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Ann Williams Steveson

13 August 2019

We had to bring our sweet kitty in yesterday to put him down. Unfortunately, we were unable to see Dr.Kilgore because he was off, and we’re scheduled with Dr.Callahan. While we had never seen him before, he was very kind & compassionate during what was an extremely difficult time for us. We never felt rushed & were given ample time with our sweet Gizmo before saying our final goodbyes to him. I am very thankful for his kindness! More...


Deloras Keeton

4 June 2019

im a new client there they were so compasionate when i brought poppie skittles there to go to kitty heaven now my miss millie will b seeing them tom for her first visit look foward to seeing them


Ali Regan

20 May 2019

They're amazing. My dog is a lot to handle, and I just love him so much. They're very accommodating, thoughtful staff throughout the office. We have taken other family pets members there also. More...


Jennifer Braun

27 April 2019

This place is amazing. I found it online and the reviews are correct. It is bustling. I like that it has Saturday hours. I have to get a maintenance medicine refilled and they are great at getting it done for me each month. I found the Vet I worked with honest and concerned with my pets health as I was. More...


D Minor

28 March 2019

I moved and have been looking for a new vet. Nothing has compared to this place. Great facility, so understanding!


Cindy Lovern

2 March 2019

Mechanicsville Animal Hospital is the absolute best! The doctors and staff are 2nd to none! I’m a licensed veterinarian who is not currently working in the clinical medicine field and I have worked alongside Dr. Hartman - she is amazing! The owner Dr. Kilgore gives his heart and soul to this practice and his experience and skill level is outstanding. I highly recommend Mechanicsville Animal Hospital and their second location Rutland Animal Hospital. More...


Edwina N Kenneth Turner

27 February 2019

I highly recommend them! It was a very hard day. Dr Hartman answered our many questions, which I’m sure she thought would never end. Our 14 yr old boy, Slider, wasn’t doing well. Dr Hartman and the entire staff were very caring and compassionate! More...


Nailya Hargrave

26 February 2019

Very attentive doctors and nurse. Our 2 dogs and 3 cats visit them.


Mikey B

26 February 2019

My cat, Grayson, had to go to the emergency vet and the bill was astronomical. They did what was necessary on a Sunday when most veterinarian clinics are closed. They recommended finding a local vet first thing today since the bill would be cheaper. After calling almost a dozen different places, I called Mechanicsville Animal Hospital and they were able to help out and in a quick and very friendly manner too. Everyone was helpful and very caring! I will be going here from now on! More...


Heather Quick Starke

22 January 2019

The doctors and staff here are all wondeful, this is the best, trustworthy, caring, thorough Vet office I know and only place I trust for my furbabies!!


Gregg Barr

28 December 2018

The best doctors and staff have taken care of our pets for 20 years at MAH! They truly care about you and your pets.


Evelyn Atkins

28 December 2018

Best animal hospital in Richmond - hands down. The staff are also so compassionate and the doctors are the best there are. I would never take my pet anywhere else. More...


Tammy Stowers

28 November 2018

Wonderful help with my kitty. We certainly will be back. I had been looking for a new vet and it looks like we've found one.


Heather aka Rogue

30 September 2018

Got in immediately as a new patient with an issue after having just moved back to the area. Really liked Dr Brooks.


JaVona Love Pepin

29 September 2018

I've been going to Mechanicsville Animal hospital since 2004 and they have YET to let me down. Thank you ALL for the excellent care and service you have given to me throughout the years.


Rebecca Lee Snoddy

28 September 2018

Both Mechanicsville Animal Hospital and Rutland are amazing. I trust them and they are so compassionate. We recently had to put down our 13 year old Pug. They were honest about her health and quality of life. Having to put down your beloved pet is heartbreaking. I was so thankful to be surrounded by staff that was just so kind. Highly recommend them. Especially Dr Hartman and Dr Kilgore. More...


Megan S.

27 July 2018

We drove here all the way from Virginia Beach to have Dr. Kilgore take care of our Odin's ear crop and follow up.  This office is great and would be our regular vet if we lived closer.


