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Stephanie S.

13 November 2018

I don't want to go into my story but all I can say is talking to Kristin was just what I needed to deal with my anxiety and ever since I've been feeling ten times lighter. Highly recommend her!


Wil S.

31 October 2018

Kristin is an amazing person, coach, and therapist. She has the ability to find the root of what's causing your emotional turmoil and walks through it with you without you needing to divulge every little deep. She teaches your mind how to heal itself. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who has experienced trauma or difficulties in their lives and minds. Give her a try...so many traditional therapies don't work (and I've been trained in those modalities), but hers really work if you're truly ready and tired of just talk therapy alone. Also, expect some humor...she is able to make me laugh after a meltdown which is huge for me. More...


Tom C

27 May 2018

Very helpful with resolving a myriad of issues I had going on, as well as discovering a few I didn't know I had. Kristin seems to have a very unique ability to understand (in a very short time) what is ailing you and what to do about it.


Mark Bergdahl

27 May 2018

Kristin is truly a remarkable therapist -the best I've ever seen in my life (there have been a few given deaths, a divorce, & a custody battle pre-Kristin). I was first drawn to her and was completely moved by her Ted Talk story, very inspiriational. She's incredibly insightful and does an amazing job of choosing the perfect books/articles as recommendations for reading & homework. She also makes outstanding tool sugestions & ties in great stories that completely applied to my situation - everything you need to help work through your traumas. I have the utmost confidence that Kristin can help anyone needing help with their PTSD if they're willing to do the necessary work. Highly recommended - top notch!! More...


Rob S.

21 March 2018

If you have thoughts that are running wild in many different directions or if you feel stuck on a thought that is hard to overcome. Kristin is the answer! She helped me create several different approaches to solve issues from business to personal issues. I would highly recommend a consultation with Kristin. More...


e m.

13 March 2018

Kristin is extremely big-hearted, kind, and full of wisdom.  She was incredibly supportive of me during a very hard time in life, and offered great feedback for making important decisions.   I made it through some very rough territory thanks to her.   She is a wonderful resource for life-learning on many levels, even far beyond the actual hypnosis work.Thank you again, Kristin! More...


Colin Owen

25 September 2017

Very helpful with resolving a myriad of issues I had going on, as well as discovering a few I didn't know I had. Kristin seems to have a very unique ability to understand (in a very short time) what is ailing you and what to do about it.


John W.

20 March 2017

Didn't think I could be hypnotized...was proven wrong. I now have a permanent ability to ask my subconscious yes/no questions at any time, getting the answer from twitching finger or thumb. Also, she's a very caring person.


Connie D.

2 November 2016

This is my 3rd time seeing a hypnotist for varying issues, first time with Kristen. Even so I was skeptical about this particular problem i was having.  Basically controlling my anger impulses in a healthy way.Six weeks later and i am still so amazed how in control I feel of my emotions.  Kristen also gave me suggestions for reading after the session and follow-up exercises, all extremely helpful in continuing my new found successes in life.Best money I've spent in years! More...


Marie P.

18 October 2016

There is so much to say about Kristin.  She has so much wisdom!!  She is great at what she does.  You can tell that she truly cares.  Gives you confidence.  She has walked with me through some tough issues.  I am blessed to have gotten to know her.  She has made such an impact in my life I wish that everyone could experience what she has to offer. More...


Olivia Goodwin

27 May 2016

I first went to see Kristin in July, 2015. I was a little nervous because I had never tried anything like this before, and I didn't know what it would be like or if it would even work. So on the plus side, Kristin is very friendly and easy to talk to, she explains what's going to happen, I very quickly felt at ease, you don't waste your first session on paperwork and all that (you get right into the actual work), and you're also offered some tasty beverage choices. On the downside, when you go for the first time, I felt it was a little difficult to tell where you were supposed to go once you walk into the building because there wasn't really anything that I saw pointing you directly to Suite 100 (although this is the building owner's fault), and finding parking can sometimes be a little tricky but since it's Seattle that's probably to be expected. In case it's useful to any future client, when you enter the building, you just walk straight, and keep walking straight, until you come to a reception desk with a couple people. (You have to pass through a set of door which may or may not be open.) Then you just tell them you're there to see Kristin and they let her know. Then, you feel a little silly for having been so confused, but hey, I was pretty tired that day.I went to see her for PTSD/trauma resolution, and in my first session with her, I made more progress than in about 10 years of more traditional therapies. I've since gone back for more sessions to continue the work, and each one has been very helpful. There have occasionally been sessions that I felt were slightly less helpful than the others, but I think this could be attributed to a variety of different causes and not to any lack of skill on Kristin's part. I will definitely continue to see her for any further issues I feel I need help with, and I would confidently recommend her to others. More...


