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Miracle Mile Law Group is a group of experience Labor and Employment attorneys who work extensively on wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, and whistleblower claims.

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Adam A.

29 July 2019

I was recently in a bad car accident, and got this number from a friend. The second I called, I spoke with a gentleman name steven where he sounded so eager and ready to fight for me. By the following week I was already scheduled for treatments from a local chiropractor. I went for a couple months but was busy at the moment with a new born. Even though I didnt finish my full treatment I was still compensated heavily the money helped alot due to the fact I couldn't work, and steven made it so easy to get me started. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an attorney!!! More...


SellyourAntiquesandJewelry S.

19 July 2019

I'm not one to write but in this case....Where can I start... Steve and his team  have been by my side from the first phone call I made. They treated me nothing less than FAMILY, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone and everyone who can use there services. They gave me so much direction and attention I felt I was there only client. What else can I say but Thank you guys so much for your hard work and professionalism! ~ES More...


Iman R.

25 June 2019

Miracle Mile Law Group is quite simply an amazing group of lawyers. I initially spoke to two other law firms before I got a hold of Steven Azizi and let me tell you the differences. For one, the other firms didn't spend more than 3 to 4 minutes speaking to me and hearing out my situation. Steven, on the other hand, stayed on the phone with me for 45 minutes. The other firms didn't ask me a single question, while Steven asked thoughtful and intelligent questions. I was terminated without a reason and to be honest I didn't even know if I had a case. However, Miracle Mile Law Group comforted me in this time and ensured me something would get done. I wish I could give more than 5 stars because these guys really deserve it!!! More...


Sam D.

12 June 2019

I needed an urgent free consultation to see whether I had a case or not. Justin Hanassab ended up calling me back within the hour and listened to everything that happened. He was completely honest with me about his area of expertise, how long stuff like this takes, etc. Unlike other attorneys, I actually felt like was compassionately being taken care of. All in all, this was a positive experience. More...


Miles V.

11 June 2019

Where do I start, my case wasnt being handled and most likley ignored in the pool with all the other case. Steven Azizi and Miracle Mile Law group were absouletly incredible. I would contact my prior attorney and nothing would happen. The communication wasnt there at all, emails and phone calls were never answered. I felt like my case wasnt progressing at all. Steven stepped and handled everything and took good care of me, always kept me updated on the status of my case. Super content with his work and Miracle Mile Law firm as a whole. I defintely know where I will be going to or reffering anyone who needs an attorney. I have nothing but praise for Steven Azizi! More...


Kaity F.

4 June 2019

I was recently having an issue at work that was causing me a lot of stress and anxiety. I was hesitant to see a lawyer at first but now I am so glad I did. Justin is a real professional. I visited his office with a long list of questions and he really took the time to listen to me. Justin was patient and thorough, and kindly explained all of my options and what I could expect going forward. I never imagined that I would ever be in a position to need an employment lawyer, but I was happy to find Miracle Mile Law Group.  I hope I never have to deal with any more legal issues, but if I do I will certainly be calling Miracle Mile Law Group. More...


Johnny L.

21 May 2019

A very good friend directed me to this employment law firm after I was having a bad situation with my former employer. My life was in disarray. I was not sure how I should approach the situation, however Miracle Mile Law Group handled everything right after giving me a free consultation. They helped me gather the right documents to prove my case, informed me about the law, and guided me through this process. Most importantly, they were responsive. Whenever I reached out to either Justin or Steven, I don't remember even waiting more than a day to get an answer. They did a great job! More...


Jonathan J.

20 May 2019

I hired Justin at Miracle Mile Law Group to advise me on a very delicate issue I was having with one of my employees. As a business owner in California, I was concerned with potential law suits that may arise if I don't handle the situation properly. Justin was very helpful in guiding me through all of my available options and the potential ramifications. He is professional, responsive and very good at what he does. I will be consulting with Justin on all of my future employment-related issues. More...


Yesenia A.