Melissa Porterfield Gallagher

31 May 2018

I cannot say enough about Dr. Hartman and the staff at this facility. We came to them for a second opinion of a very sudden cancer diagnosis for our beloved Australian Shepherd. While the outcome wasn’t changed - their compassion and caring was above and beyond what one would expect and made the whole experience a little more bearable. They called to check on us in the days following our checkups, hugged us when we had to put him down after only 3 weeks and showed so much compassion for our loss. We will forever be grateful for the care they paid to our sweet Barkley. More...


Danielle Love

20 April 2018

Today was a hard day for me. I had to lay my dog to rest and Dr. Hartman talked our family through the procedure step by step and made it comforting. This is an amazing facility and I would recommend them to all that I meet. Their mascot Missy is also amazing. More...


Christine Flowers Coulter

21 February 2018

Old Dominion Boston Terrier Rescue loves Mechanicsville Hospital


Jimmy Doss

16 February 2018

Great Dr.'s and great staff. Would never go anywhere else.


Robin Carlton

2 February 2018

Nice place but after taking our dog there today we find that we clearly cannot afford it.


Taunia Whisnand Stephens

8 January 2018

My animals have been patients of Dr Kilgore for years, I wouldn’t take an animal to any other animal hospital. Jeffery Kilgore is a kind and competent doctor. An excellent surgeon for cropping Doberman’s ears and knowledgeable in animal care. Last week I had to take a cat that was dying (19 years old) to be compassionately put to sleep, Dr Kaloski was who we saw on a emergency visit. He too was caring to our “old girl”, compassionate towards our feelings and gentle and kind to a dying animal. On Saturday we received a hand written card of sympathy from Dr Kaloski. Thank you so much for remembering our feelings and for your words of encouragement. T. Stephens More...


Will Vehrs

28 December 2017

We took our rescue dog here for his first appointment after adoption. The front desk staff, Vet Techs, and Dr. Kargus were friendly, caring and professional. They listened and answered our questions. Where possible, they offered the lower-cost alternative for testing or medication. We left our appointment very pleased with the service and confident that we had chosen a good provider. More...


Cyndee Blount

19 November 2017

I have an American Bulldog that decided to eat something that she should not have eaten which required surgery and major vet care. A huge thank you to Dr. Kilgore and his team at Mechanicsville Animal Hospital. The entire team has spent countless time with my dog after hours and on the weekends taking care of her! Dr. Kilgore even gave me his cell phone to call him if anything seemed out of sorts. Katie, one of the vet techs, gave her the love she needed while I wasn’t able to be with her! Rascal is still here because of the commitment they made to her! Words will never be able to express my gratitude to this amazing group! I will always take my animals to Dr. Kilgore and his team. Simply stated.... TOP NOTCH! More...


Jami Queen

7 September 2017

This place is awesome. Dr. Enge and the staff are so helpful! I would recommend them to anyone!


Laurie Busko

7 August 2017

I have four dogs that I take here, (used to have a cat too) usually to see Dr. Kargus (we used to see Dr. Kilgore, but he's super booked and usually difficult to get an appointment with). We had to take our cat in and our regular Vet was off and so we were scheduled with the "cat Doctor". Did NOT like her. Our cat was pretty much in constant pain and couldn't hardly walk and she tells us to give her aspirin and then lectured us on different kinds of meds that didn't even apply to our cat! We had to put her down about 10 days after that. One of our dogs has a heart murmur, collapsing trachea, pancreatitis, history of seizures and had cancer (he's now in remission and on a chemo regiment to keep the cancer at bay). He's been on the chemo meds for over 3 years and he's doing well. Dr Kargus is awesome! One of our other dogs (5 pound chihuahua) just had knee surgery 3 weeks ago. MPL surgery and the Doctor that did the surgery told us when we went to pick up our dog that if we had any issues to call him, except he was on vacation the rest of the week. We had to take her in the two days following the surgery and once took her to the ER because her leg and abdomen was so swollen. She just had that sort of reaction to the surgery. She's doing much better now. I'm not giving a five star review because of the front staff mostly. The day after my Chihuahua's surgery I called them and the receptionist I talked to told me the Doctor that did her surgery is on vacation and she can't make him magically appear, she was busy and didn't have the time to call the Doctor that we would have to wait. A receptionist at the other location got in contact with the Doctor right away. Also, 90% of the time you call you sit on hold. All in all, great Veterinarians, we've seen four of them and really like them all except for that one. I haven't gone anywhere else (other than the ER) since initially going here a few years ago. Referred our neighbors and they really like Mechanicsville Vet as well. More...


