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Henry Lowery

26 July 2019

I love midtown I always go in there and get distracted (or course). Nick knows me by name and is always very nice and helpful!


Haley MacLeod

9 December 2018

Very kind and knowledgeable


dex and colb

9 October 2018

For having a sax


Barbara Warner

9 August 2018

Midtown Music is always delightful .. Whenever I visit or call there is always singing . When going into the store my friend and I get song to or he dances for us.


Whitney Hurley

9 August 2018

They didn't have the book we needed, he offered to order it but we needed it sooner. So he called around to other store to locate the book we needed for a beginer alto saxophone player! Thank you for amazing customer service. More...


Brandhi Rivera

9 August 2018

Really great!


Jerome Olanovich

9 August 2017

My Paul Reed Smith needed some TLC as my chords were not ringing as true as I like. I got it back in pure perfection. It was even a hurry-up as I had a show to play that night. Excellent craftsmanship. Excellent service. Thanks Nick!! More...


S Stonge

9 August 2015

Great place! I dreaded buying a guitar for my daughter's high school guitar class but we went to Midtown Music and it was painless. Nick helped us out and explained sizes and explained the rental option, however the price was so reasonable we just purchased it outright. There was a great selection of musical instruments. Nick was a huge help and very friendly. Excellent! More...


S S.

4 September 2014

Excellent! We went to Midtown Music because my daughter needed a guitar for her guitar class at school. Nick helped us, explained about the sizes and explained that we could rent it, however the price was so reasonable we just bought it outright! There was a great selection of instruments and accessories. I'm very pleased, service is great there and very friendly. I dreaded having to buy a guitar, but it was painless! More...


Martin Grohman

9 August 2013

Have had good luck here. Very reasonable prices and lots of used gear. Staffed by musicians.


Andrew D.

24 August 2011

Midtown Music rocks! My family was vacationing near Biddeford, Maine, and my son was eager to rent a guitar to play. We found Midtown Music and drove over. Nick at Midtown was incredibly friendly and helpful - and rented us a guitar and amp at a very reasonable price. A day later, the output socket was loose, so we drove back, a little nervous about it, and Nick fixed it with a smile (and no charge).From the looks of the other people in the store and the music being made, it's clear that Midtown is for real pros. For the budding musician like my son, Midtown is a friendly place that loves and encourages music. I wish we had a place like this where we live. More...

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