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Hi! My name is Nicole and I want to help you crush those fitness goals! I started off my fitness career as a kickboxing instructor teaching high intensity group classes. I wanted a more direct role with my clients, so I became a certified personal trainer.


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Claire Hamilton

1 August 2019

I have been blown away by Midtown trainers. They are such an amazing place to get all your fitness needs met. I contacted Trey the owner about potentially training with them and he was great about answering all my questions. He also spent a lot of time making sure he understood my history. I was looking for someone who is tough yet kind, someone who is able to help me with weight loss, Someone who is able to help me stay accountable. Overall they met all my expectations and exceeded them. They have so much to offer. I highly recommend Midtown Trainers! They are the best choice ! More...


Tierra N.

16 May 2019

I love Midtown Trainers for sooo many reasons such as private sessions, great parking, quite calm relaxed vibe! The list goes on and on but I really love the one on one attention to detail I get and how friendly and professional the trainers as well as the staff are. They are experts In the business with years of experience and it shows. They cover all phases of training so I don't have to do nothing but train :) and I love that they take the guess work out of it for me and I'm enjoying every session with Pam  and Matt that I have. They pay attention to detail and I trust them because they know what they are doing which is important to avoid injuries. Very fun up beat vibe all while supporting my fitness goals and educating me on developing a healthy lifestyle . I highly recommend Pam Trey or Matt. All Awesome and you will feel the burn!! More...


Chinelle McDonald

24 April 2019

poor customer service. They take people payment and do not honor the contract. They are very unprofessional and do not treat clients with respect.


Jared T.

15 April 2019

I have been working with Trey at Midtown Trainers for a month, and I am very pleased with the focus and level of communication and professionalism that I have found with the entire team.In the previous 18 months, I had lost a significant amount of weight through diet and exercise on my own.  However, I had plateaued and wanted to work with someone who could help me take my fitness and nutrition to a level that would challenge me and help me establish an advanced foundation for the rest of my life as I approach my 40th birthday.Trey and his team took time to see what was unique about my situation and the best way to improve the areas that were holding me back.  While my nutrition and endurance were at good levels, my strength and coordination were lacking.  Trey has slowly developed better balance and flexibility through a measured approach that has shown incremental improvements from week to week. I have also experienced improvement in my core strength that has led to improved times in distance and short mileage running.The biggest tool I have gained at Midtown is a clear picture of how my heart rate plays into the quality of my exercise and development.  Because my heart rate is naturally low, I was not burning a lot of calories or developing strength running flat miles or logging time on an elliptical machine.  Now, I actively monitor my heart rate to know exactly how my body is performing, and confidently push myself harder during everything from a trail run up a mountain or a spin class at the Y.  Its not always the time I am putting in running or at the gym, it is what I am doing with that time that is helping me grow and achieve my goals.I would highly recommend Midtown Trainers to anyone who wants professional guidance in their fitness journey. More...


Babidiye Robinson

6 March 2019

Client Care and great results!


Luis Aguilar

21 January 2019

Love training here. My sessions started with a 45 min workout with Matt. After my workout I was exhausted and wet. I wasn’t only doing weights, it was also a cardio workout. I have definitely seen a difference. Now my session are 30 minutes and loving it. Thank you guys. More...


Vance McCoy

19 December 2018

My wife started working out here first and experienced a huge improvement in her physical health and overall happiness. This motivated me to join and over the past 9 months, I have experienced a noticeable difference in myself. The facility is private and never crowded. Our trainer Matt is fantastic. He always keeps the tempo challenging but not overwhelming. He has also helped me with my diet and other things to do to maximize the benefits of training. More...


Meghan MsDukes Allen

5 December 2018

The exclusivity and good reputation is what led me to Midtown Trainers. And then working with the trainers was the icing on the cake. I look forward to my training sessions as they have been bringing me great results! For anyone else who may be hesitant to start their journey (like i was).. you won’t regret it! More...


Heather M. Farley

26 November 2018

I’m seeing great success working out at Midtown Trainers! I have had low back pain for years due to 3 degenerative discs and a spondylolisthesis. I have worked hard to strengthen my core through physical therapy and Pilates but my improvement had plateaued. My chiropractor suggested that it was time to start strength training and referred me to Midtown Trainers. I appreciate that they listened to me, developed a personalized program, provide instruction to ensure correct form, encourage me, and help me overcome mental barriers. I have been working out there 2x a week for 3 months and I feel stronger, have less back pain and my confidence is growing day by day. I can’t thank Trey enough for helping me regain my quality of life. I can’t wait to see where I’m at in another 3 months. More...