16 May 2019

I contacted Miracle Mile Law Group when I was having major issues with my previous employer. Immediately after my first phone call with their office, I knew I would be in good hands. Steven and Justin were patient, informative and honest about what they could or could not do for me. At no point did I feel that I was being misled or neglected like some of my friends who had not so great experiences with other lawyers. Miracle Mile Law Group is a smaller firm, which was honestly a bit off-putting at first. But soon I realized it was actually a great thing! I always felt that I was getting the individualized attention I needed and either Steven or Justin were always available to take my calls. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone feeling mistreated at work. More...


Anna T.

13 May 2019

Steven Azizi and Miracle Mile Law Group were beyond amazing. The firm is professional and they really advocate for their clients, just like lawyers should. I didn't speak to an assistant when I called for a free consultation, I talked to an actual attorney. Steven was honest about what he could do, how long it would take, and what he charges (which was nothing upfront). I'll be honest, I was nervous talking about situation over the phone. But since I was referred by a friend, I felt at ease.  Nonetheless, Steven was very accommodating and he even texted me during the weekends.All in all, I'm very pleased with Miracle Mile Law Group. I know they only do employment law, but in the future I'll still call them for all my legal needs because I know they'll get me to right place. More...


Sean A.

29 April 2019

I've know Justin for 15 years. He is an outstanding attorney. He is intelligent, hardworking, dedicated to his job and really cares about his work. If Justin is your employment lawyer, you are in great hands. More...


Sharareh B.

9 April 2019

Justin Hanassab from Miracle Mile Law Group helped me with my employment case when I was having an issue at work (which thankfully has now been resolved). I never realized just how hard it is actually finding an employment lawyer who cares about your case and your personal well-being. I now understand this firsthand, as going up against corporate America is no easy feat. When I called Justin to make an in-person consultation, he offered to speak to me in depth about my situation and give me his thoughts before making me bother driving out to his office. I thought I would have to wait a week or two to actually speak to him. My experience with Justin was nothing short of amazing. He was kind, honest, thoughtful, and genuinely cared about what I was going through. All the things you would want in a lawyer but rarely ever come across. He listened to my long story without even interrupting me once. After I told him my story, he asked me several detailed and thoughtful questions, which demonstrated to me that he knew exactly what he was talking about. Justin and his staff are extremely intelligent about the law. Even better, you can tell they are hungry and fearless when it comes to standing up for their clients.Some suggestions for those of you that are thinking about calling Miracle Mile Law Group (or any other employment attorney for that matter): have your timeline ready. I wish I was a little more prepared for the call and the questions that Justin asked, but he really stuck with me until we got the story straight. The service Justin and his staff at Miracle Mile Law Group provided to me was excellent and my overall experience with him was unmatched by any attorney I have dealt with in the past. More...


Branden H.

26 March 2019

Went through years of harassment at my previous job till i was laid off. Finally met Justin from miracle mile, he provided me with a free consultation. I was able to get all my questions answered without any rush, provided me with information and details that no lawyer has discussed before. I am so happy I met Justin and Steve from miracle mile. They are a genius in what they do!THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME. More...


Elana P.

19 March 2019

I tolerated discrimination, harassment, and retaliation for years at my previous job.  Eventually, I was let go and I decided it was time to hire an employment lawyer. My close friend referred me to Miracle Mile Law Group and I am so happy she did. First thing I noticed about them was that they're relatively small compared to other firms and they told me this is because they are very selective in the cases they take. This gave me comfort. There is something more personal and intimate about dealing with a small firm rather than a huge law firm. My initial contact was with Justin Hanassab and I immediately could tell that he knew what he was talking about from the detailed questions he asked me. Other firms didn't ask me nearly as many questions, so I felt like I was in good hands. My impression was that my case was complicated because it took me almost 2 hours to go over dates and other information but Justin broke it down pretty simply.Another thing I like about working with them is that they prompt and quick to return calls and emails. Rather than talking to a secretary all the time, it was nice to have a lawyer pick up the phone every time I call. Also, they are very clear about their fees, even though they don't charge until the case is over. Lastly, I liked how I didn't feel pushed to sign any paperwork right away. Since I called other law firms, I needed time to process everything so I could make a decision I felt comfortable with.  They were patient with me and when Justin was busy with something, his partner Steven Azizi was always available to give me an update.I really recommend Miracle Mile Law Group if you have any employment disputes with your job! More...


