughness of the movers in packing all my things in the truck,then unpacking and placing it to fit in a small public storage place was impressive - and met or exceeded my expectations.  Was very satisfied with the service i received from Miguel and the move team led by Jose. I highly recommend them and will use them again for my next move.   The modern truck was a bonus with lowerable ramp to get the move completed quickly and easily from my apartment access point.   The team showed up 10 minutes early on move day and announced with a phone call.  They were professional and communicative, listened to my direction on what needed to get special handling, etc.  best of all they were hardworking and fast.  I was impressed with the extent that they took to wrap my non boxed furniture items carefully.... mirrors, glass dining table, ect.  Especially one glass China  cabinet.  I was also very impressed with their speed.  While careful and thorough, they met the amount of time we had predicted to get me moved out and then moved in to the storage facility.  Note- it helped that I had all nonfurniture items completely boxed, and ready to go when they arrived.  I highly recommend, and will use this business again. More...


A G.

31 July 2017

We had a great experience with ML Movers.  They worked hard non-stop (especially since they had to carry all of our stuff up a steep driveway),  showed up on time, and had a great attitude -- the move part went smoothly and it was not an easy job.  They were responsive and efficient. Miguel, the owner, came by personally to check in on moving day. I would use them again.The one thing I would caution is the materials charge.  We had materials available at home to use, but didn't realize they started using theirs and ended up with a hefty material charge.  It's probably better to have your own extra materials handy (from your local Home Depot) and return what you don't use. More...


David V.

19 April 2017

Good people, trusty, on time and reliable. I had a crew of super nice, hard working guys, from start to finish. They moved me out of the house I was living in and packed me into my 5 x 10 storage space without batting an eye. They handled my upright piano - - down three flights - - very well, and that's not easy (and certainly not fun either). I've used Jay's twice now.  No shenanigans, the quote was the quote, professional from start to finish, very prompt and courteous in business office.  The moving team also did me a nice favor and moved a bed within the house and made sure it was properly set up - - and they didn't have to do that (movers deserve a proper tip by the way). I recommend ML Movers wholeheartedly. More...


Frederico H.

6 April 2017

Great service! Movers arrived a bit earlier than agreed, but the moving went perfectly.The moving crew is thorough. Zero errors and not a single scratch in my old house, new house, and in the furniture.Highly recommended!


Patricia A.

22 March 2017

These guys are amazing! This is the second time I used them because I was so impressed the first time and they did not disappoint. They are very reliable, prompt, organized, courteous, and professional. Setting up the move was a breeze and they moved me in and out of my apartment in 3 hours! I would recommend them to anyone who wants a hassle-free move. More...


Emily M.

27 February 2017

Juan, Luis and Elmer arrived earlier than the start time and helped me move in record time (5.5 hours for a 1BR apartment. Miguel and team were extremely professional before, during and even after the entire move. They offered to provide me with wardrobe boxes, they protected the few pieces of furniture I really cared about, and went above and beyond to boldly lower an Indian vegetable cart over the side of a balcony for me even though that was not part of the move. They brought their own tools to disassemble and reassemble a long workbench and were able to follow my color coded directions in loading into my new place. I was able to settle in a lot quicker than I expected to. Thank you again ML movers! You have put my mind at peace! More...


Steve G.

25 February 2017

I feel confident every time I recommend ML Movers to our customers. I operate a storage facility in Redwood City and I wanted to give credit to Carlos, Luis and Moises for the fantastic job they did today. Handling everything from oversized furniture to other heavy awkward items, these guys used the utmost caution and care when transporting our customer's belongings.Big thank you to ML Movers for their professionalism and excellent work! More...


T S.

19 February 2017

I have used ML Movers twice so far, most recently this past week, and both times I have been very impressed. Moving can be quite stressful and their services helped eliminate much of the stress.  - very efficient- friendly movers- careful- provided junk removal services- reasonable priceOverall, I thought the movers performed a superb job both times that I have moved. I would definitely recommend their services. More...


Joseph H.

4 October 2016

Very impressed with ML Movers.  Guys showed up on time and ready to go.  They took great care of all my furniture prepping it and packing it with care.  Very professional and hard working crew.  Would definitely use them again.  Highly recommended. More...


Steve P.

27 September 2016

We have hired several movers in the last few months as we move two homes and a repair shop. We hired ML Movers for a 250 mile move with 5 different pick-up & drop-off locations. They exceeded our expectations for their part of our move. In fact, we will be hiring them again for our next stage in a few months. ML was very careful with our things (a different mover broke many things). We appreciate how friendly and easy to communicate it was with the team at ML Movers. The price was reasonable too. Here's a BIG one for us - ML Movers takes credit card. We found it way convenient to use a credit card amidst other moving obligations (like security deposits with new landlords and such).  Highly recommended for Bay Area and long distance moves. Thank you ML Movers. More...


Eddie S.

26 September 2016

I've moved about 6 times in the past 8 years. These guys are the best movers I've hired. I'll for sure be calling them next year.


taylor G.

23 September 2016

By FAR, the best movers I've ever had! I've never had such an easy move. They did a quick and amazing job for us. They wrapped everything very careful as well. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of a move. A very professional group of guys. More...


Leanne B.

25 July 2016

We were extremely happy with our movers.  They were friendly, professional and efficient.  They had all of the supplies we needed and handled our things carefully.  The pricing was fair and they were up-front about the cost of additional, optional items.  They communicated well before and during the move.  I will recommend them to friends. More...


Jessica R.

15 July 2016

Good service, I used them to move a few weeks back. Very responsible everyone looked professional and had all the supplies they needed.. They were careful carrying the boxes and they labeled everything properly! 5/5 More...


Catherine K.

26 May 2016

We booked it online and we were able to move the very next day! Three guys came over and they were all very nice and helpful.  We had some furnitures to disassemble and reassemble as well. After the move, we found out that the wardrobe door wasn't opening correctly. When we contacted them, they sent the person over to fix it with a follow up call to make sure it was fixed. I will definitely use them again if I need to move. More...


Jose M.

17 May 2016

I used ML to move yesterday May 15th.  These guys are awesome. Very helpful, professional, clean, careful, easy to work with and willing to be flexible and go the extra mile.  I strongly recommend them. The crew that helped me especially was outstanding: Jose Mendoza with Jose and Luis.   Great job guys. Thank you More...


Patti G.

15 May 2016

I booked a 2man moving team.  EVERYTHING from the booking, my questions and set up was flawless.  They emailed a reminder and asked if I any any questions or needs the day before.  They showed up on time.  The 2 men were so great, professional, friendly and did not waste a minute of time.  We finished early, and nothing went wrong or was broken.  They took great care with my belongings and were so helpful.  The final cost was actually a bit less than I estimated!  ML Movers get my best rating! More...


Farshid H.

13 May 2016

I have used ML Movers three times over the last five years.  Each time my experience has been very positive.  They are professional.  I had a lot of stuff that needed to be stored in a a PODS unit.  Many items very fragile.  I watched them carefully plan and organize how they would fill out the unit.  They managed to secure my fragile items and pack this unit very efficiently using every cubic inch of space.  Thanks to their work I can now save hundreds of dollars by not having to rent a second PODS unit.  I am looking forward to using them again when it is time to unpack all of this. More...


Lynn A.

25 April 2016

This was our third time using ML Movers and we couldn't have been happier with the service. The guys were on time, very efficient, helped tape up boxes we hadn't sealed yet and were very good about labeling things they packed up. They took great care with our things and brought plenty of supplies with them. Very hard working guys with a really great attitude. They had no problem with us helping to move things/unwrap things to speed things up. They made moving day much more pleasant than I expected. Price was fair and from start to finish it was an extremely professional service. Very impressed and will definitely hire them again for any of our moving needs! More...


Al S.

13 April 2016

The price was fair.  They did all the right things a good moving company does.  Their men were efficient and caring with our stuff.  They were perfect.  I will certainly use them again in the future and recommend them to anyone.I got a quote quick based on hourly time.  No B.S. from them.  Very, very impressed with the service. More...


Christi F.

5 March 2016

I was really happy and impressed with the whole experience, including booking the move. Miguel was available to answer all of my questions and they used DocuSign which made my life easier. We hired two movers and they arrived 10 mins early to get the truck setup. They were very fast and efficient with loading the truck in an organized way. Also, very nice people! We had to travel about 30 miles from San Mateo to San Ramon to load our stuff into a storage unit. The truck was giant compared to the storage location and they totally made it work!  They got that truck in there and were quick about it. I wish ML movers was local to us now because I'd hire them again in a heartbeat for our next move.  From a payment perspective, everything was clear and itemized for me. I didn't have to worry about unexpected costs. I'd HIGHLY recommend them. More...


Clari B.

13 October 2015

We reached out to ML movers via Yelp called a Friday to ask for a fee quote and their availability. They reverted right away and after few messages exchanged via Yelp my husband decided to call them to see if they could be booked for the same day. We called them around 2pm and by 9pm the overall work was done. Luckily, a team was available to do the work right away and we were pleasantly surprised to see how professional they were. We had a lot of stuff and of course some heavy and fragile items (Elliptical / sofa, coffee table and armchair in teak). Accordingly we were a bit worried that they would get damaged in the process or that the walls or the hardwood floor of both houses would get some scratches... Well none of this happened. They were really careful and cautious even though they had to climb some stairs and to put extra efforts in the process of moving these very heavy furnitures. They disassembled and reassembled our elliptical with a lot of professionalism. I am glad we found and chose them and we highly recommend ML movers. More...


Ernie S.

5 August 2015

Had ML move a bunch of office furniture to a temporary facility this past weekend. Hard workers all of them and took great care in moving everything, especially within a narrow entrance and steep stairs. Would definitely hire them again as we will need to get the furniture moved back, which is why I was slightly disappointed that they did not comp me when I asked the plastic wrap be thrown in at 45 bucks a pop (2). I would also pay cash/check if you can, they charge a whopping 4% extra if you use a credit card. They charge $250.00 an hour for 4 people with a 4 hour minimum. More...


William T.

20 May 2015

My wife has used this company for several years, including the last two moves we did together. They pack up the entire apartment, then unload and organize everything for a very reasonable price.We also found the crews are careful with our stuff. They get things done fast and don't make too much noise. Nothing was scratched or dented or messed up. We will be using them again for sure. More...


Jon C.

13 May 2015

These guys were awesome.  Showed up on time and did whatever needed to be done.  We were not as prepared as we should have been, but they had all of the boxes and materials we needed to finish packing.  They helped us pack, disassembled furniture, and wrapped all the big stuff to protect it.  Everything made it to our new house safely and without any damage.  I will definitely call these guys for the next move. More...


Maya C.

11 March 2015

Moving is the worst, am i right?I used ML Movers for my move from Palo Alto up to SF. My go to moving company was completely booked up, so after much research I decided to give ML Movers a try.I am so glad that I decided to go with ML Movers - not only was the price right, they exceeded my expectations. I had a team of three (Jorge, Genaro and Luis) and they were professional, hardworking and friendly. Once they finished unloading everything they offered to move furniture around and even helped me fix my TV console (missing screws). All of this came in under the four hour minimum, but I still felt that the price was fair, especially since driving time was negligible first thing in the morning on a Sunday.My biggest issue is that they are not registered with any of the insurance providers I've used in the past. They offer their own coverage which is prohibitively expensive. I decided not to take out coverage, as it was a local move, but if I was moving further this would certainly factor into my decision. More...


Piotr M.

27 January 2015

I moved with them today. They did a great job. They were able to come early in the morning and they packed everything, they even provided boxes/tape. They said that they names were Omar and Roma. More...


Janel C.

28 December 2014

Lifesavers!  ML Movers offered two choices for determining their fees--a flat rate or hourly.  I appreciated how honest they were in giving me a quote with a suggestion for the best deal for me.  All communication with their team was positive and helpful--I had so many questions-- they were patient and forthcoming.  The paperwork was thorough and done in advance so the movers could get started upon arrival--and it could be completed online too.  Especially, my movers WORKED SO HARD.  I lived on the third floor with NO ELEVATOR (poor guys).  They took special care with all of my furniture and belongings without taking a break.  The grueling stairs did not deter them from getting the job done in under four hours!  Not one item was damaged.  This team is solid, professional, and extremely helpful.  I have and will continue to recommend them without any hesitation. More...


Dyst H.

18 October 2014

I used ML movers in 2012. They helped me to move my stuff for international shipping. I remember they were quick and professional packing my furniture with good quality material. Their warehouse storage price was also very reasonable and I stored my stuff for a few months before they were shipped.Now I am back and I used their service again. Jessica did such a great job working with me on my move plan. I changed moving dates three times and she was always very patient. She also gave me very good advice and was very prompt in replying both emails and my phone calls early in the morning or on Saturday. The three movers were awesome. By the way, they are brilliant in finding street parking.I will use their service again for sure! More...


Andromeda G.

15 September 2014

In a nutshell:  Jorge and Jesus worked hard, diligently, and with a good attitude. They made moving (let's face it, it's no fun!) easier than it has ever been.  I would use them again and can recommend them to anyone moving. Jessica in the front office was great too.The details:We had to move over a holiday weekend, and I was very happy when I found ML Movers had a slot on the day I needed the help.  Jessica on the phone was very helpful and polite, and every question was answered.   I was a little nervous about using ML Movers after reading  some negative yelp reviews, but am so glad we did! Their contract was long, but very clear about what to expect and what might be difficulties.  In reading through it, I got the sense that being very clear upfront, including ML Movers in my planning, and being prepared, was the way to go.  I called ahead to let them know that we would wrap anything we needed wrapped, so they could just move it, and that I really could only hire them for a set amount of time for the big stuff, and was happy to move the boxes on my own (next time I would have them do it all!).  This was great because the office knew, could tell the crew the plan before they arrived, and then there was no confusion. On the morning of our move, the team Jorge and Jesus, arrived just a bit early and were ready to go right at 8AM.  I restated the plan to move all the big stuff, no wrapping needed, and the time frame. Jorge was great about looking at the distance we were going and setting the necessary time we needed to leave in order to complete the moving work in the time I requested.  They were quick and efficient, willing to help with what we needed and work around the mess of moving with no problems - very professional.   They were also great with the beds we needed disassembled and reassembled, and were able to get my oversized couches into our new home with no problems (even though it meant coming in a different door).  Even with minimal wrapping, all items arrived in good shape and without any issues.  I had mapped out were each item was to go, and they brought them all in and were good with each instruction. Everything was placed where I wanted it.Thank you ML Movers, you delivered! More...


Sergey S.

5 September 2014

I used ML movers before but now my review is under a differently named company, not sure why. Anyway, used these guys again, move is great/on time/careful/etc. again. All good. 5 hour minimum kinda bites though. More...


Zabrina S.

2 September 2014

They are fast and very hard working!! They arrived on time (in fact, 10 mins. early), and moved quickly to get us moved out of our 1 bedroom apartment into a 3 bedroom home.   Nothing was damaged!


Hogene C.

1 September 2014

I used ML Movers this past weekend - they were courteous, careful, and pleasant.  Definitely would use them again and also recommend them to others.


