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Sausalito, CA

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Sausalito, CA


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Nancy Grass

2 November 2018

Michael was very professional. He had my fiancé and Ido some photos before the wedding ceremony and they were some of our favorite ones. He was easy to work with. Highly recommended! More...


Roberto F.

17 October 2018

Great photographer, he was very patient in all our emails and meetings before the big day. He was great during the wedding. We planned our photo itinerary ahead of time and were able to do all of it and more!Great photos and ideas from Michael!He was also very patient with us in the months after the wedding while we were building the album.The album he made looks amazing, we really love it and we always show it to all our friends! We think Michael did a really great job and we are very happy that he was there for us on the day of our wedding. Great value for the price! More...


Roberto Francescangeli

17 October 2018

Great photographer, he was very patient in all our emails and meetings before the big day. He was great during the wedding. We planned our photo itinerary ahead of time and were able to do all of it and more!
Great photos and ideas from Michael!

He was also very patient with us in the months after the wedding while we were building the album.
The album he made looks amazing, we really love it and we always show it to all our friends! We think Michael did a really great job and we are very happy that he was there for us on the day of our wedding.

Great value for the price!


Ashley P.

29 December 2016

Michael was excellent to work with before, during and after our November 2016 wedding in Oakland. In helping us plan out our photography needs, he was very communicative and generous with his time and suggestions. He provided us with a variety of other services and photo package options, although we ended up keeping it fairly simple based on our needs. Although his website nicely captures his art and skill, one idea Michael might consider is having a central page or email with all relevant photo/album information within, as we had a little trouble keeping track of multiple emails received, but this was a minor point.The day of our wedding, Michael was professional and friendly, capturing some unique and fun shots that we hadn't previously considered. Following our wedding, we purchased a small variety of prints to supplement the digital images, and they looked great. There were a couple photos we asked him to edit. We ended up preferring the originals, and he was gracious in replacing the photos. Although we found the pricing on prints/albums a little higher than expected, the overall value and quality of his services was terrific. We would highly recommend Michael for weddings or other events and appreciate his role in our special day. More...


Chris F.

21 September 2016

This is long overdue but I definitely wanted to take a moment to give Michael a very warm thank you.  His quality of work was excellent and he did a fantastic job capturing the special moments that we will always remember.  Michael did a wonderful job communicating so he knew exactly what my wife and I were looking for and his response time was great leading up to our wedding.  I highly recommend.  Thank you Michael! More...


Alijah D.

25 November 2015

Michael was wonderful! He did a great job photographing our wedding. We did a Traditional Lakota ceremony where every sat in a circle and shared on the eagle feather. Michael was able to get so many great pictures of us and our guest. After the ceremony he got people to laugh and have fun taking pictures even when they wanted to eat and socialize! Michael is very personable and professional. His rates were also very reasonable too, I would recommend Michael Loeb for any of your special Occasions to be your personal photographer. Peace, Alijah Don David. More...


Paula S.

14 September 2015

Michael Loeb photographed our wedding on August 22, 2015 in Palms Springs Ca. He was on time very professional. He is very easy going he captured pictures from our wedding day in such a way that we did not have to focus on capturing memorable moments he took care of all of that very un intrusive you when taking picture he is very naturel at what he does.  Our wedding was in the evening outdoors he stayed as long as needed for he him to capture our special day.We were able to view our pictures on line in 4 days after the ceremony and had our picture CD with in two weeks of the wedding. I highly recommend him he is wonderful to work with.Paula More...


Tricia K.

6 July 2013

Michael is a cool guy with a lot of experience in wedding photography. As someone who hates even thinking about getting her picture taken, Michael was able to give me some good ideas on how to plan the picture taking for the big day. He does not cut corners or treat you differently if you have a smaller order either.I picked him out after finding him on a preferred vendors list at my wedding venue and perusing his website. Michael is 100% professional at what he does. He asked tons of questions about my wedding party and came up with some concepts ahead of time. By asking all of those questions ahead of time, he became familiar with the wedding party even before he met anyone.He was so much fun to work with and his work is really high quality. He drove all the way out to Baker Beach with us and took some amazing pictures of us with the GG bridge in the background. Initially, I thought that was too much trouble but he convinced me that I had to go there and I'm so glad I listened to him. More...