Grant W.

6 November 2018

Midtown Trainers provides a specific type of training that I am sure is effective for some clients.  Unfortunately, after nearly six months and almost $7,000, there has been no change in my body composition or overall conditioning.  So I'm disappointed in my experience.  So I would advise anyone considering this facility to thoroughly explain what you want to accomplish and commit to a month-to-month agreement initially until you are sure the facility and staff will meet your needs.  PROS- personal attention- private facility- offers early morning training timesCONS- high staff turnover (four trainers left within six months)- limited weights/equipment which impacts the exercises that can be done- no follow-up after the initial assessment- no follow through on commitments made after I shared concerns about the issues I had encountered More...


Brooke Brown

9 October 2018

Midtown Trainers has helped me improve overall strength and Del has been amazing working with/around my back issues!! He's made working out (something I never did much before) really enjoyable and helped me realized what I'm capable of!


Troy T.

1 September 2018

Because of my job, I travel extensively and when I am required to work out of state for an extended period of time I usually hire a local personal trainer.  Over the past 3 years I have worked with about 8 different personal trainers and I can honestly say that none of them have offered the level of expertise and professionalism that I receive at Midtown Trainers.  Trey is the best personal trainer I have ever had the privilege to train with and in addition to being a great personal trainer, Trey is also a first-class entrepreneur and business leader who has uncompromising high standards with his team of expert trainers. More...


Holly King Asbury

11 July 2018

Trey and the other trainers have been great at Midtown! Trey is very thorough and knowledgable. I had a health issue/injury and he has given me the confidence to start strength training again. He’s helped me lose weight and tone up. I’m very grateful I’ve had the opportunity to work with them! He has held me accountable and is very helpful. Their strategy works! More...


Thomas Murphy

27 June 2018

I can only speak on Matt Shields and he’s one of the best! Worked with him at KSU.


James G.

26 June 2018

Midtown Trainers is transforming my life.The team there is fantastic: Trey, Matt, Del and Roger - all have been a blast to work with.Every trainer that has worked worked with me has demonstrated a thorough understanding of their area of expertise and done an amazing job of designing workouts that are just right for where I am in my progress while at the same time pushing me to improve week opver week. With their always-positive attitudes and never-the-same workouts, the Midtown Trainers team makes accomplishing a hard workout fun and challenging every time. Highly recommend! More...


Ixnorisilda Matthews

21 June 2018

Proceed with Caution when dealing with this company. To begin with I had a gut feeling that the owner was not trustworthy and turns out that I was right. First of all during a conversation on the phone he quoted a much lower monthly fee for the sessions than what he presented during the Jumpstart 1 on 1 appointment I attended with him. I signed up for sessions during the Friday June 1st 2:00 pm appointment. I was given a contract to sign being told that it stated that payments were to be made as scheduled and that cancelations needed to occur 24 hours prior before any appointments being made. I was not given a copy of the document that I signed. I signed up in good faith as the owner should understand because I actually called after I went home to provide my payment method. I continued to think about this decision as I was still uneasy about it and decided on Saturday June 2 to cancel. I tried to call the owner and he didn’t answer. I then called the office manager who had been very pleasant the day before and upon answering my call but then completely changed her demeanor to what came across as rude or angry when I stated that I wished to cancel my membership. I added that I did not want my card to be charged but she stated that she was not in the office and I’d have to wait until Monday. I proceeded to also promptly send the owner an email expressing my intent to cancel and cancelled all of my scheduled sessions on their app to be clear in this respect. On Monday I followed up and was told to wait for a call back. When I received the call back the office manager stated that the document I signed stated that there are no refunds for the first month and that she was going to email it to me for my review. I was not advised of that when I signed the document or I would not have signed it. I find it very unethical and immoral that a company would not refund you payment for services not rendered especially when a cancelation was requested within less than 24 hours and the owner kept saying “no pressure” during his presentation just to gain your trust. They also contacted me trying to offer lower rates and attempted to schedule future sessions which I continued to decline. The main reason I was driven to write this review is that even after having gone through all of this I am now receiving daily emails stating that my payment method has been declined. Fortunately I canceled my card in anticipation that this unethical company would still not honor my cancelation request. Basically if I had not canceled my card they would have stolen another large payment from me. Now that I have taken the time to type this up I am also going file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Again proceed with caution. More...