Corri O.

31 August 2014

We recently moved from one 2nd floor apartment to another 2nd floor apartment about 3 miles away from the original. The folks at ML Movers (both the office staff and the moving crew) were friendly, efficient and very flexible. We ended up under budget and overly pleased with ourselves for finding such a great moving company on our first try.  I can't recommend them enough - just THE BEST! More...


Patrick L.

26 August 2014

ML is a great moving company. We used ML movers four times (home and office) in the last 4 months. Every time has been a wonderful experience. We had some short distance moving and others more than 100 miles. They handled each box and piece of furniture carefully. There were no damages at all. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. For one of the office moves we contracted a different moving company who decided on the spot, at 2 pm, to refuse the service. We contacted ML Movers at 2 pm, and by 5 pm, the same day, we have the movers in our location. They go the extra mile to offer the best service. We were referred to them by friends who were very satisfied with their performance as well. We will use ML in the future. More...


Jacob L.

24 August 2014

We had there guys move us last July and everything went very smooth. They worked hard and broke nothing. I would not hesitate to use them again!



23 August 2014

ML Movers did a great job with my complicated move. I was referred to them by friends who had also moved a great deal of stuff. My stuff was in three locations and needed to be delivered several counties away. They were very good about wrapping things and handling them carefully. They moved sure and steady and didn't break or drop anything. Because they have a warehouse, they could do all the removal in one day, park the trucks overnight, and then deliver the next day. Saved me a bundle in overtime labor charges. Jessica in the office was very helpful with wrapping tips and suggestions. The four movers (Jose, Rodolfo, Santos, and Juan) were all courteous and made useful suggestions. The two trucks were new and spotless. I was able to get the 10% discount for cash and it was all less than I expected to pay. I would definitely recommend ML Movers. More...


Izza P.

6 August 2014

Now that things have finally settled down with our move, it's time for a review. We had quite a debacle with the last movers we hired so we decided to go with ML movers this time around. So glad we did. They arrived on time and were efficient. We moved 6 bedrooms, living room, family room, dining room and a basement worth of furniture and boxes in under 8 hours. The costs were clear and they didn't charge us those ridiculous "piano" handling fees that other places had quoted us. The 4 movers were great. Can't say enough about how professional and awesome they were all around. If we have to move again (crossing my fingers that won't be for another 10+years) we will definitely be using them again. More...


Mary Grove

30 July 2014

We had a wonderful experience with ML movers. A team of 3 moved us into our new home and they were perfectly on time, fast, friendly, and very professional. They went above and beyond to help us with final touches on backing and went the extra mile after unloading by setting up our bed frames in a fraction of the time it would have taken me. Highly recommend! More...


MidNight Automotive

30 July 2014

Jay, Gil, and Ricardo were awesome. They were courteous, worked efficiently and handled the furniture & boxes with care. The move was completed within 3 hours! More...


Chalanna B.

6 June 2014

Amazing! I just had the best moving experience with ML Movers. I got up bright and early to pack all the little stuff. Jorge and the guys arrived on time and were very quick and efficient. They were pleasant to work with and didn't make fun of my creative use of bags vs boxes. In fact, they just had this great attitude in general that made it really easy to work with them. The move was from Palo Alto to San Bruno and we were done in 2.75 hours with the drive time included. More...


Jamsheed W.

6 May 2014

Really glad I found ML movers through a recommendation on Nextdoor.com.  Jessica and the movers made my move effortless.  Thanks.


Mot Y.

26 April 2014

Easy to work with and great communication.  These guys work hard, prompt, and extremely friendly.  They helped me clear out my mothers place after she passed.  Thanks for the help ML.  Will use you again if needed.  :) More...


Edgar U.

30 March 2014

Jorge and his partner did an excellent job with our move on Saturday.  They took care of our furniture during when it was raining.  I would use them again.


Lyle T.

19 February 2014

ML Movers helped me with my move from the Bay Area to Santa Monica.  I was impressed with Jessica's professionalism and her can do customer service attitude.  Movers also very professional and they were on time.  They communicated to me throughout the packing process what was going on, to ensure I was okay with what they were doing.I strongly recommend using ML Movers for both local and out of state moves! More...


Jenna B.

20 December 2013

My husband and I have never used movers before, browse we would definitely use ML Movers again. On time, worked quickly, flexible Amd professional staff. A little confusion around our reservation, but they called to confirm twice and everything turned it perfectly by moving day. Thank you! More...


Thomas W.

19 December 2013

I'm very happy about this company! They've move our office in 3 hours. Very proffessional and service minded.Thank you guys!Tom Westling, Americanlisted Inc.americanlisted.com More...


Ashley L.

25 November 2013

Great moving company used them for a quick business move.  On time, friendly, professional and Jessica is great!  Highly recommended.


Garrett G.

25 November 2013

GREAT company to work with. Had heard about them from a friend who used them and was even better than expected.  On time,  professional,  worked to the needs of my move (helped with disposed items at the end of the day) and in the budget I had planned for.     Great team,  very courteous,  focused on getting the job done,  and highly recommended. More...


Carley B.

11 November 2013

ML movers is the only way to go if you want it done right.  These guys really take the hassle out of moving. Ok, it's still a hassle to move, but they take away most of the pain.  I've used them 3 times in the last few years, and they are consistently top notch.  Everything is handled with care and they stay until you ate content with how everything is set up.  All of the movers are extremely efficient and hard working. Leo did a great job with the business part too.  Definitely recommend. More...


Mridul A.

5 November 2013

I Contacted M L Movers for my move, and took the 3 person, 1 truck flat rate option.. and It was impressive the way these guys work..One person was wrapping the furniture, and other 2 started loading the packed boxes and other stuff in the truck.. They brought a 26 feet truck , wrapping blankets, wardrobe boxes, shrink wrap, tape everything they need to get the move done..They did a wonderful job , completed the job in about 4.5 hours which was my expectation too... The Staff was friendly, and anytime I had a question I emailed and got a super fast response !!!!I would recommend them to anyone who wants to move in/around Bay Area !!! More...


Neesh Q.

28 October 2013

Painless, fast, easy moving experience! We heard good reviews about this moving company from some co-workers and decided to give them a try. We went with the hourly rate which is $95 for two movers and were moving from a 2br apt to a 3 br condo. Though we asked for 2 movers, 3 showed up including the driver. The service was excellent, the movers were there on time, highly professional, and incredibly hard-working. My husband and I were both amazed at how careful they were with the furniture and also appreciated how difficult it was to carry big furniture items up and down a flight of narrow spiral stairs. I will call them up in a heartbeat in the future if we decide on another move along the peninsula! Don't forget to take advantage of their 7% discount for paying cash! More...


Mee C.

28 October 2013

I contacted MLMovers about a week before I needed to move completely out of my apartment and went to their website to fill out a form. I was contacted by Jessica from their office not even an hour later to confirm the schedule and price.Even though I had originally asked for the hourly rate with 2 movers and 1 truck, 3 movers came and they had 2 trucks with them. I was still charged our original agreed upon amount. :) They moved everything and wrapped all the furniture very quickly, but very carefully. It took about 2.5 hours to pack my 1 bedroom apartment and get everything into my new place.Wonderful movers, great communication, and very thorough! If I move again or know someone else who is, I will definitely recommend these folks.Only downside is that some of my glassware broke. That might have been my bad for not being able to pack it as tightly as it needed to be though. Regardless, this move was painless.Tip: If you pay by cash, you get a 7% discount! More...


Namu W.

17 October 2013

We moved from Union City to Palo Alto, and were downsizing from a 5 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom condo. This meant we had to get rid of a ton of stuff, but even after some serious sorting, we still had a very big move ahead of us. Because we were on a budget, we asked if they could move as much stuff as possible in 4 hours - they said no problem! And Jessica, their phone support, was fantastic from beginning, to end. The three movers (Jeremy, Elton and Johnny) were super friendly, and worked extra hard and fast to get the 24' truck loaded. They offered to wrap everything, but told us if they did, it would turn into a 7 or 8 hour move, so we chose not to wrap, in order to get things packed quickly. Because of this, we had a couple small scratches and one major ding in a table leg, but that's only because we were asking them to rush, and chose not to use the wrapping, so we take responsibility for those. These guys seriously hustled, working very hard the entire 4 hours. They took one very quick, deserved break, and got right back to work. We messed up and had them move some oversize items all the way up two flights of stairs before we realized we should have put them in the garage, and the guys moved the items back down without a single complaint, and even stayed positive after that - a lot of movers would have acted mad that they had to move the same item twice up and down stairs, but Jeremy, Johnny and Elton were friendly to the end.I recommend these guys. Treat them with respect and they'll do the same for you, and your move will go smoothly and at a reasonable cost. More...


Raghu N.

8 October 2013

This was the second time we used ML Movers, given how satisfied we were with their service when we had moved 2 years back. Even this time, Jorge and team were perfect with a lot of patience in how they packed all the household items and furniture, were very thorough in protective delicate items, and completed the entire move in very quick time. The upfront reservation process was very efficient, and Jessica from their office was very communicative and accommodative of last minute timing changes. They would have had 5 stars except for a little bit of concern they generated when they were supposed to turn up between 2:30 and 3:30 pm, and the truck hadn't arrived even by 3:15pm. Their saturday hours are 8 to 2, and there was no way to get an update on what was going on because no one would answer the phone when we called at 3. For confirmed moves, if the team could provide the actual moving team's contact info, so we can get an update on their arrival - that would make the whole process ideal.We'd definitely use them again, and lesson learnt - we'll ask for the truck's number if we'll be moving after their office has closed. More...


Kat G.

2 October 2013

We had a great experience with ML Movers. The price they quoted ($95 for two movers/hr) before and after the move didn't change except we actually paid less since we took advantage of the all cash discount. The movers showed up early and actually brought two trucks and 3 guys even though we only paid for two. But 3 guys made the move a lot faster and they actually didn't charge is for the extra guy.I was really impressed with how efficient thy were in packing the truck. Also with how careful they were in wrapping our furniture. Not to mention they wrapped up right around the four hour mark so right on the estimate.We provided coffee and water bottles which I think was appreciated. But they deserve it given all of the work they were doing. Thanks ML Movers for making our moving day so easy! More...


G C.

24 September 2013

We contracted ML Movers based on a recommendation, and overall, we were very happy with our move. We had to change the date, and they were able to accommodate. Email support is very helpful and friendly.On move day,  Leo, Helton and Jeremias showed up at 8 am and worked very hard to load our boxes, wrap our furniture, and load the truck. They were professional and very hard workers. They even laid down a carpet piece to protect the floor in the doorway. The furniture wrapping was top notch and included both blankets and plastic wrap. Miles and miles of it.We did pack our own boxes, and we moved our most delicate/valuable items via car, since we don't know how to properly pack them to avoid damage in a moving truck. Asking movers to move valuable delicate items is risky, IMHO.Unloading was very smooth as well. They followed our instructions and even offered to go "above and beyond" to deliver some furniture up an extra flight of stairs.We took a ding on the bed, but I managed to do more damage than this in a previous move. It's all part of the moving process.Note: the default moving insurance is minimal, 60 cents per pound. This is $60 for a 100 lb piece. I believe it's an option to buy more, but be aware. More...


A B.

9 September 2013

We moved from an apartment in Palo Alto to a house in Palo Alto. These guys were great. They showed up on time (a little early actually - at 7-50 am). At first I was a little worried when I saw that they ranted a U-Haul and did not have a ML Movers branded truck. But soon I realized that they were very professional. The guys were very reasonable.They wrapped up everything nicely. They setup nicely at the destination, including putting felt (that we had purchased) on the bottom of the table and chair legs. The only thing I didn't like was that they did not have booties, and we were a little worried that they would dirty our new hardwood floors. But they cleaned up OK after they were done. Price was $120/hr (no extras - they provided wrapping material etc for free), which was a little cheaper than the others (who were $140'ish). My wife wanted them to pick up an old desk and bed (she didn't listen to me that I could get rid of that stuff on Cragslist for free, wimmen! :-)). They did that for a fee of $50, which I think is not too bad. Overall we had a great experience, would recommend them. More...


john C.

6 September 2013

These folks are fast, on time and efficient.      Well worth the $50.00 we spent to have then haul away styling chairs, shampoo bowls and chairs and other odds and ends.We'll definitely use them again.


Jk S.

21 August 2013

We were satisfied with ML movers and would definitely recommend their services . They were prompt , punctual and did a good job following our guidelines of where each box went in the new location. We got an appointment  even though we booked fairly close to our move date. It was easy to talk to someone at ML movers at any point, this was not so with most movers we had tried contacting. It took 2 movers around 6 hrs to finish moving out a 2 bedroom apartment to a house 7 miles away. More...


Mari C.

20 August 2013

We recently used ML movers to move furniture from our storage units in the bay area up to a family home in Sacramento. The team of three ML movers was punctual, extremely courteous and professional, and took care of the job quickly and efficiently. They helped us rearrange items we wanted to keep, and at the other end, helped to set our furniture into place and assembled items that had needed to be taken apart. This was all done with care and attention to the integrity of our belongings. We were so impressed by them, we will be using them again in a few months for another move, and are recommending them without hesitation to our friends in the bay area. More...


Shooter M.

18 August 2013

ML Movers was prompt and professional. They were careful to protect everything during transit and the amount they quoted was exactly what they charged. Overall I would highly recommend them. More...


Christine M.

15 August 2013

I can't begin to convey how incredibly good natured and efficient these movers were.  Aside from being prompt and seriously hard working, they also were the friendliest team we could have hoped for - keeping smiles and good humor the whole time.  Talk about rolling with the punches.  No complaining, no slacking off... just a great job with a positive attitude. More...


Verdette W.

14 August 2013

I used ML Movers in June 2013 to move from Fremont to Hayward. The movers were prompt, expedient, exceptionally efficient, professional and PATIENT.  The office management was very courteous and responsive. I've moved several times and shopped around; based on the location of my move, I found their prices very competitive which made my day.Signed,A VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER! More...


Mary K.

14 August 2013

I can say the same thing another reviewer did recently:"Jessica, Jorge, and Team did a phenomenal job" with my apartment move.  "Jessica was great with all the pre-planning and proactive communication while Jorge and crew were on time, well prepared, took great care to wrap all furniture, and they were fast!  They came, they saw, and executed flawlessly with little instruction!" In fact they noticed they could do much more to help than I had anticipated. They were all truly awesome in every possible regard.This is making the rest of my move much more enjoyable and easy which I really appreciate!!! More...


Bahram P.

13 August 2013

Excellent timing and delivery.  Movers were cordial and conducted business professionally.  Would return to this company for future moving needs in the bay area.


Fernando G.

12 August 2013

I scheduled 5-6 days in advance and they email and call to confirm time and dates so that there is no risk of people not showing up on day of. Same neighborhood move. Jay and Gill were awesome and the move was completed from start to finish in 5.5 hrs. Definitely recommended More...


Alex W.