Ethan W.

9 March 2019

I contacted miracle mile law group and my experience was nothing short of amazing. Something that was different about them was that they spent over an hour on the phone with me about my case. From that single phone call I knew these were the guys for me after that free consultation. I decided to go with them and I've never been happier. More...


Kyle P.

3 March 2019

My friends recommended me to Miracle Mile Law Group for a free consultation and they made a great impression on me. These are the people to call for any employment law needs. Thanks Steve & Justin!


Sean S.

28 February 2019

I recently contacted the employment lawyers at Miracle Mile Law Group regarding a question I had about my company's sick leave policy. I had a feeling that the policy that was in place was not legal. Steven took my call immediately and researched the law for me. Turns out everything was legal. Even though I didn't have a case, I am so grateful for their efforts and professionalism. They took the time to research whether I had a case and I didn't have to pay anything at all! If I ever have any employment disputes in the future, these guys are my lawyers for life! More...


Kerry S.

24 February 2019

The guys at Miracle Mile are top notch. Justin was really friendly and helped me with all my questions. He has a way of making you feel like family which I find trustworthy especially in LA. I feel like I have a better sense of direction because of Miracle Mile and I highly recommend saving time and going to them first if you have any doubts. Thank you again, Justin! You have a new client and friend. More...


David Yerushalmi

24 February 2019

I highly reccomend MMLG. They are staunch advocates of their clients and most importantly they are friendly, humble and easy to talk to. They walk you through every step of the process during one of the most difficult times of your life. More...


Serena Yaghoubi

19 February 2019

It is no surprise that they are the "Miracle Mile Law Group." They truly do make miracles happen! I am extremely thankful to have worked with them. 100% recommend to anyone looking for a professional and understanding lawyer! More...


Paul S.

18 February 2019

Very professional staff and attorneys. Steve was always available to help and personally answered all of my questions. I have had attorneys before who always say they will call back but you never hear from them. Steve was always on top of my case. I felt like he called me more times to update me about my case then the amount of questions I had for him. I was wrongfully terminated at my job last year. I had dealt with personal injury attorneys but I had no idea how the process for employment law would go. I always felt informed about my case and I got to experience the process first hand. Steve was able to file the lawsuit on my behalf and I was very happy with the results. The customer service he provided was A+++. I would definitely recommend Steve and his team to my close friend and family. I'm glad I found my new attorney. More...


Daniela S.

17 February 2019

Finding an employment lawyer in Los Angeles is really tough because a lot of them charge a fee just to talk to you for five minutes. But lawyers at Miracle Mile Law Group were really great. They were kind and respectful and willing to hear me out my case without charging me. In fact they don't charge unless they win. Aside from that, Steven was helpful and informative. Can't thank them enough! Would recommend More...


Jasmine Y.

13 February 2019

I've never been more excited to leave a review than for Miracle Mile Law Group. Professionalism, responsiveness, and just overall amazing are the words I'm going to use to describe my experience with Justin and Steven. Talking about this is uncomfortable for me, as having such a horrible previous boss had caused me too gain weight and lose countless hours of sleep. They were with me every step of the way, from the first call and thereafter. When the stress got too high, Steven gave me his cell phone number and would answer my questions and concerns, even on Sunday nights. Miracle Mile Law Group gave me something I'm extremely thankful for, which is the chance to move on with my life. They're the attorneys you see in the movies, who fight endlessly for their clients because they truly care. I was more than just a number. Thank you to the lawyers at Miracle Mile Law Group. More...


Serena J.

13 February 2019

I contacted Steven Azizi at Miracle Mile Law Group when I was frantic and afraid for my life. I didn't know where to start. It was an honor and pleasure working with Mr. Azizi. I would recommend Miracle Mile Law Firm to any individual seeking an efficienctf righteous and professional lawyer. Thank you Steven, for handling my case in ways I could not have imagined. I felt at ease throughout the whole process. More...