Maree Opland

4 August 2017

They truly love your pet as its their own! Kind, friendly staff that treat you with respect as soon as you walk in!


Sheilah Hick Frattini

17 June 2017

They lovingly get right to the problem and don't try to nickel and time you like other vets. I highly recommend!!


Stacy Lam

13 June 2017

Great place for your pets! Loving, caring doctors and staff! Been going there for almost 19 years!


Emily Kirby Young

27 April 2017

Dr. Kilgore and his staff are the best in town. They love and care for your animals like they are their own.


Manda Bourne

4 April 2017

Called this morning to see if they could look at my cat's foot even though we've never been there before. They got us in on the same day and were so nice! Dr. Hartman and staff made me feel at ease. Very affordable too! Both cats will be going here from now on. More...


Deb Rabuck

3 April 2017

Mechanicsville Animal Hospital is the BEST in the Richmond metro region. The services are reasonably priced, the staff very caring and knowledgeable, and Dr. Kilgore is the most intelligent vet imaginable. Great hours, 7 days a week. More...


Pam Ayers

26 March 2017

My dog Ruger had an appointment on March 22nd and he started limping later that night. I showed up at their door on Saturday morning without an appointment and they let me right in and seen my dog immediately. They have helped Ruger through double elbow dysplasia and through all of his Health appointments. The love that comes out of that office for your animals cannot be beat. I highly recommend this Mechanicsville Animal Hospital to care for your animals. More...


Diane Huffine Johnson

19 March 2017

This the best vet office with the greatest vet we've ever known...Dr Chis Kolaski. His compassion for animals shows he truly loves what he does. I couldn't imagine taking our dogs anywhere else. More...


Angela Flack

16 March 2017

This vet's office takes care of all of my 3 animals. (2 dogs & a cat) Have loved all of the doctors I have seen. Dr. Hartman and Dr. Koloski just did surgery on my old girl Molly and I trusted them whole heartily with her. She's recovering and doing fine. I also feel like they don't price gouge you for treatment like some out there. Would recommend this place to anyone! More...


Raya Godfrey

27 February 2017

The entire staff here is great! All the vets I have had experience with are very dedicated and truly care about your pet. Dr. Kargus actually came in on her day off to perform my cats cystotomy surgery! Just wonderful. I'd give 10 stars if I could! More...


Dezarae Bertram

27 January 2017

Yesterday we had to put our beloved dog Jax to sleep. He was 12. He was the best dog, always sweet, and a Romeo. Our doctor and staff were the best. I certainly could not have that job. They made us feel the best they could despite the circumstances. Thank you for loving our dog that you just met. You made the process a little easier. Our hearts our broken, but we smile with memories. More...


Rosa Toman Bartells

11 January 2017

I would not take my pets anywhere else. Dr's. Enge and Kilgore are just awesome with my furbabies!


Shelley Hatch Gravatt

20 October 2016

Fantastic team! Wonderful service and the best vets around!


Dana Camden

4 October 2016

I love this vet hospital. 5 thumbs up for Dr. Kilgore and the entire staff. My Domino is doing great!!! Thank you!!


Pamela Smith

16 September 2016

I am so grateful that you all took care of Mr. Dinky he is slowly progressing I'm so happy that is still with me he is my heart he is my love he's my baby and thanks to you all he is moving forward thank you for your compassion and your love towards him♡


Brandon M.

24 August 2016

This vet saved the day! My poor pup had diarrhea the previous night and my wife and I couldn't take off due to our jobs. I call the vet right when they opened up at 7:30 and they said I could drop him off and pick him up when we got off! They did a great job and provided the medicine for the pup to get better. Thanks! More...


Laura Denning

13 August 2016

HIGHLY recommend this Animal Hospital. They take such good care of my pets and are super friendly to me and my Furbabies. Animal lovers know how hard it is to find a great vet. I will continue to bring my Furbabies here. More...


Mary Barry

12 August 2016

They've been wonderful with both Lennox and Abraham Lincoln... And my kids always comment how it smells like Fruit Loops!


Paige Lewis

10 August 2016

Dr.Koloski is the BOMB!! I just love him and how he takes care of my Angel, I would never go anywhere else,they are always willing to help you and put your mat ease when it comes to your 4legged love ones, 5 stars is not enough, they are much more than that!