31 July 2013

They came 30 minutes early, but were reasonable when I told them I wasn't yet ready to start.  They were helpful and fast, and charged me what I expected.


E S.

31 July 2013

I have used these guys 3 times now. They are the best! Do not use anyone else! No nickel and diming, patient, professional and totally stress free. I hope I don't have to move again but if I do.....I will call  ML Movers! More...


Michelle K.

18 July 2013

We had an amazing experience with ML Movers. We will definitely be using them again! They were on time, efficient assembled things and over all just great!


David Y.

1 July 2013

I'm very particular about service and these guys far exceeded my expectations.  They were extremely professional, polite, and very efficient.  Finished a move I thought was going to take 6 hours in less than 5 at a very affordable rate.  I would use them again and recommend them to anyone. More...


Skippy T.

1 July 2013

Workers were extremely professional and patient with me. They let me do my thing around the house, get some personal affects into my car that I wanted to handle myself, and generally did a great job communicating.3 people came to move my house (expected two, but I guess that's nice!) and they actually arrived an hour ahead of time (without notifying. A bit inconvenient, but fortunately I JUST got home at that time). When things got a little hairy moving one of the couches, they didn't complain one bit and quickly came up with a solution to get around the issue (we have a couple of couches blocking a narrow hall. Rather than gripe about it or give an exasperated sigh, they just did what they needed to. It's the little things...)They got everything done safely and took good care of my fragile equipment. Everything was surprisingly well protected. I admittedly took some stuff in my car for fear of it being damaged, but I feel like that fear was misplaced after seeing how careful they were with all of my belongings. Would definitely recommend to a friend! More...



26 June 2013

We used ML Movers to move out of a pop-up retail store we operated. The team showed up right on time and was very professional and efficient. I can definitely recommend ML Movers. More...


George B.

23 June 2013

Fast and professional.I was able to schedule them for a Saturday in the summer on only two weeks notice. The three movers arrived early (7:45 am), worked quickly and carefully, and finished the move by early afternoon. They provide their own pads and plastic wrap to protect everything.Highly recommend. More...


Vicki K.

19 June 2013

We used ML movers for our office move.  We had 4 movers and 2 trucks for a 35 person office and it took a full day.  I was very impressed by the way the movers wrapped every single item in a blanket, plastic wrap, and then taped it up.  Everything was protected and they loaded the trucks in a very efficient fashion.  At the new office, they brought in each item and placed it exactly where I asked them too and cleaned up all the excess wrapping material.  Hard-working, professional and very nice moving company.  I will definitely hire them again for our next office move! More...


Dana B.

18 June 2013

ML MOVERS moved a large dining table, 8 chairs, china cabinet, and grandfather clock about 50 miles from San Jose to Half Moon Bay, CA. Also had to transfer the previous dining table and china cabinet from the Half Moon Bay dining room to the Half Moon Bay house garage. These guys were true professionals and the move went great.  As this was a single room local move we opted for the hourly $95/ hr rate that included a truck, 2 movers, and all required materials... 4 hour minimum... With the driving time from San Jose to Half Moon Bay being charged at twice the normal hourly rate as required by state law. At first I thought the total cost was high to move a few pieces of furniture... Since I am used to getting free delivery when I buy new furniture... But after watching how hard the 2 movers from ML Movers work, I think we got a bargain! The team arrived an hour early for our scheduled appointment. They told us not to worry as the hourly clock on our move would not start until we were ready. Once they started these two guys were awesome.  The team quickly wrapped every pieces of furniture in blankets, wrapping plastic, and tape. They used all packaging materials generously to thoroughly protect everything and quickly loaded everything in less than 1 1/2 hours. Upon arrival in Half Moon Bay I showed the team the dining table and china cabinet that needed to be moved our of the dining room to the garage before the San Jose furniture could be moved in. It should be noted that the Half Moon Bay house has a reverse floor plan so that the dining room is upstairs... Through the single-wide entry door and up a big wood staircase. The guys took it in stride and soon had the old furniture transferred to the garage on the new furniture safely installed in the upstairs dining room.  I cannot say enough how careful these guys were with our furniture as well as with my precious wood floors. They worked very hard and had a great attitude. Those pieces of furniture were HEAVY and watching those guys struggle getting them up those stairs with no complaints was amazing. Not a single scratch on anything! ML Movers employs true professionals... And we're worth every penny they charged. We tipped the guys well... They deserved it. Great job. More...


Coba W.

4 June 2013

These guys worked nonstop and packed things way more carefully than I would've.Their price per hour is in line with the local competition.


Konstatnin K.

3 June 2013

We   have used the M&L movers for our move from San Francisco, CA to Piedmont, CAWe had a rather large (app. 1500 sq. feet) apartment at Presidio packed with books, furniture, toys,large fridge, washer , dryer., etc. The ML movers are exceptionally fast. They have  packed every fragile piece in blankets, and they were able to fit everything into their truck. Super nice job loading and unloading. If you want professionals, look no further.I will not change them for anyone. They worth every penny !! More...


Arif M.

28 May 2013

Incredibly good. Very friendly and helpful movers and office staff. very Professional and very prompt. Money well spent.


Jeff H.

20 May 2013

My 2nd time using ML Movers and they, again, did a fantastic job.  They moved quickly and were careful and polite.  Price was reasonable for the level of service.  Highly recommended!


Julia V.

20 May 2013

ML Movers moved our 4 bedroom 2-storey house from San Carlos to Burlingame. I had interviewed 3 other moving companies, including a national moving company, and settled on ML movers as they came highly recommended by a friend, were competitively priced, and courteous and efficient on the phone. We had 4 guys and 2 trucks involved in the move. They packed our dishes, china, and many other miscellaneous items. Everything was handled with extreme care and efficiency. We also appreciated how friendly and customer focused everyone was. None of our questions went unanswered. The guys worked non-stop for 10 hours, with only a short break for lunch on the way to the new residence. Nothing was damaged or broken during the move. Furniture was dissasembled if needed, and assembled again at the new place. The was not even a minor scratch on the walls or floors in either house.It was as pleasant of an experience as it possibly could have been, and I will be recommending ML Movers to all my friends and colleagues who need to move. Thank you, ML Movers! More...


Jo Rawlins G.

17 May 2013

These guys were fantastic.  Knowledgeable and professional - what more could one want?  Office staff were on top of it , confirming appointment.  Would recommend ML with absolutely no reservations! More...


Brian G.

9 May 2013

Prompt, quick, quiet, courteous, I couldn't ask for more in movers. They showed up before work today and Had my apartment loaded up in an hour. It made for a very stress free experience on an otherwise tumultuous day. Very reliable, I can see why my referring friend swore by them in the first place. More...


Jon K.

8 May 2013

I used them to move a 4 bedroom house to 2 miles away; they were recommended to me by a friend. They showed up 15 minutes early to talk about the move and understand the layouts (but didn't try to charge me for that time), they were fast, courteous, and careful. They knew what they were doing and were a pleasure to work with; pricing was reasonable compared to others, and I felt happy to give them a tip because of the great service. I highly recommended them. More...


Sumit G.

6 May 2013

Really good movers.  On time, nice guys, no hidden fees, wrap everything extremely well, very fast.   Definitely recommend.


trevor r.

29 April 2013

Jessica, Jorge, and Team did a phenomenal job with our office move.  Jessica was great with all the pre-planning and proactive communication while Jorge and crew were on time, well prepared, took great care to wrap all furniture, and they were fast!  They came, they saw, and executed flawlessly with little instruction!I'd HIGHLY recommend ML movers if you've got an office or residential move anywhere on the peninsula. More...


Janet G.

29 April 2013

Wonderful Experience! from the 1st time i called the office, spoke to Jessica who was very helpful, pleasant and worked with my particular situation as i was not 100% sure on exact move date. 1st time I've ever used movers and she answered all my questions w/ a great attitude even after i called multiple times. She was thorough & honest which I really appreciate! The movers were at my home right on time, after they did a walk through they got right to work knowing exactly what to do. Took really care of my furniture, made sure to notify us of some damage they found on our headboard which we were aware of. We were able to borrow wardrobe boxes which was a plus!I've heard other companies have hidden fees = not the case w/ ML. I definitely recommend ML Movers & will use them again in the future. More...



26 April 2013

On time, professional, courteous.  Will use them any time I need to move.  Handled additional moving requests without complaint.  Meticulous withall of our goods.


Peaceful S.

24 April 2013

I'm writing a review for my boss...  So he actually saw these guys working at his old apartment complex.   My boss talked to them and got a good vibe that he decided to use them for his own recent move.   I called to get a quote and their availability, unlike other moving companies (I moved around a lot, so I know how some of these people can be...RUDE), the call was handled in friendly manner, paperwork (via online) was handled very efficiently....NO complaint.   Then on the actualy moving day, my boss said they were very efficient, friendly and organized.  Believe me, my boss isn't an easy person to please when it comes to "SERVICE" and him for saying that they must have been really good!  I'll definitely keep them in mind for my move in the future! More...


Francis C.

1 April 2013

This is the second time that I have used services from ML Movers, just have to leave a review for their excellent services.  These guys are professionals all the way, efficient, and honest.  You will not regret using their services - moving is hard enough already, let these guys help! More...


Alexandra C.

28 March 2013

ML Movers came highly recommended by a couple of folks from a parent list-serv that I belong to. I did further research and saw all of the positive reviews on Yelp and the moving crew led by Roberto, surpassed our expectations. The crew was on time, worked very hard throughout the entire job and finished the move sooner than we had anticipated (entire job was done in 5 hours, moved from a three bedroom home). I set-up the appointment with Jackie and she was such a pleasure to work with as well. We have a 19 month old  toddler and our second little one is on the way, so it was imperative for this process smoothly, which with the fantastic service by ML Movers it did. More...


Tim W.

24 March 2013

I used ML Movers to move me from my home in the Oakland Hills to the Peninsula.  My home in Oakland was 3,000 square feet and on a significant hill, lots and lots of steps and lots and lots of furniture.  They did a great job.  All of the movers were very polite and professional.  They took great care in not damaging my home or furniture and were just and all-around pleasure to work with.  I would highly recommend them. More...


Chris S.

11 March 2013

I have used ML Movers 2 times.  They were very nice and easy to deal with.  Professional.  On time.  They did not break anything.  Were very careful with our possessions.  They wrapped breakables thoroughly and with care.  There are no hidden fees.  Flat hourly rate.  No gas or trip charges.  Or material fees.  I would recommend ML movers to anyone. More...


David B.

11 March 2013

Like others (see this page too for their Redwood City business: yelp.com/biz/ml-movers-r…), we had a great experience with ML Movers.  The overall process was easy and reduced overall move stress: set-up was simple over the phone, the crew arrived early, they worked solidly all day (we were elbows deep in with them throughout), and they took care with our stuff.  We would absolutely use them again and recommend to others. More...


Margaret H.

2 March 2013

Showed up on time, were professional and efficient.  They knew what they were doing. Had tools and reassembled my furniture. Even wrapped up my art which I was nervous about transporting, but it made it safe and sound.  Made moving a cinch! More...


Dulce F.

26 February 2013

ML Movers helped us move from SF to Mountain View at the beginning of February.  We were not looking forward to moving but ML Movers turned it into a good experience.  Booking it was really easy and the lady that booked it was really pleasant.  The day of the move they showed up 10 min early and they got to work fast.  I feared that they would be slow to charge us more but they were really fast!  We had paid for 2 movers for a 2 bedroom apartment and they ended up showing up with 3 people and only charging us for 2.  They wrapped everything really well and nothing got damaged.  It only took them 2 hours to load our 2 bedroom and one hour to unload at our new place (we did help move boxes that were not too heavy).  They all had a great attitude and were really nice.  Will definitely use again! More...


M. I.

18 February 2013

I'm extremely pleased with ML Movers - my crew was excellent and Jackie was very prompt in getting back to me for my initial quote, quickly responding to both emails and phone calls, and checking in with me a few days before and after the move. I moved a large studio (more like 1-bedroom in terms of furniture) from San Francisco to Menlo Park and I knew I needed a 3-person crew. The actual time of the move exceeded the quote by one hour, but a large part of that was a combination of elevator time and waiting time before the truck could pull into the loading area, which meant that one of the guys had to stay with it and was not disassembling furniture for the first hour. My crew was really great and extra careful with my furniture and art - not a single item was bent, broken, chipped or damaged in any way.  Highly recommended and I know I will definitely call them for my next move! More...


Ajit S.

21 January 2013

I moved again and ML Movers were excellent. Their flat rate was over $1000 so I went with hourly rate and they finished the job well within 5 hours. If you do not have too much stuff, I suggest taking their hourly rate. If you have stuff that will need 7-8 hours, you can go for flat rate. More...


Adam E.

17 January 2013

These guys are fantastic. Professional, quick, inexpensive. They can recommend a good storage place too. Highly recommended.


Marco H.

14 January 2013

Great Service,I called for an appointment less then 1 week in advance and luckily they had the day I needed available for a move from Sunnyvale to Morgan Hill.I used the flat service for a 2Bedroom Apartment with Garage (so basically 3 Bedrooms). From the beginning they where very nice, they showed up 1/2h early and asked me if I want to wait or if I like they could start early which I choose.We did a quick tour thru my place and they started completely on their own.They split up and knew what to do without talking much. Also if they had a question about an item they asked and it all went very smooth and fast.In addition we had a dog which needed to be kept in a bedroom because he is very nosy and wants to be in the middle of everything. They simply accommodated around this issue without any hassle or question.The unloading went as smooth as the loading and very fast and efficient.The new place was bigger so they had more questions where to get the boxes stacked, again very friendly very fast and efficient.Also they wrapped the furniture very good in blankets and shrink wrap. I have to say they packed the furniture better for this short move then the last move I had from the east coast to CA.So in short a very great and friendly experience and I can highly recommend them and have to say for the service they provided it was a fair price. I definitely will call them If I ever have to move again. More...


Sonia K.

8 January 2013

I hired ML movers  for my move Jan 4th not only to haul my stuff 2.5 miles down the road to my new , smaller place,  but also to finish packing up my 2 bedroom/2bath condo.  Jackie is their manager and she is very professional and detail oriented - making sure what I needed and providing me with options, like 2 vs 3 guys (always get 3 !) packing materials needed, understanding the contract/price etc.The movers arrived ON TIME. I gave them a quick rundown of what needed packing in the condo as well as the chaos in my 1 car garage which was 1/2 packed stuff and 1/2 just   STUFF  ( OK 20 yrs and you can gather ALOT of stuff).  They jumped right in, started packing and loading the truck in a very organized fashion in order to provide the most sensible order for unloading....  These guys were amazing... every inch of the truck was efficiently used.  each box was well packed with lots  of paper protecting breakables, never over packed.. They are fast, efficient, and careful.  Unpacked quickly, put together furniture, cleaned up their mess ..They worked for 9 hours !!! They were very friendly from beginning to end and seriously hard working guys.. I would definitely use them again. More...


Sparkely K.