Joshua S.

10 February 2019

It all started with nasty comments, verbal attacks, and other berating stuff by my boss. Initially it was just annoying but it got worse. Eventually they fired me and I decided it's time to find a wrongful termination lawyer. Miracle Mile Law Group has constantly kept me updated along the way and they're easily accessible. Justin especially is really thoughtful and nice. I also felt more comfortable when Justin told me that the firm only does employment law. Really happy with these guys! More...


Joey N.

10 February 2019

The lawyers at Miracle Mile Law Group have been Amazing!! I needed an employment lawyer to help me with some questions I had. Man were the guys at Miracle Mile law respectful and polite. I never expected that because I always thought attorneys were mean people. Very positive experience. More...


Daniel S.

30 January 2019

I requested a consultation with miracle mile and within minutes Justin got back to me. I was pleased with his knowledge and experience. I asked him an array of questions and was talking to him for over well over an hour. He told me what steps I should take and how they will be able to assist me. Finding a good lawyer is hard but Miracle Mile is the real deal. Thanks for your patience and your help. More...


Christina H.

29 January 2019

The guys at Miracle Mile Law Group are true life savers. I was involved in a serious dispute with my employer over my termination and it got ugly real fast. When it came time to mediation, Justin and Steven handled the process like true professionals. For one thing, they know the law inside and out. Rather than just drown me out in legal jargon, they sat down and explained just how employment law works. But what I like most about them is their fearlessness. When it came down to negotiation, they were like bull dogs, not afraid to go all the way if needed. This was the most stressful situation of my life, but my competent lawyers made this whole experience way better.  I sincerely believe, appreciate and respect this law firm and I truly recommend Justin and Steven to anyone who needs an employment lawyer. More...


Dani F.

24 January 2019

I can't thank Miracle Mile Law Group enough (especially Justin) for all their help. I've worked in the health care field since I was 18 so I have a pretty strong understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding the industry. I know that OSHA is pretty serious when it comes to certain regulations and violation of those laws can result in some severe consequences. Well, after working for my employer for years I noticed they were conducting their business in a way that would violate a lot of safety laws. I thought it would be good of me to tell them to fix the problems to stay in line with the law. Wow was I wrong. I felt like after I told them about the OSHA violations they started retaliating against me and it was giving me major anxiety. Not only was I worried about losing my job, I was also worried that OSHA would punish me too. I took the safe route and just called OSHA and told them everything that happened. I was fired not too long after and my best friend referring me to Justin at Miracle Mile Law Group. Justin was the best! He politely explained the law to me, and we ended up settling the case without filing a lawsuit. I was worried I would have to pay money but thankfully I didn't. 5 stars to Justin and Miracle Mile Law! More...


Andy K.

24 January 2019

I was recently diagnosed with a medical condition (don't want to really post what it is on here) that completely changed my life in many different ways. I really didn't want people to know about it at work, but it got to the point where I needed to let my boss know so I could receive some type of adjustment. I even had my doctor write up a whole letter to prove that I needed some type of accommodation. I gave the note to boss and at first, I thought they would assist me. But after a week of going back and forth with them, my employer just outright fired me. Initially, I didn't think this was illegal but then I did some research on google and realized that this seems a little bit more than fishy. That's when I contacted Justin from Miracle Mile Law Group. What I really appreciated about him is that when we first talked, he didn't try to push me to do anything but rather he listened carefully and asked me questions that I didn't even realize were important. After being hesitant at first, I decided to pursue my case and I'm thankful I did. Not only did I receive a fair settlement, but we also made sure that my previous employer will never do anything like this to anyone ever again. There is no reason that anyone who has a disability (big or small) should be barred from have a meaningful and purposeful career. I totally recommend Miracle Mile Law Group to anyone who has a dispute with their job. More...


Emily H.