Austin R.

19 January 2011

I randomly ran across this distinguished young man in my travels.  I had no idea what to expect other than what I had seen in his portfolio.  I found him to be extremely professional, being stressed out on my wedding day my bride and I were tense; however, Michael the professional that he is, he stayed calm even with a random fire drill/ evacuation came our way.  He found time to capture beautiful pictures that we shall cherish for the rest of our days.  Michael is a great asset to any brides important day and you can rest assured that he will allow you to relax on your wedding day because he has everything under control. Thank you Michael!!!Austin More...


Kari T.

4 January 2011

We had the pleasure of having Michael Loeb as the photographer at our wedding.  We were so pleased with the results.  The wedding album we received was so beautiful.  It was truly a work of art!  He arranged our photos with the most perfect backgrounds and displayed them in a story book type way, starting with the beginning events of the wedding and ending with us walking away.  He allows for you to put your input in the arrangement of the album, but I would recommmend you leave it to him to decide and you won't be dissapointed.  You will be hard pressed to ever find better quality of photos.  He captures shots in such a unique way the moment they are happening.  It's like you didn't need to even pose for the camera, he just captured the magic of the event without you even knowing he was there taking the picture. You will find his personality very charming on your wedding day.  He is never in a rush and is always calm, and has a great sense of humor to boot.  It is a pleasure be around him during the big day and the results you will get will be unmatched.  We highly recommend using Michael Loeb for any of your once in a lifetime events that you want to capture in the best way possible.  When you look back through his photos and album, you will definatley be taken back to that special day, as we are every time we look at our wedding album.  Thanks again Michael for a great day.  It was so appreciated. More...


D J.

29 December 2010

Great to work with, love Michael's Creativity..Used him for each of my kid's bar and bat mitzvahs.  Michael's professionalism combined with his warmth and his creativity lends itself to a great experience the day of the event as well as in his photography.     Michael captures the emotion of the day which is to me very important.  I've noticed other photographers may get that so called great shot, but it lacks something.   We just got back our photos from our recent event and they are fabulous!!     I highly recommend Michael and would use him again. More...


Tanya L.

29 December 2010

Michael Loeb is a pleasure to work with. He is very professional; and, he fulfilled every goal we had to immortalize our wedding.  Our wedding album is praised by everyone who has ever seen it.  It is a totally original piece of art.  If you and your spouse want to relive your wedding day bliss, hire Michael Loeb Photography.  Add the Photo CD to your memories and you will be there all over again!  The cost for his first class work was very competitive.  Let's just say he delivers the biggest bang for the money.Thanks again, Michael!  Rich and Tanya More...



14 July 2010

I did not like the shots taken. I was going for elegance in my pictures and all I got are everyday shots...very disappointed...In all my pictures, there is only one that came close to style and elegance...and too many hidden fees More...


Ted S.

4 June 2010

You've likely been told not to skimp on the pictures when planning a wedding. Indeed, well after the blessed event, having truly great pictures covering a range of moments will help you relive all of the emotions -- the joy, the excitement, and the love --  of the day.Fortunately, we found a photographer who could deliver wonderful, high-quality images of our wedding day -- -- including a stellar album -- at a very affordable price.Michael definitely takes a more laid-back approach to photography compared to other professionals out there, which fits our needs well. One photographer we spoke to wanted us to fill out page after page, detailing precisely what shots we wanted. Michael, on the other hand, took just enough time to go over some of the shots we wanted in advance and helped us figure out what shots we did not really need (i.e. a posed picture of every single table). We met with him once in advance, during which time we were able to review some of his work first-hand. On the wedding day itself, he was adept at arranging all the right formal pictures (different family arrangements, wedding party arrangements, etc.) -- but perhaps more important, he did a great job coming up with memorable posed shots on the spot. He did a fantastic job with candids, too.After the wedding, he quickly got all of our pictures up for viewing on the Web, so we were able to look at all the images and choose which we wanted to our album and for prints.In terms of pricing, as I mentioned, he's very affordable and offers a range of packages that should fit any budget.Bottom line here: Michael is a indeed a talented photographer. He's flexible.He's quite laid-back -- and just a little quirky. Most important, he delivered photos -- at a very affordable price -- that we proudly display in our home as a constant remind of our wedding day. More...