Becca Blade

5 August 2016

I brought my dog here for vaccinations. The lobby was clean, as well as the rooms. The entire building smelled so nice, which is such a change from my previous vet's office. The staff was so friendly and extremely helpful from the minute I walked through the doors. I very much appreciated the lengths that all of the staff went through to make sure everything was tidy. More...


Melissa Watson

4 August 2016

This is the nicest Animal Hospital I have ever been too!! It doesn't even smell like an animal hospital!! It always smells so nice and clean in here! There customer service is amazing here! More...


Elisa O'Brien

29 July 2016

I called the Rutland location about my 17-year-old cat, Baby, and they had us come in right away to check her out. We ended up having to put her down, and the entire staff was so kind and compassionate; the vet (I'm so sorry I forget your name!) even helped my son understand that she wasn't being mean and we were being humane. We weren't rushed out of the room at all, which helped my daughter with her goodbye. I have another, much younger cat still at home, and I'm so glad to know that there is such wonderful medical care right down the street from us. More...


Gary H.

19 July 2016

I searched long and hard for the perfect vet to perform an ear crop on my puppy. After reading tons of horror stories I consulted with Dr Kilgore. The best decision I've made by far. He was able to perfect the crop on my Cane Corso. He was there every step of the way to ensure the work was done safely and properly and My puppy's well being was his number one concern. Definitely recommend the team at Mechanicsville and Rutland Animal Hospitals. Worth the hour and a half trip each way! More...


Rebecca Sullivan Cox

14 July 2016

Birdie is our first baby to like going to the vet. She is well loved and cared for. Dr. Kilgore did an excellent job with her ACL a few months ago. Dr. Kiloski has unfortunately had to put 2 of our babies down and cried right along with us. Love all the staff! More...


Shelley Reece

27 June 2016

I have been nothing but impressed with Dr Duggan and the staff. It is a pleasure to go to the vet and your pet not being afraid. Thanks! Shelley Reece


Debbie Fox

15 June 2016

Great facility, great employees & an outstanding, caring group of veterinarians


Karen Hengel Roupas

29 April 2016

I have been taking my animals to Dr. Kilgore for more than 15 years. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Very caring and helpful staff!


Bonnie Beaune

27 March 2016

Have been going there for years and love them!! Dr. Kilgore and Dr. Koloski have both been so caring and supportive with the care of my dogs and cats and very quick to diagnose the problems!


Gale Fleming

5 March 2016

Love the staff here I traveled from Fredericksburg for 3 yrs before we moved to Mechanicsville they are caring and loving to my fur babies !!! Even though my 2 boys hate to get their nails done the staff does a great job calming them down and getting it done!!! More...


Randy Sklar

12 February 2016

I've been taking my pets to Dr. Kilgore for many years. He is an incredible doc and the staff is always friendly and kind.


Melanie Kenyon

29 January 2016

I had to have my dog put to sleep. They kindness and compassion the entire staff showed will never be forgotten


Terry Haden

6 December 2015

I feel like Beamer is in the best hands possible when we visit Mechanicsville Animal Hospital......He LOVES his Dr. Kilgore!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! I would recommend very highly Mechanicsville Animal Hospital to everyone with pets! More...


Scott Borneisen

20 November 2015

Professional and personable, the staff here has been nothing short of amazing when helping us with our Schnoodle pup, Ellie. Everyone makes you feel welcome and engaged as caretakers of our four legged friends. Dr. Kaloski talk about high energy and engaging he clearly takes pride in what he does. More...


Kevin Moore

18 November 2015

Great service no wait always appointments already right on time very reasonable prices


Charlotte Bailey

27 August 2015

I have been coming to MAH for several years. Dr. Koloski is the best!!! I don't trust just any practice. My dog becomes very nervous with anything that is outside of her comfort zone. Everyone at MAH are excellent at making her feel comfortable. More...


Susan VanDenburgh

15 August 2015

I knew Dr. Koloski from a previous practice so I was confident to move my visits to MAH when I moved to this area. They have treated my animals with great care and compassion. My dog Winston is riddled with medical issues like allergies, ear infections and GI problems. Three of their doctors have treated him at one time or another and when he had to be hospitalized because of a high fever the 3 of them all teamed up to try to figure out what was causing it. he is in the middle of treatment now for an infection with an unknown cause and I couldn't imagine any staff being more friendly and caring than those at MAH. Dr. Dugan is so in love with Winston she goes above and beyond by calling and texting me even when she isn't working to check up on him. I recommend MAH wholeheartedly and with confidence that any pet owner will be happy with their services. More...


