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My company not only offers a great magic experience but also offers the connection I will get with anyone who hires me. I love talking and meeting new people and through magic I have learned how to talk and blow people's minds at the same time.



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I have been performing magic for over 3 years now but I've been interested for about 5 years now.

I will do a lot of close up magic with a range of objects from cards, rings, rubber bands, and post-it notes. I will talk throughout my performances and love to connect with the people around me. I will answer questions from magic to my personal life because magic is only half the show, the other half is the conversations you have. I am an open person who loves to talk and blow your mind at the exact same time.

Meeting new people. Like I've said before, meeting and making connections with new people is what it is all about. On top of that I get to blow their minds with magic.

I love performing magic and I wanted to start meeting more people. They went hand and hand so I decided this was my best route to choose.

They should choose me because not only will I perform to the best of my ability but I know how to hold a conversation, I am a young man filled with passion for magic. I am full of energy and I have the drive to succeed and do the best I can.