5 January 2013

I used ML Movers in September based on the great reviews I saw on Yelp.  From the office staff to the movers I received excellent service.  My move went exceedingly fast and my belongings were safely loaded up, transported, and unpacked in about two hours (from Menlo Park to San Mateo).  I was shocked at how quickly it all went.Though I hope I won't be moving any time soon, I will definitely call ML Movers next time. More...


Christina C.

31 December 2012

Fantastic service.  I booked the ML Movers team less than a week in advance - and during the holiday week between Christmas and new years.  They were available and extremely accommodating (even when I wasn't sure if we were really going to be able to move that date, only 3 days later!). On the day of the move, we got 3 movers (a great deal by the way... highly recommended that you get 3 instead of 2). They showed up early, and within about 10 minutes they had already put blankets all over our house to protect it, and gotten 2 or 3 loads out to the truck already.  It took them about 2 hours to get all of the contents of our 2 bedroom apartment down the stairs and into the truck (including disassembling our bed, and packing all of the furniture really really well). At the new place - a 3 bedroom townhouse with a really windy narrow staircase - they were just as quick. They managed to move everything in through a really tricky entryway without doing any damage. This was very impressive to me, since the professional delivery folks bringing our appliances the day before only had to move two items, but they did a lot of damage.  The ML mover team also unpacked all the furniture and reassembled the bed for us.  They moved anything we wanted to, and were very willing to help us in any way they could without charging extra (aside from the hourly rate obviously).  Other moving companies I looked at will charge you $10 per piece of furniture that needs to be wrapped in plastic - the ML Movers team did it for all of our furniture, for free.  It was a fantastic experience for me, and extremely affordable. They also have a very professional administrative team (Jackie) that makes you feel really confident that everything will go according to plan.  Can't say enough good things. More...


Kate J.

4 December 2012

We used ML movers for a 2-bedroom apartment.They were the best movers we've ever had, and I cannot thank them enough! 1. They were very polite and nice, and smiling the whole time2. They worked very hard and did not even take a break3. Our new place required us to be done by 4pm, and these guys were able to help us get everything moved in within the 2 hours we had when we arrived there. They were literally non-stop and had our best interest at heart. They charge a flat fee, and they do not have any hidden fees. We are so impressed with them and we will definitely use their service again in the future. Highly recommend! More...


Philip S.

3 December 2012

ML Movers came on time and did a great job moving my stuff from Menlo Park to Redwood City. They were careful, efficient, courteous and clean and very helpful. The cost was reasonable. It couldn't be better! I highly recommend them. More...


Patrice F.

12 November 2012

I discovered ML Movers from a friend's recommendation, and I would return that favor to others based on the excellent experience.  They arrived early and worked efficiently and cheerfully.  I thought the flat rate would be best, but Jackie thought the hourly rate would be better - and indeed she saved me money.  My household goods were packaged and wrapped up like they would be transported overseas - when it was only 3.5 miles!  This is the first time I have ever moved that nothing was damaged or broken. More...


Nicole L.

7 November 2012

ML Movers has moved me into 4 different houses in the past 3 years.  Here's what you need to know:- They have ALWAYS been early to arrive and early to finish, and were impressively detail oriented (esp. with wrapping electronics, scuff-able furniture, etc) along the way.- They are not strangers to stairs, Edwardian, Victorian, or modern.  One of my houses was 3 stories, with a narrow and winding staircase, and they were able to get a queen sized bed (with a metal bed frame) through without scuffing or nicking a single wall.- They are very honest, polite and straightforward, and don't try to upsell you or sneak in extra charges.  Ask about their cash discount!Final pro tip: just leave your clothes in the armoires and bureaus-- these guys are so buff they will just wrap everything up (with the contents inside) and move it in one piece, saving you precious packing and unpacking time.  For hanging items, ask for extra wardrobe boxes, which they provide.We recommend them to everyone we know. More...


Viveta L.

3 October 2012

Excellent!!They were there 10 minutes early, well prepared, packaged my furniture carefully and well. Literally transported our entire closet as is, and set it up in the new place. Took 1.5 hours to clear out my 2 bedroom apt, and 1.5 hr to unload, and set up my furniture. Not a glass broken. BEST SERVICE EVER! Flat rate, so no concern for unnecessary delays. They were efficient, worked fast, and in 4 hours - I was moved and enjoying my new place. Highly recommend. More...


N L.

29 September 2012

This is the second time they help me moving. Excellent service as I expected.  The guys, Edgar and Carlos, were very polite and showed up on time which was very important for me. They were careful and efficient. After everything was moved in to the new place. They stayed and help me built up my table and bed which were taken apart when I stored them 3 years ago. That was beyond the call of duty. More...


Yoshi I.

22 September 2012

ML Movers were awesome. We requested the flat fee packing service and the moving service. They helped us pack up a 1 bedroom apartment and move across town. The 3 movers were very punctual and were very efficient in packing up the apartment.The move was only 10 miles and we were done shortly after lunch. I highly recommend ML Movers for local bay area moves. More...


K H.

14 September 2012

best movers, ever.    Great idea to choose the low flat rate.   We had cheerful and energetic team of 3  who never complained. We have alot of stuff and alot of good quality wood furniture --   No damage and no hassles with any special requests  They padded and wrapped everything well.  I used Franks Movers a year go and had such a horrible experience with insane damage and apalling rudeness when I complained.  I would use ML again but am hoping we dont have to move for years to come. More...


Marissa G.

14 September 2012

ML Movers was great! I chose them after getting a personal referral and they offered both a flat rate and hourly rate that were both lower than other companies that I called.My move was complicated because it was unexpected and last minute and I didn't know if I'd be moving into a new apartment or storage for the time being. Jackie was great on the phone, explained all the different options and was flexible since I didn't know my destination at the time I booked- only 1 week out. She also referred me to a storage facility that they have a good relationship with, so despite being out of town (Redwood City), they don't charge you time or mileage to store there. I went with the flat rate option and the 2 guys were on time, super friendly and FAST! They had my whole apartment wrapped up in plastic, loaded on the truck, and unpacked in Redwood City within 3 hours. A few Gatorades, some water, and a nice tip was a small price to pay. It was so worth it! More...


Katharina K.

14 September 2012

Here comes another super, excellent, fantastic review. This was my fourth move in five years and I used a different moving company every time. ML movers were the best. Easy, on time, hard working, careful with my stuff, and soooo fast. I couldn't believe it. I had a three bedroom townhouse. They loaded the truck with three movers, drove 55 miles, and unloaded everything in less than 4.5 hours! More...


Barb C.

2 September 2012

I absolutely dread moving.  I went with ML movers after getting a recommendation from a co-worker.  They arrived early and were professional and efficient.  There was a mix-up where they didn't realize that they were packing up my stuff too.  No problem - they sent out supplies within 30 minutes while my furniture was wrapped up.  I'll definitely use them again! More...


Jennifer B.

27 August 2012

I booked these guys based on Yelp reviews and I couldn't be happier about it.  They were very fast, efficient, and treated my stuff with care;  pretty much all you can ask for in a moving company.  I'd accidentally booked the move for the wrong month (whoops!) but when I called to 'confirm'  the friday before, they said they could work me in on that Saturday afternoon.  Excellent excellent excellent customer service.  I'll definitely use them for my next move. More...


Jesse J.

20 August 2012

Better than I could ever have expected! If you don't read this entire review, just HIRE THESE GUYS! You'll thank me later ;)I originally had a reservation with starving students for the mere fact they advertise up the wazoo... then I decided, should I really trust them with EVERYTHING I own? I did my Yelp search and NO NO NO!!! Less than 1 star, YIKES! Thankfully I saw ML Movers AND they were having a mid week sale... perfect, since I was already moving on a Wednesday anyways. Called them up, got a price quote, they gave me the option of 2 or 3 movers, the truck, the wrapping accessories, everything. All in all it was cheaper to go thru them because they didn't nickle and dime you for everything you needed (i.e Starving students had a flat rate hourly, 4 hour minimum AND charged you for everything they had to wrap). These guys did it flawlessly! I even brought them bagels and coffee and tipped them, and they were very appreciative. We were moved into our new house by noon the same day. I seriously can not give the level of recommendation these guys deserve! Thanks ML Movers for taking such good care and respect for my stuff. If and when we ever have to move again, you can bet I'll be calling these guys up! (To mention, I also had a broken arm, so they really took care of everything!) ML even called me the same day a few hours later to make sure everything was ok. I work in customer service and I think it's so important, and I seriously can't believe a company has that level of service anymore. Seriously blown away! More...


Joanne C.

20 August 2012

Fair warning...I used them in late 2009, so things may have changed.  And my memory may be fuzzy.  But they were FANTASTIC.  They:-Were able to schedule my move (from 1 bedroom to a storage unit a mile away) for the day after I called.-Insisted on giving me a $325 flat rate for moving "1 room" even though I explained it was floor to ceiling boxes, up a flight of stairs, and a long walk from where the truck could park.  I envisioned an all day process and thought once they saw the pile of boxes they'd feel cheated.  Nope, somehow they got everything done in about 3 hours, including:-Cheerfully accepted changes and additions I asked for before we signed the contract: moving 2 pieces of furniture INTO the room after it was empty (no charge), stopping by another nearby storage locker and emptying it out too (about $100 IIRC), and moving everything I set aside as "leave behind" into the bedroom closet (again no charge). -Cheerfully did WHATEVER I asked on the day of the move.  Really smiled as though they were happy to do it:--Please close the door every time to keep the cats safe--check.--Please wait while I get bolt cutters to get into my old storage locker--check (and without being asked, took the bolt cutter out of my delicate flower-like hands and applied their mighty brawn to cutting the lock).--Could you help me finish putting together the plastic shelves I'm putting in the new storage unit? -- check.  (OK, maybe they sort of volunteered in order to speed things up, my memory's unclear.  Either way, they did it in like 5 minutes.  As with everything else they did, they did it with a smile, with what seemed like a genuine eagerness to help, and in one tenth the time I would have taken .--Ooh, I'd like that one thing from the old locker to go back home, it's too big for my car, could you run it back to my home?--CheckAlso, they did all sorts of things I would have never thought to ask for.  Took the bed apart to make it easy to maneuver and to take up less room in the locker.  Wrapped everything that wasn't a box in layers of plastic; not just enough to protect corners, but enough to make the whole thing dustproof.  3 years later I am SO grateful to have that mattress still as fresh and clean as the day they put it there.  Didn't just pile the "keep" stuff any old way into the closet, as I expected, but placed it in a neat, orderly and easy-to-access fashion that was a joy to behold.  They helped in other ways that I can't even remember now.I came out of what I expected to be a stressful experience with a newfound faith that nice workers and good companies can still be found. Were there any problems?  Only 2 that I can think of.  First, they came early.  Everyone else seems to think that's cool...for me it was a problem because I was just finishing up and hadn't gotten to the ATM yet.  I had to run to the ATM (only 2 blocks away) later while they were doing that last run back to home, which may have contributed to:Second, after the job was over, when I paid them (and there were NO surprises there, nothing padding the bill, just the flat rate we'd agreed to), I gave each worker what I thought was a generous tip (together the tips came to over 20% of the bill).  Maybe I was just tired, but I felt a sudden freeze. Like they were having a miserable day and I was the cause.  OK, I did ask for a lot, but everything had been so cheery up until then that I felt horrible.  Maybe I'm exaggerating.  Maybe their blood sugar had run low. Maybe they had just gotten a call and their next job had been cancelled, or their soccer team lost and it had nothing to do with me.  I don't know, but instead of being left with the glow of amazed well-being I had been equipped to face the day with, it sent me into a tailspin.  It felt so unfair.I'm not taking off a star for it, though.  Normally I have to leave a company feeling wonderful for them to get that 5th star.  Because of the aforementioned issue I didn't feel wonderful, but I was still very impressed and felt they went above and beyond in many ways, so I'm adding the 5th star.I would recommend them for any move with the slightest amount of complicatedness.  Or I would recommend them 3 years ago.  I'm a little nervous for my next move, which will be a simple locker-to-locker transfer (storage company tripled their rates...another story for another day).  If their fixed rate is really the same for everybody, then last time the folks with simple moves were subsidizing me, and this time I'd be subsidizing them.  And the "you figure out whether you want flat or fixed" and especially the 4-hour minimum mentioned on their current site gives me pause.  But since I was so happy with them last time, I'm definitely going to get a quote from them.  I may end up with a rental truck and some folks from the day labor center, but I hope not.  We shall see. More...


Damon Z.

12 August 2012

Avoid the wear and tear on your body, and let the guys at ML Movers take on that burden for you!Moving is one of the most stressful activities that life has presented me with, but these guys made it bearable for me.  Packing, I can handle, but moving boxes and furniture, and ruining the smoothness and suppleness of my gorgeous skin is not for me.  Relocating my beautiful items wasn't going to have me looking rusty and crusty!  You have the choice of paying for hourly service, or flat rate service.  Because I had a relatively small inventory, I chose the hourly service of $90/hour.  This includes two movers, a big ole truck to fit all of your goods, and all of the padding and cushioning to protect your high end, custom made furnishings. Now, I must point out that they add in an additional $30, if they need to use stretch wrap on some of your things, but it definitely safeguards your items from scratches, and from getting dirty in the back of that moving truck.  Also, an additional fee is added if the move is more than 15 miles (I believe a half hour worth of time is added), which mine was.  I was doing a transbay move, so I expected some sort of additional charges, and when making the reservation, the agent explained all additional charges to me, up front,(including the shrink wrap, which I mentioned above).  My move took just under four hours to complete, and when they finished, the walls and carpet were free of any marks, scratches, and dings.  Paying in cash gets you a 5% discount, whereas paying with a credit card adds 5% onto your tab, and paying by check has no discount or additional charge.  The few hundred dollars, which I spent on this move was so worth not having to deal with the hassle of renting a truck, convincing friends to help with the move, etc....  Best of all, my hands and skin are still smooth as a baby's bottom.  Can't say the same about the moving guys....... More...


Brixton P.

7 August 2012

ML Movers were on time and very professional.  Leo and Antonio were experienced and well-trained movers who did a great job with my recent move.  I've moved a few times in the past couple of years in the Bay area and ML movers exceeded my expectations.  Excellent job and see you on my next move. More...


Preston T.

2 August 2012

They were fast, careful and even sent a second team to help speed things up.We had them pack and move our three bedroom house with a huge amount of kid stuff under their fixed rate plan.  The team of 5 got there on time at 8am and jumped right into it.  They packed and moved all the usual furniture stuff, outdoor furniture, 6 potted tree's, a boatload of bikes and a full sized Skeeball machine without a major problem or complaint.When it was clear we had a lot of stuff they sent a second team of 2 with a extra truck (who had finished another job early) to help out.   They got us moved in and even did  the unpacking (or at least as much as we were ready to do then) by 6pm.  I paid them cash which saved me 5% off the bill vs check and used the 5% + a bit as the tip (I also ordered pizza for them all for lunch).I highly recommend them for your moving needs.  If you have a lot of stuff or a complex move, the fixed rate plan is a great deal, especially given the quality of the work.  There were NO extra costs, everything from packing material to extra help they sent was included. More...