Laura F.

7 June 2018

I love Midtown Trainers!!!! I have never thought of myself as athletic, but after finding them last year, I look forward to every opportunity I can get in there to train with Trey and his team. Their approach is fun, personalized, and caring. Not to mention challenging!  I can't say enough about the support I've received from Midtown Trainers to reach my fitness goals. As an avid runner, Trey works to tailor my workouts to help both with weight loss goals, but also to increase my performance in racing. There have been several races recently where Trey was waiting at the finish line for me to celebrate my success!! That means the world to me! I know that He and his team truly take a vested interest in you when you become part of their training family! Thank you to Trey and your team! You all are doing amazing things for your clients every day, and I'm so thankful to be a part of it!!! More...


Dino P.

11 April 2018

After working with several personal trainers over the last few years, I've learned that no one  comes close to the level of service and accountability than what I've experienced at Midtown Trainers.  They truly will position you for long term success by focusing on your physical transformation and pushing through  mental roadblocks.  Experts! More...


Scott Denton

3 April 2018

If you are looking for a group of trainers with a specialized approach to help you reach your goals, this is the place for you! Their approach covers challenging workouts, dietary recommendations and accountability. More...


Chris Eatmon

30 March 2018

These folks seemed great till they modified my contract and starting taking money from my account that I didn’t authorize. Even after we began conversations about unauthorized charges, they’ve continued to take money from me. Be very careful. I don’t advise signing anything as they modify your contract post signature. More...


D E.

21 November 2017

A great way to break the gym "routine" and add variety and RESULTS to your hard work. Matt is especially good - taking time to teach new routines and will challenge you to go the extra mile. Interesting variety of work out routines - not just pumping iron while somebody counts reps for you!  Good to also have other health benefits worked in like diet and heart rate - something never talked about at the bigger box gyms. More...


Jarvis W.

26 July 2017

These by far are some of the best and most knowledgable trainers in Atlanta! Great program! They provide the individual attention and approach to reaching and maintaining your ideal weight. Trey and Matt are the bomb!


Jon Carnes Connally

10 July 2017

What a great place to go and work out everyone is so friendly and inviting the environment is fun and the trainers are hot


David G.

4 May 2017

Horrible. My wife's trainer quit with little notice, and the replacement did not meet her needs at all. Despite signing up for a 6 month contract, and paying 6 monthly payments, they continued to bill for another month and are refusing to refund. The facility is also dirty and undersized. More...


Jessica Rock

8 February 2017

If you want real results from someone who has been in this industry his entire career go see Trey and listen to him or one of his trainers. They will listen to your goals and customize a plan for you. It's up to you to follow that plan but they will set you on the path to success. Highly recommend Midtown Trainers! More...


Antheny W.

20 November 2016

If you are looking for just a place to workout this may not be for you, but if you are ready for a total mind and body transformation you have come to the right place. Trey and his team not only provide total body workouts that maximize results in a shorter time period but they also give you the tools for a healthier you.  Midtown Trainers is not just about exercise, it is about the whole person, you can expect to receive exercise and nutritional support and so much more. They are prepared to provide you with as much support you need to attain your goals, I have found the team to be very supportive and accommodating to my very hectic schedule of life, work and school. The exercise sessions are amazing as each trainer brings their very own special skill set and real life experience with health and wellness and tailor a workout session designed for your needs and you finish every workout amazed at just how beautiful and strong our bodies truly are. In no time you have more energy and you start to see your new smaller, tighter physique take form and you can't wait to get to your next session. Thank you Midtown Trainers! More...


Cale Robert Hall

16 September 2016

Ray and Trey really have their stuff together. Always challenging and making me step outside the box � ��


Cale H.

22 March 2016

Trey, Ray and team are AWESOME!!  Have had a great response to their workouts. My body is on target to reach the desired goals ahead of time.


Babidiye Robinson

21 March 2016

Midtown Trainers is a great place to train and work.


Marie P.