A B.

4 June 2010

Michael saved the day for my husband and I!  We had our church wedding in France and the pictures from there were a TOTAL disaster (and I mean on the scale of not even having usable photos of my parents and I; none of me and my dad walking down the isle, people were cut out/blurry, etc...I'm still not sure if the guy was incompetent, drunk or both...The only good photos we ended up having from the day were candids taken by friends and family).  It was totally devastating for me, and we decided to do some retakes (portraits, etc) with us and my family.  Michael had done the photos for my sister's wedding about six years ago and he did a beautiful job and so we looked him up for our retakes.  We went to City Hall (the site of our original civil ceremony) and he took about 200 (!!!!) beautifully lit and composed (both formal and candid) of us.  Michael was pleasant, relaxed and very willing to do what we wanted.  For example, as I didn't have a photo of me walking down the isle with my dad, we did a whole series of he and I walking together arm in arm in City Hall and it turned out really lovely.  He also took some really sweet ones of my husband and I and some ones which showed my dress.  I didn't feel rushed and he even showed us the photos half-way through the shoot to make sure we were happy.After the session, we made a gorgeous album and printed out lots of loose photos.  I went crazy buying pictures because I was so happy to have beautiful photos (even though they weren't from our actual day!).  I'm thrilled with the loose photos and album and I would recommend Michael to anyone.  I can't speak to actual wedding day photos, but I know my sister was pleased with him - he wasn't intrusive but got all the shots she really wanted.  She is planning to take her sons and get some family portraits with them, so she's definitely pleased with him! More...


Jacqueline A.

18 May 2010

Michael has an unfailing artist eye and captured the heart, joy and beauty at my wedding in every photograph.  My family told me how remarkable and caring he was to talk and get to know my guests, and it  showed in the photos!  I had many young children at my wedding, and their mothers were amazed at how special Michael was when with gentle words he calmed fidgety children into picture perfect. More...


Joann G.

5 December 2009

Michael captured my wedding day with creativity and excellence. I am very pleased with my wedding albums. He is friendly and professional. Michael captured all the right moments with pure talent. He made my special day go smooth. We are very pleased with the quality of our albums and would highly recommend him. More...


Kyla L.

9 December 2008

Michael shot our private wedding ceremony in Forestville, CA.  He met us at the home before the ceremony.  We shot several photos on the deck and around the property.  Then we took a drive to the ocean, and he took amazing photos on the cliffs above Jenner, CA.  We made several stops to change the view from the cliffs.  Michael also shot during the ceremony (only 6 people total).  He was terrific.  The photos reflect the feelings we had that day, and they would not have been captured for our memories without Michael Loeb. More...



29 October 2008

Michael was awesome!! The photos turned out wonderful, everone who has looked at them has been amazed. I had a great time working with him throughout the whole process. I would recommend him to anyone!!



28 June 2008

Michael was a professional in every sense of the word. Very affordable too, for the Bay Area. The wedding album he produced for us was first class. A pleasure to work with.



10 June 2008

Michael Loeb was great to work with and I would highly recommend him! Michael was extremely flexible with out budget and timing for the wedding and really worked hard to make sure we were pleased. He knows how to pace photos, what shots are the great shots and is a fun man to talk with! We received all of our photos in high resolution digital format (he also makes great picture books) with all rights for them. And, he delivered everything on time and with great quality! More...


Teri B.

6 April 2007

We had such a great time with Michael at our wedding...none of that bossy prima donna crap like many wedding photographers can pull.Michael is a real guy with an incredible sense of how to best capture a moment...check out his website...and do yourself a favor by hiring a professional you can trust! More...

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