Ben B.

30 July 2012

Great movers.Moved a 700 sq ft. apartment 10 miles in just under 4 hours, including disassembly and reassembly of some furniture.  Nothing was damaged, and the contents of most boxes barely seems to have shifted.  Went with the flat-rate option, and no hidden fees.  Very friendly moving staff too. More...


Nicole L.

25 July 2012

My fiance and I have used ML movers twice now and were pretty pleased both times.Last year we had them pack and move us between two apartments in the same complex using their hourly rate. Our move took nearly ten hours, so in hindsight, choosing hourly was not the best idea, but they did a great job nonetheless.Recently we used their flat rate service to move us into a new condo across town, which was a much better deal.The crew was friendly and professional and everything made it here in one piece. It might just be me, but it also seems like they might move a little more quickly with the flat rate service. More...


ali e.

24 July 2012

Super professional, courteous all day, reasonable prices. Flat rate moves are awesome.


Brooke W.

19 July 2012

ML Movers relocated my company from one Palo Alto address to another. I got bids from 3-4 different local movers, and theirs was by far the least expensive. They carefully wrapped all of our furniture and monitors and moved everything without damage. We needed to move overnight on a Thursday night, so they arrived at 6 p.m. and our office of 30 people's stuff was loaded, unloaded, placed, and unwrapped by midnight (maybe earlier). We were happy with the price, the customer service, the work ethic, and the delicacy of ML Movers, and we'd definitely use them again for the next move. More...


Jinny T.

10 July 2012

we used ML Movers for our move 2 weeks ago. We chose the flat rate option - absolutely the right choice! They were so efficient and fast. They packed everything in less than 3 hours - including 2 TVs, 2 couches, 2 beds (one king + one queen) and many more. Everything was wrapped properly with 2 layers - blankets and plastic wraps. I highly recommend their flat rate options as you don't need to worry about the time and I think they are pretty good deals if you know you have lots of stuff like us. More...


J C.

25 June 2012

Fast and efficient!!This is the second time we have used ML Movers.  Used them about a year ago to move us from house to house.  This past weekend we used them to move our daughter from a 3rd floor apartment to a 2nd floor apartment across town.  (No elevators)They showed up on time, moved FAST! Charged the price they quoted and were friendly, helpful and considerate of handling breakables carefully. They even had to take a desk apart to get it through a doorway.  No complaints on their part either.We'd use them again for any move and recommend them highly! More...


Gary R.

19 June 2012

These guys worked their tails off!.  We consolidated 2 aparments into 1 with some tricky moving situations and lots of fragile stuff.  They were punctual, reasonably priced, careful, and they worked really, really, really hard.  I tipped 20% and it almost didn't feel like enough.   This was a way better experience than any other movers I have used in the city.  (particularly vs the poor service I had from Pat Ryan movers).  I can't recommend enough. More...


Susan F.

15 June 2012

Great movers!  Fast and efficient, while still being very careful with our furniture.  The pricing was WAY lower than other movers we have used.  And the pricing was EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAID IT WOULD BE.  My boyfriend was so happy about how well the move went that he gave them a large tip: they certainly deserved it!  We will be recommending them to all of our friends. More...


Alli T.

12 June 2012

Awesome job! Highly recommend! Best move yet and we've moved many times. Everything was in exact same condition. Movers worked quickly and were extremely efficient. If you're moving hire ML Movers!


Nick L.

4 June 2012

These guys were pretty good.Having moved 6 times in as many years (including an international and cross country move) I was a little apprehensive on doing an hourly rate as you know they are going to take their time whenever they can.Decided to go for this option as we were not moving much stuff and would do some trips ourselves. Just know to pack lighter and get rid of stuff!!The 3 guys here were no different but they weren't too bad. 2 of them didn't speak much English but that didn't matter in the end.They kept us informed on arrival time which was nice and moved things along at a steady pace. They did have some issues with the tv stand which I'm not sure why as previous movers were able to dismantle in a third of the time.Everything bar one dining room chair made its way safely across and the damage on the chair was not horrific.We helped expedite the process by unwrapping and folding blankets or it would have been another hour and thus over the flat rate.I'd probably go flat rate next time and let them take however long they want. Overall I'm pleased with their efforts and service and would use them again for a local move. Not sure if they do medium to long range moves but there are better options for that. More...


Aleksandr O.

3 June 2012

Those guys are solid.  Showed up on the dot and did my move without any issues.  No superhumans here - did not see anyone carry insanely heavy furniture on their own but did the job on time and well.  That's five stars in my opinion.Here are couple of either things to improve on or just something that caught my eye - no stars deducted for that.1. They have initially quoted me single truck with three people.  After doing a little of homework and talking to other moving companies - I decided to go with two trucks (big one and little one).  I am glad I did as everything would not have fitted into single truck and I would have been annoyed with two-trip move.2. They took lunch while "on the clock."  Granted it was no more than half an hour and clearly those guys work hard and deserve some rest - but that time should not have been included in total.  I let it go because I was not quite sure how much time was lunch vs driving time and, honestly, I was busy thinking of something else.3. They will pack stuff for you but, in part because they are being very careful, it slows things down.  Moving part goes very fast.Good choice for moving - I'd use them again. More...


Lauren O.

14 May 2012

Updating just to say that I used them again and, AGAIN, blew my mind. We decided to have them pack everything this time and they are simply incredible. The entire pack and move - 2br apartment to a 2br townhome - took about 9 hours. On time, dealt with weird parking situations with absolute professionalism, worked their butts off, and didn't break or scratch or lose a thing. Unpacking was interesting - seeing which things ended up with which other things - so I highly recommend at least making sure everything is in it's right place before having them whirl through and pack! But all in all, I still whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone looking for absolutely awesome Bay Area movers. More...


Albert V.

2 May 2012

I hired this company to move a pair of extremely large and expensive speakers which cost $90,000/pr.  They showed up on time, did a fantastic job and although expensive, their help was well worth the cost.  I plan to use them again for all customers in the Bay Area that purchase our VSA speakers. More...


J C.

25 April 2012

These guys came up huge for me.  My original mover completely bailed on me the day of my move, which in itself is ridiculous.  Oh well, it helped me find ML Movers, who are first class all the way.I managed to get them to come out in just a few hours, and with the flat rate structure, actually saved some money.  And the guys that came out did an incredible job.  Fast, efficient, yet careful.  They wrapped everything in plastic and carpets - I have never seen movers take so much care with my stuff, and they weren't even getting paid by the hour!I will never use another company again, as long as I don't have to. More...


Dan E.

23 April 2012

These guys are pros - we've used them multiple times, and each experience has been fantastic.  Fast, courteous, extremely careful with furniture and breakables - we will be using ML for all future moves!


P A.

22 April 2012

These guys were so good with our move from San Francisco to San Mateo. They were punctual, well prepared, extremely professional, quick and friendly. They moved everything safely and put everything in place in our new house. I even had them move around the bedroom furniture a couple of times and they were very helpful, did not complain at all. I even broke something that they fixed ingeniously. Would highly recommend these guys. They did an excellent job! More...


Eric C.

14 April 2012

Elias the office manager was prompt and responsive in all communications.  We had a local move and self-packed so we opted for the hourly option.  On move day, they sent an additional mover due to the rain at no additional charge, though we did end up paying for the extra mover because we were so pleased with their service.  The movers were courteous, efficient, meticulous in wrapping of furniture and careful with our belongings.  I would use them again without any reservations. More...


Erica E.

2 April 2012

Fan-freaking-tastic.We were lucky enough to have chosen THE rainiest day to move last month and were thinking that even though we had movers coming, it was going to be a disaster. No worries! Blankets and shrink wrap, check! I've never used professional movers before, and I won't use anyone other than these guys going forward. They showed up and moved quickly, all the while smiling and even making jokes with each other- the rain didn't phase them! The best part was that they didn't even want us to empty drawers or containers- they just wrapped and moved. Deck box? Wrap it up! End tables? Wrap them up! Couch, heavy tv, fragile mirrors and glass? Wrap them up!! It was so easy.Once we got to the new place, they put down blankets so they didn't track in water and then moved everything including a couch we already had downstairs up as we asked- just amazing. I can't highly recommend them enough!!! More...


Hakim a.

28 March 2012

I used the service of ML movers to move between a 2 bedroom apartment and a rental house a few days ago. Their pricing is simple and reasonable. I found the customer service to be courteous and responsive to my needs and concerns.They respond very fast to any question and address concerns to make their customers happy. All of the customer service personnel I talked to were super nice people... Elias, Carlos, and Miguel. Actually, I had an issue where I couldn't move to the first place I was supposed to move to because of a breach of contract. I found the second place very late and already passed the allowed time to reschedule with them without a fee. They understood my extraordinary circumstance and gave me a discount on my new appointment after I explained things to them. The movers were very polite and careful with my stuff; they wrapped everything and took extra care with my baby's toys. Everything arrived free of any scratches and they assembled furniture the same way it was...indeed,  hard working gentlemen that would respect your house as theirs.I would recommend ML movers to all my friends. Choosing them is a no brainer, especially given their high quality, transparent pricing, and the level of dedication their movers have. More...


susan R.

22 March 2012

ML Movers was a pleasure to do business with, from beginning to end. I've used them three times and communication with the office was clear about the work to be done and the cost. The movers knew how to pack my stuff so that nothing was damaged, and nothing was. There were no surprises. I'd recommend them without any hesitation. More...


Daniel R.

14 March 2012

Showed up at my house.  They were highly professional and moved very fast.  They wrapped up my furniture in plastic and blankets.  I had 2 rooms full of furniture and it took less then 4 hours.  Their insurance is $.60/ lb so I was worried about my TV.   But nothing bad happened.  I had three movers.  Two of them were completely on the ball.  The third guy was a trainee. More...


Chris K.

12 March 2012

They did a good job protecting all my valuables. Everything arrived in one piece and without any chips/nicks. I own some expensive furniture and am a pretty particular person, so this was an important attribute that I looked for when I researched moving companies. It's also the reason I chose ML Movers over GoPro. GoPro was more professional with their documentation, communication, and in general seems to have their act together. However it seems based on other Yelp reviews that they don't wrap everything unless you ask them to and they didn't seem as eager for my business as ML did.I deducted one star because I felt that the movers moved pretty slow. It seems like they weren't really motivated to get the job done quickly. Perhaps that was because I was being billed on an hourly rate. Unfortunately the move ran 1.5 hours over budget. My suggestion to future customers would be to go with the flat rate option.I should also mention that the communication with Elias, the Office Manager was very good. More...


Shaunt S.

29 February 2012

I used ML Movers yesterday for the second time and I am once again very happy! 2 of the 3 guys that came out were the same guys that helped me move last year. Very nice guys. It's amazing how much work they can do in 4 hours! Very affordable and great company, I highly recommend. More...


Greg U.

28 February 2012

Fast, efficient, hard working.We were to meet at 9am at my storage unit.  I pulled up at 8:55 and they were already there waiting.  They were quick - loaded the truck in 30 mins, counting time to blanket and stretch-wrap furniture.  They were careful - I hung back and watched and they handled everything beautifully.At the drop-off, they were again fast and efficient.  Once or twice a "This End Up" was the wrong way, but no harm done.  They were unloading things faster than I could figure out where to put it all!I don't think they charged me for the drive-time back, which saved me a fair bit.  I tipped generously, in case they get stiffed for it. More...


Syl P.

18 February 2012

Today is my 2nd time using ML Movers, again I am satisfied with their service. The booking was a breeze since I already knew what I wanted. After email confirmations, they called the day before the move to confirm show-up time. And showed up on the dot at 8am. Moving from a 3-bed house to a 3-bed townhouse, they sent 5 guys, thankfully. The team lead remembered us from our last move, and I recognized one other person. Good to know that their employees stay with them! Everyone was nice, fast and knows exactly what they need to do. Everything was packed by Noon ( and I mean everything, since I didn't pack anything). They took less than 15min lunch and finished putting everything in place by 3pm. Before calling it done, they asked if anything needs to be moved around. Very considerate. The packing and unpacking were professional. I loved using the flat rate option. Don't have to worry about hours and materials costs and I wanted them to use plenty of wrapping for protection, and they did just that! Worth every penny. Like the 5% off with cash option, too.  Just made sense to give that saving to the guys as tips so they pocket it directly. More...


Alana H.

17 January 2012

I used ML this weekend and it was the best moving experience we have ever had. They were prompt, courteous and OMG did they work hard.  We went with a flat rate because we have a lot of stuff and I didn't want to worry about how long things were taking and I couldn't have been happier. More...


Amanda M.

15 January 2012

My fiance and I just used ML Movers to move our bed and television out of the 3rd floor of a very historic home to our new apartment in Menlo Park-- they were absolutely fantastic!!  They arrived early, were polite and extremely friendly.  They were efficient, clean, and cautious and took great care to avoid scratching or damaging anything in the home or our belongings.  Their prices are extremely competitive and reasonable.  We can't lavish enough praise on ML Movers and recommend them highly!! More...


Paul W.

26 December 2011

I used ML Movers last summer. They arrived on-time. I immediately noticed that the English-speaking skills of 2 of their teammates were almost non-existent but had no problems communicating with the team leader. As others have noted, they wrapped absolutely everything in plastic to help keep it extra safe. The one item I was super-worried about was my big screen TV but I managed to communicate in my broken Spanish that the TV was "mi novia" (my girlfriend) and we all got along fine as they understood why I was hovering over them while they were handling it. Everything including the TV was unpacked safely and undamaged in the new place in record time.Good customer service, good team, reasonable rates, they did a nice job. I'd hire them again. More...


boreal C.

17 December 2011

After having a bad experience before with TI Movers, I did a vigorous search on Yelp, read up all the reviews on many Movers. Then short-listed ML Movers and one other "big man big truck" movers (who didnt bother to call me back). Went with ML Movers finally, with some skepticism, but boy was i impressed!! They were just amazing, moving my fully loaded two bedroom apartment in about four and half hours, taking minimal breaks. They packed all the furniture really well and did a fantastic job moving everything with any scratches or breaks. Even with some much work, they had a smile on their face most of the time, unlike my previous movers who constantly complained about how "heavy" everything was. These guys even helped move a heavy table from downstairs to upstairs (negotiating really hairy-turn over the stairs) without going through the assembly/dis-assembly process. Overall, I would give them the best, five stars rating. Will use them again in the future if needed. More...


Joyce H.

13 December 2011

I've used ML Movers three times now. The latest move was today. Like always, they showed up at 8 a.m. exactly, had all the paperwork ready, did a walk through of my house and had my house packed in about and hour and a half. Some people might say they take a while but I think it is because they take such great care in wrapping valuables. In the three times I have used them, nothing has ever been damaged. Also, the workers are very respectful, Whenever I was in need of help to relocate a piece of furniture, they were always willing to help and with a smile.-Even when I changed my mind a few times.Today, they put blankets on my wood floors when I told them my floors were new. I think it's great they were thinking of my happiness. I always recommend them to my friends that need to move and will continue to do so. Another thing that I love is that they always call me after the move and ask me how my experience went and if I had any suggestions for their company. This little extra bit of customer service always impresses me. More...


