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Miss Garrett's Vegan Soul

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Miss Garrett's Vegan Soul logo

Miss Garrett's Vegan Soul

Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Kathy Ceo Horton

Awesome food!! Loved it!! Really wonderful hospitality!!


Tony TG

Amazing food. This isn’t food that needs to be or should be explained. Just experienced and appreciated.


Jamiela Taylor

Healthy and wholesome...Miss Garrett's Vegan Soul delivers. Satisfy your soul food palette while being health conscious. The food and presentation always appealing! A must experience for foodies! More...


Lester Royal

This food has been a wonderful experience I had the soul rolls; greens;the chille sauce and I'm definitely looking forward to my next experience


Dylan Harrison-Raad

Honestly the best vegan food in town... the greens YALL the greens. So damn good!!!!


Akqwana Amos

I love soul food and to be able to eat it vegan is the best of both worlds!�


Diana Troy

OMG, Excellent Service. The food is phenomenal. Whoever told you that vegan food doesn't taste good LIED!
The greens are to die for. Called myself ordering at work for lunch started eating and forgot where I was at for a minute �
Will patron again and again and again�


Bree Greene

So thankful she was able to cater my sister sweet 16 it was super good and them soul rolls was super bomb thank you love you girl😍😍🙌🏾🙌🏾🔥🔥


Marquita Forest

I've been eating her food before she became vegan and it was great then so I can only imagine what it taste like now. The greens are to the best ever.


Rashad Stephon Smith Sr.

The Soul Rolls were the best thing I've ever had !!! The fries were a bonus and I'd recommend this meal to anyone who wants to try something different and good.


Debra Williams Jones

The food is so delicious and well worth the price! Love the mac and cheese and sweet potatoes!!!! Hard to believe it's vegan!!


Michelle Love

Fantastic plant-based food! We had the greens, Mac and cheese with a soul roll.

You should sell the soul rolls at the state fair... so delicious and no one would guess they were vegan! More...


Carmen Maria

I tried the soul rolls. The flavors combined together just melts in your mouth. This food is made with love! Will definitely be going back for more amazing foods on the menu.


Maaliki Yao Medeen Borders

Working on my next plate stomach is mad right and right shout goes out to you Miss.Garret it's is really good no complaints this way that mac and cheese was hitting something serious and that dressin just completed my familygiving much love thank you once again


Helen HI-Def Dillon

Amazing Food for the SOUL in Peace!!! I've had the pleasure of eating the delicious cauliflower wings, vegan meatballs, collard greens, cornbread, mac'n cheese, a jucy lucy vegan burger, potato salad, potato wedges, peach cobbler and this young mama does it vegan style with Love!!! I've felt Deliverance after every meal I've eaten!!! It's been one of the exciting partakings in the vegan journey! � #VeganDay145 More...

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