20 January 2019

I was referred to Miracle Mile Law Group and was put in contact with Steve, who was very informative while answering all of the questions I had regarding a personal injury. He turned my negative situation into a positive one because he really took the time to help me through everything and always made me feel like I was being taken care of. Thank you so much!! More...


Corinna C.

16 January 2019

I had some general questions and Steven was extremely helpful. He took his time speaking with me and didn't rush me off the phone. I really liked how I was able to speak to a lawyer right away! I've called other places and their secretary would just ask a bunch of questions and then take my number down for a call-back. I was able to get all my questions answered and gained additional information along the way. I highly recommend this place if you want someone dedicated and knowledgeable working for you! More...


Sarah W.

10 January 2019

I've dealt with many attorneys and this was by far one of the best experiences I've had! He was very responsive and made me feel so important! I could really tell he cared. On top of that, he is so knowledgeable and hardworking! If you want an attorney that you know will fight for your case, I highly recommend Steve! More...


Michiyo W.

10 January 2019

"If you need an attorney that's going to get you RESULTS, come to Steve! He's the best of the best


Ryan E.

3 January 2019

I was driving the other day down in Koreatown while I was stopped at a red light trying to make a left turn. Once the light turned green I started driving and out of no where a car flew and hit me. I called the other person's insurance company only to find out that they denied fault. I can't believe the audacity! I hired Miracle Mile Law Group and so far they got the other side's insurance to admit liability. A huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. :) More...


Jack K.

19 December 2018

I work for a large medical health provider in Los Angeles. After working hard and giving 5 years of my life to this place, I was fired over some BS reason. I never had a single write-up or complaint with HR but hell they let me go anyways. But you know what? I never once said anything about the disgusting comments my boss would constantly make to me or all the times he would berate me. I had enough so I hired Miracle Mile Law Group to help me see what I can do. I've been impressed with their work and Steven Azizi is just an overall good person. Really happy with these guys. More...


david yerushalmi

16 December 2018

Steven was very helpful and easy to deal with. I had some questions about my girl friend's job and he went above and beyond to answer all of them. I appreciate his enthusiasm most of all. More...


Patricia G.

15 December 2018

I can honestly say that Steven really vests the time and effort it takes to get you the best possible outcome in your case. When I talked to him I could tell he doesn't see his clients as just a case, he understands they are people who are going through a difficult situation and treats them with empathy and respect. Definitely recommend! More...


Sean N.

15 December 2018

Steven really takes care of you like family, and that's what I look for in attorney. After it was all said and done, I can honestly say this will be my attorney for life! I can refer him to all my friends and family with full confidence. Steven, thank you again for all you help! It is refreshing to see there attorneys out there who really care about their clients. More...


David Y.

15 December 2018

Steven is amazing and very hard working.  I referred him to all my friends and family.


Sundeep Samra

7 December 2018

I recently had an issue at work revolving my employment status. I called Miracle Mile Law Group and Steven answered the phone. He was respectful and courteous, always making a point to answer my questions as best he could. Although he did not take on my case, he got me the help I needed. I definitely recommend Steven and Miracle Mile Law Group to anyone who has an issue regarding their employment. More...


Daniel Moossai

7 December 2018

After speaking with numerous lawyers about my case, I knew Steven and Miracle Mile Law Group were the most qualified for the job. Steven always kept it professional and willingly answered any and all the questions I had. Don't waste your time with other lawyers, Miracle Mile Law Group always have their clients' best interest at heart and will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. More...


Sherwin Soumekh

6 December 2018

Having Steven on my side I knew I was in good hands. He was so helpful and was always available for me, something I look for in an attorney. If you want a lawyer that truly cares I highly recommend Steven and Miracle Mile Group Law. More...


Jasmine Yaghoubi

6 December 2018

I can’t even begin to explain how amazing Miracle Mile Law Firm is. After being involved in a very terrible car accident and calling this law firm for guidance, I have never been so satisfied. Steven handled my case in a very professional way and I couldn’t be more thankful. I was always getting my calls returned and issues handled. He helped me in every way possible and made sure I got all the care I needed. Steven was very attentive and was there for me through every step. I highly recommend this law firm. More...

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