Daniel S.

5 December 2011

I was positively impressed with the service. I called them on a Thursday to make the moving (from Redwood City to Bernal Heights) and we set up the service for that Saturday. They arrived on time (I was still packing some stuff) and proceeded to disassemble and wrap all the furniture. One hour later all my belongings where in their truck (they forget some stuff that was unpacked but I told them: if it's not on a package don't bring it, so I guess it's ok). I left a little earlier to find a parking spot on the new place, they arrive 20 min later and proceed to unpack and assemble everything. One hour later we were done, everything looking good and unscratched. I came back later to the old place to move the remaining items. My friend from recommended them and I'll do the same, these guys know how to do their job! More...


Kevin W.

4 December 2011

Punctual, careful with their shoes and the carpet, respectful. The only negative is that it was difficult to understand their English.


Satyen S.

23 November 2011

Have used ML movers three times and am batting 1.000.  They're fast, efficient, careful, and always willing to go the extra mile.  Highly recommended.


Morin O.

14 November 2011

I used ML Movers again for the 2nd time and continue to be impressed at their efficiency and speed. I had 3 movers and they moved an entire apartment in an hour and 15 minutes! Highly recommend using them...don't forget to take advantage of their wardrobe boxes! I've had friends use them too and have been fully impressed. More...


Richard J.

7 November 2011

Roberto and his team did an excellent job. They were very professional and knew what they were doing. They arrived on time, and took care of things very efficiently. They wrapped up large and bulky items very securely, as well as fragile items that I had not wrapped yet. They took things like the dining table and bed apart and reassembled them expertly. I hope not to move again for a long time, but would definitely use them again when needed. More...


Angela W.

24 October 2011

These guys were great! I would recommend and use them again in a heartbeat. Good attitude. Good guys. Very professional company.


Janell M.

19 October 2011

This company was awesome from start to finish. The receptionist I spoke with was really detailed and organized and the movers were helpful, efficient, and very nice to all of our stuff! Moving from San Bruno to Walnut Creek could have been a horrible experience, but ML movers made it easier, and less of a hassle. I will definitely use them if needed. Thanks Guys!!! More...


Joanna P.

7 October 2011

Great from start to finish.  We opted for the fixed fee move and had a TON of stuff in our two bedroom apartment.  It took them all day to do what they probably had thought would only take half a day, but they did not complain at all.  The total cost was less than half what another company in the area quoted us.  They were very polite and very careful with our things the whole time.  Nothing was broken or even dented or scratched.  I have never been happier to give a generous tip and would definitely use them again. More...


Jens M.

1 October 2011

Very professional and helpfull. I had to get my goods moved from an international shipment and the contracting company did not want to deliver at my address as agreed. I contacted ML Movers we found a solution and they got the job done. They deserve the good reviews More...


Samuel G.

26 September 2011

I couldn't have been more impressed with these guys.  They lived up to the yelp hype and then some.Our move was scheduled for 8 am on a Wednesday, and when I showed up to the storage unit to load our stuff, they were already waiting for me.As I mentioned, our move was out of a storage unit and into our new apartment.  It wasn't an easy move.  We have a entertainment center the weighs at least 300 pounds, and plenty of other smaller furniture.  They were fast, they were exceedingly careful not to bump walls or ceilings, and they were always willing to help me adjust furniture around the room or assemble something. They finished the *whole* thing in just over 3 hours.  There is a 4 hour minimum on the hourly rate move, but I still feel we got a steal, paying around 400 bucks at the end of the day.I would use them again in a heartbeat. Professionals. More...


Jessica S.

3 September 2011

I was lucky to find ML Movers here on Yelp and decided to have them help me move from San Mateo to Redwood City. For a very competitive price, three friendly and professional guys showed up at the time agreed upon and got everything moved within the four hours assigned to the move. All larger furniture was wrapped in blankets and wrap, and there was no damage on a single wall (!) when they were done. Amazing! This is by far the best moving experience I have ever had, so I highly recommend using ML Movers. More...


Sophia S.

1 September 2011

ML Movers Team,My hubby and I have had to move 10 times in the last 6 years so although I was a bit skeptical that any moving company could consistently get 5 stars on YELP, the ML Movers Team made a believer out of me.The ML Mover Team exceeded my expectations.I have to say from start (Lina was pleasant, professional, efficient, thorough, patient: EXCELLENCE) to finish (the 3-men who did the job: respectful, pleasant, professional, efficient, hard working: FANTASTIC) and in-between (all the checkpoints, updates, messaging)this is the *****BEST MOVE***** I have experienced.And on top of it all, the guys showed up two hours early just when I was wishing they would!You cannot beat that!Excellent service from start to finish.Although I hope I never have to move again (!) if I do, I will return to ML MOVERS -- you guys mean it when you say: Thanks again and have a Happy Move!Best Regards,TammyT More...


Lux P.

24 August 2011

Great.Efficient, hard working, detail oriented, reasonable prices, honest, got the job done.I would use again.  The girl who answers the phone could be a little nicer, other than that 5 stars.


Laura W.

29 July 2011

ML Movers did a great job. The office staff is organized and efficient and the movers showed up on time. They were friendly, professional, organized, and cost effective. They had to take off some doors and assemble/reassemble furniture -- they had all the tools ready. And, they were nice guys to work with. More...


Edward M.

28 June 2011

I chose to go with the fixed rate plan for my family move from Palo Alto to Oakland.  It was nice to not have to watch the clock.  The movers were friendly, respectful of our property, prompt and efficient.  Everything arrived inperfect condition.  They even moved some big items to the dumpster as a courtesy.  Highly recommended. More...


S Y.

9 June 2011

We used ML Movers in May 2011.  We opted for the hourly rate, thinking our move wouldn't take too long, but the move ended up costing just barely more than the flat rate price.  We moved into a 3 story townhouse and lots of stuff needed to go to the 3rd floor.  However, what slowed things down were two major factors:1. They used plastic wrap to protect EVERYTHING, including a cheap wooden IKEA shoe rack.  I had to explicitly tell them to not protect certain items.  I was concerned about running overtime, so I had to really police them to not protect so many things that didn't make sense to protect.2. Their methods of moving are quite frankly primitive.  They don't set up ramps, they don't use harnesses, nothing.  They use their muscles and nothing else.  I've used other moving companies before in Boston and was amazed by how swiftly the workers protected and moved my stuff.  ML Movers by contrast moved at a snail's pace.They get 4 stars because they worked hard, got the job done, and gave a good price.  They don't get the 5th star because I think they are slow and really ought to train their employees to use harnesses and ramps to save time and reduce the risk of injury.  Unless you have a trivial move without much furniture, go with the flat rate. More...


Rachel G.

7 June 2011

I had a great experience with these movers. I got an email quote and then called to book. Everyone was friendly and responded quickly. The movers were here this morning and they were crazy fast, careful, and efficient. They unloaded the 16 foot trailer in just under 2 hours and placed everything exactly where I wanted it. In addition, they were friendly and polite. I highly recommend this company. More...


Merrill W.

3 June 2011

My moving experience today was absolutely perfect.  I had two youngmen who were the nicest, gentlest individuals - exceptionally careful with all of my belongings - pleasant to work with - on time - diligent - one of the very best moving companies I have ever used.  I highly recommend them in every way. More...


Nady O.

22 May 2011

Phenomenal!!! There's absolutely nothing I can complain about. First of all the reservation was a breeze. Having moved a few times before and been bitten with hidden fees, the reservation with ML Movers had none of that. I paid a flat rate for a 2-bedroom move. Flat rate = no charging by distance, duration of move, weight, number of stairs, distance of the truck from either pick up or delivery. Nothing. What I agreed to pay was all I ended up paying! (not counting the tip to the movers) Granted, the flat rate was more expensive than if I had gone with their other option of charging by the duration of the move, but at the time I booked the move, I didn't know how long it would take, so I chose to err on the safe side. Still, no regrets there, now I know for next time!The three men who performed the move were very nice, very professional, and very efficient. They took great care of my stuff, in ways that even I wouldn't have. They wrapped every piece of furniture in plastic wrap, then in blankets, and then again in plastic wrap. I had a few special requests (2 stops versus 1, etc.), and they didn't mind at all, kept smiles on their faces the whole time!To drive the point home, I'm very satisfied with the experience. They've certainly earned my repeat business for future moves! As well as my strongest recommendation to anyone who asks. More...


Kirsten B.

10 May 2011

Hired ML Movers for my move last weekend.  The contract was for 4 guys, flat rate of $2100 to pack and move a 2bedroom townhouse with garage.  They showed up right on time and it turned out we got 5 guys!  They brought all the packing materials and got to work.  They did an outstanding job packing and loading the truck.  We set out for the new house at 2:30 and they unpacked quickly and set up all the furniture perfectly.  They were done by 4:30pm.  A great job and I will totally use them again and recommend them to all my friends.  These guys are top-notch.  The only tiny glitch was that the girl who called me the day before to confirm gave me the wrong balance on what I owed, so there was a bit of scrambling when it came time to pay the movers.  But you get a 4% discount if you pay in cash, so that's really cool, too. More...


Luc S.

1 May 2011

If there were 10 stars to give them  I would give then 11!We had ML movers recommended by a colleague and so went with the uncertain...We took the 'they do everything,flat  fee' option since I have 2 bad shoulders and can barely lift anything heavy ...They show up as schedule. 8:00 am, the fist impression : very friend.lyAfter we show them all the stuff and some note about certain things, like please be careful or double protection.. and so the started packing and made sure every single fragile item was double packed and we were ask for the special stuff, plain pros! Triple protection on furniture, corners get a dump of plastic suchAt 14:00 we were ready to head  the new place. as just like the packing the unpacking went smooth. they asked where the stuff goes and such, put back the furniture parts together (with me since we have odd stuff)and around 17:00 it was set...We started to some unpacking and today as well and all the fragile stuff. all were as they were before the packing.. all in one piece.. my wife is pretty happy.Our experience with ML movers was smooth, efficient , effective all around pros and a important part friend.ly !. You can tell they are focus on customer satisfactionThe cost was more then worth it and I think their price is very reasonable.. More...



25 April 2011

By far the best moving experience in my life.  The movers were professional, detail-oriented, but fast.  I had ML movers pack everything and move one town over.  The packing went smoothly, and the move in was completely hassle free.  Definitely will not worry about my next move... More...


Caisa S.

12 April 2011

When a company quotes a flat rate over the phone that is a lot less than the competition, my first instinct is to wonder what kind of scam that company is trying to pull.I am SO glad I got past my initial cynical  reaction because this company can't be beat.  The movers were on time, wrapped everything in plastic to protect it on the drive to my new place, unpacked quickly, and even managed to fit one piece of furniture through a door that was smaller than the furniture.  (Ok, the door wasn't really smaller than the furniture,  but looking at the two, I would have sworn it wouldn't fit).Everything was done quickly and there were no hidden charges.  I would have given ML Movers 5-stars, but they did not bring the wardrobe box I had asked for and that ended up being a hassle for me.All in all though, this is a great company and I would not hesitate to use them again. More...


Jim Y.

12 April 2011

Let me tell you something about moving. I have moved 6 times during the last ten years and never had such an experience we I did with these guys. Very careful and meticulous. very coordinated and ask when they were not sure. Packed everything with such care and moved them with even more care. I had one scratch on my hardwood floor that they was minor but no dent or scratch on any of the newly painted house which is amazing. They quoted me a fixed price and didn't short me on using wraps and supplies. I would recommend these guys to all my friends and people that are in need of moving More...


Dylan A.

8 April 2011

We moved from a 2BR condo to a 2BR house about 15 minutes away.  We checked various services' prices and reviews, and I actually chose ML Movers partially on the basis of their response to a negative Yelp review--the response seemed to suggest a company that had bent over backward to accommodate a customer.  We checked rates with a competitor whose hourly estimates totaled about $2700, compared with ML Movers' flat-rate cost of $1700 ($700 for packing and $1000 for moving).  We liked the peace of mind the flat rate offered (and the savings, of course), so we chose ML Movers.A crew of five movers, led by a man named Robert, showed up exactly when we'd agreed and spoke with me about all of our specific concerns/preferences.  They packed up our condo with almost no mistakes (they missed one medicine cabinet).  In fact, they were so thorough that they actually packed up our kitchen trash can, mostly-full trash bag and all!  They just sealed it up in cling wrap and put it into a box, neat as could be.  :)The boxes were labeled with phrases such as "kitchen - books" or "living room - toys", which has made finding our stuff in our new place relatively easy.  Absolutely nothing was broken in the operation, and Robert and his crew were friendly, conscientious, diligent, and helpful.  We are planning to use ML Movers again the next time we move. More...


Patty G.

4 April 2011

These guys are awesome! I have moved plenty of times and this was by far the best move ever. The movers arrived on time, they were courteous and very very helpful, they took care of my stuff. They went above and beyond. Karla in the office is awesome, she answered my 101 questions very promptly, great customer service. Don't use anyone else in your move, this guys are great! More...


E K.

28 March 2011

I booked the moved only a week in advance after it became clear that I would not round up enough hands in order to assist me in my move.  The company provided 3 guys who arrived early and were quick and efficient. They were careful and courteous.  I was moved in and out by noon despite rain and a couch that did not want cooperate.  They were persistent and got my couch that was too big for the door way in and without any damage.  The price could not be beat as well.  Flat rate, no gimmicks, in and out and quick move.  Saved my back and probably a whole day of my life! More...


Josh D.

27 March 2011

I was probably a bad customer. 1) I scheduled the move 3 days in advance. 2) I didn't understand that I was supposed to provide a detailed manifest in advance so I provided a brief summary - 'Bed, desk, etc'. So I had a little more than they were expecting. 3) I didn't really put anything into boxes, because I figured they would have boxes. They didn't. We had to get creative. 4) The Caltrain was late and they had to wait a half an hour to unload. 5) The microphone on my iphone was broken so I couldn't communicate at all during the move.But even with all that the guys were friendly, and the company didn't make any adjustments to the flat rate they had quoted me (which was very cheap by comparison to other services). I did tip well as a result, otherwise karma may have baked my soul into a Promethean hell where I was part of an infinite moving day.The only advice I'd give to ML is to make sure your customers understand they should tell you exactly what they have, and that they need boxes and the like.Then again maybe most people know this already and my guerilla-move tactics aren't that common. (I have moved this bedroom at least 9 times in the last 4 years.) More...


F E.