Megumi Reagan

23 July 2015

My parents live in Mechanicsville and take our family dog to MAH. Based on their satisfaction with all aspects of MAH, I brought my year old lab to Mechanicsville (from DC) for his neutering procedure. All of the staff that I interacted with throughout the experience were friendly and professional. They were also great at calming Kinyoubi's nervous energy. Kinyoubi seemed to thoroughly enjoy Dr. Kaloski-- so did I! More...


Deidre Bailey Belcher

1 June 2015

If you're looking for a local animal hospital, where the staff treats your four-legged loved one like on of their own- look no further. Dr. Kilgore is compassionate, kind and patient. Our family greatly appreciates the tender, loving care that has been extended to our dog, Betsy. More...


Carol Norris

7 April 2015

My dog, Noah recently wasn't feeling very good and actually stopped eating. He would sip water maybe once or twice a day, but that was all. It upset me greatly, so I took him to MAH to get checked out. We saw his doctor, Dr. Carol Duggan, who had some suggestions, but wanted to run a few tests first to see if there was something else going on inside of him. The only problem with Noah, was his white blood cell count was high. So we talked about a few things and she was right about what she wanted to do. She gave him an injection. By mid-morning next day, Noah was back!!!! He was his old self again! I called Dr. Duggan back. We stayed in contact thru texting. It was nice to have her input during all of this time. I thought I was going to lose him. She is a MIRACLE WORKER. I like the fact that she talks to Noah and to me and doesn't pull out all the stops on medical testing as some tests are very expensive. (My one thought on medical tests for a pet is this: Its always going to cost something. if you have the money, you pay it. The vets in this practice DO NOT try to make you spend money needlessly. They have always worked with me on medical testing where Noah is concerned.) If not for Dr. Duggan, I wouldn't be enjoying my time with Noah! It was not his time to die and she saw that also. Dr. Duggan is AMAZING, SHE IS AWESOME. SHE DOESN'T TALK DOWN TO OWNERS, SHE TRIES TO KEEP HER PATIENT'S OWNERS UP TO DATE ON HER PATIENT'S HEALTH RECORDS. SHE IS IN THIS FIELD FOR A REASON AND IT SHOWS "EVERY TIME" NOAH AND I SEE HER. I just can't say enough about her. It is "finally" WONDERFUL to have MAH to help take care of NOAH. I respect and love all the doctors in this practice and especially DR. DUGGAN!!!!!! Keep up the GREAT and AWESOME work you do EVERY DAY WITH EVERY PATIENT, DR. DUGGAN!!!!! More...


Kim D Baber

5 April 2015

I want thank Dr DugAn so much for for saving my baby dog. Not just the 1 time but now twice. I am so thankful that she was not kind to my Binky Boy but she calmed an upset mom down too. All of this and Dr DugAn is only my emergency Dr only because financially I can't keep her, only next best thing SPCA... I LUV HER STILL THE SAME.... Tbanks for checking on him today being Easter God Bless you love you take care talk to you soon.. More...


Dale Langeland Antonevich

27 January 2015

We had a bit of an emergency yesterday with our Yorkie. I am so grateful that when I called MAH they took me right in and we were seen by Dr. Dugan! What a pleasure to meet her and have her caring hands on our Baby! She took her time with us explaining every step of the way! Shelby is doing much better today and we are so Thankful to Dr. Dugan and the staff of MAH! ❤️ More...


Madison Gallagher Ayres

1 December 2014

Our sweet Kobe had his very first check up today, we absolutely loved it. The staff was enthusiastic and seem to genuinely love these animals, and Dr. Kilgore is the best he took the time to sit and chat for a few answer all my questions and give me pointers on a new puppy. We will definitely be keeping our little guy with this team! More...


Kathy Bralley Lowry

11 June 2014

New puppy visit today for 2nd round of puppy shots... Dr. Kilgore was so nice to take the time to talk with me about some concerns I had. I am so much more hopeful about my puppy's dominance issues than I was before. I truly felt like I had the time with him to get all of my questions answered and so much more. What a great experience! More...