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We are a full service counseling facility that specializes in addiction issues. In addition to any type of addiction we can help with any other mental health issue such as depression, anxiety, etc. All of our counselors are state licensed and can accept most insurances.

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Michigan Diagnostic

23 July 2018

Always friendly and accurate!!! Many options available.


Jordan Madry

23 July 2018

MDADS is by far the best service program I have ever been involved with. They are Very respectful and caring and don't just want your money they want to help and see you grow as person.


Joseph Stanaj

27 May 2018

I went there for a urine test and wasn’t sure what to expect but the manager, a short portly Indian guy named Fubar I think, was very nice and very helpful. I would definitely refer this place to a friend. More...


super cat gaming cat gamer

27 May 2018

Loved it good people love the staff morning for me.


Deleecha Artiaga

27 May 2018

I enjoy my job as a Prevention Coordinator at MDADS I give it my all strait from the heart. I am here to assist you.


Lisa House

27 May 2017

Wonderful friendly and professional staff. The owner is a really great guy. Actually in this business to help people. Takes the time to get to know his clients. They offer many services outside of drug testing. They are always fast, get you in and out. Have recommended them to several others. No comparison to other similar businesses. More...


Perry Leeon

27 May 2017

Great place! Fast Service! Friendly Staff! I went there for my work drug testing and everything was very professional. No waiting, they got me in and out.

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We enjoy helping people and getting their life back on track.

We all have our stories of loss to mental illness or substance abuse. We started this business to help people, our goal is to improve the quality of life of everyone that comes here. We do not judge all we do is try to help.

We are one of the few outpatient facilities that are licensed to do Dual-Diagnosis work. Our staff specializes in dealing with multiple issues at the same time. We pride ourselves on not judging our clients and we work with them to help them achieve their goals.