24 March 2011

Best.Move.Ever. ML Movers are amazing. I have an 8ft tall Venetian glass etagere(!), which they carefully coddled in 2 layers of blankets and 3 layers of bubble wrap. 4 strong guys carried it downstairs as if it were their own grandma's heirloom. They loaded it onto the truck with near-reverence. And they unloaded it the same way. Their treatment of my Persian rugs was no less extraordinary. The floor-standers and stereo likewise received incredible care. The rest of my furniture they methodically dis-assembled and then re-assembled on arrival with speed and professionalism.Arriving 10 minutes early, ML movers had 3 excellent workers carefully and efficiently pack my entire apartment, labeling each box perfectly. Beginning at 8am they were completely finished by noon. Then 4 other workers came to load the truck. In the middle of an amazing monsoon, they drove steadily and arrived at my new place an hour north exactly on time. They unpacked the entire truck and put my furniture back together in just under 2 hours. Jorge was especially noteworthy and thorough. When there was a brief confusion about the deposit, it was cleared up instantly and the excess fee refunded on the spot. They were just super-nice to my boyfriend the entire time, as well. Planning and booking the move was effortless - just took a 15 minute call with Elias and 2 quick email exchanges. The flat fee was perfection. I absolutely have nothing but praise for this company. More...


Uncle Fishbits Aeneas X.

23 March 2011

Really fair prices, and they have Alphaville's Forever Young on their contact page.  Moving, as Cooter says, is very emotional.  Both Carla and Elias were exceptional... smart, friendly, helpful, and provided customer service that was sort of surprising.. especially for a moving company.Oh I asked Carla about the song... Alphaville's song is on their because moving makes you age so quickly, they want to remind everyone to try and stay young. That's adorable. More...


Jenna M.

16 March 2011

These guys are AWESOME! Roberto, Antonio and Helton made our move the most painfree, easy move ever.  They showed up 10 minutes early and had the entire job done in about 5 hours - amazing! We moved from a two bedroom apartment to a three bedroom house and have a TON of stuff, which they took excellent care of.  Each item was wrapped carefully and they went above and beyond my expectations.  I would highly recommend this company and these movers and have no doubt that when we move again, we will be calling on ML movers to do the job. Thank you Roberto, Antonio and Helton!!! More...


Sasha R.

12 February 2011

So a typical move for me includes a few friends, an emotional breakdown, some broken walls, and broken furniture.  But this time I decided I was gonna get people.  My idea of "people" was to get a truck from home depot and find some movers off of craigslist.  Well that was a terrible idea.  I was living in a dream world imagining that would be easy. The stress of driving a truck in SF and dealing with my craigslist movers of unknown origin would have killed me.  When I was telling my friend about my master plan, she recommended ML Movers.  They offer a flat rate or hourly depending on your pref, have INSURANCE (crazy), will dismantle and reassemble your furniture, and will bring & drive the truck.  The flat rate pretty much sold it to me $350 for unknown hours of work.  This included hauling the furniture up 3 flights of stairs and no extra charge.  They were professional, timely, amazing, and kinda cute.  Nothing was broken. They humored all my last minute adds of additional boxes.  They refused all my offers of help.  And best of all the move was completed in about 3 hours!  My friends and I usually take like 12hrs.  Hopefully I won't need to move for at least a few yrs, but should I need to, I would definitely use ML again. More...


Tina Y.

9 February 2011

I used ML movers last weekend. We needed movers to wrap our furnitures very well (we have some real wood and heavy furnitures) and put them into the garage for storage. I've checked other moving companies and they go by hourly rate instead of flat rate.  I decided to go with ML movers because their online photos showed more layers of wrapping and I don't want to worry about how many hours of work.  The movers showed up 5 minuets early with two guys, they were very efficient and no hesitate when I asked them to wrap something. They stack up the furnitures very well and I was pleased with their work! You can see my photo.ML moveres did an outstanding job and flat rate was definitely a better deal! More...


Randy R.

1 February 2011

I used ML Movers this past weekend to move my furniture and would certainly say that they did a superior job to other moving companies that I've used in the Bay Area and cross-country in the past.  As other reviewers have said, they are exceptionally careful in wrapping furniture, but I do not understand the few complaints from other Yelpers regarding the time spent doing so, as (1) they offer flat rates so there are no concerns regarding overages or paying overtime and (2) their flat rate was lower than the other hourly-based estimates that I got from other movers in the Palo Alto/Menlo Park area.  All three of the guys that moved our stuff were very polite and there was very little, if any, wasted time while they were working.  In addition, I would note that our move started in the afternoon and the guys did not cut any corners in their work despite not finishing until after 8 pm. More...


Justin B.

31 January 2011

Have used these guys twice now.  This time we moved 80 miles away and it was smooth and easy.  Hard to put a price on professional moving help,...but these guys are worth every penny. More...


Jerry W.

12 January 2011

This review is only for the quoting process, as I selected a different mover. The quote request was from March 2010.ML Movers has a receptionist which made for an easy phone conversation. They seemed to be a professional outfit that would be able to handle my move without a problem. I was given two options for a quote for a short distance move for a 2/2 to a house:1. $550 flat rate for entire move with three movers and 24' truck and plastic wrap services2. $100 hourly rate for three movers and 24' truck, with plastic wrap an additional cost at $20 labor per roll and $2.50 per roll, approx four rolls needed for 2brI also got a quote from Handle With Care and Trans-One Moving, ultimately selecting Trans-One because of price, number of workers, and fit to my schedule. More...


amy t.

31 December 2010

I have used ML movers twice. Wonderful small and local business.  Great price and I am very happy with their work!


Chris F.

30 December 2010

These guys moved us today. I'm tired, but they did such  a great job that I wanted to give them their props right away. Fast, careful, courteous. What else do you need? More...


Carlos C.

13 November 2010

Ml movers helped me move from Palo alto to redwood city they were really professional careful with everything. They brought a big truck with three movers that worked fast an careful to get the job done.  Their prices are great. Never charge me more. It was a flat rate. I had never used a moving company before but they were great. I will use them again. I really recommend they. WOow this movers are the best really recommend them More...


Elizabeth G.

2 November 2010

Thank you to ML Movers!  These guys were really great.  They took a lot of care in wrapping up all my furniture, figured out how to disassemble some things I couldn't begin to remember how to do (and were able to easily put it back together), and worked tirelessly!  My move went very smoothly thanks to these guys.Because they do such a careful job of wrapping everything, I'd recommend the flat rate fee.  That way I didn't worry about how long things were taking.  They moved me from a one-bedroom ground floor apartment to a second story condo.  I was dreading the move up the stairs but these guys were professional and knew just how to get the large stuff up the stairs seemingly without a problem.Thanks ML Movers! More...


Arnold C.

18 October 2010

These guys are great.  Very courteous, very careful, efficient, and very reasonably priced.  I highly recommend this company for across/within town moves.


Nick C.

2 October 2010

They moved me in south SJ around the middle of July, I called made appointment and then got a call requesting 200 bucks to confirm. Wasn't a big fan of that, but that's their policy.They arrived ten minutes late but moved everything I asked. They do take a while to wrap everything, but not as much as a scratch on anything and I didn't have to carry any furniture up stairs. Unwrapping all the plastic and blankets takes time you'll pay for so don't get behind or it will cost you. Not a bad experience overall, and they moved my RETARDED heavy couches up my stairs and got them in my door. The squeak a little bit now, but better the couch than my back...They moved all the furniture and my previously packed boxes from a bedrooms, living room, kitchen, appliances and some garage/yard stuff to my smaller place for about $600. If I'd had them pack up the rest of the things it would have been MUCH more expensive. More...


Edward M.

25 September 2010

Had a very good experience with the guys from ML Movers. We callded


Patrick D.

22 September 2010

These guys were great...I recommend them to anyone. -10 minutes early-Very hard workers-Took care of my stuff better than I do.-They let me know about the Cash discount on the phone.-Called to confirm and were very professional.-Flat rate let me feel relaxed - they weren't ripping me off with extra plastic wrap or tape or milesFor 350$ (plus tip) they moved my bedroom from my storage unit in PA to San Francisco into my new home...they did a great job.Keep your friends by not harassing them to help you move and hire these guys instead.Thanks. More...


Hyung L.

30 August 2010

Very helpful. Cheap. Extremely accommodating and GREAT SERVICE!!!The moves are slightly slower than paying by the hour, but flat rate definitely makes up for everything else. Will definitely use again next time i move. More...


Bilal N.

18 August 2010

I've used many movers and I have to say that ML movers are hands down the best. From the prompt arrival on time, to the care they took to pack everything very carefully .. everything was perfect. They unpacked all my stuff and everything was scratch less. i highly recommend them if you live in Bay Area More...


graham m.

17 August 2010

My family moved from Palo Alto to Los Altos, and we got the complete pack treatment.  The price was $1500, which I found to be totally worth it.  The level to which we were unprepared for moving day is impossible to overstate.  We literally did *nothing* to pack. The team from ML movers showed up early and proceeded to pack absolutely everything in our little bungalow up into their truck.  They were done packing and loading by around 3, and they were done unloading at around 7.  It took them 1 day to do something that could have stretched over weeks if we had tried to do it ourselves.  The guys were really friendly and nice, and I felt I could trust them to take good care of our things during the move.  Not a single glass was broken, nothing dented, nothing missing.  It's like they magically teleported everything from one place to another.  I would highly recommend ML Movers to anyone, even if someone else promises to move you cheaper.  Trust me, they're as reasonable as they can be with the service they provide, and moving is not a time for you to take a bottom-dollar bid. More...


Jen L.

14 July 2010

I went with ML Movers based on the yelp reviews. They deserve every five-star review they have. We opted for the flat rate of $650; the move actually ended up taking 8 hours, so this worked out to be a better deal. For this price, they moved my entire 2-bdr apt + garage. They also brought wardrobe boxes and carefully wrapped all large framed art, etc. They were courteous, uber-professional and punctual (actually, they showed up 30 minutes early). If I move again, I'm definitely using ML--they exceeded my already high expectations based on the stellar yelp reviews. More...


Anil P.

14 July 2010

Excellent service. Rates are good and the folks took care of all my needs. I had a harley and a lot of plants - all of which got transported.The move happened without any mishaps. However one of the furniture was damaged. I told them a few days after the move, but  was too busy to followup. They called me, asked for the photos and took care of it to my satisfaction. Definitely recommend themCheers More...


Stephanie M.

9 July 2010

ML Movers provided excellent service to me within the past year! I had to do two moves within a short period of time (out of an apartment and into a storage unit, and then from the storage unit to an apartment) within Berkeley, CA. I think the prices have gone up since I used them, but at the time it was $375 for each move. They were quick to reply and were on time for both moves. I really liked that it was a flat rate rather than by the hour. I don't know if they got lost or went to eat, because it took them a long time to get from my apartment and to the storage unit. But, the service they provided was excellent so I didn't mind.  We used movers because we weren't up for the annoying process of doing two moves on our own. The same employees did both of my moves and were amazing. They carried heavy furniture up very steep stairs with no problem, and knew how to do street parking on very busy streets. They wrapped everything up in blankets and plastic, which I wasn't expecting so that was nice. The furniture was in great condition after the move, and they placed the furniture wherever I wanted within my apartment, even up the very steep stairs. Even if the prices have increased, I would definitely consider using them because of the great service. More...


Catherine R.

2 July 2010

These guys were great. My boyfriend and I used them last fall to move from two places into one new place. Friendly service, they called the day before to confirm, they showed up on time, and the only thing that got broken was a lamp shade for an Ikea lamp. And they quote you a flat fee that does not get changed at the end of the move. I highly recommend them. They also wrapped up one of our sofas extra well with plastic so we could store it in the garage -- and they were friendly. More...


P W.

22 June 2010

I used Yelp to find ML Movers and I just used them over the weekend for our move. The guys were great! They called the day before to reconfirm, so I didn't have to wonder if errors were made on the move details. The start time was 9, but they showed up about 30 minutes earlier, which I didn't mind.  They were very efficient and got started right away once they were given a tour of what needed to go. We have a lot of stuff and ended up needing 2 trucks.  A 2nd truck was sent and we got everything moved by about 5 o'clock.  Everything survived... a couple of broken items, but they were due to our poor packing.  My wife was very pleased that they moved and moved furniture on her request until she was happy w/ the layout.  Overall, great company, great service, a bunch of nice guys, and fixed price - no hidden costs. More...


Pallavi G.

7 June 2010

I have used ML Movers for 2 moves in the past 2 years. I must say they do an excellant service. They were willing to negotiate on the price. The receptionist is helpful and responsive. The guys who do the moving are Super-heros - they can lift heavy boxes with ease. They pack the furniture properly so that there is no damage. None of my china was broken. My biggest fear of moving is that there will be some last minute price change. I have had movers who demanded more money for some stairs or couple of extra furniture etc... But with ML Movers, there is no such issues. They are willing to work with you and helpful even with last minute changes.I have recommended them to my friends and family and everyone has good things to say about them. More...


Y D.

2 June 2010

Apologies up front for the wordy review. I cannot say enough good things about this company and really wanted to tell everyone of my entire experience to show how pleased I was with their work.When I originally contacted the company via e-mail to get a quote, I was only asked my apartment size (1 bedroom) and the start (Sunnyvale) and end (The City) locations. The quote seemed too good to be true and when I called the company to confirm the quote and to tell them that both apartments were on the second floor, my apartments were about 45 miles apart, there would be a decent amount of furniture including a queen size bed with box spring, my new TV needed extra protection(!), and I wanted to pay by check, everything was responded to with, "Yes, yes. Don't worry!" Naturally I worried. These guys weren't charging for things that other companies considered "standard" charges: extra person, 24-foot truck, stairs (x2), mileage, gas surcharge, return trip time and gas, etc. Let me tell you, there was absolutely nothing to worry about. These guys were fantastic. Three guys showed up with a huge truck 15 minutes early. I had about 80 various sized boxes, 7 (heavy) suitcases full of clothes, and furniture (dining room table with chairs, queen mattress and box spring, sofa, desk, 3 dressers, and a few other pieces of furniture). I kid you not, the three guys took nearly all my boxes to the truck in the first 20 minutes! My apartment was practically empty save for the furniture. Then while 2 guys finished up with the suitcases, 1 guy wrapped each piece of furniture with furniture pads, blankets, and plastic. He even single-handedly wrapped the mattress by balancing it on one side and then going around in circles. It was awesome! As soon as a piece got wrapped, the 2 guys would take it down to the truck. They were very careful of the walls and door frames. They worked non-stop for an hour and completely cleared the apartment! I had given them bottles of water because it was pretty hot but I didn't even see them pause to drink it. Crazy!Now that the apartment was empty, I re-confirmed the new apartment address and they started up the truck. Since I was following in my car, I stopped briefly (no longer than 5 minutes) to pick up a sandwich and figured I'll catch up with the truck on 101. Wrong! I never passed them on the road and I'm no Sunday driver behind the wheel either. When I got to the apartment, the truck was already there maneuvering into position near the building. I showed them the apartment and they got straight to work. I wanted all the boxes put in 1 room so that was pretty easy for them. As for the furniture, they unwrapped, reassembled (if needed), and placed each piece exactly where I wanted it. A little over an hour and a half later, my new apartment was full and the moving truck was empty. They took all the plastic wrap and used tape with them so I didn't have to clean up any of that. I checked over everything for damage (none!) and to make sure nothing was missing (all there!). I made my payment (plus a tip) and asked for extra business cards to give to all my friends.  The entire move took 3.5 hours and at least an hour of that was driving! I still can't believe their efficiency.These guys were everything you would look for in a moving company. They were professional, efficient, fast, trustworthy, and very careful. I was more concerned that they didn't take any breaks during the move than they were. I completely recommend them and will definitely contact them again for my next move. Thanks guys. You were awesome! More...


