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We are a local commercial cleaning company that is based in Renton. We service all kinds of businesses in the Seattle, and surrounding areas. Our focus is on light janitorial as well as carpet cleaning. We pride ourselves on three principles:


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Diane Dobson

26 August 2018

We've been thrilled with not only the overall clean - but the attention to detail, the competitive pricing and the customer service and feedback. Great company and happy to give a 5-star recommendation! More...

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Being a business owner has always been a passion. Previous to owning a business I worked in higher education as an educational planner and adviser for over 20 years. As a life long learner it has always been my passion to assist and help individuals and companies to reach their goals. It also helps to like cleaning! But, I also take pride in educating myself and team on using different chemicals for different jobs. Our "motto" is if we are hired to do a job we want to make sure that we come in as experts in our field.my team

As I had mentioned previously, one of my biggest passions has always been to own a successful business and enjoy what I do. My goal is to pass that on to my team and have that reflect positively on our clients. We try our best to accommodate our technicians with a decent hourly pay and the freedom to work around their schedules and/or grow with the company.

We are the Real Deal! We will bring consist cleaning, accountability and communicate so that we are all on the same page. We will always try and do our best to work within your budget. Some companies will consistently hire the cheapest labor which typically means high turnover, and of course inconsistent cleaning and no shows.

Whomever you decide to hire, REMEMBER -

- To always check references
- At times, when the cleaning is inconsistent (and it happens) make sure that there is always someone to contact. During my time, I have seen and heard stories where the cleaning is great and the communication is good, but when there are re-occurring issues, it becomes more difficult to get a hold of someone to address issues and that is frustrating!

WE take the approach, that if something is not working we want to address that issue before it becomes a problem for our clients. In fact, in many cases, there are clients that we won't hear anything in weeks or even a month and we will take the initiative to reach out to touch base.