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Mea Crescendo, LLC

Austin, TX, Travis

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Mea Crescendo, LLC

Austin, TX, Travis


During your Personal Breakthrough Session, we will use natural conversation and integrative advanced techniques to work with unconscious processes that are at the root of most of your problems in life.

4 Part Breakthrough Session

1. Interview - Uncovering any negative emotion and internal limiting decisions and beliefs hidden in the unconscious.



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I want people to experience joy, gratitude, and abundance when they realize their full potential. If they expand their roots through transformational change and accelerated development, they gain absolute certainty that they have every resource they need to make their best contribution. I watch courageous individuals transform themselves and know this is an honor and a privilege!

I wanted to see a transformation in people and use my diverse skills to customize for each client. I believe I have a gift that I must share with others to empower them and watch them grow and thrive.

I have access to incredibly powerful tools to help individuals who are ready to take responsibility to tap into all of the resources they have to create the outcomes that they want, let go of anything that they have allowed to get in the way, and to be congruent with themselves as they build the very best version of themselves in their work and in life.