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Mediterranean Jazz and Supper Club

Tierrasanta, California


Mediterranean Jazz and Supper Club

Tierrasanta, California


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27 October 2019

The lam warmish (spicy) is delicious and super spicy too so be warned! It was a lot of food too so they're not skimpy on portion size. I loved how the yogurt cooled down the spices, and the lamb was tender and not dry. Loved it, will definitely be back for another More...

30 June 2019

I went for comedy night and had a blast. If they have comedy night open again and you looking for a good night out it's well worth trying!

30 March 2019

I have been here twice since my initial review.   The first show we went to was in North Park.   The second and third shows we have attended were at the Clairemont location.   It is actually located in a Greek restaurant which seems to double as a comedy club.As you can see,  it is still a 5 star review!   I am amazed at the great musicians and great live music we have seen here.    It is such a great venue.....you can really see the musicians from ALL seats.  You can hear them and feel the music.   It is a really a great time and a super endorphin rush.Some of the musicians will perform with more well known musicians at the Smooth Jazz Festival coming up later in the year.   It is so cool to see them first in this venue.Much thanks to Snap Da Pro bringing this great live music to San Diego.  Can you try and bring it on Saturday nights too? More...

4 December 2018

Nice. Enjoyable.

4 November 2018

First Class Smooth Jazz! Intimate and Satisfying! Love it!

4 October 2018

Most often one's experience at a venue like this is dependent primarily on the artist performance. That is certainly the case at this location. The food is not to be raved about but still it's good enough. The staff and service is sufficient to have a good experience but no more than that. Pick an artist that you know will deliver and you'll have a great time at this location. More...

16 July 2018

Birthday shenigans. Came to see a friend perform Keith McKelley! It was grown and sexy! Relaxing! The food was good. I recommend for the older crowd.

9 July 2018

The music was great, the food was delicious and the atmosphere was electric.

11 May 2018

This was my first time at the Mediterranean Jazz and Supper Club to see Mike Phillips and Curtis Taylor.  I came with my daughter and 2 friends.  We agreed Mike was absolutely awesome!!!  The show was sold out, a packed house.  This place has open seating unless you reserve a booth, not really necessary, no bad seats in the house. Great spot to see artists up close and personal.Nice staff, good drinks and food.  Keep bringing top level artists to San Diego.  I'll definitely be back using that loyalty card. More...

28 April 2018

This was out first time and we live 89 miles away. We went to see Adam Hawley and his band. Love this place, the sound system, lighting was perfect and the engineer in charge of it all is great. He does not mis anything. The food was perfect, they had a hot buffet and we really liked it a lot. The bar is beautiful and they have everything you can think of and they do a great job. The service was very good and we felt welcomed and will definitely be back. The owner Snap is very appreciative and we told him how much we liked it. I shot videos and took still shots, you can see that on FB under Vanarita Jazz. More...

1 April 2018

I went for the music And will return for the music

25 February 2018

Love this jazz club. Phil Denny was amazing.   No bad seats in the house. Great drinks but the kitchen class closed at 830 so had to skip dinner.

7 February 2018

Had a blast. Great venue. Good jazz....❤️

30 April 2017

Great jazz, smooth jazz and R&B music every Sunday night from 6pm to 10 pm. Menu seems to vary a bit from buffets to bar food and Greek. All of it outstanding. I was here in 2017 for a tribute to Nina Simone in which her brother, Dr. Waymon was in attendance and expressed his approval of the show. It was indeed a great show and a pleasure to see him there. He was 93 years old at the time! Very sweet guy. I've been here a few times now and enjoyed every show. Drinks are inexpensive but are pretty watered down. The burgers are really good though and they have really good ranch dressing if you get a salad. My wife also enjoyed the buffet when it was offered on another occasion. More...