Pete U.

1 June 2010

We had a lot of stuff to move, we ended up needing 2 trucks and 7 guys to finish it, but they worked really hard and got it all done in a day. Came in at estimate, would use them again. More...


Lulu B.

25 May 2010

I never thought a move would go so smoothly! I've had horrible experiences in the past with movers (holding stuff hostage, showing up late, lying, etc...), but ML movers changed my mind immediately! The movers showed up 30 minutes early, got the tour and packed up the truck so quickly I literally don't remember some things leaving the apartment. Quick and efficient, these guys worked super hard all day. With the exception of a 10 minute lunch break, these guys did not stop. The furniture was taken apart and wrapped and then put back together at the new place. Boxes were put in the correct rooms and nothing was broken. I was amazed! I've already recommended this company for a few other people --- the flat rate is the way to go. We had tons of stuff, but everything fit in the 22' truck. Best part was that even if they had to take extra trips it would have been free because it was in the 10 mile radius.I am highly impressed with the professionalism ML movers gave to me. It was the best part of the move --- and the least stressful. I highly recommend them! More...


P. R.

23 May 2010

I had always done my own moving so I wasn't sure about hiring movers but these guys were great.  They showed up on time, charged reasonable hourly rates ($100/hr for three guys with a 24ft moving truck), were extremely careful with our belongings and didn't damage anything.  They do use a LOT of plastic wrap and furniture pads and blankets which takes time, but we were very pleased with their work.  We thought they were trustworthy with our belongings and would recommend them to anyone. More...


Betsy S.

22 May 2010

I was so pleased with ML Movers.  We called them at the last minute & they were so dependable.  They arrived & got everything packed within 1.5 hrs.  I would recommend them to all my friends.......They truly made our move so much easier..... More...


Rob M.

10 May 2010

These guys were awesome.  Three men in a truck and they were fast.  San mateo to Fremont in 6 hours 10 minutes for a 2 bedroom move.  Much faster than Starving Students.  They wrapped everything in plastic to keep it safe and did not waste time.  They showed up right on time and were all very professional and careful.  And best yet, the fee.  We had a flat fee of $580, when we used Starving Students we were ripped off with an hourly fee of over 1K!!!!  They didn't break anything, reassembled what they moved, and were great guys.  I'll definitely use them again! More...


Chris K.

4 May 2010

ML Movers is great!  My wife and I just moved our 3 bedroom house from the east bay to San Francisco and they did a fantastic job.  Moreso, AS PROMISED, I had to pay nothing additional because they could not fit all of our stuff in the 24' truck which came with a crew of 4.  Another crew had to come later with another truck to finish the move, I was fully expecting someone to say I have to pay more, but their guarantee is TRUE!  Their customer service was great, Jackie on the phone was always nice to speak with and seemed to genuinely care.  Miguel, the crew leader of the first crew was very nice, attentive and dedicated.  He and his crew did a great job at wrapping all of our furniture and possessions before loading them into the truck.  I would very much like to recommend ML movers to anyone who needs professional movers.  They even moved my upright piano - no additional cost; can't be that! More...


Susan B.

3 May 2010

Absolutely fantastic!  Had out 3 BR 2 BA house packed up and on it's way in 3 hours.  I have never had such a professional group come in to do the work - no smokers, no complainers, and no damage.  Just friendly, hard working people.  Would defeinitely use again. More...


JenJen W.

26 April 2010

Great moving company! The three movers were very careful and friendly.  It only took them 3 hours to move everything (inlcuding packing/unpacking) our furniture.  They also took off their shoes when they moved our stuff into the new place :)  Overall we had a wonderful experience and I totally recommend this company! More...


Guido A.

19 April 2010

Great experience moving with them. On time, very efficient, creative when challenges arose and affordable. Roberto wad the main mover, great to work with him.


Rob D.

18 April 2010

We used ML Movers after checking them out on Yelp.  They exceeded our expectations!  They arrived half an hour early, which we expected per other reviews.  The communications with Jackie in the office were good.  She was on top of everything from start to finish.   As this was our 3rd move in 5 years, we have many horror stories to share, including our goods being held hostage by previous moving companies.  ML Movers put all other movers to shame.  They were the hardest working crew, working an almost 10 hour day, with only one short break for lunch.  We chose the flat rate which was definitely the way to go.  When it became obvious that a second truck was needed, it arrived within the hour.  No extra fees.  They even brought in extra guys to assist with the unloading at the new house.  They were polite, strong, fast and careful with all of our belongings.  And they had the cleanest trucks, both inside and out, that we have ever seen!We would use them again in a heartbeat. More...


R K.

9 April 2010

My experience with ML Movers was quite good. We were referred by my hubby's co-worker and the person I spoke with was professional and diligent. We got a reasonable price quote for our move and opted for the flat rate. On the day of the move, they arrived 40 minutes early and began moving our stuff right away. I'm used to movers being LATE so this was a new experience for me! There were 3 guys that came and they moved my stuff quite quickly and carefully. They wrapped all my stuff for me and were finished within 4 hours. I would definitely use them again! More...


Rob C.

22 March 2010

Did a great job. Arrived on time, wrapped large items up nicely, and worked quickly but not sloppy. Would use again.


Sam D.

15 March 2010

Robert and his 2 man team were fabulous.  All furntiture and pictures were wrapped and moved without any damage.  Breakdown of furniture, beds, tables was fast and efficient.  Their packing skills are amazing, everything fit like a jigsaw puzzle and all items were safe and stored with care.  I will be using ML again and requesting Robert and his great team! More...


Cat V.

9 March 2010

You just never know what you are going to get these days when you find a source on the internet.  But, you won't go wrong with ML Movers!  I'm a corporate exhibits and events planner by trade and have worked with my share of moving/shipping companies.  The expert and professional service I received from ML Movers was top level all the way.  They arrived on time.  They handled everything with great care.  They wrap just about everything to ensure safe and secure handling from point A to point B.  In 5 hours, my fully packed one bedroom apartment was wrapped, packed, moved and placed into my new place all without a scratch or loss of any kind.  The 3 men were strong, work-minded and respectful.  We were so impressed we tipped for their great service!  ML Movers - I couldn't have done it without you!  Thank you for the peace-of-mind. More...


C.J. W.

5 March 2010

ML Movers were great! Jackie the customer service rep was great at helping me even though my move date changed twice! The team was professional, quick, and very accommodating to my schedule changes. All of my stuff arrived safely and they did a great job at keeping the walls and wood floor protected and undamaged.They were on time and very prompt. I'd recommend them for moving for their service and competitive price. More...


Deborah H.

23 February 2010

These guys really are as terrific as everyone says. I called on short notice to move a sofa to the east bay and we arranged the move for next day! The team arrived on time, immediately started swathing the sofa in plastic -- I was glad I was forewarned because it was an amazing sight -- and cheerfully picked up my piano!!! when it turned out that needed to be moved in order to get the sofa out the door. They were at their destination within an hour and by all reports were similarly efficient and pleasant at that end.I should add that I don't know that the price was particularly good but I considered it reasonable for a job well done and in short order and was happy to pay it. More...


Joanne P.

22 February 2010

Excellent service.  The guys worked hard the whole 4.5 hours, taking only a short 5 minute break.  Wrapped every piece of furniture, no damage at all.  Would definitely use them again.  Please note that if you move on the weekend and it ends after 12pm when the office closes, you must pay with check or cash.  I was not aware of this before the move, and scrambled to find my checkbook. More...


Katherine D.

18 February 2010

They were fast, inexpensive, and amiable. They didn't hurt one single piece of furniture.


Ana M.

9 February 2010

Only had one week to plan my move...and I'm so glad I went with ML Movers.  Jackie, in the office, was great to work with.  In her friendly manner, she helped me plan my move, which involved packing up an apartment, and a storage until, and delivering to a 2nd apartment.  She was very responsive to my numerous questions, and quickly helped me locate a missing set of hardware once my move was finished.  The quote was a bit more expensive than others, but well worth the rate.And the move in day was a breeze!  Jorge and his team arrived at least 1/2 hour early...hustled but whistled while they worked.  They were very careful with my stuff, and finished very quickly.  I will undoubtedly recommend this company to my friends and co-workers. More...


Mark S.

25 January 2010

Belated review for a move of a one-bedroom apartment from Palo Alto to Mountain View.  Flat rate was reasonable, arrived on time, the truck was big enough (and had GPS to guide them to the new apartment) and the number of movers enough to complete the job by noon.  Quick and easy to set up using web site and e-mail. More...


Matt M.

23 January 2010

Nice guys, very careful with your property, professional, and quick. Their price is quite fair (I don't feel as though we got a 'deal' and I don't feel as though we overpaid). They just moved us today in Menlo Park and my wife and I highly recommend them. More...


Steve C.

20 January 2010

I have moved several times and ML Movers are the best movers that I have worked with. Jackeline, the person who schedules your moving date, is very professional and kept in constant communication with me throughout the moving and scheduling process. For my 2 BR condo move from Palo Alto to SF, my ML Movers team of Roberto, Helton, and Geremias were prompt (with a new 24 foot truck), friendly, and very careful with every piece of furniture, some of which were quite heavy! Each piece of furniture was carefully wrapped with furniture pads and plastic wrap to prevent any damage. Since the furniture wrapping and unwrapping process does take time, I opted for the flat rate move, particulary since moves often can take longer than expected. For a stress free, cost effective move, I highly recommend ML Movers and will use them again in the future. More...


Craig C.

12 January 2010

Moved from San Mateo to Redwood City.  They came bright in the morning, on time, and in a big truck with three movers.  They took their time to wrap all my furniture and valuables including my flat screen, gigantic t.v. stand, gas grill, bed, several shelves, dining table, two desks, sofa...etc...  all without a complaint and at a decent and careful pace.  They came well prepared with all the plastic wrappings, covers, pads and tools for the move.  I had a lot of junk and they were careful and worked tirelessly to take the big things apart and seemed fairly attentive to the fragile stuff.  It took most of the day to get everything down the flight of stairs and into the truck which they packed neatly and tightly. Off to the new house and they took direction eagerly moving and unwrapping all my junk up the small stairs and putting it into the specific rooms as directed.  They put everything they had taken apart back together correctly...  and all this for a ridiculously low price that was probably around half of what other moving companies quoted to me.  I was really impressed by how hard these guys worked, how well prepared they were, and that they worked with such a good attitude.  It took all day, but they moved everything in.  All my stuff came basically unbroken and pretty much unscratched.  Nothing was lost.  All in all a positive experience. More...


Elina R.

9 January 2010

These guys are great. I would recommend them to anyone moving in the Bay Area. They showed up on time and were fast. I paid a flat rate of $500 to move a one bedroom worth of stuff from San Francisco to Oakland. They wrapped up all my big furniture perfectly--nothing was damaged at all. They were professional and friendly the entire time (even though I was a stress-ball). Incredibly, one of them carried my cumbersome armoire single-handedly to the truck. They made me feel weak and inept--which means they're good! I got quotes from all the other well-rated moving companies on Yelp, and these guys were the best: lowest price and great service! Hire them! More...


Sarah J.

28 December 2009

ML Movers were great! They called to tell us when they would be arriving and showed up ON TIME. They were very efficient in wrapping up our big pieces of furniture and moving our packed boxes.  We also had to move a lot of items out of storage and they were very careful. When they got to our new home, they put everything where we wanted it to be, and even reassembled our bedroom sets. It was also really nice to only have to pay a flat rate instead of having to worry about the number of hours they were working or the price per worker. They were very professional and really just nice guys. They even let us hang onto the wardrobe boxes until we were able to unload them into our closets. We dropped them off on Saturday with no issue. What a great team of movers!! More...


Larry A.

21 December 2009

Great service...good communication prior to the move, competitive price, on time, efficient, careful, highly recommended...LA


Mike T.

10 December 2009

I couldn't have been more pleased with ML Movers. They were rock stars. Despite me trying to arrange movers less than a week before my move (I tried to hire another mover who was non-responsive and didn't get back to me causing my last minute planning), the receptionist was cordial and helped me find a date when the movers were available to move me.Since I wasn't nearby or even in town that day, I sent a list of the things I needed to move to the girl (because I didn't have a full apartment) and she gave me a great quote that held after the guys were done. I was a little confused why she gave me two different quotes (a flat rate vs. a variable rate). Both quotes seems great so it didn't end up being a big deal.I believe the rate was about $85/hour for two movers with a 3 hour minimum. If you don't pay the flat rate, they will have variable costs for packaging materials. I just went with the flat rate that they quoted me. No Hidden charges although multiple flights of stairs and some other things might add to the bill. But, I found the pricing probably better than other people were charging.The guys arrived early and were nice enough to not ring the doorbell waking my roommates. I appreciated this since I had just overslept and wanted a couple extra minutes to get ready. Both guys moved like lightning but also took care of my things. No nicks or dings that were not already there before. They also took the time to point out to me areas where things were already scratched or broken so that we wouldn't have any disputes later. NICE!Anyway, I think we finished in under 3 hours which was great because the drive was about 45-60 minutes between locations!They placed things where I wanted and didn't complain if I asked them to move something to a different place.I tipped the guys because I thought they did a great job and made things stress free for me. The guy seemed surprised that I tipped which I liked a lot meaning they weren't expecting a tip automatically. I hate when people expect a tip no matter what.GREAT JOB ML Movers! I should move more often! More...


Spencer C.

27 November 2009

Excellent movers.  This was my first time using movers to move anywhere.  I cannot say enough about these guys.  They showed up, worked hard and nothing was damaged.  The flat rate is very reasonable as well.  I would highly recommend them. More...


Eric L.

23 November 2009

Exceeded our expectations! We are very satisfied with their service recently.This is by far the best moving experience we've had with professional movers (vs. 2 others in the past).Pros: Very professional, on time, everything is carefully wrapped, movers are courteous, efficient, and hardworking (they worked through lunch without taking a break). My wife's review below:This moving company makes me wanna cry, not because they are horrible, but because they are so nice!On the moving day, 3 movers came to our apartment, on-time.  They were very polite, and they were willing to wear shoe cover when we ask them to do so.  They wrapped all furnitures with plastic wrap + cloth very carefully, and they ARE fast!  When we arrived at our destination, which is a tri-level townhouse, they moved all the big pieces very carefully inbetween the floors.  Best of all, they are very friendly and patient.  There is a sofa we first wanted it to be set at the 3rd floor, and then we decided it might fits better in the 1st floor.  So I asked the guy if he can move it back to the 1st floor, he smiled and said yes.  No complains, not even an "ugly" look on the face (that would usually make you feel bad).  I made sure I tip them well so they really got what they deserve.Definitely recommend this mover to who ever is tired and sick of moving (like me!) More...


Robert S.