18 March 2016

Trey Harris kicks my ass every workout.  Midtown Trainers is where it's at if you want to be pushed to your limit, lose weight and mix your workouts up.  I definitely recommend checking out this spot. More...


Jessie C.

18 March 2016

I have been working out at Midtown Trainers for almost a year now, and I still think it was the best decision I have ever made. I walked in, very skeptical (having met with three trainers previously and not connecting with any of them), embarrassed about my appearance, and nervous for the future. I had my consultation with Trey, and he spent a lot of time going over things with me and making me feel comfortable. He was honest, straightforward, and very informative. We talked not only about my workout goals, but diet plans, nutrition, and more.I work out at Midtown Trainers typically 4 days a week with Trey, and I love it. I never feel self-conscious or neglected. My workouts are fresh, fun, and I am always given a lot of variety. Whenever I am with my trainer, they are always 100% focused on me, whether it be helping me keep count of reps, correcting my form so I don't injure myself, or encouraging me when I feel like I can't go on, they are there. When Trey has had other obligations or is booked, he always makes sure that I either work with another trainer or he goes out of his way to accommodate to my schedule. I am so eternally grateful for Trey and all of the staff at Midtown Trainers, they helped me out of a very dark place in my life. Trey is so dedicated to his clients that he even allows them to text him whenever they want. When I injured my back, Trey lent me a back brace and helped so much in my recovery that even my physician was shocked with the rate of my healing. Having been there for so long, I have had the pleasure of working with all of the trainers, and they are all fantastic. Midtown Trainers has fun outings for members frequently which I really enjoy going to. They also have gym-wide 'Challenges', such as burning 5,000 calories in two weeks with prizes and swag. I never get bored or lose motivation.Midtown Trainers is not only a gym, its a community, and I highly, highly recommend it. More...


Al Da

18 March 2016

Do NOT Come Here. Terrible Business practices. Total neglect for clients. The owner's name is Trey Harris. He does NOT Care about your fitness success. All he cares about is getting your money. Trey does NOT deliver on his promises. He treats his employees Horrible!! . Whatever you do, do NOT come to Midtown Trainers. Nothing but a cheap Rip Off. The owner is a LIAR and a CHEAT!!!! More...


Dino P.

18 February 2016

I heard about Midtown Trainers through a friend who had first hand knowledge of the owner (Trey Harris) and his training philosophy.  After some additional research, and honestly I was trying to find someone that didn't have the experience they expected, I was convinced to give Trey a try.   I wasn't disappointed.. At all. If you're looking for an honest evaluation, professional consultation, and a motivated team that is focused on your results, then Midtown Trainers is for you.   They're worth every penny. More...


Angeles Q.

5 February 2016

My experience was not good, so I just want to warn people. Be very careful with the contract terms as I feel very much like I was bait & switched. Also, I did not receive the level of personal attention promised or expected with the money I was paying. This place is expensive, so expectations are high -- but so were their promises.They did not deliver on any level. I am still waiting for my official contract, even after they have withdrawn money from my account twice in 2 weeks!!If you speak to Trey, be sure to understand very clearly what he is offering. He is more interested in getting you in the door than honoring his "pitch." More...


Rolanda P.

11 January 2016

A complete waste of my time. I scheduled an appointment and drove there after work (during rush hour) for what I thought would be a consulation but instead, I was handed a sheet of paper to read a testimonal. Which felt like it was given to me just to keep me occupied so he could interact with this other person who had just walked in the door.Meanwhile, Trey proceeded to interact with the other person as if I wasn't in the room waiting to speak with him for my appointmentFinally, I decided to leave when he finally got back to me and he suggested I come back for another consultation. Now why would I do that? More...


Kyle Fennell

12 June 2015

Love Jenny!!!!! She's working with me a few times a week and is so encouraging and great to work out with


Jessie Cart

3 June 2015

I have been working out at Midtown Trainers 4 days a week for about 9 months now, and saying that I love it is a gross understatement. All of the trainers are awesome, and the atmosphere is great. There is a nice sense of community, and I've never felt more comfortable working out (nor have a I felt better physically!) More...


Jahmin L.

