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Mike Harrington has been a professional Magician for over 15 years. Mike started his Magic career in the Boston area, and it has taken him across the country.
As a diverse performer able to astonish guest's as a strolling magician, and stun crowds from the stage, Mike will cater his act specifically for your event.


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Derren Sampson

6 May 2019

Hired Mike to work the room at a corporation networking event. He slipped right in and joined small groups of people talking around the room....then began performing his magic for that group. People loved it. He worked the room for a little over an hour and slipped out. Nice guy, very professional, and most of all a lot of fun. Thanks Mike, great job.Fit right in. More...


April Hughes

6 May 2019

I hosted a bday bash for my husband’s 40th and Magic Mike was beyond epic. He literally blew everyone’s mind away and captivated a very rowdy and critical crowed. He was a natural schmoozer and worked all the social circles in the room with ease and the most mind boggling card tricks, bending the spoon, sponge balls appearing out of nowhere and mind reading. Insane. The next day, everyone is still talking about Magic Mike. He is legit THE BEST. I am obsessed. More...


ta f

28 March 2019



Luke Torres

28 March 2019

This man in a trench coat came up to me....and did magic. I am reborn as a human because of this interaction. Might be too progressive for children. But If you are a drunk black man or racial ambiguous? He is the best man for the job. More...


Marissa Thompson

28 March 2019

I went to a friends party, Mike was there doing magic (he took my boyfriends watch off his wrist without him noticing) and it made everyone's night! He is incredible, funny and will be a conversation piece not just for that night but for years to come. I am not going to be able to sleep tonight! More...


Andrea Kunst

28 March 2019

Mike is absolutely amazing at his craft, and a joy to work with. I met him at a party where he was performing, and have hired him twice for two very different events; one a private party and the other a local fundraiser. He elevated the experience for everyone on both occasions and is timely, adaptable, reads a crowd well, and delivers . Hiring Mike is a guaranteed win for any occasion! More...


Brian Murtagh

28 March 2019

Came to our private party impressed everyone!


Joey T.

2 March 2019

Hired Mike for my going away party, and he exceeded all expectations. We had a cocktail party for about 25 people and he went around doing walk around and up close magic for the guests and he blew everyone away.Highly recommend.Thanks Mike!


Grace Harley

27 January 2019

Amazing! Had Mike at our holiday party.


Edgar Casado

28 December 2018

Great performance!


malcolm giovani

28 December 2018

Had Mike at our companies holiday party, he was very professional, funny and an amazing Magician!


Gina Cusano

6 December 2018

Mike always astonishes guests and enhances my events. He works my ST Patricks Day Party at 60 State Street every year. He always has new tricks and commits to every performance,


Ruth Baker

6 December 2018

An amazing Magician! Funny too.



6 December 2018

My company designs trade shows , Mike reached out to offer his service as a "Traffic Generator" by performing magic outside of peoples he is able to build a crowd and gain more leads for our companies. He has been working with us for over 2 years and always gets great reviews from our clients. More...


Cynthia Caldstone

6 December 2018

I hired Mike to do close-up Magic for our company's holiday party and he was hit! Very entertaining and professional.



6 December 2018

Mike did great at my annual holiday party, this was a corporate setting and Mike fit right in!

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Mike has been a professional Magician since he was in Highschool and started learned when he was 10 years old.

Mike Specializes in close up Magic which is unique form of entertainment that creates a personal entertainment experience for each guests. He will approach groups of people during a cocktail setting and perform feats of magic with ordinary and borrowed objects right in front of spectators faces and sometimes in their hands. The reactions generated add a party atmosphere to any event that get people loose talking and having fun. His signature trick happens when you think he is finished, he reveals during his performance that he has managed to take a spectators watch with out them knowing.

Having fun with the spectators and creating memories for them

It just happened I was offered my first gig when I was 14 at my sisters family college day I began performing magic or some students and the dean of the college saw me and hired me for the next years event. That was my first professional gig and I have been doing it ever since.

I take the time to cater my act to each event. I enjoy my work and am committed to ensuring the guests have a great time.