Yonnas G.

26 May 2016

To begin with I have waited a long time to give hypnotherapy a chance.  When I came across an interview of Kristin on the radio I just knew she was the one I should work with.  One measurable way working with her has made an impact is I went from practicing my guitar 30 mins a day to two-hours.  That is 4x.  The immeasurable ways are how Kristin combines consulting, coaching and hypnotherapy to create a truly transformative opportunity for you. With music she was able to guide me to questioning the why behind it.  I was so blown away that I went from one session to buying a package of sessions with her.  One of the best investments I have made. More...


Kate P.

17 April 2016

Kristin is wonderful at what she does, and someone I could put my trust in.  She is also a wealth of great resources, and I appreciate that she puts her all into doing what she can to help you.


Hilery A.

17 November 2015

I'm a pragmatic person. I did a lot of research in to hypnotherapy before I tried it.  When working with a skilled practitioner, It is an efficient and effective way of moving through trauma and healing phobias. Kristin is the best of the best.  A session with her is worth your time and money. More...


David L.

3 October 2015

My job has been so much fun since my hypnosis session with Kristin.  She gave me simple, effective ways to instantly transform my own perspective and attitude.  I don't know how to describe it, but my life has been much more awesome since our session.  I look forward to more!! More...


Chris R.

9 September 2015

Although I've been skeptical of hypnotherapy in the past, Kristin did an amazing job of not only breaking down some of the stigma of hypnotherapy, but very clearly communicating how it would work to address some of the issues I came to her for (mainly trying to be more proactive in moving toward my goals and address my tendency to procrastinate). She explained things in a few different ways with relevant examples from her own life and the lives of others to help expose a few deep rooted beliefs that I hadn't even realized I had, but which resulted in immediate "aha" moments. She also does a wonderful job of checking in throughout the session to make sure you're on board, your questions or concerns are addressed, and that you understand each step of the way. All this, and her voice is super soothing, so that's nice. More...


Jeannine B.

2 September 2015

Be sure to cancel (if you need to) with plenty of notice.


Gwen D.

26 June 2015

I have been going to Kristin know for over a year with a total of seven visits. I turned to hypnotherapy because years of counseling and therapy only ended up in medication. It is like getting a massage for your brain. I feel very safe with Kristen. Every time I leave I feel like a load of bricks have been lifted from my shoulders. I just feel more confident dealing with Past trauma. All I have to say is you get what you pay for. She is more expensive than other hypnotherapists and she is worth it! I would not entrust my peace of mind to just anybody! More...


Eva C.

21 May 2014

All I can say is that Kristin helped me to clear up a nervous stomach issue that was seriously compromising my quality of life--within a single session. I've since seen her for multiple issues around anxiety, poise, receiving criticism and more, and I find her incredibly knowledgeable and reassuring. I would highly recommend her--to women especially--for getting to the root of traumas and issues and empowering you to transcend them. She is the best! More...


Brian Lagoni

28 May 2012

I had a great experience with Kristin at Mind Talk Hypnosis Seattle. I would recommend their services wholeheartedly.



27 February 2012

I originally went to see Kristin at Mind Talk Hypnosis for weight loss and soon discovered it was a perfect fit to improve other areas in my life (my sleeping, stress, anxiety etc) as well. I can't thank her enough. So far it's been less than 6 sessions and I'm 12 lbs lighter exercising and eating right, sleeping better and a whole lot happier in just 3 months. More...


Airy Y.

21 February 2012

I can't say enough good things about Kristin's work.  I never thought I would go to a hypnotist for any reason, thinking that it would never work for me.  I couldn't have been more wrong!  And now I am forever thankful for the gifts that Kristin has to offer because she has beautifully  changed my life for the better.  I was thinking about seeing a counselor again, a route I have taken plenty of times, to try to get help concerning the issues I deal with mentally, emotionally.  But when my cousins told me about Kristin and the hypnotherapy work she does, and after checking out her wonderful informative website, I knew I had to give it a chance.  Years and years of traditional talk therapy obviously were not doing the trick for me.  Kristin does indeed allow me to talk through anything and everything I want to, and is an amazing listener.  She understands, and instantly makes me feel better about the challenges I am going through.And not only is talking to Kristin extremely insightful, helpful and therapeutic, she helps me get relaxed enough to get into trance mode where we access my subconscious which is where some more awesome, healing, miraculous magic happens.  I wholeheartedly recommend Mind Talk Hypnosis to anyone and everyone. More...

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