5 May 2015

I was looking for a trainer to keep me motivated and push me beyond my comfort zone. I was always decent with cardio on my own, but I needed the guidance and encouragement of someone else. I found the answer at Midtown Trainers.I signed on for a 6-month contract, seeing Trey (or Ray) twice a week. Every single session was different, which is great, because you don't get used to specific movements--you are always challenging your body to do more. Since I don't have the best balance or coordination, some movements were a bit awkward at first but Trey provides great guidance.The studio is easy to get to and a good size (a huge place would've been intimidating to me)--and it's accessible even when you don't have a training session, so you can use the cardio equipment on your own.Trey also provides great advice on meal planning and massage therapy, giving you a holistic approach to staying healthy and fit. He also encourages you to participate in organized runs (like Tough Mudder, 5Ks, etc) and helps you prepare for them!I would highly recommend Midtown Trainers to anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level in a friendly, welcoming environment. More...


Paige N.

15 January 2015

Fair warning: this review is for the massage therapists at Midtown Trainers, not the training itself. I can only assume the training's as good as the massage was.Like most all of my massages, this one started out as a deal on Living Social for a couple's massage. I snapped it up in seconds (especially after scoping out how close it was to where I live in the city).After a short series of back and forth emails between me, the gym owner and one of the masseuses on staff, we'd set a perfect weekend couples massage in early January.The morning of the massage, my boyfriend and I arrived right at 10, and Billy, the masseuse I'd corresponded with, greeted us at the door and let us in. Midtown Trainers is a little, private gym off of Piedmont near Cheshire Bridge underneath lots of apartments.When Billy ushered us in, we met his coworker, a female masseuse whose name I didn't catch and they showed us in to the massage room. It was actually a smaller workout room for the gym, but since we were doing a couples massage, they needed more room for the tables than the normal massage room allowed. No problem though, the kettlebells and dumbells were arranged against the walls, the massage tables had heated blankets on them, the lights had been dimmed a bit and some relaxing, nature music was playing.We undressed and got under the covers and then the two masseuses came back in and got to work. The oil my lady used was a little chilly at first, but she did an excellent job of working it into my back, my neck, my legs - everything. And she had very strong hands (in the best way) - when she was massaging my calves (which I didn't realize were so tight!), I had to remind myself to breathe through the strokes, knowing she'd be done soon. It was very good. The best part though was the head massage she gave me right before we finished the session: she really kneaded in there with vigor leaving me with super frizzy hair but the best feeling at the same time.As usual, the hour long massage flew by in no time, and by the time we sat up and got dressed it was hard to believe it was already 11. It took a couple of hours for the pillow dent I got in my forehead to disappear (a common occurrence for me and massage table headrests), but MAN it was worth it.I'd definitely go back to Midtown Trainers for another massage if they offered it. Good, good stuff. More...


Maximillian Corwell

1 July 2014

I workout with Trey 4x's a week on average and he has been a phenomenal trainer. Goal oriented, endurance based workouts that get results. Been a client for a year now, and I can't imagine working with anybody else. More...


Trey L. Goble

12 December 2013

Incredible staff. Passionate about training and committed to your success. If you are serious about getting in shape go to MT stat! 5 stars all the way.


Jeff C.

29 August 2013

I had been working with the same trainer for over five years and unfortunately after doing the same repetitive single motion exercises over and over, I had developed some injuries and was feeling really defeated with my fitness goals. Then in July, I met Trey and he designed a new fitness and nutrition program custom tailored to my specific needs. Trey has really opened my eyes and my knowledge base on so many levels. We are working through the injuries by developing strength in the surrounding muscles while simultaneously developing increased core strength and endurance. He is teaching me that form comes first and that's the foundation. He is patient with me when I need extra guidance. His studio is extremely clean and has a great energy and he is constantly engaged in improving it with new equipment and the latest innovative technologies. It was time for me to take my fitness goals to the next level and Midtown Trainers and Trey has helped me achieve that. I cant wait to see the results that we will accomplish together as time progresses.I would highly recommend Trey or any of his trainers to anyone who wants to challenge their fitness goals. More...


J L.

29 January 2013

For me, finding a trainer was just as much about tone and physical strength as it was about balance and mental clarity.  My priorities had shifted to career growth, leaving a limited amount of will power left to get me to the gym. Trey worked with me to help me find more of a balance that included an analysis of my goals, my nutritional needs, and my competitive nature. The results extend beyond the improvement in my physique to an increased attention span at work and to an overall improvement in my health. Thanks Trey! More...